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Trapped in the Dumpster 5: Playtime at the Beach

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2013 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; outdoors; beach; bond; rope; gag; trashbags; inflate; breathplay; bagged; messy; oral; climax; cons; X

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Thanks to Doctor Vader for his helping hand. Continued from Part Four

Part 5: Playtime at the Beach

Our first playtime was amazing. Not because I blacked out as he took care of my mouth. It was because he showed me, how much fun it could for my skin to be wet and slippery all over, inside a trash bag. Sure, by the time I got out, I was very thirsty from the near to the full powered heater. And the vibrator didn't pleasure me enough to make me cum. He only used it to keep me awake and make me aware of the slipperiness in my bag.

As I started my encounters with trash bags I didn't feel comfortable, if the plastic got stuck to my naked skin. Because of that I had figured out, the stuffing with the crumpled newspapers idea. But now, after our first playtime, I think I wouldn't have any problems with that anymore.

* * *

Our first playtime was two weeks ago. This weekend we planned a trip to the beach. He told me, he knew a nice place where not many people go. I thought it’d be a nice day with a bit of swimming, a nice picnic on the beach and a nice sunbathe. If we were alone, maybe a nice time making love.

He told me, I should take care of the food and drinks. He would setup all the other things. That was fine by me. If he were to take care of the food and drinks, it would only be greasy and heavy food. For the drinks he would probably think about just beer and wine.

As I prepared the basket of food, I made a few sandwiches with sausage, cheese and of course a leaf of iceberg lettuce on each sandwich. I also prepared a small bowl of iceberg salad with tomatoes, onions and a nice dressing. Additionally I baked a few brownies, if we felt like something sweet later.

For drinks I bought a bottle of soda and two bottles of ice tea. I made coffee and poured it into a thermos bottle. For him I bought two cans of beer and for us both, if I couldn't resist, a small bottle of wine. I just hoped he would think about glasses or plastic cups.

Everything was prepared, the basket was full. I put a towel over it all and went to change. I decided I’d wear a nice shirt, which reveals my flat belly. Matching the shirt I slipped into a nice and short plaid skirt. For my feet I took simple beach flip flops. After that I sat to apply a bit make up and lip gloss, then I walked into my kitchen to sit there and wait for his arrival.

* * *

As the doorbell rang, I looked up to the clock. Still 15 minutes till he was coming to fetch me. Who could that be? Curiously I stood up and rushed to the door to answer. As I opened the door, my eyes went wide in delight.

“Hey, sweetheart.” he grinned at me “Wanted to see you a bit earlier.”

My heartbeat rose. All I could do now, was to jump into his arms, hugging him and giving him a passionate kiss. Of course he hugged and kissed me back. I loved the way he was holding me in his strong arms, my feet a few inches above the ground and my body pressed against his, and his taste while we kissed. That made me feel so wanted and loved.

“It's wonderful, that you're here.” I said, a bit breathless after our kiss. “Everything is ready and if you want, we can go.”

“Sure.” he smiled warmly to me to me “I'm here because I want to spend as much time with you, as I can.”

“The basket is in the kitchen.” I replied while he set me down, his arms still around my body. “I’m just hoping, it will be enough for us.”

“You should go and get it. I'll wait in the car for you.” he told me and I nodded yes.

* * *

As I got to the car and opened the door to the back, I saw under a blanket, the same bag he’d had in his bedroom for our first playtime. Could it be? Did he have something special in mind for me? I glanced towards him and he smiled. Quickly I placed the basket on the back seat and moved to sit in the passengers seat. I smiled a bit nervously at him as I fastened my seatbelt.

We didn’t have to drive for long. Just a bit over an hour and a half. Soon we were out of the city and in the countryside. The sun was blinding me a bit so I got out my sunglasses. The windows of the car were open and not a long time after leaving the city, I could smell a sea breeze. He drove over unpaved streets but seemed to know exactly where he was going. He stopped the car under a beautiful huge tree. Then we got out and fetched our things. I took my basket with the food and drinks and he took out his small box with paper plates, plastic glasses and towels. He placed the blanket over it and of course he grabbed his special bag.

