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The Trash Wife 2: My Reward

by Denise Wallace

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© Copyright 2015 - Denise Wallace - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; rope; gag; bagged; trash; messy; dumpster; factory; toys; insert; objectified; dumped; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

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Part 2: My Reward

The week had been particularly stressful, the business we run has had several large orders to complete in a hurry, this involved a lot of hours and work from the people we employ and me as the accounts manager responsible for all the paperwork side. Great for the company - but a busy time for me.

I managed to get the paperwork done by Friday lunchtime and the orders were shipped that day to the clients, I was pleased that everything went smoothly and now that the orders were done we could go home. All the staff were happy when I told them that they could go once the orders were shipped, so most of the staff took off with the last one leaving about 3pm.

‘Time for us to go too,’ I thought and walked across the hallway to my husband’s office, he was sitting behind his desk talking on the phone with one of his friends about the upcoming weekend and making plans. “Time to go?” I asked.

He waved his hand at me indicating to sit down on the chair, he soon finished his conversation and turned to me, “Thanks for the great job you’ve done getting the orders out on time.” He said.

“No problem”, I replied.

“I think that a reward is needed for the effort you’ve put in this week”, he grinned as he pushed a large holdall bag with his foot from next to his desk. “I know that it was very stressful and the orders had to be rushed though, so maybe you need some down time.”

Seeing the bag I knew what it contained, at least I hoped that it contained rope; gags and other bondage stuff, you see I love being bound in rope, gagged and left to stew in my own juices, so to speak. My hubby likes to tie me up as well, especially with me naked, helpless and available for his pleasure.

I got down on my knees and opened the bag, sure enough there was a ballgag, plenty of pieces of pre-cut rope and also some very strong, large trashbags folded up inside. I was like a child at Christmas opening her present, taking each item out of the bag and exploring them.

“You’d better strip off those clothes, you don’t want them creased,” he said.

Quickly standing up the clothes flew off of my body in seconds; I stood there naked as the day I was born in all my female glory. I was proud of my body and loved every sensuous inch of it, luckily so did my husband and he surveyed every part of my body from my pert breasts down to my shaved pussy and onto my shapely legs. Goosebumps were forming on my flesh as I watched him devour my naked form with his eyes.

He stood up and grabbed some rope, I turned my body and placed my hands behind my back, I was well practised at being bound and submissive, I loved the feeling as the ropes held my body tightly in their embrace, I also felt very sexy with my hands held there behind me, once bound I would be powerless to stop anything that could happen to me, not that I would of anyway!

The rope went around my wrists and was then cinched tightly in between, but not too tight to cut off circulation as he was well practised at binding me by now. More rope this time around my elbows drawing them in to each other and creating that delightful pressure, causing my girls out front to ‘present arms’ as I call it when my breasts are standing out loud and proud like they were, 'well presented' is the term my hubby uses.

Once he’d finished with my arms and satisfied with the ropework, he pushed on my shoulders to get me to kneel on the floor in front of him. I was now down at crotch level, a bound naked sub on her knees in front of her Master, oh the delightful images that flashed through my mind at that point. I was brought back to the real world by him twisting my nipple, he’d seen I’d gone off into another world and decided to bring me back.

Next he started to tie my left thigh to my left ankle, effectively binding my leg together into a stub ending at my knee, once tied off he did the same with my right leg. The rope wrapped around my limbs and then cinched tight enough to hold me but not be painful. He then pushed down on the back of my head causing me to bend forwards over my bound legs.

I like it when he just pulls or pushes me when binding as I feel more of an object to him rather than the naked female that I am, something that needs to be bound or packaged, processed and then once completed ignored or used. So yes I have a objectification fetish, I have for many years I love being an object to be used, displayed, stored and ignored, being enclosed in bags or even a trunk, cupboard or boxed. It’s what turns me on.

I felt more rope fall across my back then he threaded it through my bound thighs, then pulling back around my back, he wound the rope around me several times before tying it off, now I was a tight bundle of naked flesh on the floor and couldn’t move any part of my body – I loved it!

