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Trapped in the Dumpster 7: A Self-made Present

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2013 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; prepare; costume; crate; gag; ribbon; rope; finger-traps; boxed; trash; dumpster; tease; stuck; cons/reluct; X

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Authors note: Today I'm posting the 7th part of the "Trapped in the Dumpster" Series. Please don't be disappointed, because it doesn't match the actually time. The reason is, I want to keep the timeline. I may suggest you to look the following part eight. Thanks to Doctor Vader for his helping hand. Continued from Part Six

Part 7: A Self-made Present

The last time, we'd played with a trash bag, he'd wrapped me in saran wrap and duct tape, before he'd sealed me inside a trash bag and stored me away in his wardrobe. It was impossible for me to move any part of my body the whole time. My skin got so wet, as if I’d just gotten out of the hot tub. He released me after three hours, it had seemed like an eternity for me. Then we took a bath together and I was Miriam again, his loved girlfriend.

* * *

This was about two months ago. Of course, we had many other playtime’s but there wasn’t a trash bag or any kind of trash involved. We had a normal life too and I enjoyed every minute of it with him together. We were out a few times, spent wonderful evenings together and a few times we met Steffanie too. It was always a nice time and we had much fun together. A few times Steffanie and I cooked for him and surprised him with an exquisite meal.

It got cold outside and slowly the time was nearing Christmas. Everywhere people started to decorate their flats and windows. Markets were opened, where you could buy everything, that belonged to the season. From every corner you could hear the music and people singing.

It was the time to buy presents for the people you cared for. But I didn't want to buy something for him. The whole time I thought about making him a present instead. But to make him this present, I had to buy a few little items.

Usually I spend the holidays together with my parents. But this year I told them, I have other plans and would go to visit them a few days later. I was glad, because they said, it's okay for them. So I would get enough time with him to celebrate.

* * *

I felt a bit sad as he told me, he had to work till late evening on Christmas Eve. But then I thought, that gives me enough time to get my present ready. I was excited, but did my best to not show him that. And I thought, he didn’t suspect anything.

Two days before Christmas Eve we set everything up. He brought a wonderful tree and we took our time to decorate it. Of course we decorated the rest of the flat too, but I was always aware, that he wasn't looking or discovered what I'd stored in the basement.

* * *

On Christmas Eve he left early in the morning to go to work. As usual I started my day with a cup of cappuccino and waited, to see if he would come back for some reason. But he didn't come and so I went down into the basement to fetch my things.

Back in the flat I placed a huge packing case on the floor. I wanted this case to store my present for him. Next I took glue, a few sheets of wrapping paper and started to glue the paper over the whole case. The case had a separate lid and of course I glued the paper onto it too. I smiled to myself as I'd finished my work with the paper. But there was more for me to do.

Now I brought out a small box with decorative items, mostly Christmas decorations but a few other things too. Taking the glue again, I started to stick little Christmas trees onto the paper, along with little angels, snow flakes and little hearts too. Finally I took my brightest red lipstick and applied it to my lips. Then I placed some kisses onto the top of the lid to show him, it was definitely from me. Smiling again, I went into the kitchen to make myself a fresh cappuccino.

As I came back, I rested for a few minutes. Then I started to glue the gift ribbon onto the case. It wasn't as easy as I thought because I needed a lot of it and I had to turn the case from one side to another. The lid was easier to handle and I placed a big loop on it. Then I took a gift card and wrote lovely Christmas wishes for him on the inside. Finally I fastened the card on the loop so it couldn't fall off.

I lent back satisfied and looked over my self-made present box. It looked wonderful and I imagined his eyes lighting up, when he found it. I took my time to drink up my cappuccino. I wasn't finished yet, just because the box was ready. The contents were not inside, but soon it would be.

* * *

It was already noon as I stood up to fetch more of the things I needed and to prepare myself. I started with myself and went into the bedroom to change my clothes. For the present I bought a sexy little Christmas dress with a very short skirt and a little top, which reveals my flat stomach. Additionally I had white stockings, red heels, a red and white cap and a pair of red satin gloves, which left my fingers free. After I'd finished dressing myself, I stood in front of a mirror and admired myself. I thought, it's a bit too revealing, but it would just be him who sees me in it.

