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Trapped in the Dumpster 6: Another good use for Saran Wrap

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2013 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; tease; strip; wrap; saran; tape; gag; breathplay; trashbag; bagged; sex; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

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Thanks to Doctor Vader for his helping hand. Continued from Part Five

Part 6: Another good use for Saran Wrap

Two whole months had passed since our last real encounter with trash bags. I can remember the day. We were at the beach, and there he had sealed me bound and gagged inside a trash bag. Before that he’d covered me with leftover food and drinks. To my shock he left me inside my trash bag at the beach. I was a bit afraid, that he wouldn't came back for me. And my fear grew as I heard footsteps outside and someone moaned about those stupid people, who had disposed of their trash at the beach. Then I felt movement on my bag and it was opened. I'd barely moved myself, but then I saw his face smiling down at me.

Yes, he'd made me really afraid, but I was so glad that he didn't leave me there. The complaining was him too. He had just disguised his voice to make me a bit more afraid. It was a joke! He removed my gag and my bonds to let me out. Then we both took a little swim, before we dried ourselves and left the beach to drive home.

Of course we had our fun over the next weeks and months. Not only with little bondage games or making pure love. We went out often, for some fun and exiting activities. A few times he took me to a beautiful restaurant for dinner. Or we’d rent a boat to spend a whole day on a lake.

One day he invited me to visit an amusement park with him. It was a day we laughed a lot. Especially as we went into a house of mirrors. I laughed about his image in one mirror, where his body seemed to have the width of a broomstick with a head, as great as an elephant. And he laughed and teased me about one image of me with a round and fat body and a head the size of a mouse. Of course I was a bit upset about that. But hey, we had a lot of fun together and I laughed about his image too.

* * *

Today we sat in a cafe and chatted a little. He had his black coffee and I drank my cappuccino. We both ordered a little cake with our drinks and while we ate and drank. I ran, unseen by all the people, my toes under the table over his leg. In his eyes I saw the unmistakeable sparkle of excitement and his wry grin told me, he was thinking about doing something exciting with me.

“Hey Miriam!” I heard suddenly and ripped me out of my thoughts.

I turned my head to look, who'd called my name. To my surprise I saw Steffanie walking down the street and waving at me. As she reached our table, I rose up for a tight embrace and a few kisses at our cheeks.

“Steffanie!” I said smiling. “What a surprise to meet you here. How are you and what have you been up to?”

“Oh, thanks. I'm fine.” she chirped. “I'm back from a little shopping. Just look at these wonderful shoes.”

Of course I admired her new shoes but as she bent down to run her fingertips over them, I saw him glancing over her round and firm butt. For just a little moment, I thought about being upset, but then I had been teasing him, just a few moments ago. He noticed me glance at him and quickly looked in an other direction.

“And how are you, Miriam?” Steffanie asked me, then glanced at him, “And who is your attractive companion?”

“Yes, I'm fine too.” I replied and guestured her to sit down. “This is my new boyfriend Doctor Vader. Doctor Vader, This is my best friend Steffanie.”

“Hi! Nice to meet you.” he greeted her and shook her hand. “So you are Miriam's best friend? Then I have to be kind to you. It would be bad, if Miriam's best friend didn't like me.”

I smiled to myself. He can be a real gentleman, if he wanted. For a brief moment, Steffanie and I looked into each others eyes and started to giggle. Then she turned her attention back to him.

“Oh no” she said, still giggling, “Just be as you are. And if you're Miriam's lover, then I want to know why she likes you so much. Tell me all about your qualities and skills!”

“Hey!” I pinched her arm “We're not going to tell you all of our intimate activities!”

For a short moment nobody said anything. His ears turned red and to ease the situation I started to laugh. Soon we all laughed and started to relax. Steffanie ordered a cappuccino of her own and started to show me the new clothes she'd bought.

“Would you both excuse me?” I asked a few minutes later , “I want to freshen up a little. I'll be right back.”

“Oh, yes. No problem.” Steffanie said and gave me a wink.

I smiled back, stood up and headed to the toilets to put on fresh make up. I didn’t take long and as I came back, I saw Steffanie leaning a bit over the table. She looked at him, smiled and laughed a few times. It looked like they were getting more and more familiar with each other. For a brief moment I felt a bit jealous, because Steffanie’s cleavage was directly in his sight. With a short shake of my head I pushed my thoughts away. He was my boyfriend and she wouldn't do anything to change that. I put on my cutest smile, stepped behind him and wound my arms around him. Then I rested my chin on his shoulder and purred silently into his ear.

“It's nice to see, that you’re both getting along.” I smiled.

“Oh yes!” Steffanie chirped with a broad smile. “Your new friend is really charming. I just started to enjoy hearing him talk. My congratulations to you!”

I blushed at her words and snuggled myself a bit more against him.

“Yes, he can be really gentle, if he wants.” I replied smiling, running my fingertips over his chest, “I'm enjoying all the time we spend together.”

“I enjoy our time too.” he said and stroked softly over the back of my right hand.