I saw the ballgag slip down into view and opened my mouth ready for him to push the ball into my mouth, I would be a silent package of fun after he did up the straps behind my head. Next I felt a cold plastic toy entering me down below, he was placing one of my vibrators inside of me, luckily I was by now very lubricated down there and it slipped in easily. Another rope secured this in place.

I was in bondage heaven by now, the heat building up in my sex, my nipples standing out loud and proud were very sensitive to touch and they were rubbing on my legs that were bound tightly against them. Every part of my body was like an orchestra getting ready for a concert, every nerve and fibre were tuning up for the main performance.

He left me laying there on the floor, a bound package, and then I heard the rustle of plastic as he shook out the trashbags getting them open, he pushed one inside the other and folded the sides down until they resembled a large black plastic donut on the floor. He came over and grabbed hold of my bound body and carried me over to the waiting trashbags, he tipped me up and sat me down in the middle of the ring of plastic.

Next he unrolled the trashbags until they were over my head, I could only see his smiling face as he peered down into the bags containing me. There was that look in his eye that he gets when he’s very turned on and wanting sex, I knew that soon he would put me to good use! The bags were closed over the top of my head as the world went dark with me encased inside the trashbags. I felt him pick up the bags and carry me out of his office and down the hallway.

We went downstairs on to the main shop floor and he continued carrying my bagged body across the entire factory until he reached his goal, the dumpsters we have for disposing of all the waste that the factory produces after making the products we manufacture. We are a plastics company so most of the trash is soft waste, we also make the bags that I’m sealed inside of too, that’s why I know that they are very strong and I’ve tested them out personally on many, many occasions!

Once there I felt him place my bag down against the side of the dumpster, my back against the cold metal surface, he left me there on the floor as he headed back off into the factory. When he returned he brought with him several bags of trash that he’d collected, plus a couple more unused bags for after. After what I hear you ask, well as I said I have an objectification fetish, I like to be used, bound and disposed of or put away, just something you’d use and throw away, I also like the ‘used’ part and get him to use me before he finishes with me.

The light from the overhead lighting dazzled my eyes now used to the inky black of the inside of the bags, he’d opened the top of the bag and then he proceeded to drop the waste that he’d collected on top of me, the waste hit my head and shoulder before rolling off down to discover other parts of my naked bound form. Some of the waste was liquid and this soon found the girly parts of my body, the initial shock of the cold soon overcome by the heat being generated by my body.

The waste continued pouring in until I was covered up to my neck, with just my head showing with a few pieces of trash that had stuck there. I was a mess, covered in trash and old foodstuff, and loving it! My husband peered into the bags and was satisfied that I was now well and truly buried in garbage, time for the next part – his favourite (and mine).

Pulling the side of the bag down to reveal my face he reached around and undid the strap holding the gag in my mouth just enough for it to be pulled out and rest around my neck. Then he moved closer and started to unzip his fly, soon his erect penis was looking straight at me and I opened my mouth ready to receive it, he pushed himself forward and entered, his hands holding each side of my head and the dumpster behind me stopped me from pulling back, not that I would have as I loved this.

He began thrusting into my mouth with his erect member pushing further back into my throat each time, I relaxed myself as best I could to receive him there and not gag on him pushing there. I knew that he wouldn’t take long, every time he uses me this way it’s quick, after all I’m just an object to be used for his pleasure (and mine) and nothing more.

I soon felt his penis swell and pulse on my tongue and got ready to receive what was about to come, the first spurts of his fluid went down my throat and he pushed himself in as hard as he could and held me there as his climax came over him. I sat that unable to do anything other than let this happen, relishing in my wicked thoughts and the actions that were taking place and also in giving him immense pleasure.

His erection soon started to fade after his cuming, the salty taste of his fluids began to set off my taste buds and he started to withdraw, I pushed my tongue on the underside of his penis to indicate that I wanted to savour the moment and get the last drops of his semen before he pulled out. Which I did, the fluid leaking out and remaining on my tongue as he slowly pulled himself from my eager and used mouth. The gag was soon replaced and the straps retightened.

