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Trapped in the Dumpster 3: Trapped in the Dumpster Again

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2013 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; dumpster; trashbags; naked; rope; bfold; newspaper; toys; insert; stuck; tease; cons; X

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Thanks to Doctor Vader for his helping hand. Continued from Part Two

Part 3: Trapped in the Dumpster Again

Things had gone very strangely the last time. First, I had sealed myself into a huge black trash bag inside a dumpster. I had bound and gagged myself inside the bag and had surrounded myself with paper. Then things went wrong, as very heavy trash was dumped into the dumpster and I was trapped under it's weight. I was lucky, I was be able to loosen my gag and shout for help. And thankfully there was someone, who had rescued me.

Second, I had a very intense night with the man, who had rescued me. I'd left him afterwards, with only my e-mail address noted on a piece of paper. I'd left him but I couldn’t get him out of my mind. He told me, he wanted to be a part of my games and take care of me. I didn't know if I can trust him.

Third, I had masturbated during a hot bath while I thought of him. I dreamt about the great night we’d had. I dreamt that he’d bound and gagged me. Then he’d put me nude inside a trash bag, covering me with a huge amount of kitchen waste and other trash. At last he sealed me in the bag and announced that he had to throw the trash away. Thinking about it, I had a very intense climax. Could it really be? Was that really me, who wanted him to do this to me? I couldn't believe that I’d really climaxed, only by thinking of being covered with kitchen waste and other trash while bound and gagged, nude inside a trash bag.

* * *

After my bath I had checked my e-mails and to my surprise there was one from him. It was titled only “Hi Miriam.” and as I opened it I could see it was from him. He said he had really enjoyed our night. He said, when he had realised that I’d left without a word, he felt a bit of sadness and still did. I could understand because I felt sad too.

I told him I was thinking about him too. Every day and every night I thought about him. I told him I wanted to meet him again if I could really trust him. He assured me I could.

Over the next days and weeks we chatted about god, the world and everything. He told me personal things about him and I told him about me. In every mail I asked if I could trust him and every time he assured me, yes.

At the moment it was too hard for me to tell him what I wanted him to do with me. I couldn't tell him that I wanted him to push my limits and to show me new feelings. It was a little dilemma for me. I wanted to trust him but I didn't know if I really could.

In my sleepless nights I figured out a few scenarios. In my mind I created a plan. It was a very insane plan and I didn't know if I’d have the courage to go through with it. But with it, I wanted to test him and see if I could really trust him.

I told him I had an idea for a test. I didn't tell him any details about my plan, I just wanted to know that he'd be in. He told me we could do every thing I wanted. I had to just tell him what I wanted him to do.

I needed a few days to think about it. Then I figured out, what I had to do. There would be things to prepare for and I had to buy a few items. I needed to know his correct address too so I asked him for that. All the time I felt a mixture of anticipation and fear. Somehow it gave me a tingling feeling in my belly. Still not knowing if I could really do it, I went and bought the items I needed.

* * *

Finally the day had arrived. A month and a half had passed since I was trapped in the dumpster. Today I had to make a decision, that would change everything. I sat at home on my couch drinking a cup of tea. Beside me was a huge bag with all my stuff prepared. The bag was heavy, but not too heavy so I was still able to carry it. Taking my cup of tea I noticed my hands were shaking. I was really nervous about the things that may happen. Would my plan work well? I didn't know.

After I'd finished my cup of tea, I grabbed my bag and rushed out of my home. Taking a deep breath I closed the door shut behind me. Then I walked down the streets and alleys to my destination. It was a warm night because it was summer now. On my way I saw a few people. They looked confused when they saw me, because I was wearing a long coat on a warm night. I just smiled at them and headed on my way.

I reached my destination. It was the same alley and the same dumpster I was trapped in before. My heart was pounding hard in my chest as I stepped toward the dumpster. My knees felt as they was made of jelly. Nervously I looked around. Nobody was in sight. Then I took a grip of the handle on the lid and slowly opened the dumpster to peer inside. It was very full with black trash bags. I would say it was about 75 percent full. Not as much room as at my last time in there. But this was, what I'd figured out. After a new look around, my bag landed inside the dumpster and shortly after that I climbed in closing the lid above me.

The air smelt very bad this time. I shivered and got goose bumps. Reaching in my bag I took out my flashlight and switched it on. Now I was be able to see what I was doing. The next things I grabbed out of my bag were a roll of duct tape and a hose almost 5 meters long. After rolling out the hose I opened the lid a bit and shoved the end of the hose through the slit. Using some strips of the duct tape I fixed the hose to the side of the dumpster. I knew with the hose in the opening the lid couldn’t be closed totally shut.