We didn’t walk for long. Just following a sandy path and over a small hill. Then I saw the beach. It was quite wonderful. White sand from one end to the other and beyond the beach the deep blue sea reached out until it hit the horizon. The air smelt a bit salty and I heard the small waves splashing over the sand of the beach. Besides us, there were no other people at the beach. It was simply dreamlike.

* * *

Soon we found a nice place to rest. He stretched out the blanket and started to set up the plates and glasses. For my part I placed the prepared food and drinks on the blanket. Then I slipped out of my shoes, undid my skirt and let it slide down my legs, then I stripped off my shirt. I felt his glances over my body, as I revealed my tiny spaghetti strapped bikini. Smiling at him I sat down on one edge of the blanket and watched him undress. Finally he wore just a pair of black boxer shorts with a clear bulge in the front. I had to giggle.

“You're looking so beautiful.” he said as if he had to justify the bulge.

“It's okay. Just sit down and let’s eat and drink a bit.“ I replied, clapping on the blanket next to me.

Without hesitation he sat down next to me and started to fill our glasses. I snuggled against him and rested my head on his shoulder. Then I grabbed a sandwich and lifted it to his mouth. With a pleasured moan he took a bite and began to chew. I just watched and waited for his response.

“Mmm! That tastes really good.“ he said after he'd swallowed his bite.

I smiled and put the rest of the sandwich in his hand. Grabbing my own I snuggled more against him and began to eat. After I'd finished my sandwich, flushing the last bite down with a gulp of ice tea, he grabbed one of my brownies and held it to my mouth. Making a purring sound I took a bite, began to chew and looked into his eyes. He smiled, looked back an began to feed me the rest of the brownie.

* * *

After our little meal we put the dishes, glasses and remaining food aside and stretched out on the blanket. Before I lay down for a rest, I pulled the straps of my bikini top open and revealed my round and firm breast to him. I knew, he would like that and as no one was around, I saw no reason no to do it.

We rested for a while. The sun felt nice and warm on my skin. I turned my head to look at him. His eyes were closed and his chest raised and lowered rhythmically with his breath. I smiled and decided to take a little swim in the sea. Slowly and carefully I got up and stepped over the warm sand to the water. As I took my first steps into the sea, I shivered a little. The water felt cool but not too cold for a swim. Taking a deep breath I ran in, jumped and dived under the surface. I dove a bit, then I came up and took a deep breath. My skin now felt comfortable with the temperature of the sea. I looked back to him. It seemed, he was felt asleep. Enjoying the feeling of the water I began to swim around.

After my little swim, I came back to our blanket and took a towel to dry myself. I noticed his eyes were still closed. It seemed he was really sleeping. Not wanting to wake him, I lowered myself slowly onto the blanket to lay face down. I rested my head on my crossed arms and watched him sleep. Eventually I closed my eyes for a little nap.

* * *

I didn't know how long I had slept, but I was promptly woken up by a strange feeling on my back and a heavy weight on my legs. In a little shock I turned my head to see what was happening. With my eyes wide open I saw him sitting on my legs. He grinned wryly, with a fistful of sand, he let it slowly tickle onto my back.

“Playtime, sweetheart!” he announced and soon I felt him grabbing for my arms and pulling them behind my back.

Of course I let him pull my arms and watched him in a little state of shock and excitement, as he grabbed a length of rope and began to tie my wrists behind my back. Grabbing another length, he pinned my elbows tight together and secured the rope. My breath got heavier.

“Not a word, little trash bag girl!” he said as he slid off my legs.

Soon he took more ropes and tied my ankles together. He continued to bind my knees. Now I got that helpless feeling, that made a tingling feeling in my belly and the heat in my pussy grow. He knew that too well. Quickly he turned me on my back and lifted me into a sitting position. Then he pulled my knees up to my chest and began to wind a longer rope around my legs and my body. Soon he tied it tight and I felt absolutely helpless at his mercy.