* * *

With my special box I returned to my present case. I knelt down, opened my box and took all the things out I was going to need. Next I placed my self-made present case right under the tree next to the smaller presents. Then I put my special box back where it belongs.

Now I was ready for the last steps of preparing my present for him. I went back to my present case and stepped inside. Then I grabbed a roll of gift ribbon and started to wind it around my ankles. I tied it closed with a nice loop and did the same a little above my knees. Then I bent down to pull the lid against the case so I could grab it easily to close myself in.

Now I started to let myself carefully slide into the case. There wasn't much space, but enough if I pulled my knees to my chest. A few moments before I was completely in, I grabbed the things I would need next and placed them next to me into the case.

Finally in I took a length of rope and wound it around my body and my legs. I secured the rope tight to make sure, I couldn't accidentally rip the case open from inside. Of course I enjoyed that feeling, to become more and more helpless. It made me aroused and I looked forward for him to open his present.

I took another length of gift ribbon and wound it around my body and legs. I tried to hide the rope with the ribbon. It wasn't easy and I used a lot of the ribbon. But finally I was satisfied and placed a beautiful loop at my front.

The next piece was a huge red ball gag. I opened my mouth wide to shove it in. Perhaps it was a bit too big, because my jaw ached a bit as I buckled it tight behind my head. I thought, it would be just a short time till it was removed and so I didn't care. I looked up to the top edge of the case. It was just a few inches above my head. Enough space to hide me completely in and to cover the case with the lid. I reached outside and noticed, I could still grab the lid. Satisfied about that I took a few moments to rest and to caress myself a bit.

One of the last preparations was an adventure in itself. I took five Chinese finger traps and placed them onto the fingers and the thumb of my left hand. Then I reached outside, grabbed the lid of my present case and pulled it up to seal myself inside. Now I had to move very carefully. I could see nothing anymore and to make this more intense I pulled the Christmas cap down over my eyes. Slowly I moved my left hand behind my back, very carefully so the traps couldn't slip off my fingers. Next was my right hand. It was very difficult to feel out the right openings for my fingers. A few times I had to stop my attempts because the traps nearly slid off the fingers of my left hand. After a sheer endless time I eventually managed it and all of my fingers and both thumbs were trapped behind my back. I tried to pull a few times just to find out, how effective those Chinese finger traps are. Now I had to wait for his return in the evening and opening my present for him.

* * *

I'd lost all sense of time inside the dark case. Slowly my arousal faded away and I cursed myself to not have taken a vibrator in with me. Eventually I heard the lock of the door. It was time! He'd come back from work and was about to find me. My heart started to race and due to the anticipation, my arousal grew again.

“Miriam! I'm home again!” he called out to me, but got no answer. “Miriam? Where are you?”

Outside I heard his steps, as he walked through the whole flat to search after me.

“Where are you, Miriam?” he shouted again, “I thought, we wanted to spend a relaxed Christmas Eve together?”

I heard, how he entered the living room. For a few moments I could just hear my silent breath, my heartbeat and nothing else.

“What is that? A big present case?” he said loudly and I heard his steps nearing me, “Hmm. There is a card. Oh, a present from Miriam. How nice of her! And so nicely decorated. Too bad, she isn't here to watch me opening her present for me.”

I was very close to giggling into my gag due to his words. But I didn't want him to be aware, that I was inside the case until he opened it. I heard him walking away. Where was he going now? Then I heard him opening the fridge to get a beer. A plopping sound as he opened the bottle. He walked around in the flat. Was he waiting for my return? The Television came to life. I was sure, he was going to settle down and watch TV till I came back. What should I do? I grew slowly concerned.

* * *

The time he watched TV seemed endless but finally he switched it off. Again I heard his steps around the flat. He'd fetched another beer and came back into the living room.

“I can't understand, why Miriam has left me alone this evening.” he said and I knew, he stood next to my present case.

I felt a jolt in the case as if he was knocking with his foot against it. I shivered. Was he about to open my present and find me?

“Hmm. Lets see, what Miriam's gift is.” he announced and I heard him settling the bottle down.

Somehow I felt him opening the lid of my case and his eyes wandering over my bound form inside. I shivered again and expected him to spurt out of joy and lifting me out. But I was wrong.

