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Trapped in the Dumpster 2: Aftermath

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2013 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; dumpster; trashbags; bath; toys; insert; discovery; oral; sex; anal; climax; fantasy; cons; X

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Thanks to Doctor Vader for his helping hand. Continued from Part One

Part 2: Aftermath

A week had passed since I’d trapped myself in a dumpster. So many things had happened that day, so I needed some time to get my mind in order. I also needed some time to recover from the shock of being trapped in that dumpster. Thinking about that frightened me. If things went very bad, I couldn't have gotten out of there, a truck could have picked up that dumpster and disposed of me into it's belly, with all the other trash. It could have transported me to a landfill, depositing me there and I could have been buried under tons of trash. Nobody would know what I had done to myself or where to search for me.

* * *

This evening I prepared a nice hot bath for myself. Looking into the mirror I slowly opened the belt of my bathrobe, let it slide from my shoulders and down my body to the ground. I leant forward to look at my form in the mirror and let out a sigh. Then I moved around looking at the hot tub waiting for me. I could see the steam rising and the aromatic smell of the foam reached my nose. Smiling a bit I stepped towards the tub, swung one leg over the edge and then the other, letting myself slide into the warm, soothing liquid.

I leant back for awhile, closed my eyes and savoured the feeling on my naked skin. For a moment I remembered how it felt in my trash bag, as I’d bound and gagged myself and surrounded myself with the paper. It was as comfortable as the warm water flowing around my skin at just that moment. Smiling to myself I let my fingers wander over my thighs, my belly and up to my breasts. Letting out a soft moan I massaged my breasts and played a little with my stiffening nipples.

Opening my eyes again I reached for my shaver and began to carefully shave my legs. After I'd finished, I opened my legs a bit wanting to shave my pussy clean. As I touched my soft lips I shivered and like lightning my thoughts shifted to him. He had rescued me out of that dumpster and after carrying me into his flat he gently touched my wet and hot sex. Shaking my head, I tried to get him out of my mind not wanting to hurt myself while shaving. Carefully I shaved myself clean down there and ran my fingertips softly over my bare skin. I love the feeling of my shaved skin and smiled to myself before I continued my work in my armpits.

After I had done my shaving I leant back again and closed my eyes, letting my mind drift away. Again I remembered the feeling of being bound and gagged in a paper stuffed trash bag. It was so warm and comfortable in there. And even as the pressure on my bound body increased it had still felt comfortable. I drifted in my mind, my fingers wandered between my legs, touched my swelling soft lips and slowly I let my fingertips circle on the hood of my clit. I remembered his face as he'd ripped open my trash bag and noticed I’d been nude and bound inside. The thought of him grinning at me made me hot and horny.

Opening my eyes again I reached for my waterproof vibrator. I switched it on to a low vibrating level and let it dive underwater and between my slightly opened legs. A soft moan escaped my lips as it touched my now very sensitive clit. Closing my eyes I let it buzz down there and let my mind drift away.

* * *

We had a great night after he'd rescued me out of the dumpster. I had loved how he'd carried me into his bedroom. Loved his strength, his warmth and the feeling of his pounding heart. It felt like my heart was pounding in one rhythm with his. His taste as we kissed each other was incredible. It was like a celebration as he settled me on the edge of his huge bed and without looking away from me got undressed. I leant back and savoured him displaying his strong body to me. As he finally released his big and rock hard manhood, my eyes went wide, my salvia started to flow and it felt like I was leaking down there.

I shifted myself up to the pillows as he climbed onto his bed and crawled after me. He grinned at me and I grinned back opening my legs and displaying my well shaven pussy to him. Yes, I was very horny but not only because of him. I had spent a whole day bound and gagged in a trash bag and inside a dumpster with my vibrator buzzing in my little hole. The whole day I had been teased, but not enough to go over the edge. Now I was going to have sex with the man, who had rescued me and I had only known a few minutes.

It was like a dream. He grabbed my wrists and pinned me to his bed. I looked deep into his eyes before we kissed again. His strong body touched my skin and rubbed on my sensitive nipples. I moaned into his mouth as I felt the head of his manhood pressing on my sex. He slid easily into me because I was very aroused and wet. Gently he began to thrust in and out without stopping kissing me. I kissed him back and pressed myself against his strokes. Soon his strokes got faster and faster while he still had me pinned down, holding my wrists. Our bodies were hot, the sound of our bodies clapping against each other filled the room and with each thrust we moaned together. Soon I felt him twitching inside me, sending his hot load into me and at that moment I was overwhelmed with my own big climax.

* * *

I opened my eyes to realize I was still in my hot tub. Yes, I was very horny now and so I switched my vibrator to a higher vibrating level.
Closing my eyes again I let it slide into my waiting wet hole, sending little waves of pleasure through my body. With soft moans I let my mind drive back to that night.

