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The Trash Wife

by Denise Wallace

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© Copyright 2014 - Denise Wallace - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; rope; gag; bagged; garbage; messy; trashcan; toys; insert; oral; climax; cons; X

First I have to tell you that I really, really love bondage, my husband also likes to tie me up and I like being tied up by him, it is something that I never expected to happen, well not until I met my husband that is and we began experimenting. I found out that I really like my bondage when I’m tied up helplessly and left bound for an extended period of time, I like to call it ‘stewing’ left to slowly simmer away, not necessarily climaxing or even being teased and tormented, but left bound as little more than an object.

That’s one reason why I like being bound as trash, apart from the messy side of things which is also good, it’s where I can let myself go, I’m tightly bound, bagged and left as nothing more than garbage to await my fate. I love being trussed up inside a trashbag with rubbish poured over me, then ignored and left alone, my husband indulges me whenever I get the desire to do this.

The best times I have found is when there’s a major league game on television on Friday nights, I get everything ready from snacks and beer for my husband, to bags of trash and left over food all saved up to pour in with me, plus the ropes, gag and trashbags that I’ll be using for the night. I have everything ready just before the game is about to start, he’ll tie me up and bag me and then leave me there for the rest of the game.

With everything prepared I strip off and walk into the lounge where he’s setting up to watch the game on TV, I'm naked apart from a black plastic trashbag draped over my shoulder. The smile I get from him as he looks at my body sends electric sparks straight to my sex, I was already wet down there just thinking about what I was doing this evening.

I grab hold of his hand and we walk back to the kitchen, his eyes watching my naked bottom as we walk along, I give an extra wiggle to entice him which is very naughty of me. Once in the kitchen he sees all of the bondage gear & stuff ready and waiting for him to use on me, plus a few trashbags waiting to seal me inside.

First he grabs me in a tight embrace and kisses my mouth, his tongue probing the inside of my mouth, causing more tingles down below and I cuddle closer to his clothed body with my naked flesh and feel his growing manhood rubbing against me. His hands running sensuously over my naked flesh causing goosebumps to appear on my skin, I shuuder as his hands roam over me. I feel very submissive at this point, he being dressed and me naked as the day I was born. It feels delicious!

Breaking away from our embrace he knows that he only has a limited time before his game starts, one of the reasons why I chose this time is that I know that once bound and bagged that I’ll be ignored the rest of the evening. He picks up the ring gag, this one has a plug that fits into the hole so once fitted I can still be used but effectively silenced with the plug installed.

Fitting the ring gag and placing the harness straps around my head, one around the back and then one over the top of my head and another under my chin, this will safely keep me stuck in the gag and silent until he decides to release it. A padlock added to the rear secures it from any attempts that I’d make to get the thing off of me, not that I ever wanted to.

Now securely gagged he picks up the ropes, there are several pieces that are pre-cut to make the bondage easier, we’ve found it easier from experience to have the right lengths handy rather than using one big long rope. First to get tied are my hands behind my back, this makes me feel even more submissive as I present my hands to him behind my back. He wraps the rope around both wrists and then cinches in between to tighten the rope and ensure that I cannot break free.

More rope goes around my elbows pulling them tighter together and making my hands and arms immobile and held behind me. He rechecks the rope work making sure that its tight enough but not too tight to cut off any circulation. Happy with the result he smacks my bottom with his hand in a playful gesture and I let out a little squeak behind the gag, but cannot do anything else.

Now he pushes down on my shoulders signifying that I should now get down on my knees, more rope is then used to first bind my thighs to my calves, then my bound legs are brought up tight against my body and tied in place, my knees just below my chin. I’m now just a tight little bundle of naked flesh all packaged in rope on the floor in front of him. I don’t know what you’d call the position but all I know is that I cannot move and have no hope of getting out of the rope bondage.

The final rope is added after he inserts my vibrator inside me, I was already well lubricated by now and the toy slipped easily inside me, now he doubles up a piece of rope and runs it around my waist, then looping through the end he pulls it down through my crotch and into my moist pussy pushing the toy deeper inside me, then around the back to loop over the waist rope and back again to be tied in very tightly in front.