“What is this mess?” he shouted out, “Unbelievable. How could Miriam dare to give me trash as gift?”

I gulped hard. It was never my intention to get him to start another playtime and of course not on Christmas Eve! I felt his hands reaching inside my case and he lifted me out. He settled me down next to my case. I was sure, he was still glancing over my bound form. Then I heard him walking away.

“One good thing is this present case.” he said loud, “I can throw my old clothes in and dispose of all of it in one go.”

He came back and I heard him fiddling with my present case. It was a soft rustling, as if he was placing something smooth to the bottom of the case. Then he lifted me up again and I felt, how he'd placed me inside my present case again. I felt it at my bottom. He must have placed a old blanket below me. If felt nice and warm. Then I felt him lifting the whole case with me inside. He was about to carry me to another place.

“Well, now out with the old!” he announced after he'd settled my case down.

Soon I felt him pushing his old clothes into the free space around me. Quickly my case was stuffed till it reached my knees. But he didn't stop at this point.

“I'm sure, Miriam wants to get rid of this old stuff too.” he said chuckling.

And of course, there came more clothes. He stuffed them so tight around me, that I couldn't move even a little bit anymore. He placed more in and pushed it tight around my head, pinning it into my current position. Now I could hear just muffled sounds from outside. It got hard to breathe too, but it wasn't impossible. Finally I felt him placing the lid on the top of my present case. Then he moved my case around and I heard sounds as if he was tying it shut with ropes. I was trapped! I'd trapped myself and he used it to start a new round of our games!

“I'm going to sleep now.” he announced loud enough for me to hear. “Hoping Miriam will come back tomorrow, so I can tell her something.”

I waited a long time and nothing new happened. I could hear nothing and was sure, he was sleeping by now. Slowly I got tired and fell asleep too.

* * *

A strange movement ripped me out of my sleep at some time in the morning. It felt as if he was lifting my case. What was he going to do now? He was clearly carrying my case. I heard the lock of the front door. Then more movements as if he was stepping down the stairs. Another door! He was about to bring me outside! But to which place? And why?

“Hello Doctor Vader!” I heard the familiar voice of Steffanie. “Is Miriam at home? Is it okay, if I visit you?”

'Damn!' I thought. While all my preparations for the present I'd simply forgotten, that Steffanie wanted to show up early on Christmas Day.

“Well. Miriam isn't at home. I don't know, where she is.” he answered, “But she told me, you wanted to visit us today. It's no problem for me.”

“Oh! Too bad, she isn't at home.” Steffanie said, “What are you doing there? Throwing away an unwanted present?”

“Oh. Yes. This one was just trash.” he explained to her, “There was some free space in the case and I used it to dispose a few old clothes of Miriam’s and mine. Would you lend me a hand with the dumpster?”

“Of course. Show me, where it is and I'll see how I can help you.” Steffanie chirped to him, “And after that I'm going to make coffee for us and we can wait together for Miriam.”

I heard every word inside my case. It made me feel a bit sad. But I still thought, it all is a part of the game. And all I could do was to wait for what was going to happen next.

* * *

I felt the movement of my case and outside the sound of Steffanie's Heels. Then I felt him settling my case down and how the lid of a dumpster got opened.

“Oh! It's quite full.” He said aloud. “Please help me to get some of the trash bags out to make enough room for the case.”

“Why not just throw the case on top?” Steffanie asked.

“It could provoke some trouble, if someone noticed, I'd thrown a case with clothes in.” he explained, “We'll have to hide it under a few trash bags.”

“I see. Lets go. It's going to get cold and I want to drink a hot coffee soon.” Steffanie replied.

For a while I heard the muffled sounds of rustling plastic outside. Then I felt, how he was lifting me inside the case. Then I felt myself toppling inside the dumpster. Again I heard the muffled sounds of rustling plastic. I was sure, they’d placed many trash bags over my case so no one could notice it inside the dumpster. Eventually I heard the lid get closed.

Due to the clothes around me it felt still comfortable and warm inside my case. But I was wondering how long I had to stay here. How long would Steffanie stay alone with him? Would she wait long for me? Suddenly it flashed into my mind. One day after the festive days the truck will show up to haul the contents of the dumpster into its belly. Would he came back in time to fetch me before it happens?


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