He stood up and looked over my bound form. I said nothing and wasn't looking back. I just felt his glances on my skin and felt myself getting wetter. He bent down and soon I heard the unmistakeable sound of rustling plastic, as he shook a trash bag open. He lay the bag on the ground and lifted me into it open black maw. Slowly he settled me in and pulled the sides upwards. All I could now see was the black plastic surrounding me and in the opening above me the clear blue sky.

Next he let the trash bag rest on my shoulders. So I was be able to watch him taking another length of rope. Then he managed the open end of the bag, snuggling it around my neck and started to wind the rope around it. Taking a drinking straw, he slid it between the skin of my neck and the trash bag. Pulling the rope around my neck and the bag a bit tighter, he began to blow into the drinking straw. Looking down I noticed the trash bag was inflating more and more. As he finished blowing into the bag, he withdrew the drinking straw, pulling the rope a bit tighter around my neck at the same time. It felt tight, but it wasn't so tight that I had any problems breathing. A bit confused I watched him pinching the side of the bag. No air escaped! I was now securely bound in a trash bag, which turned into a sort of balloon.

* * *

“Now to the next part!” he grinned down at me, grabbed the bag and lifted it with me inside.

All I could do was watch what he was going to do with me. My heartbeat rose a bit more as he carried me straight to the sea. He walked a few steps into the water and grinned wryly at me.

“Let's throw this away!” he announced and suddenly I felt him swinging my bag.

I let out a shocked shriek, as he let go of the bag. I felt myself flying and with a loud splash my bag landed in the water. I used the short time to take a deep breath and suddenly the bag turned and my head was under the surface! I felt panic rising in me and started to fight against my bonds but it was useless. He’d tied me too well. It was strange. I wasn't sinking below the surface. Then it shot like a lightning into my mind. He’d blown up the bag, so it couldn't sink under the surface! I tried to calm down but I felt my lungs were close to blowing out my held breath. Then I felt my bag began to turn and my head was lifted above the surface.

Taking deep breaths of fresh air I looked up and saw him standing over me.

!Shh! Shh! I'm not going to drown you. Calm down! It's just a game!” he said and stroked my head. “While you calm down I'll explain a few rules of the game.”

I looked into his eyes and nodded yes.

“Well. I'm going to drill your skills in holding your breath.” he began “My watch has a countdown timer. I'll start with thirty seconds. That means I'm going to push your head down under the surface for that long. Then I’ll let you up and let you breathe and calm down. The next round will last five seconds longer. And the following another five seconds more. Do you understand?”

I was afraid but at the same time very excited. Gulping hard I nodded yes.

“Good!” he grinned at me “Perhaps I'm going to change the new length of time to ten seconds. But that doesn't matter to you. All you have to do is hold your breath!”

I gulped again and felt myself quivering in my bonds. I had to do this. If I wanted to or not.

“Take a breath!” He announced, I did and soon my head was under the surface again.

Thirty seconds didn’t sound long. But for me it seemed like an eternity. I was just holding my breath. Then I felt him pulling my head up. I gasped for the fresh air and heard him say, that it was good. My breathing calmed down and soon my head went under the surface again.

The game went for several rounds. After a few rounds, I’d lost my count. But every time it got harder and harder to hold my breath. Every time my head got lifted out of the water I was panting hard.

* * *

“You're very good.” he told me after a long round. “You’ve reached the one minute thirty seconds mark. Let's give this an extra thrill!”

With that I saw him reaching under the surface. Somehow I knew, he was now releasing his hard manhood. I quivered at the prospect of giving him a blow job underwater. Deep in my mind it was a dream of me to tease a man with my mouth while diving or so. But I never thought I’d be bound while doing it!

“Deep breath!” he ordered and I did.

Soon my head went down and I felt the tip of his manhood rubbing over my lips. I managed to close my throat, and opened my lips for him. Quickly my mouth was flooded with salty water. His tip slid past my lips and deeper into my mouth. With his hard and big member he pushed most of the salty water out. I pressed my lips around his shaft and felt him starting to move. It felt strange but somehow it aroused me. I tried to wriggle in my bonds but there was no way for me to pleasure myself.