“Oh, would you excuse me?” Steffanie said suddenly and stood up. “I have to get back home to do some chores. But it would be nice, if we three can meet again to talk some more. If that’s okay for you?”

“As for my part, yes.” he replied. “Perhaps we could meet for a barbeque or an evening to watch a movie together. But just if Miriam is fine with that.”

“Oh, yes. It would be fine. I'm looking forward to good times.” I smiled.

Steffanie nodded to us. Then she waved and turned on her heels to head away.

“See you!” I shouted after her.

“Of course!” she chirped back “I'll send you an email or call you. Have a nice day!”

For a few moments I sat down next to him. We finished our cakes and coffee. Then he took my hand stood up and pulled me to stand. I looked deep into his eyes and smiled to him. He bent forward a little and kissed my right ear.

“I want to get you home.” he whispered into my ear and made me shiver, “You teased me so nicely and I want to give you a reward for that.”

A broad smile rushed over my face and soon I waved for the waiter. As the waiter came over to us, he paid the bill and wound his arm around my waist. Gently he urged me to come with him and led me to a taxi stand. We were lucky, because one taxi stood there already. Quickly we got in and told him where to drive us.

* * *

As we arrived at home, he led me straight into the bedroom. There we kissed each other passionately for a few moments. I felt his strong hand stroking gently over my back. Feeling that, I put my hands on the back of his neck and clawed him there. I knew, he liked it, when I'm clawing him there. And his strokes woke the butterflies in my tummy. Then he pushed me slowly away and put on his wry grin. I shivered in anticipation.

“Strip for me!” he said.

Without hesitation I started to swing my hips and peeled myself slowly out of my clothes. Of course, his eyes wandered over my more and more exposed form. And I liked the way, he glanced over my body. Eventually I stood complete nude in front of him with an excited smile.

“Stay there! I have to fetch some things.” he told me and left the bedroom.

I started to get curious as to what he had in mind for me. Slowly I rubbed my thighs together and felt myself getting warm and wet between my legs. After a few minutes he joined me again as he threw a few rolls of saran wrap and duct tape onto the bed. I got a bit confused at the sight of it and gave him a curious look.

“You'll see!” he grinned wryly, “Or should I say feel?”

I shivered again at his words and watched him grabbing into his special bag. He pulled the huge ring gag out and let it dangle directly in front of my face. I blushed and felt my arousal growing a bit more.

“It's time for a new game!” he announced, “Open wide!”

I opened my mouth for the gag and shivered once more in anticipation. Soon he pushed it in, hooking it between my teeth and buckled it tight behind my head. Now I could just moan and breathe through the gag. To talk was impossible.

“Arms up!” he ordered.

I did it and watched him grabbing a roll of the saran wrap. He fumbled to loosen one end and started to wrap it around my body. Layer after layer he wrapped around me. The saran wrap pressed my breasts against my chest. He wrapped it tight, but not too tight. It snuggled comfortably against my skin.

“Legs apart!” he ordered and I did.

Soon he grabbed the next roll and started to wrap it around my right leg. He took his time, wrapping my complete leg from my ankles up to my crotch. Then he did the same with my left leg. While he wrapped my leg, I felt it getting a bit slippery on my body. No air got through the wrap and the warmth of my body was sealed in. Of course I started to perspire and that was the reason for the slippery feeling.

“Arms to me!” he ordered next.

I stretched my arms towards him and watched him taking a new roll of saran wrap. He started at my right shoulder and wrapped it tight downwards to my hand.

“Make a fist!” he said shortly and I did.

With growing excitement I watched him wrapping my fist, so I couldn't open my hand anymore. He gave me a satisfied smile, before he grabbed the next roll and started to do the same with my left arm. Eventually he finished his work, grabbed me by my shoulders and made me turn my back to him. Quickly he grabbed a new roll and pulled my hands behind my back. This time he started at my hands and wrapped them tight together. He moved upwards and secured layer after layer over my arms behind my back. He pulled the saran wrap so tight, my elbows touched and continued to work up to my shoulders. Now it was impossible for me to stretch out my fingers or to move my arms. It was a very exciting feeling. Then he turned me again to face him. My eyes sparkled to him from excitement.

“Now take a deep breath!” he ordered.

I felt some fear at his words and was confused too. What was he going to do with me? As I took a deep breath, he grinned and started quickly to wrap my entire head into the saran wrap. Layer after layer he wound around my head, under my chin, over the top of my head and around my neck. Slowly, I was running out of air and started to tremble. As he'd finished his wrapping, he just stood there for a few moments to tease me and watching me tremble. But before it was too late, he poked a small hole through the saran wrap, right at my open mouth. The fresh air was so good now. I could hear the hissing sound of my breath, as it passed the small hole in the saran wrap.

“Nicely packed!” he grinned at me “But not finished yet.”

My whole body shivered as his muffled word reached my ears. I couldn't see him clearly through the saran wrap but I noticed him grabbing a roll of the duct tape. He wasted no time and wrapped it around my head to secure the saran wrap into place. Soon my vision went dark due to the layers of the duct tape. Now I could just feel, what he was doing with me.