Through the slit of the opened lid I saw a small strip of light on the back wall inside the dumpster. I looked at it for a while and thought if what I was about to do was right. If I didn't do it, how could I get him to do the things I wanted him to do? I sighed and began to pile up the trash bags to the walls of the dumpster. Some of them weight nothing and others were very heavy. It felt like there was a huge amount of kitchen waste inside them, slimy things and some fluids. I handled them with intense care not wanting them to get ripped open. Slowly and as quietly as I could I dug my way down to the bottom of the dumpster, surrounded by the trash bags. There needed to be just one layer of trash bags between me and the bottom. I was breathing heavily now but didn't care about the smell anymore.

After a short rest I grabbed two trash bags out of my big bag. On first look they seemed identical. But one of the bags I'd prepared at home. On it's open end I’d cut a row of small holes. Using glue I had stuck a red bandana with a bow over those holes. It was impossible to see the holes from outside. The red bandana was the sign I’d told him to look for. Now I took the second, unprepared trash bag and put it inside the prepared bag. Carefully I shifted both to make sure they were fully inflated. I sat down beside my trash bags and shoved my feet inside. Reaching inside I stripped off my shoes and placed them into a smaller bag. This bag and the bag with my prepared items found their way into the trash bags. Slowly I let myself slide into my trash bags and taking hold of the hose to make sure it came in with me too. I had to move very carefully because I didn’t want to let the trash bags on the sides tumble onto me.

Once inside my trash bags I firstly took care of the hose. I settled it's end near my face. Taking my flashlight into my mouth I took a short rope out of my bag. With shaking hands I arranged that rope to go through all the holes in my prepared trash bag. After that was done I pulled the rope and the opening of that bag closed tight around the hose and I tied a knot in the rope to secure it in place. From outside it must now look like someone had just tied off that bag with a red bandana with a bow in it. For the second bag I was in I used a simple zip tie to secure it around the hose. Now I was double bagged in the same dumpster I was trapped in a those weeks before. My heart was racing. Should I go on or break free and go home?

It took a few minutes to find the courage to go on. I was afraid and somehow aroused at the same time. With my hands shaking, I undid the belt of my coat and stripped it off, moving slowly. Underneath my coat I was completely nude. Carefully I placed my coat into the small bag with my shoes in. The plastic of the trash bag began to stick to my naked skin and so I took a huge amount of newspapers out of my bag. I crumpled the papers and filled out the space between me and the plastic of the trash bag. Again it felt comfortable against my skin and I remembered my first time inside that dumpster. Soon I felt my fear fading away and my arousal starting to grow.

Now I took out my bondage items and toys. There were a few more than my last trip into the dumpster. Taking a deep breath I started to bind myself with a length of rope around my waist. Another length secured to it at my backside. Now I took my plug and the lube. I smeared a lot of the lube onto the plug and my arsehole. Then I placed it's tip at my arse and grit my teeth. It was the biggest plug I had and I knew it was going to hurt a bit. Slowly I pressed it into myself and felt a bit of pain. I gasped in relief as it's base came to rest against my skin and the plug was buried deep in my butt.

Next was my vibrator. I switched it on and set it to vibrate on a low level. Reaching between my legs I let it slide into my warm and wet pussy. Moaning a bit I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling inside me. There were more things to do and the next was a vibrating egg. I ripped off some strips of the duct tape, placed the egg on the hood of my clit and taped it into place. Now I pulled the rope through my legs managed it through the rope at the front of my waist and pulled it very tight. With a gasp I felt the plug and the vibrator get pushed deeper into me. I wasted no time and tied the rope tight.

My breathing was very heavy now. I needed time to slow it down a bit and then to continue my bindings. It was very hard to move slowly. I knew the piled bags around me were very instable. Taking out more ropes I began to tie my feet to my bottom. This time I tied the ropes very tight and felt them biting into my skin. Then I shifted my knees up to my chest, wound a rope around myself any my knees and tied it very tight too. Now it was very hard for me to move, but that’s how I wanted it. Next I took my penis gag, shoved it into my waiting mouth and buckled it tighter than ever. It hurt a bit as the straps bit into my cheeks but nothing I couldn’t handle. I took a little rest to encourage myself to take the last steps.

