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Trapped in the Dumpster 4: The First Playtime

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2013 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; strip; naked; bond; zipties; gag; trashbags; collar; blankets; toys; oral; climax; fantasy; cons; X

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Thanks to Doctor Vader for his helping hand. Continued from Part Three

Part 4: The First Playtime

I was woken by the loud grumbling from my belly. Slowly opening my eyes I noticed I was laying in a bed. It was neat and warm, but somehow I was feeling groggy. My arms and legs felt strangely numb and my wrists and ankles hurt. Looking to the window I noticed a dim light shining through. I didn't know what time it was. It was clearly twilight outside, but was it morning or evening? How long had I slept? How had I gotten into the bed?

The questions in my mind were washed away by the smell of fresh scrambled eggs, coffee and buns. In my belly I felt a rumble again. I was very hungry because it’d been a long time since I had eaten. Slowly I managed myself up into a sitting position. The blanket slid down and I noticed I was still nude. Rubbing my eyes I looked around and saw a nice bathrobe laying on the blanket. I smiled a bit, removed the blanket from my legs and swung them out of the bed. Then I grabbed the bathrobe, slipped it on and tied the belt around my waist. As I stood up, I felt I was somewhat weak. It was hard to stand and on my way out of the bedroom, following the inviting smell, I had to take hold of the furniture on the way.

* * *

As I stepped into the kitchen I saw him sitting there. He wore a bathrobe too and as I walked towards him I noticed he smelled like he’d freshly showered. I smiled at him and he smiled back while tapping invitingly on his lap. Just at that moment I noticed there was only one stool in the kitchen. So I took his invitation and settled myself onto his lap.

“Sleep well?” he asked, moving his strong arm around my waist and looking into my eyes.

“Yes, but I'm dying of starvation.” I told him, gave him a short kiss and looked at the table.

“Then you should eat something.” he said, stroking my thigh gently through the bathrobe.

He didn't need to say that twice. Soon I grabbed one of the prepared buns, covered it with strawberry jam, and began to eat. It felt very good to get something into my belly.

“How long have I had slept?” I asked, taking another bite.

“A couple of hours, after I’d released you from your trash bags.” he told me, “Sounded like you had a good time in there but you did go suddenly quiet. Maybe you passed out.”

I looked at him and blushed. “Yes. It was crazy. As you turned up the vibrators I was unable to think anymore. Then I felt.... countless climaxes rocking through my body.”

“Good!” he smiled at me.

I continued to eat, washing down the buns and eggs with gulps of coffee. Soon I felt full and leant against him.

“How long had you been in the dumpster?” he asked me.

“Since late Sunday night, Monday morning. I had trapped myself because I wanted you to rescue me again.” I explained, looking into his eyes.

“That's a long time. No wonder that you're hungry since you haven't eaten for two whole days.”

After the meal I helped him to clean the kitchen. I washed the dishes as he dumped the leftover food into the bin, looking at me with a wry grin. Seeing that it made me shiver a little. He noticed, and his grin grew even broader. It was strange. I’d never thought about getting covered with real waste. But at the moment, and thinking back to my daydream in my hot tub, I felt the unmistakeable tingling of excitement in my belly.

* * *

After our clean up we went into his living room. Still in our bathrobes we rested near each other on his couch. Soon I felt his strong hand on my waist, gently pulling me towards him. I didn't resist, leaning my head on his shoulder.

“That was quite dangerous.” he began to say “A very insane plan for you to test me. If I weren't there, you'll be in a landfill now, nothing more than real trash and nobody would know where to search for you.”

“Yes, but I.…” I began to explain, trying to find the right words “I... I wanted you to rescue me again. Wanted that feeling of being trapped.”

“Is that all?” he asked me.

I blushed. My fingers took a grip of my bathrobe. Somehow he was sensing, that it was hard for me to explain. I felt his warm hand at my cheek, slowly twisting my head so that I had to look into his eyes. He was still smiling at me.

“Look. I've found you two times. Each time I found you, you’d tied yourself in a trash bag. And seeing the toys you'd used to pleasure yourself tells me, there must be more.”

