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Trapped in the Dumpster

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2013 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; dumpster; trashbags; newspaper; rope; gag; toys; insert; stuck; discovery; cons; X

Thanks to Doctor Vader for his helping hand.

My name is Miriam. I'm an attractive blonde woman in my early 20s. Since my first boyfriend, I’ve really been into bondage and anything that fits with it. I’ve been single for a while now and in my private time I've tried out a few things in self-bondage and using toys to pleasure myself.

I'm very interested in stories about bondage and self-bondage. One time while looking through internet for exciting stories I’d found a site with stories about trash bags, dumpsters, bondage and women who were treated like trash. At first I was shocked, but then I began to get curious about it. I've read some stories and began to feel more and more excited about the theme. I wondered how it would feel to be in a trash bag and maybe even in a dumpster too.

Over the next few weeks I experimented with sealing myself safely into a trash bag and how to bind myself while in it. It's not so easy because you can't see what you're doing. So I started to take a flashlight in with me. Another problem was that the plastic of the bag was sticking to each part of my naked skin. But soon, I had an idea how to manage it.

For the next few weeks after that, I enjoyed my little sessions safely at home. I've read more and more stories and by now, I wanted to feel myself bound and sealed in a trash bag, inside a real dumpster.

It took some time to find a dumpster that I could use. It took even more time to find out the times when the dumpster would be emptied. I'd noted all dates carefully, because I didn't want to end up in the back of a truck, like all the other trash bags. Since I had all the dates and was well experienced in bagging myself I started to plan my first real adventure in a dumpster.

* * *

It was a late evening as I grabbed my things I’d prepared for my adventure. I knew, the dumpster was emptied 3 days ago and the next time would be in 4 days. So there was enough time for me to get the feeling I longed for. I rushed out of my home, locked the door shut and headed through the dark streets and alleys towards my destination.

As I reached the dumpster, I looked nervously around, to make sure nobody would see me climbing into it. Then I opened the lid and peered inside. The dumpster was half full with many black shiny trash bags, filled with the garbage from the surrounding houses. Another look to see if anyone was around. Nobody was in sight so I quickly climbed in, closing the lid above me.

It was dark in there and the air smelt. I didn't care, I took my flashlight out of my bag and switched it on. My heart was pounding loud as I shifted the trash bags around me to make space for mine in the middle of them. The rustling sounds of the plastic made me shiver. Soon there was enough space for me to rest in my trash bag for a while.

I put the flashlight in my mouth and opened my bag again. Now I took a huge black and shiny trash bag, opened it and threw my bag inside. With the flashlight in my mouth I slid myself slowly into the dark opening of my trash bag. Now using a zip tie I sealed myself inside my huge black trash bag. To make sure I got enough air I had a short tube, that I’d placed in the open end of the trash bag as I’d sealed it from inside with the zip tie. It was a strange feeling being sealed in the trash bag and inside a dumpster but the adventure had just started.

Now I stripped off my shoes, my ankle socks, my jeans, my panties and my blouse. I didn't wear a bra because my breast aren't so big that I need one. Taking another smaller trash bag, I put my clothes inside. Later, I would use this bag as my pillow. Soon I felt the plastic sticking to my naked skin. I opened my bag again and took out a huge amount of old newspapers I’d stored for my adventure. It took some time, crumpling them and filling the space between me and the plastic of the trash bag.
The paper surrounded me now and felt very comfortable against my skin. I took some time for a rest but there were more things to do.

I left enough space for me to move inside the trash bag and to see what I was doing. Grabbing my bondage items out of my bag, I felt my nipples stiffen in anticipation. There was a growing tingling in my belly and I felt myself getting hot and wet. I took a length of rope and wound it around my waist and bound another length behind my back to that rope.

Now I took my middle sized plug, smeared it with lube and slowly pushed it into my waiting arsehole. I groaned in pleasure with the feeling but didn't want to waste too much time binding myself. Soon I grabbed my vibrator and let it slide into my now really wet pussy. I let it vibrate on a low level not wanting to get too much pleasure too soon. Once in place I took the rope fastened on my backside, pulled it through my legs and secured it to the rope around my waist locking the plug and vibrator into place.

Now my breathing got very heavy, I heard the rustling sound of the paper around me and was shifting into another world. I took more ropes and began to bind my feet to my bottom. Then I pulled my knees up to my chest and wound another rope around my body and legs. I tied it tight because it shouldn't be too easy to get loose. For my hands I prepared a short length of rope with two loops in it. I’d tested it at home. It would hold me and I’d still be able to easily free myself. I placed that rope between my bottom and the rope through my crotch. So it would be easy for me to pleasure myself by pulling on the rope.

At last I took my penis gag, placed it into my mouth and secured it tightly behind my head. Before I placed my wrists into the bonds, I crumpled more newspaper to stuff the remaining free room around me. Now I rested my head on my pillow I’d created. I made squealing noises into my gag as I managed my hands through the loops behind me and pulled, to secure my wrists. This was it. Now I was bound and gagged in a full, stuffed trash bag that was in a real dumpster.

* * *

It felt warm and comfortable in my trash bag. For a short time I thought it felt like being in my mothers womb. I struggled a bit, felt the bindings and groaned with pleasure into my gag. My thoughts shifted away from the womb. I began to daydream about strong men, who had captured me and want to use me for their pleasure. They're tying me up in several positions, running their strong hands over my naked skin and gently rubbing my pussy. I could see the bulges in their shorts and soon they're pulling out their manhood. They're looking so huge and hard. I feel my pussy began to twitch and my salvia start to flow. They come over to me and lift me like I weighed nothing. Soon they slide their members into my holes taking me hard and furiously.