The first of my last steps was to place the small bag with my coat and shoes inside under my head. Then I took a pair of new handcuffs and placed them between my bottom and the rope that led though my legs. Now I crumpled the rest of the newspapers to fill my trash bag. Just before I was about to put my wrists in the cuffs I switched the vibrating egg on and took out a blindfold to cover my eyes. The last thing I saw was crumbled paper and the end of the hose near my face. All around me went dark. All I could hear was my breathing and the rustling sounds of the paper and the trash bags around me.

My heart was racing. It was my last chance to back out. If I put my wrists into the cuffs, there would be no way back. I was afraid and excited at the same time. Feeling my vibrator buzzing in my pussy I slowly moved my arms behind my back. My fingertips found the cold metal of the cuffs. I shivered, still thinking about stopping the insane plan. My hands moved further and soon I felt one cuff around my left wrist. My hands shook like they’d never shaken before. Then a clicking sound and the feeling of that cuff biting into the skin around my wrist. I gulped hard and tried to think. Like I was in trance I set the free cuff around my right wrist. Again the clicking sound and the cold metal bit into my skin.

'Oh shit! Miriam! What have you done?' I thought to myself, feeling my heartbeat stop for a second

There was no way back anymore. I had sealed myself inside two trash bags this time. I had stripped nude inside, bound myself very tight and gagged myself. There was no chance to free myself because I didn’t have the keys for the cuffs. I couldn’t see anything through my blindfold but that didn't matter anymore. I had trapped myself in the dumpster, which I was trapped a few weeks ago. He was my only hope. I wanted him to rescue me again. Now I HAD to trust him.

* * *

I lay there a long time. Bound and gagged in my dark world. From time to time I wriggled a bit just to feel my bindings. I tried to think, nothing but then it hits me. I had forgotten one detail! I wanted to feel the weight of the trash on my body. That’s why I had piled up the bags carefully to the walls of the dumpster. I started to wriggle around as much as I could. It wasn't much movement but it seemed to work. My movements carried over to the piled up trash bags and soon I felt most of them tumbling onto mine. I felt their weight pressing onto my bag, pressing the paper close and hard around me and made it impossible for me to wriggle anymore. Now I was really trapped deep inside the dumpster with many full trash bags covering me. All I could do now is to breathe and wait.

I tried to sleep a bit, but under all that pressure it seemed impossible. It was also very hard to breathe under that pressure and by that time it had gotten very warm inside my bags. Maybe the sun had risen, shining on the dumpster and was heating everything inside up. I didn't know. All around me was dark. All I can do is wait and think over my plan again and again.

* * *

My plan was very insane. It didn’t leave much playroom for him. I had asked him for his address and when I’d bought the handcuffs, I’d put the keys in an envelope and sent them to him. This was a week ago and they must have arrived to him. In my last e-mail I just told him the date of the following Tuesday. I told him to be at the dumpster at 7 am and to look for a trash bag closed with a red bandana. I also told him to be prompt.

In fact Tuesday is the day, that the dumpster gets emptied by the garbage truck. All I knew is, the earliest they show up was at 7:30 am. That left only half an hour of playroom for him. Would that be enough? Would he really come to search for me? If not I had no chance. The truck will pick up the dumpster with me still inside. It would empty me with all the trash into it's belly and maybe take me to a landfill, where I would be buried under tons of trash.

You see, my plan was enormous risky. It would really change everything. I wanted trust him but can I really? If not, it will all be over and I would spend the rest of my life as trash. I was truly at his mercy now.

* * *

I’d climbed into the dumpster late on Sunday night into early Monday morning. So I had to stay a whole day and a whole night. The time seemed endless. It got hotter and hotter inside my trash bag. I felt the papers getting wet from my perspiration and stick to my naked skin. All the time my vibrator was buzzing in my pussy and the egg stimulating my sensitive clit. My breath was heavy and from time to time I moaned softly into my gag.

It seemed to be a busy day because sometimes I heard the lid open and the weight on my body increase a bit. There was nothing I could do about that. People had to throw away their trash and trash had to be thrown into a dumpster. No one was aware that a human being was inside the dumpster.

The temperature began to sink. So I thought the sun had set and my last night was going to start. A night that I had to spend naked, bound and gagged in a dumpster. I felt goose bumps build on my skin because the wet paper cooled down a lot. I thought about those people, who’d had thrown away their trash over the day. They threw it away because they didn't need it anymore. Thinking about that I thought about myself. I put myself in here by myself. I was inside the dumpster bagged in two trash bags. I had thrown myself away like the trash that surrounded me now. So what could I be? My only answer was trash. With those thoughts I fell into a dreamless sleep.