Suddenly, it was over and my head was lifted up. I was panting hard and looked up to him. Perhaps he could see in my eyes, that this game was arousing me. I didn't know. As my breath calmed down a bit, he started the next round. Soon my head was down and I had his manhood in my mouth again. This time he moved harder and I felt his tip hitting the back of my mouth.

This game went on for a few more rounds. I didn't count them or thought about how long each round was. It was simply exciting. In the last round I could feel him growing bigger in my mouth and knew, he was close. He was taking my mouth harder and faster. And from one moment to the other I felt him pulling my head against his crotch. I felt his tip violently opening my throat and slide in. Inside my throat I felt him twitching and his hot load splashed down. Feeling that, my own arousal took me over the edge. I rocked hard in my bounds and enjoyed the waves of pleasure. Eventually I blacked out.

* * *

As I woke up, we were on the beach again. He was stretched out on the blanket with his eyes closed, but I was still in my trash bag. He'd placed me in a sitting position and in my dazed state I noticed a ball gag in my mouth. There was no way for me to call out. Slowly I turned my head to look around. I sighed into my gag, relived, as I saw no one was around. It would be a strange look for other people to see a trash bag on the beach with the gagged head of a woman poking out.

I noticed movement as he sat up and I turned my head towards him. He was grinning at me and stood up.

“You're very good, my little trash bag girl.” he said smiling “You reached the three minute mark! I had to say, it felt really good to cum in your throat with your head underwater!”

My only response to him was a soft moaning sound into my gag. Helpless I watched him tidy up our picnic. As he went to put the remaining food into the basket, he stopped suddenly. His head turned towards me and I saw a grin rushing over his face, that made me shiver.

He came over to me and lifted my trash bag. He moved me over the blanket, settled me down and fumbled to open the rope around my neck and the bag. Eventually he pulled the rope open and suddenly the sides of the trash bag were lifted up over my head. My heart pounded faster and faster. Then I saw him peering inside and showing me a bottle of ice tea. With a wry grin he opened the bottle and began to pour it all over my head and body.

I was a bit shocked and shuddered from the feeling. But somehow it excited me. It was like in the dream I had while masturbating in my hot tub. He poured the second bottle over me too. Then he took a can of beer, opened it and poured it over me. As it was emptied, the can tumbled into my trash bag too. Now I was helpless bound and gagged in my trash bag. I was soaked with ice tea and beer. Soon the paper plates and the glasses tumbled in and rested around my bound form. Then I felt the remaining sandwiches hitting my body. I looked up and saw him crumbling a brownie. The crumbs fell down onto me and got stuck in my hair, my face and to my bound body. The remaining brownies followed that way and soon I felt myself totally dirtied and soaked. The I saw the small bowl with my salad. He emptied it over me too!

Finally my shoes tumbled into my trash bag, followed by my bikini top, my skirt and my shirt. He peered inside and grinned down at me. Then he reached in, grabbed my bikini top and placed it cheerfully in my soaked hair. I moaned helpless into my gag and tried to struggle in my bonds. He simply ignored my attempts to protest and slowly closed the bag above my head. Before he tied it shut, he placed a small, short tube into the opening for air.

There wasn't much trash and garbage in my bag but it was enough for me. I was afraid and excited at the same time. The plastic of the bag was sticking to my soaked wet skin and I had to bend back my head so my nose nearly touched the air tube.

Outside I could hear him tidy up the rest of our things. Then I heard his steps in the sand around my trash bag.

“I'm going to put my things into the car.” I heard him say as if he was talking to himself. “Perhaps I'm coming back to fetch this trash and take it to a dumpster.”

“Perhaps I'm going to simply drive home.” he talked to me now. “Then you’ll have to stay here. And perhaps somebody will pass this part of the beach and see the trash bag. If you struggle enough, that person will free you. But the they would see how messy and trashy you're… You'll have to wait and see.”

I heard his steps in the sand. He fetched his special bag and the box with the blanket. Then the sound of his steps got quieter and finally there was only the rushing sound of the sea. I froze in my trash bag. Would he come back to fetch me? Or would he leave me here alone, helpless bound, gagged and messy sealed in this trash bag? My heartbeat raced and I wriggled helpless in my bounds, softly moaning into my gag.


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