He leaves me there bound on the floor whilst he gets the next part ready; taking two large plastic trash bags he places one inside the other and rolls them down making a nest in the middle for his bound wife to sit in. Picking my bound body up he carries me over and places me in the bags and starts to pull the sides up over me, I squirm inside the bags in anticipation of what is happening to me, my body already on its way to achieving my first orgasm.

Pulling the two bags up over my head with me now firmly bound and seated inside the bag, he reaches over for one of the saved garbage bags waiting in the kitchen. Opening the bag he tips the contents into my bags and over the top of me sitting inside, I squeal as the trash hits me, fully expecting this to be the old foodstuff from the refrigerator, but it was just household garbage, mostly dry stuff I’d collected from the bedroom and bathroom.

The next bag is tipped on to me, again dry-ish stuff from the kitchen garbage bin, then he pours in the liquid and foodstuff bag, the first reaction is from the coldness of the materials hitting my warm body, it sends shivers through my body as it hits me, but I know that once warmed by the heat from my body I will love this stuff covering me in all its sticky, messy gooeyness.

The liquid ran down over my naked flesh and found its way into all the nooks and cranny’s of my bound body, it felt delightful after the initial shock of the coldness as more of it covered me inside my trashbag. Several food scraps littered my body, some stuck to my breasts whilst others found more interesting places to visit!

The last bag of garbage is dropped into my bag and over my now messy covered body, the trash has built up inside the bag to cover most of me and it feels great. Now I feel more like the trash I so wanted to become, just another object, something to be used and thrown away without any cares to my desires, thoughts and feelings.

He then pulls the bags closed around my neck, we have a large leather collar that we use to secure the bags when we play and he places this around my neck, sealing me inside the trashbags along with the rubbish inside with me. Then he gets two more bags, all of the bags we play with are heavy duty and are hard to break, I know I’ve tried to break out of them but have so far failed every time – but then do I really want to get free!

He picks me up in my bags and carries me over to the two new bags and places my bound and bagged body inside the two new bags. Now comes the fun part I think. I like to feel used and abused, then left to ‘stew’ afterwards in my bondage, I also like the taste of his cum in my mouth before he finishes me off and leaves me, plus it’s his special reward for taking the time to indulge me in my little games.

He reaches over and unscrews the plug in the center of the ring gag, my warm, wet mouth waiting to savour his delicious member, salivating at the upcoming prospect. He unzips himself and his erect penis stands before my eyes, I’m now at the right level to meet my ‘special friend’ as I call him eye to eye, so to speak. He places himself inside my gagged mouth and I go to work with my tongue on him, he also works himself back and forth in my mouth effectively fucking with my head, which makes me chuckle at the thought.

Strange what things enter your head at times like these, and talking of entering he continued fucking my wanton mouth with my tongue trying to assist him reach climax, but basically he began holding my head with both hands and pushing himself deeper in my mouth, where I relaxed as best I could so as not to gag as he reached the back of my throat. This cut off the air supply temporarily as he pushed deeper into me, but I knew that by going this deep he would be cumming very soon and in between thrusts I grabbed what air I could.

I was loving being bound, bagged and being used by him for his sexual pleasure, this is what the whole experience was all about for me and I wallowed in the sheer delight of it. My pussy twitching down below around the solid toy inserted inside me, I could feel the heat building up down there. Soon I felt his penis swell up in my mouth and knew that he was ready to explode into me and I prepared myself to swallow every last drop.

He tightly grabbed the back of my head and drove himself deep into my throat, the first spasm of his climax throbbing against my tongue and I felt the gush of warm fluid enter into my waiting gullet. He rode my face with his climax, his sperm continued to pump into my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could, once the initial first spasms of his climax had passed he eased himself slightly back in my mouth, but I held onto him with my tongue signalling him not to pull out just yet.

I wanted to savour the taste of him in my mouth, the salty sticky cum landed on my tongue and the last remnants of his spending continued to pump out of his penis. I sucked as best I could around the ring gag, I wanted every last drop in my mouth before we finished. This taste would stay in my mouth for some time to come and I craved to have the last few drops before he went too limp and pulled out of my mouth. I ran my tongue around to grab the last remaining drops of his precious fluid as he pulled himself out of my mouth.