* * *

We rested a bit so he could regain his strength again. I snuggled against him letting my fingertips wander over his hot body. I teased him by gently stroking his manhood, smiling as it awoke to new life and was growing in my hand. Slowly I climbed over him. Looking deep into his eyes I lowered myself onto his stiffening member and let him enter me.
There was clearly a look of pleasure on his face as I put my hands on his shoulders and slowly began to move up and down.

It was like I fell into a rush. At first slow movements while circling my abdomen on him. I felt his member rubbing against my sensitive flesh and wanted more. My movements got faster and faster. Soon I leant back a bit, teasing my own nipples and moaning with each down stroke on him. I rode him like there would be no tomorrow for me. Looking down I saw his eyes were closed. His groans told me he was really enjoying my ride. Too soon I felt him twitching again inside me, sending a new hot load into my riding body.

* * *

I opened my eyes again. Yes, I was still in my hot tub. My arousal grew more and more. Taking hold of my vibrator I started to push it into myself again and again. It felt so good that I closed my eyes and let my thoughts shift again.

* * *

I was very aroused after my ride and felt his hot semen leaking out of my pussy. I wanted more, snuggled against him and was gently stroking his member. It took more time for him to regain his strength. I looked into his eyes and told him, I wanted him to take me harder. He grinned at me, stroking my face with one hand. I smiled back and felt under my stroking fingers, his manhood getting hard and big again. Soon he told me to get on my hands and knees.

As soon as I was on my hands and knees he was behind me taking a grip of my hair. I let out a loud moan as he pushed my face down into the pillow. Forcing my butt into the air he realized now, that my plug was still in my arsehole.

“So you like that too!” he teased me, taking a hold of my plug and twisting it, making it rotate inside me.

All I could do was moan. I moaned even more as he began to pull it out slowly. With a popping sound the plug came out of my arse, leaving it open a bit.

“I should take care of that.” he exclaimed and soon the head of his member touched my arsehole.

Still pressing my face into the pillow his rock hard member entered me from behind. It was hard to breathe but I didn't care. It was an incredible feeling at that moment.

“Put your hands behind your back!” he told me.

I did so and soon felt his strong grip around my wrists. It aroused me even more, so I pressed myself against him. He wasted no time and started to pound me hard and deep. I was in heaven. Every stroke of him sent waves of pleasure through my body. I groaned into his pillow, feeling an immense climax building up. His strokes got faster and faster. Soon I felt my whole body twitching from the waves of my climax.
The feeling of me twitching around his hard member took him over the edge. With a loud groan he shot his hot semen deep into my bowels.

* * *

Again I opened my eyes and felt myself nearing a climax. Still in my hot tub I slid down a bit, leaving just my face out of the water. Now I swung one leg over the edge of the tub opening my legs a bit more. My hand moved faster, thrusting my vibrator in my hot sex.

It was very hard to think now. Every time I closed my eyes I saw him above me. He was grinning at me and in his hands I saw a huge black trash bag.

“Wow. It's incredible hot!” I said to myself.

Thrusting my vibrator even deeper into myself I closed my eyes again. I saw and felt him tying me up in a fetal position. His strong hands lifting me up and he held me above the huge black maw of the trash bag.

“Oh yes. Put me in there please” I groaned.

He settled me into the trash bag, took my penis gag and pushed it into my waiting mouth. He secured it fast and very tight. I saw him pulling the sides of the bag up. It reached way over my head. Soon I saw him above me, grinning and showing me a bin full of kitchen waste.

“Oh my god” I groaned, feeling a huge climax building up.

He emptied the bin over my body. I felt the fluids flow down my skin and remnants of leftover food stick to me. More and more trash followed, settling around me, Soon the trash bag getting fuller and fuller. I could feel it pressing against my body. More trash tumbled into my bag and soon it reached my neck. I glanced up and saw him standing there, still grinning. He waved at me and pulled my trash bag closed, sealing me inside it. I heard the sound of a zip tie.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” I gasped, thrusting my vibrator into myself with furious speed.

I could hear his steps outside the trash bag. Then I felt it lifting up with me still inside. He exclaimed that he had to throw the trash away.
At this moment my climax hit me like a bomb.

* * *

It seemed like a eternity to recover from my climax. I was still in my hot tub enjoying the last waves in my body. I tried to slow down my breathing and my heart beat. Slowly I stood up and stepped out of the tub. Reaching for a towel to dry myself, I thought 'Too bad that I had only left a note with my e-mail address on the table in his living room.

I finished drying myself off and slipped into my bathrobe again. Then I bent down to my tub and opened the drain. Letting the water flow out as I left the bathroom, heading into my living room.

'Is he thinking about me?' I thought. 'Does he remember me? Is he angry because I left without a word?'

After my hot daydreams I knew I had to meet him again. Deep in my mind I wanted to know how far this relationship could go. I wanted him to break my limits and show me incredible new feelings. But I didn't want to do the next step. Somehow I was afraid that he would push me away.

With a twisted feeling in my belly I sat down on my couch and started my laptop to check my e-mails.


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