* * *

I must’ve fallen asleep not knowing how much time had passed. There were the muffled sounds of the lid of the dumpster. Somebody had opened it and woke me up with the noise. I could barely hear the voice of a man and shortly after that a female voice. It must be day now and people are going to throw away their trash. I shivered in my bondage, tried to make no noise and soon felt the bump of a trash bag landing on top of mine.

Then another bump, a third and a fourth. I felt the weight of the trash bags pressing the paper in mine against me. It was a strange feeling but quite comfortable. I shuddered a bit as the lid was closed with a loud thud. Struggling a bit, I found it would still be easy to free myself. So I decided to stay a bit longer in the dumpster.

A long time passed and nothing happened. I relaxed even more and enjoyed the steady vibrations in my pussy. Slowly I pulled on the rope to move the plug and vibrator inside me. Then the lid was opened again. I heard the muffled sound of men chatting with each other. Bumping and rustling sounds reached my ears as they threw more trash bags onto me. The weight got heavier on my bound body. It was getting hard to struggle under the weight. I know they can't see my struggles under the trash bags, nor can they hear me groaning into my gag. Now I know I’ll have to wait until sunset before I can free myself and climb out of the dumpster. But when will that be?

The lid was opened several times and people threw more and more trash bags into the dumpster, increasing the pressure on my body. I can hardly move and was afraid, the bags may have covered up my air tube. I was lucky, it stayed clear. I struggled to free my wrists and managed only to free my right hand. Somehow the rope was stuck in position and trapped my left hand securely behind my back. Breathing hard, I moved my right hand up to my head and managed to loosen the straps of my gag a bit. Pulling it out of my mouth, I let it rest around my neck.

Again the lid was opened. I felt something really heavy bumping on the trash bags. The pressure on my body got even stronger. It was so much that I can't move my free right arm anymore. I was trapped inside my stuffed trash bag, inside the dumpster. I tried to move but no use.

Slowly I felt the panic growing in my mind. I had to get out of here! Soon!

Again and again I tried to move, but there was no way to free myself from my trap. I was sobbing to myself and felt hot tears run over my face. Then I began to cry and soon to shout. “Help me! Please! Somebody help me!” I didn't know if my shouts would reach outside the dumpster.

* * *

After a long time of shouting, my voice became more and more hoarse, I heard the lid open.

“Hey! What's going on? Is somebody in there?“ a mans voice reached my ears.

“Help me please! I'm inside a trash bag and can't free myself. Please get me out of here!” I shouted, hope rising in my mind.

“Wait! I'll pull out some bags to free you!” the man replied.

I heard the rustling and muffled sounds of plastic, as he began to empty the dumpster to find me. The weight on my body decreased and I was able to struggle more and more. Soon I heard the sound of my trash bag ripping open. The paper moved and soon my face was free and visible. I looked up to the man and blinked. The sun had already set and what I could see in the light of the streetlamps was a quite good looking man.

“Man! Who’s done this to you?” he asked me

I blushed, bit my lower lip.

The man reached in and lifted my bag with me still inside, out of the dumpster, setting it down and leaning it against it. The expression on his face was confused. He ripped my bag open some more, removed some paper and noticed that I’m nude and bound.

“Tell me! Who has done this to you?” he asked again.

“It..... it was me.“ I stammered “I climbed into the dumpster...... sealed myself into the trash bag... bound myself up and gagged myself. I thought I could free myself later and get home unseen.”

The man began to grin. He leant forward to me and I felt his hand stroking my face. “So you like these kinky games, huh?” he asked.

I nodded slowly.

“This can be very dangerous without someone watching out for you!” he told me still grinning.

I nodded again biting my lower lip. I glanced up at him and could see him thinking about what to do next.

“Um. I think I should get you away from here. Better you don’t make any noises!” with that he grabbed my gag and pushed it back into my mouth tightening the straps behind my head.

I was shocked at first. I was confused but then I saw a warm smile on his face. He took the ripped open edges of my bag and closed them in his grip. Then I felt him lift me in my bag and start to move me. I shivered, still feeling the vibrator in my pussy and got more and more horny about the situation.

I felt him stop and heard another man talking to him. The man asked why he was carrying a full trash bag away from the dumpster.

“I accidentally threw my car keys into the trash. Now I have to search for them, but I can't do it on the street.“ he explained.

I was glad, he didn't say anything about me inside the bag. It seemed reasonable to the other man because I felt him moving again. Soon I heard a door swing open. Then the ping of a lift. He was taking me to his home, I thought. Another door opened, some more movement and my bag was settled to the ground. He opened my bag again, ripped it open further and lifted me slowly out of the trash bag. I felt his strong arms around my still bound and naked body, felt his warmth and his pounding heart. I glanced up at him and smiled. He sat me down onto his couch, took a knife and cut my bonds free.

“What is your name, young lady?” he asked me after removing my gag.

“I'm Miriam.” I said with a shy smile, “Thank you for rescuing me”

“Nice to meet you, Miriam.” he said smiling at me, his hands wandering, slowly over my body. “You're looking very nice!”

I blushed at his words, feeling again a strong tingling in my belly and gasped a bit as his fingers touched my still wet and hot pussy.

“You shouldn't play alone. It's safer with someone watching. If you don't mind, I will take part in your kinky games and keep an eye on you.” he told me.

My heart was pounding faster and faster now. I've found a man who's gentle to me but wants to do the right things with me too. I gave him a big grin, stood up and hugged him. He placed his hands under my bottom, lifted me easily and I swung my legs around his waist. Slowly he carried me to his bedroom.

“And what is your name?” I asked, my face very close to his and looking deep into his eyes.

“You can call me Doctor Vader.” he told me before we passionately kissed each other.

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