I took a deep breath, trying to find the right words. “Yes. There is more.” I said.

“Tell me what else there is!“ he said, looking deep into my eyes like he wanted to take a look into my soul.

I gulped hard, driving my fingers deeper into the bathrobe.

“Well.…” I started, “It's very strange. It started just as a little bondage play to please myself. After reading some stories I started to seal myself, bound inside trash bags. Then I wanted to know how it would feel, if my trash bag was in a real dumpster. So that was actually happening, when we met for the first time.”

“And why have you done it again?” he asked me, gently stroking my cheek.

“It... It's because of you.” I tried to explain, shivering a lot. “I wanted to meet you again and I wanted to know if I really can trust you. And somehow...... I liked that feeling, bound and gagged inside the trash bag and inside that dumpster.…”

“Please continue.” he said, kissing my forehead.

Slowly I began to feel more comfortable with him and telling him my thoughts.

“I liked that feeling, to be totally helpless and trapped. I liked the thought of being totally at your mercy. And as I was inside that dumpster for the second time, I really trapped myself because I wanted that, I started to feel comfortable with the thought…”

“What had you thought in there?” he teased me to continue.

“The thought that I had disposed of myself. Disposed of myself like other people dispose of their trash because they didn't need it anymore. I..... I started to think about myself as trash.”

“So you really like that?” he asked.

I nodded, biting my lower lip.

“But there is more.” I carried on, “I had dreamt of you. I had dreamt that you had bound me, gagged me and put me inside a trash bag. I..... I had dreamed, you were disposing of the kitchen waste on me. Then you threw other trash into my bag, filling it up. And then..... you tied the bag shut with me and the trash inside. You told me that you have to throw out the trash. You should know, I'm not really into those messy things, but somehow..... it turned me on.”

“So you'd pleasured yourself dreaming of that?” he asked me with a big grin on his face.

I nodded again and felt I was blushing. “Yes I had. And as you told me, you would throw me away, I had a climax like never before. And that's because I wanted to meet you again.”

“Why?” he asked and I saw real excitement on his face.

“Because you said you wanted to take a part in my games and take care of me.” I told him, “I.... I want to play with you. I want you to do things with me, bind me put me in trash bags. I... I want you to break my limits and show me incredible new feelings.”

He kissed my forehead again. “Yes, I want to play with you. But when we're playing I'll have total control of you. And as I found you in the trash twice, I’m going to treat you like trash. I'll break your limits and maybe you'll get covered with real trash. The decision belongs to me.“

I looked at him with wide eyes. Did he really say that? My heart beat faster and faster in my chest. His face wandered slowly towards mine and soon he kissed me. I fumbled my arms around him and started to kiss him back. My mind was racing now. Again I saw him standing over my bound form and depositing waste all over me. It was very strange but somehow, I wanted it more and more.

* * *

Over the rest of the week I had a twisted feeling of excitement. We went out for dinner and watched a film at the cinema. It felt good to be with him and I was looking forward to our first playtime. When would it be? What will he do with me? My curiosity grew more and more. I asked him, when we would start our first game but he simply smiled at me.

* * *

The weekend came and I visited him for coffee and cakes. I wore a light summer dress with matching high heeled sandals. We ate together and chatted about god and the world. But then something changed in his face. His eyes looked a bit colder. I shivered from the sight.

“Into the bedroom!” he barked at me.

I was in a little shock from his words but I stood up and walked in front of him into his bedroom. To my surprise I saw a big bag with a black trash bag hanging out. I looked at him, not knowing what to think. He just stood there, looking at me with his arms crossed over his chest. “Strip!” he said, looking up and down my body.

Without hesitation I slipped the straps of my dress down my shoulders. Swinging my hips, I let it slide down to the ground around my feet. Then I hooked my thumbs into the sides of my panties and drew them down to my ankles. Finally I unbuckled my shoes and stepped out of them. Looking up to him I felt his eyes glancing over my nude body.

“Don't look at me!” he barked, so I lowered my head. “Onto the bed, face down!”

