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The Trash Wife 3: Discovery & Consequences

by Denise Wallace

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© Copyright 2017 - Denise Wallace - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; rope; gag; bagged; garbage; messy; toys; insert; denial; F/fm; caught; hum; temptress; seduce; trashcan; stuck; cons; X

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Part 3: Discovery & Consequences

My husband and I continued to play my/our garbage fetish games, with me tightly bound, naked and bagged inside several garbage bags, with the household trash tossed inside with me, coating my naked body with all its gooey goodness. I have an objectification fetish and my husband indulges me when I want to be bound and bagged, stored and put away, usually out with the rest of the garbage. He seems to like the sight of me tightly bound, bagged and ready to use for his own sexual satisfaction.

Then one evening after we'd finished working for the day, my dear husband decided that I needed some 'time out' in my garbage bag, we don't normally play mid-week, usually reserved for weekends so I can indulge in my fantasies and spend some quality time bound & bagged. But I think my husband was horny and wanted one of our special blow-jobs that I give when bagged, trussed up and helpless. It's when I'm really submissive to him, even though in our roles we share everything, it's only when I'm bound do I feel this way to him.

I gave in to his request, I usually do when the prospect of me being bound & bagged is on offer, I quickly stripped off my clothes and joined him in the kitchen where he'd been getting things ready for our session. His eyes scanning my naked body as I entered the room, his erection evident by the bulge in his trousers as he took in the view I presented to him in all my naked glory. I walked over to him, turned and presented my hands behind my back, feeling my submissive nature start to kick in as he tightly tied the rope around my wrists, cinching them to ensure that I could not escape his bondage.

Happy with the rope binding my wrists, he pushed down on top of my head, he easily standing taller than me, I bent my knees and sunk down to the floor, brushing my body against his as I did so, just to tease him and feel for myself his erect member rubbing up against me. My nipples standing out loud and proud as I brushed against him and nice little spasms of delight flooded through my body, I could feel my pussy start to throb and become moist.

Grabbing a handful of rope my hubby started to tie my ankle to my thigh, cinching the rope behind my knees as he did so, and then repeating this on my other leg, I was now bound with both legs and my wrists in an inescapable frogtie bondage, why would I want to even try to escape - I always loved this when it happens. Next more rope was passed through my knees and around my waist several times, pulling the ropes tighter each time as they passed through, leaving a tightly ball tied bundle on the floor in front of him.

The final rope was looped around my waist and then pulled through my crotch, at this point my husband pushed one of my favourite sextoys into me, the rope then pulled tightly into the folds of my sex holding the toy in place, the rope was tied off to my wrist rope, enabling me to pull on the crotch rope to enhance my own pleasure later on when bagged and discarded. Now I was just a tightly packaged bundle of fun on the kitchen floor, unable to move or escape, just a plaything for my husband to use and abuse. Finally he placed the ring gag we use when playing these games up to my mouth, I willing opened my mouth as wide as I could to enable him to use this to gag me and keep me silent (and available).

Now suitably bound & gagged it was time for the garbage bagging part, two bags inserted into each other would enclose me inside in all their plastic glory, covering my naked body with their inky, sticky blackness. Lifting me up and placing me down inside the bags, my husband had become very proficient at this over time, the bags soon rolled over my body up to my neck, then over my head to be then folded back down to facilitate the messy side of the adventure. Several bags of rubbish were poured over me and into the bags that surrounded me, mostly dry stuff. Then hubby opened the fridge and started clearing out some of the older items inside, each was poured over my head, the liquid soon falling down and finding other parts of my bound body to play with.

Once he was satisfied that I had been covered enough with all of the household waste, the liquid still in my hair, matted to the side of my head, I was a mess inside the bags, most of my body was covered in some form of waste material and I was in messy fetish heaven. To finish off my bagging hubby prepared two more bags; he closed off the two I was already inside of with all of the trash with a collar that we use to keep the mess inside with me, the collar also symbolizing my submission to him. Again rolling two bags together to make one, I was lifted still bagged into the other bags, again these were pulled up over my head and then pulled down so he could see and use my head and mouth for his pleasure.

That's the reward I give him for all of his help in binding me naked inside the bags, pouring several other bags of trash in with me and then sealing me inside and leaving me as nothing more than another bag of garbage, an object to be used and discarded. He reached for the plug in the ring-gag, twisting it to unscrew the plug so that he could gain access to my waiting mouth. But there was an interruption to our routine, the doorbell was ringing, "Who the hell could that be?" hubby said as he walked away leaving the plug in place in the ring-gag.