Now sated after his climax, he placed the plug back into the ring gag, now I was sealed away again. Without any words he reached down and grabbed the two outer bags and pulled them up over my head. He placed a tube in the top for my breathing and ziptied the top of the bags closed leaving me sealed inside, I was now just garbage, used garbage at that and I was very, very happy.

I felt the bags being picked up and I was carried to the corner of the kitchen near to the rear door, where we normally store the garbage before taking outside to the trashcan, I was placed down on the floor with little regard from him, I was now just another bag of trash as far as he was concerned, that’s how I like it and have told him so on many occasions, just use me and leave me, treat me as just another bag of garbage.

He cleaned up the remaining garbage and placed it into another trash bag and placed it next to mine, now there were two identical trash bags sitting in the corner of the kitchen, if anyone looked that was all they could see, not the tightly packaged bundle of female flesh gently stewing away inside. His game was about to start and he left the kitchen, turning off the lights as he left and closing the door.

I knew I would be left alone for the entire game, and if things went well I could be here for the night. I have to tell you I was a bit devious in my planning, my husband likes a beer or three when watching the game – don’t they all, but tonight I said that his usual brand was sold out and I got him some stronger strength beer, so if he drank the usual amount then he would become less sober easier, and when he drinks too many he usually falls asleep.

So the plan was that he’d bind me up, gag and bag me and use me, then go and watch his game but instead of coming in to release me before going to bed he would fall asleep and I would get to spend the night inside my lovely bag of trash, bound and gagged with my toy merrily buzzing away inside my sex bringing me to many delightful climaxes.

Little did I know that my husband was wise to my plan, he didn’t drink as many beers throughout the game and wasn’t more than slightly buzzed by the end of it. Myself on the other hand was very buzzed, the sexual endorphins’ had kicked in and I was away in dream land with the pleasure of being bound, bagged and the constant arousal of the toy inside me.

My heart dropped when I heard him enter the kitchen, ‘Well that’s my game done for the night’, I thought. I knew that he would be releasing me soon so we could go off to bed; I supposed I could get comfort from the fact that when we got there I would jump on him and use him until an orgasm or two had gone through me. But that was not to be, my hubby had a different plan for tonight. He knew I loved long term bondage, and especially being treated as nothing more than an object once tied.

“Well I’d better get this trash out before going to bed,” I heard him say. “Otherwise Denise will be on my back about not taking out the garbage.”

With that I felt him grab my bag and pick it up; he carried me out through the kitchen door out into the yard. We keep the trashcans out back of the house near to the rear of the garage, it keeps any smell away from the house but also makes it handy to dispose of any refuse from the house but also it’s a short trip down the driveway to the kerb.

He carried my bagged, bound body over to the trashcan, I heard the lid being opened and then I felt my bag being raised up over the lip of the can and lowered inside. There was already a bag in the bottom of the trashcan so it wasn’t like I was going to be sitting on something hard. He pushed down on my bag and squeezed it into the open top of the can, being tightly tied I fitted in fairly easily; it was just the rubbish that surrounded me that need a bit of compaction.

I soon felt myself sitting on the bag below me in the trashcan, a few more pushes from above and my bag was settled into the trashcan. The garbage that he’d thrown in with me in my bag was now tightly compressed against my body, holding me tightly inside the bag and ensuring that I was now bound even tighter than before, there was no escaping this once he pushed me down inside the trashcan.

I heard him walk away leaving the top of the can open and wondered what was going on. I soon found out when he dropped the other garbage bag on top of me and pushed this one down as well. This made things even tighter for me, there was now no way I could move in any direction I was well and truly stuck.

“That’s the garbage taken care of,” I heard him say for my benefit as I heard him close up the lid of the trashcan. He then walked back into the house where he locked up and went to bed, just leaving me as trash that had been disposed of. I was in heaven, my plan hadn’t worked out exactly how I wanted but I was now in an even better situation than I could have hoped for.

I was now bound, gagged and bagged covered in garbage and taken out and disposed of in the trashcan, as all garbage should be. My vibrator was still happily buzzing away inside me, and I had a massive climax when he closed the lid and left me for the night outside as garbage. That was how I spent the first of many nights as trash.

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