I quickly rushed to the bed and laid down. Somehow I felt my excitement growing and my heart beat increasing. I heard him walking around, grabbing something out of the bag and then stepping towards me. I didn't look up and soon I felt his hand on my left wrist and left ankle. He pulled my foot up to my bottom and my wrist towards my ankle. Before I could think it, I felt and heard the unmistakeable sound of a zip tie, it secured my wrist to my ankle. On my right side he did the same and made me feel helpless in his hands.

Using his strength, he lifted me by my chest and wound a leather belt around my body and arms. Soon he pulled the belt tight and secured my arms to my body. I was panting now and felt myself getting wet. Using two other belts he secured my lower legs to my thighs. Now I was utterly helpless and felt really aroused.

“Open your mouth wide!” he ordered and quickly placed a huge ring gag between my teeth.

I felt my salvia starting to flow as he tightened the straps behind my head. It felt great to have him do that to me. I was totally helpless and all I could do is wriggle my hips. He grabbed my shoulders and twisted me around to lay on my back. I saw him walking to the bag again, taking the trash bag and some other items. As he came back to me, he pulled my thighs apart so my wet pussy was exposed.

“I bought this just for you.” he told me and showed me a small vibrator with a wireless remote control.

Then he took a roll of duct tape, ripped off a few strips and placed the vibrator on my warm and wet sex. With the duct tape he secured the vibrator into place and turned me face down again. I heard the familiar sound of the trash bag rustling as he shook it open. Starting at my knees he pulled the bag up over my nude and bound body. Soon I felt the plastic sticking to my skin, as he took care to press as much air out of the bag as he could. He pulled the trash bag up till it's open end rested around my neck. Then he took the same collar he’d used on me before, and with it he sealed the trash bag shut around my neck. He pulled that collar so tight that it was hard for me to breathe. With a small padlock he secured the collar around my neck.

“You're looking fine, my little trash bag girl!” he told me, opening his pants and pulling them down.

My eyes went wide as I saw, how big and hard he'd became by treating me like this. His strong manhood stood right in front of my face as he took a grip of my hair and pulled my head up. Soon I felt him slide his hard member into my waiting mouth, wet from my salvia. It was the first time we’d played together and it was the first time I could taste his strong and hard cock. Moving my tongue around I could feel all the pulsating veins on his shaft. He paused a moment, savouring the feeling of my mouth and tongue around him. Then he took my hair with both hands and shoved himself deeper into my mouth. Soon he hit the back of my mouth and made me shudder from that.

I felt myself getting turned on by that, a little twitching in my pussy and my juices leaking out. He moved back and forth, every time hitting the back of my mouth. I was gasping hard around his big and hard cock. Then, with a hard thrust, I felt him slide down, into my throat. He was cutting off my air! I shuddered even more and struggled in my bonds. It was useless. I couldn’t get free and was totally at his mercy.

“Let's see how this works for you,” he said, holding himself deep in my throat.

Suddenly, I felt the small vibrator come to life. Waves of pleasure rushed through my body. In my need for air I started to gulp around him, massaging his manhood and drawing him deeper into my throat. It was hard to think and I could barely hear him groaning over me. He really enjoyed that and I felt him growing in my throat. My sight faded and my eyes rolled back as I felt his twitching cock in my throat and shot after shot, his semen splashed deep into me. Then it went black.

* * *

I was woken up by the feeling of getting moved. Slowly opening my eyes I noticed that he'd set up a row of pillows directly in front of a heater. I was still bound and gagged in my trash bag, feeling a lot of his cum dribbling out of my mouth. He placed me gently on the pillows, then I saw him walking to his wardrobe and grabbing a huge pile of blankets. Then he came back to me and placed one blanket after the other over my bound form, trapped inside the trash bag. Soon I felt it getting very warm in my bag. As he'd finished covering me, only my head poked out from under the blankets, he bent down to me and kissed my forehead.

“That was very good, my little trash bag girl. But you have to stay here for a while. But don’t worry, I'll tease you with this from time to time.” And with those words he showed me the remote control of the vibrator.

As he stood up, he switched the heater to full power. Without looking at me, he left the room, leaving me alone and helpless with the heat growing in my trash bag.


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