It was our neighbour Janice, I'd completely forgotten that I'd spoke to her about coming over tonight; she wanted to have a chat as she lived on her own and was bored most evenings. She also fancied my husband, I've caught her several times looking at him as if she wanted to devour him cock and all. So I had said for her to come over, not realizing that my husband would have me naked, bound and bagged on our kitchen floor tonight of all nights, and she had now turned up for our chat and for her to 'perve' at my hubby some more no doubt.

My husband was too polite to turn her away, she was probably provocatively dressed for the occasion, something that would show off her breasts in all their juicy glory, she did like to pose around the garden in summer in a skimpy bikini just when hubby was mowing the lawn. I didn't mind her prick teasing him as I enjoyed the benefits when he banged my brains out later. I could hear them talking as he answered the door to her, she standing there with a cake in her hand, the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach my mother always used to say.

"Sorry Denise is not here at the moment, something came up at work and she had to go in to fix it." my hubby said apologizing for my absence.

"Oh, and I made this cake especially for you both." Janice said. "She did say to call over tonight."

"Sorry about that, but please do come in, hopefully she won't be too long." replied hubby, not knowing what to do at the moment.

I bet she thought that I could take all the time I wanted as she had free rein with my husband without me here. I was begriming to panic when I heard him invite her in, here was I inescapably bound, gagged and bagged on the kitchen floor and that floozy from next door just waltzed in with my husband unguarded. I don't know what would have been worse, her fawning over him or her finding me - I was going to find out anyway.

"That cake looks delicious," hubby said as he allowed Janice inside, his eyes scanning from the cake to her breasts and back again.

"One of my families old recipes,” Janice stated, “I spent hours getting this made."

"Shame Denise isn't here to enjoy it," hubby said, "maybe we could save her some."

"Yes we should, do you have a knife we can cut the cake with, I left mine at home,” Janice replied.

"Sure we've some in the kitchen, I'll go get one and some plates." he said as he left Janice in the lounge, or so he thought.

Hubby wanted to get into the kitchen on his own to seal the bags with me inside, he couldn't release me at that moment not with Janice in the other room and already having said that I was not there, it was easier to get me out of the way. But just then Janice followed him into the kitchen, she hadn't waited as he had planned for him to return.

"We also need some coffee to go with the cake," Janice said, "Let's make some fresh." And proceeded to grab the coffee pot and walk over to the sink to begin filling it with water. Hubby was flustered, here was his naked wife, bagged and bound on the kitchen floor, and Janice a mere few feet away, the top of the bags were still pulled up hiding my head from view but the tops were open.

"Where do you keep your coffee?" Janice asked as she placed the cake on the benchtop.

"Oh... ummm... coffee, yes in the tin next to the coffee machine." stumbled my husband, still unsure of what to do.

Grabbing the can Janice opened it, "Oh it's empty, do you have any more?" Janice thinking that my hubby was flustered because of her, she started showing a bit more cleavage by bending at the waist slightly just to tease him even more.

"In the cupboard above." replied hubby, slightly redder in the face now confronted by Janice's display.

"Sorry I can't reach that high, could you be a love and get some down for me." Janice asked battering her eyelids at hubby, who became more hot and flustered.

"Sure," though not sure that leaving the side of the bags that contained me was a good idea at this point, but backed into a corner he could see no other option.

Just as he left my side the bags started to fall, not that he noticed but not enough for Janice to see me, Janice meanwhile had maneuvered herself into place so that as he reached up to retrieve the coffee from the cupboard that he would 'accidentally' brush up against her breasts.

"Oh... sorry," he stammered as he realized what he'd done.

"That's okay!" Janice said seductively back.

If I wasn't bound, naked & gagged I would have torn out of my bags at that point to tell her to keep her breasts off of my husband.

As hubby was distracted opening the coffee, Janice in the meantime had seen that the coffee machine had an old filter inside with coffee grounds, so being ever helpful she extracted the filter and moved over to what she thought was an empty trashbag. She moved open the top of the bag and was just about to drop the filter inside when she spotted me.

"OH my god!" she shrieked, "Denise is that you? Whatever has he done to you?" and accidentally dropped the filter on to me.

My husband at this point had dropped the coffee all over the kitchen bench & floor and had rushed to where Janice was, shocked and horrified that I'd been discovered by Janice.

"It's not what you think..." stammered hubby.

"She's gagged and sealed inside several trashbags, with trash all through her hair," at this point she also realized that she'd dumped the coffee grinds on top of me as well, "Sorry about the coffee..."