* * *

Tuesday Morning. It's 7:20 am. The loud sound of a garbage truck calls though the alley. It stops at every dumpster to pick it up and unload it's contents into its belly. One dumpster at the end of the alley seemed over filled. The truck was nearing it. Only two dumpsters left between them and the last. All seemed normal for the two bin men. They're chatting and making jokes. Their next dumpster goes into their truck.

Only one dumpster between them. In the alley were only the bin men with their truck. They're just doing their job and their job is to empty the dumpsters and when the truck is full, to transport the trash to the landfill. The next dumpster in the alley unloads it's contents into the trucks belly. Just one dumpster left.

The truck roars loud as it came to a stop near the last dumpster. One bin man jumped out and hit some buttons. The engine roared again and the compactor of the truck starts it's short cycle. In the meantime the other bin man lowered the arms of the truck down. Then he walked around the dumpster shaking his head.

“Every week the same shit!” he shouted to his mate “There are so many dumpsters in this alley but the people will mainly use this one. Come out, man! We have to load some of these trash bags by hand!”

His mate didn't seem keen about that but what could he do? He climbed out to help loading some bags by hand.

While they threw the first bags into their truck, a man ran out of a house and towards them, waving his hands. “Hey there! Wait! Please don’t unload that dumpster into your truck!” he shouted.

The bin men looked stunned at him, shaking their heads and continued to unload more bags into the truck.

“Please stop!” the man called breathless as he reached the bin men “This is an emergency. Please stop unloading the trash bags.”

“What do you mean?” one of the bin men asked “Trash can't be an emergency.”

“This is one.” the man replied, “Two days ago I had a fight with my wife. In her anger she took all my documents for work and threw them away. If I don’t get them back, my whole life will be ruined.”

The bin men looked at each other and then at the man. “How would you find your documents? All the trash bags look identical. You want to rip all them open?”

“No, of course not.” the man announced, “My wife told me, she had closed this trash bag with a red bandana. Have you already thrown one with a red bandana into your truck?”

One bin man climbed on the back of the truck and peered inside. “No. There is no bag with a red bandana. Sure it was in this dumpster?”

“Yes, I'm sure.” the man replied, “My wife only uses this one. Tell you what. If you help me to search I'll give each of you a few bucks. So what do you say?”

The bin men thought for a while then nodding to each other. “Sounds okay. But you have to help us to throw the wrong bags by hand into the truck.”

“All right. Lets start the search.” the man said grinning.

* * *

I was woken up by a strange movement. Somehow the pressure on my body decreased more and more. Then I heard men chatting with each other and in between the rustling sound of trash bags being thrown somewhere.

'Oh my god!' I thought, 'The bin men were here and are going to unload me in the trucks belly. He didn't come to rescue me. I'm just trash now. No one would care for me or would search for me.'

The movement got greater. I heard somebody say “There it is. That's the bag with the red bandana.” My heart skipped a beat. I moaned softly into my gag as I felt my bag being lifted. Someone had lifted my bag out of the dumpster. Then I felt my bag settled on the ground.

“Thank you Guys!” I heard a familiar voice. It was him! It was Doctor Vader! He finally came to rescue me again!

Hot tears of delight rolled down my face as my trash bag was lifted again. I could hear the steps outside, then a door and the ping of a lift. He was taking me to his home again. Soon I could look into his eyes and thank him for my rescue. Then I felt him settling my bag on the ground, a slicing noise reached my ears as he cut my bags open. The paper rustled around my head and soon I felt my head in fresh air. He removed my blindfold. I blinked as the light blinded me, then I looked up to him.

“Sorry Honey.” he said smiling warmly at me, “I was a bit late because a power cut last night. The blackout reset my alarm. I'm glad I was in time to rescue you.”

With my eyes I smiled towards him. I wanted to get out, unbound and hug him tightly. I wanted to kiss him and thank him for my rescue. But he began to grin at me. His hands reached down and he buckled a collar around my neck, buckling it so tight that is was very hard to breathe. With a small padlock he locked it into place. After that he reached down into my trash bag and found the remote control of my vibrating egg. With a wry grin he turned it up to the highest level. It shot through my body, making me struggle and groan into my gag. He reached deeper and found the control of my vibrator, turning it up to the highest level too. I couldn't think anymore. Just feel pleasure. I groaned louder into my gag as he attached clothes pins to my hard and stiff nipples. Then he put my blindfold on again.

“Stay there for a while. I'll eventually free you later.” I heard him say and with that he closed my trash bags again.


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