He then pulled the bags up around my neck and used tape to seal them in place, he took two more bags and opened them, placing one inside the other, soon they were ready for the trash to go inside them, and that trash was me! He picked up my bagged body and moved me over to the waiting bags, once happy that I was in place he pulled the other two bags up and over my head, blocking out the light and enclosing me inside. He placed a tube in the top before using more tape to seal the bags with me inside.

Next he grabbed hold of the bags and picked me up, he carried me a few steps and lifted me until I felt the cold metal side of the dumpster, I was perched on the edge of the large waste bin, then with a quick shove he pushed my bagged body inside and I fell down into the waiting receptacle, the fall was broken by the other bags of trash that the dumpster held and I hit those and rolled towards the middle. He stood there watching as I rolled into place inside the dumpster.

That was it, I was now just another bag of trash waiting to be disposed of and I climaxed at that moment, delightful shivers went from my sex and reached every part of my bound body, I may have even blackout there from a moment, but I was interrupted when other bags of trash started to fall on top of me, he was throwing in more waste to bury me inside the dumpster so no one would find me.

Once satisfied that I was no longer visible he slammed the lid shut and left me there, going back to his office to finish what he was doing and planning his weekend. I was left bound, bagged and dumped inside a trash dumpster with my toy merrily buzzing away sending me into delightful climaxes and in objectification heaven, I had no idea when he would come back for me or even if he would just leave me for the garbage truck to collect, I was just something that had been used and thrown away. That thought sent me into yet another wonderful orgasm…


I was awoken by the sounds of the door of the dumpster banging open, at first I didn’t realise where I was and luckily for me the gag and the fact that was buried under bags of trash helped hide me from the view of the factory workers. ‘It must be Saturday morning,’ I thought, ‘the workers have arrived for their shift, he must have left me here overnight.’

It was true he had left me here bagged, bound and buried inside the dumpster; he’d gone home shortly after he used me and dropped me inside. I was now just trash after all why would he come back to get me. I loved the thought of being bagged, used and dumped and have on several occasions been in this scenario, I told my husband that once I am bagged to treat me as just another bag of trash, he knows to leave me to ‘stew in my own juices’ as I call it.

I was enjoying being bound; bagged and mere trash, more trash bags kept coming in during the morning building up inside the dumpster and burying me further inside, tightly encased in their plastic grip, I was able to breathe through the tube and enjoy the feelings of being just an object inside a trashcan. Dreaming of the day when the truck comes to collect the garbage dumpster with me inside.

My thoughts were interrupted when the lid of the dumpster was closed, the loud noise reverberating around the inside of the metal structure, I was now sealed inside as the workers started finishing up their shift and heading home, completely oblivious that I was bagged and bound up inside, just another bag of trash as far as they were concerned.  It became quiet inside the factory as the last of the workers left, we only operate until lunchtime on Saturdays and that’s mostly cleaning up, hence the amount of bags now burying me inside the dumpster, my husband couldn’t have picked a better time for me to experience this and I loved it.

It was later that I heard the lid of the dumpster opening, then felt something heavy on top of the bags above me, it was only when the bags above me started to move off that I realised that someone was in here with me and was digging through the trash. They eventually found my bag and I felt myself being pulled out of the hole that I was in, the bag was moved and laid on top of the other bags and I wondered who this could be.

I then felt cool air as the bags that covered me were cut open above my sex, then the vibrator was pulled out and I felt something else replace it, they were using me for their pleasure, I was still bound, bagged and gagged so could not see who it was. I felt them pushing their erection into my soft yielding flesh, the sensation as he entered into me giving me a small orgasm. He continued pumping his member into me until I felt him climax, and heard him groan as he came inside of me. I had not climaxed at the time he did but felt satisfied by his pleasure.