She turned on my husband at this point, "What the hell have you done to her, she doesn't deserve this, and I’m calling the police!" she began to storm out of the kitchen for her phone.

"Wait, please listen - this is all a game we play, Denise loves being tied like this, ask her!" he pleaded.

Janice stopped, "What do you mean, she actually enjoys being tied up in the trash? Who would do that, I think you're lying!"

"Please ask her," hubby again pleaded fearing several police carting him away in the very near future.

Janice walked back to the bag containing me, "She's gagged, how am I supposed to ask her? This is just a trick on your part."

"No it's not a trick, here let me remove the gag so you can ask her yourself."

Now embarrassed beyond belief at having been discovered like this, I was about to reveal that I did indeed enjoy this, that I was indeed some kind of kinky pervert who gets off on being trashed & now humiliated.

Hubby removed the straps holding the gag to my head, pulling the ring free from my mouth, once out it took a few seconds for me to work my jaw to be able to speak.

Janice asked if I was okay.

"Yes... I'm sorry that you found me like this, I must have forgotten that you were coming here in all the excitement of hubby tying me up." I blushed. "It wasn't planned..."

"So it's true, you do like to be tied like this or is that something your wicked husband forces you to do, please tell me."

"Yes, well... I do like to be tied up, bound inside several trash bags and then left after being trashed." I explained. "Again please accept my apologies for me forgetting that you were coming over." My body one shade of red as I blushed in my shame.

"So he ties you up, then bags you and pours trash over your head and you get off on this?" Janice said, thinking I was some wierd pervert.

Going several shades of red deeper I stammered, "I like to be bound, bagged and treated as just an object, once used and messy he seals me inside the bag and leaves me, either here or out with the rest of the trash."

"We've been playing for a while now." interjected my husband, some of the shame of the discovery wearing off.

"And you enjoy doing this to her?" Janice asked my husband.

"Well yes it gives her great pleasure," he replied, "plus I get something out of it as well."

"What would that be?" asked Janice, who already knew the answer but wanted to embarrass both me and my husband some more.

"A blow job..." I replied meekly from inside the bags.

"Really!" exclaimed Janice, " it'd better be one hell of a blow job for all that effort!"

Now satisfied that I wasn't being held against my will by some demented attacker ie: my husband and that I was in no danger, Janice began asking more questions. We tried to give her honest answers back, some proved to be very awkward, especially when asking me about deep throating my husband. Janice seemed to be more relaxed with me being bound & bagged, in fact she could see that it would be beneficial to her in the future and a plan was forming in her head.

"Well," Janice said now satisfied with all the answers, "it seems that Denise really isn't here after all as you said. You'd better bag up the trash before she gets home otherwise you might be in trouble."

My husband relived, could only say "yes" as he moved over towards my bagged body.

"Wait!” Janice suddenly said, "seems a shame that the cake is spoilt, all that coffee spilt over it would make it taste bitter, better to throw it out in the trash."

With that she grabbed hold of the cake and brought it over to the bags, tipping the cake in her hand and then pushing it down on top of my head, she worked the plate side to side to smear more of the cake into my hair, the cake dripping down over my face covering it in all its gooeyness.

"There that's disposed of, better seal up them bags otherwise the smell will be spreading through the house." Janice said as she grabbed the side of the trashbags and pulled them over my head. My husband realizing what she'd done quickly grabbed the breathing tube, and Janice picked up the zipties to secure the top of the bags closed. Her breasts cleavage being revealed in all their glory as she bent over to seal me in and give my husband a better view.

"You better come over to my house, seeing as Denise isn't here," she said to my husband, "I've more cake and can make us both something delicious to eat." she purred.

My husband nodded meekly in reply, "And you'd better take out the trash before we go too!" Janice said.

I felt the bags being picked up and I was carried outside towards our bins, Janice leading the way, her hips wiggling just slightly more than usual and my husband’s eyes firmly planted there watching her every move.

"Here let me open the trashcan." Janice said.

I heard the lid open and fall onto the side of the trashcan, and then I felt my bagged body raised onto the lip of the plastic bin, then quickly I was deposited inside the trashcan along with the rest of the garbage.

"There that's that out of the way, come on over and I'll look after you big boy!" Janice's voice turning sultry, "it seems that your wife is unable to tonight!"

She then slammed the lid closed and clicked the seal on top that stops animals from getting into the bin, and me from getting out. I heard them both walk away; Janice delighting in the fact that she had my husband all to herself for the night. I was about to lose my husband to this wanton woman for her carnal pleasure.

I just hope that she sends him back in the morning...

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