“You're starting to look like a mummy!” he laughed and continued to wrap duct tape around my neck and my upper body.

Of course he left me the little hole at my mouth, so I was still be able to breathe. It was a strange, but quite warm and comfortable feeling on my skin. He took his time with the duct tape to wound it around my body including my arms until he reached my waist. Suddenly I felt a push and fell over backwards, onto the bed.

“Like a little doll.” he chuckled.

A few short moments nothing happened. But then I felt him grabbing my right ankle. Lifting my leg and pushing my calve against my thigh. It was very hard to hear, but he was clearly wrapping more saran wrap around my leg to secure it in this position. To my surprise he started to wrap in my foot too. The layers were so tight, that I couldn't move my foot anymore. And as he'd finished his work at my leg, he did the same with my left leg. Eventually I was just be able to breathe and wriggle the wrapped stumps of my legs. Then I felt him wrapping my legs again. Somehow I knew, he was now using the duct tape to secure the saran wrap into place. As for myself, I enjoyed it and felt my pussy getting more moist.

For a sheer endless time after he'd finished his work with the tape, nothing happened. I was sure, he stood over me and was admiring my helplessness. I was sure he was enjoying to see my attempts to wriggle my secured stumps. But suddenly I felt him grabbing my knees and pushing them upwards to my chest. He wasn't just pushing them upwards, he was spreading my legs too. Using his strength he pushed my knees aside till they were next to my wrapped shoulders. He managed me into a sitting position and started to use the saran wrap to secure my knees up, next to my shoulders. It felt a bit uncomfortable now, but nothing I couldn't handle. He took his time to wrap me completely and as he reached my waist, he let me tumble backwards. It was now impossible for me to move any part of my body. Helpless I was, I noticed that he was wrapping my crotch too. He wound the wrap so often around my body until every part of my skin was under a few layers of the saran wrap. And after he'd finished with that, he started anew, but this time with the duct tape.

* * *

It was a quite exciting feeling for me. Total darkness, totally helpless and my skin felt slippery everywhere. I could feel his hand running over my helpless form. Stroking over my entire body and caressing my crotch through the layers of saran wrap and duct tape. I was very moist now and I let him know, by moaning into my gag.

Suddenly there was something scratching over the layers directly over my moist pussy. I wasn't sure, what it could be. But then I felt him plucking and ripping my crotch open. As soon as he'd done I felt the tip of his hard manhood rubbing over my wet lips. Aroused I moaned into my gag, as he pushed himself inside me until he was completely in. For a few moments we both savoured the feeling. Then he started to move back and forth. And I started to make my muscles play around him. We both moaned in pleasure as he took my helpless body.

It felt so wonderful, that I barely noticed him withdrawing. I was a bit disappointed but then I felt his strong hands lifting me up. Soon I felt him slipping in again. Still holding my body in the air, he just used his arms to move my helpless form over his hard manhood. My heart raced more and more. I simply loved this and slowly I felt a climax building up.

Suddenly something changed. He kept himself still inside of me, but I clearly felt a jolt rocking through our bodies. I was unsure what it was, because I couldn't see anything. Perhaps he just sat down with me on top of him. A few moments later he started to move me again. And again I felt him sliding in and out. It felt wonderful and I concentrated myself on using my muscles to please him. I felt myself nearing the edge of a huge climax, but suddenly I felt him twitching inside me. He twitched and his hot load shot deep into my pussy. For a few moments he kept holding me still on top of him. He was savouring his feeling. And then I felt him lifting me up and lay my helpless form aside.

* * *

I was breathing hard and my heart raced. I could just hear the hissing sound of my breath through the hole at my mouth. I felt no movement around me and couldn't move on my own. Suddenly I felt him pushing something into the hole at my mouth. He pushed it past the ring gag and I felt him securing it with duct tape. I was glad to notice, it was just a tube or perhaps a hose he'd secured in my mouth, so I was still be able to breathe through it.

A few moments later I felt something cool touching my swollen lips and my sensitive clit. At first I was unsure, what it could be. He used more duct tape to secure it into place. And just a few moments later I felt it starting to vibrate. Now I knew, what he'd placed at my pussy. It was his special vibrator with the remote control, he'd bought for me. I enjoyed that feeling and slowly my climax was building up again.

Then he lifted me up. I felt him moving me and then settling me down. I was barely aware, that he was pulling something up around me. A movement at my air supply. Now I was sure, it was a hose, he'd placed in my mouth. And somehow I was now sure, he'd put me inside a trash bag, lifted it's sides and was going to twist it's opening shut around the hose. I couldn't see or hear it, but felt sure he used a short length of rope or a zip tie to seal me into the bag.

Again I felt him lifting me up inside the bag. He was carry me around and settled me down on something hard. Then I heard the muffled sound of a door shut and I knew, he'd stored me away. Perhaps inside his wardrobe or somewhere. The vibrator was still buzzing at my pussy and I was very close to my climax. All I could do now, was to enjoy my feelings and wait until he eventually released me.


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