He pulled out of me and lay there for a few minutes to recover, then he taped up the hole that he’d made now that he was finished with me, I felt him then push my bag back into the hole that he’d dug me out of and then more bags were pushed in on top of me burying me again amongst the trash, I had been used and now disposed of again, I still didn’t know by who, though I suspected it was my hubby.

The toy had been replaced before being rebagged and buried with fresh batteries it seemed as it was now busily buzzing away down there again, the last batteries having drained of their power overnight. By the time the rest of the bags encased me and I heard the lid bang closed again I had gone into a massive orgasm and then blacked out.

I came too later and again realised that I was bound, bagged and inside a dumpster waiting for collection, the vibrator was doing its job and keeping me entertained, my limbs were still tightly bound and I was in no pain. I drifted off every so often, dreaming of being garbage and the truck collecting me or of being an object of desire that no man could resist, placed inside a glass case on display.


Sunday morning arrived without my knowledge; I was awoken by the noise of someone banging on the outside of the dumpster. It was my husband returning to me, he had climbed up on to the side of the dumpster and opened the lid to look in, not seeing me he called out for me. “Hey you okay in there?”

Of course I was but with the gag and the trash burying me I was unable to answer anyway.

“It’s early Sunday morning, I’m off fishing for the day, do you want to get out yet?” he asked.

If I wanted to I wouldn’t be able to make this known to him, he knew this and was just toying with me, playing a game with me and enjoying teasing me with the offer to let me go.

I tired “Muummmphing” a reply but it went unheard or ignored by him.

“Oh well, I’ll be off then,” he said smiling, knowing full well that I couldn’t answer, even if I wanted to. “Maybe I’ll be back before they collect the garbage.”

I heard the lid of the dumpster slam shut again and then him climbing down the side then all went quiet, he was truly leaving me here again whilst he went off fishing, I was left here whilst he went and enjoyed himself. And I loved the thought of it, another climax went through me.

I spent the rest of the day dreaming, sleeping and cumming, enjoying my time in the garbage. I felt safe and warm inside here, a sense of belonging overcoming me as I lay there amongst the fellow trashbags, for I was now just one of them waiting for their eventual collection and transport to their next destination – the landfill.

It was late in the day when I heard my husband return for me, the climb and then the lid opening, and just as before he dug down to find his bagged wife, pulling her free from the rest of the trashbags, I felt the tape being pulled off of the bag and my toy being removed, soon I felt him enter into me and start to use me again for his pleasure, I heard him as he took me and then felt his climax as he shot his load into me.

The tape was replaced and I was hoping that he’d push me back into the hole and leave me here, but he moved my bag to the side of the dumpster and then picked me up and gently lowered me to the concrete floor, he then picked my bagged body up and carried me back across the factory and out to his waiting car, he opened the car trunk and dropped my bag inside, he then closed the lid and went back to lock up, leaving me bagged and bound inside his car’s trunk.

I felt the car start and move off, he drove home with his bound wife in the trunk of the car, I wondered what he’d say if the cops pulled him over, that would be funny. I felt the twist and turns as he drove the car and eventually we came to a stop, I heard the car door open and close and then nothing, I was left here in the trunk, he seemed to be in no hurry to release me, which pleased me even more.

Eventually he returned and grabbed my bag from the trunk and brought me inside, placing me down on the floor he then opened the bags just enough to reveal my head, he removed my gag and then began to use my mouth again for his sexual pleasure, pushing himself into my open mouth and back into my throat, he didn’t take him too long to climax and again I swallowed every last drop.

Finally he started to remove the bags, the trash that was inside with me tumbled out onto the floor, luckily we are back in the kitchen with the tiled floor, once free from the bag he then unties the rope that held my limbs tightly, the rope will need to be cleaned before we use it again or replaced. He then carries me to the waiting warm bath and places me in the water, the bubbles tickling me as they coat my body, he then leaves me to recover and relax, whilst he cleans up the mess.

As he leaves my hand starts to drift down to between my legs and I began playing with myself dreaming of the garbage truck emptying the full dumpster with my bagged body still inside…

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