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Trapped in the Dumpster 8: The Egg

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2013 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; lingerie; mitts; gag; rope; bond; egg; encased; foam; sealed; trash; dumpster; tease; insert; anal; climax; cons; X

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Authors note: This is the 8th part of my 'Trapped in the Dumpster' series. And the background is matching for Easter.  Thanks to Doctor Vader for his helping hand.
Continued from Part Seven

Easter Sunday....Two minutes past midnight in my time....Time to hide an egg.....Who'll find it?

Part 8: The Egg

The time went by and I was fully recovered from my last adventure, which ended inside a huge present case and inside a dumpster. I hadn't expected that last playtime. I just wanted to make him a special present for Christmas. To my luck he'd used only clothes to stuff the remaining space in my case and with the old clothes wrapped around me I couldn't get too cold that it became really dangerous for me. But although I got cold and had to stay several days in bed after he'd got me back - even New Year's Eve, I had to stay in bed. I had gotten a fever and felt really ill for several days.

As I awoke in the early evening of New Year's Eve, he sat at the bed and stroked my hand. I smiled at him, rolled onto my side and rested my free hand on his.

“It seems, you'll not be able to go out and celebrate today.” he started, “It's a shame, but you still have a fever.”

“Well... Yes.” I replied. “I think so too. But what about you? Will you stay at home and be here at my bedside?”

He seemed really thoughtful for a moment and continued to stroke my hand.

“Well....” he started carefully. “I think, I'll stay here with you. I can watch TV until a little before midnight, then wake you so we can chink our glasses and drink a little bit to greet the New Year. Then I can simply join you in bed and we can sleep together.”

I listened to him carefully and felt happy about his words. But somehow I felt, there was more. Weakly I propped up on one elbow and looked deep into his eyes.

“I know, there is more.” I told him, “You said that just to make me feel good and I thank you for that. It's very kind of you, but please share all of your thoughts with me.”

“Well... I've got an invitation...” he replied and took my hand into a firm grip. “It's for a small private party, but I would prefer to stay here with you.”

“A private party?” I asked and raised one eyebrow, “What should be wrong with that?”

“Well, the invitation is from Steffanie.” he replied quickly.

I let my head sink back onto the pillow and looked at him for a moment. I hadn't expected, that Steffanie would invite him to a party. My feverish thoughts started to race.

“The invitation is for you too.” he said quickly, as he saw my thoughtful look. “But since you're ill, I'm not wanting to go without you.”

I had to smile at his words. He was really considerate to me. Now I started to stroke over the back of his hand, still looking into his eyes.

“You're so dear.” I said in my feverish voice, “I give you great credit for that. But just because I'm ill, you shouldn't miss a nice party. And I'm feeling better than the last few days, so you haven’t need worry so much about me.”

“Really?” he asked surprised.

“Yes, really.” I smiled to him. “You should go and celebrate a bit. I'll be fine. Don't worry about me.”

He leaned in and gave me a soft kiss onto my forehead. I closed my eyes, enjoyed his kiss and his warm hand between mine. Soon I quickly fell asleep again.

* * *

This was about three months ago. During the last few months we have played several times, but all while still at home, so I couldn't get cold again. And if we didn't play, we had comfortable times together. Several times Steffanie visited us or we went out to visit her. Or we went out to visit some of his friends.

And now we had Easter. During the last couple of weeks I was a bit busy with buying a few new clothes he wanted me to get for Easter. My mind was filled with anticipation for the next few days. Somehow it seemed, he was planning a new Playtime. And soon I got to know, I was right.

* * *

On Easter Sunday we got up early in the morning. I was preparing buns and eggs for our breakfast, while he was busy with setting the table. He did it very well. As I turned to watch him, I saw him placing a nice decorated Easter bouquet on the table. He also placed small bunnies and lady bugs of chocolate between the glasses and plates. I smiled to myself, while I shook the cooked eggs. Then he helped me to place the warm buns, the eggs and the all the rest onto the table. Finally we both sat down and started to feast.

We took our time and savoured our breakfast together. Since he had just one stool in his kitchen, I sat on his lap while we ate. Several times he fed me with a half of a bun and I fed him too. It was nice to feel his warmth at my back and his hand on my belly. I stroked his hand while we ate and he was obviously enjoying it. From time to time we kissed too. It was a simply great start to the day.

After our breakfast he helped me to clean up. Then we moved into the living room and rested for a while on the sofa. I sat to his right, my legs across his thighs and cuddled into his side. He had his arm wound around me and held me gently in position. His right hand was stroking over my shoulder and his left and rested on my knees.

* * *

After a while he simply lifted me off his lap and sat me beside him. He looked for a moment deep into my eyes, stroked over my cheek and gave me a long and passionate kiss. I closed my eyes and kissed him back, savouring his taste. Then he drew slowly back and removed his hand from my cheek. I opened my eyes and saw his typical wry grin, he always had, when he was about to play with me. Immediately I felt exciting shivers running down my back.

“You should go and change.” he told me. “I'll join you soon.”

“Can't wait for you to start.” I replied and rose quickly up to went into the bedroom.

He gave me a light slap onto my bottom, as I was in his range. I had to giggle and rushed quickly into the bedroom. As I closed the door behind me, I saw him standing up and heading for the door, as if he was going to go outside. Now I wondered what he had in store for me.

* * *

Slowly I walked over to the wardrobe to fetch the box with the items I’d bought. Like a treasure I carried the box over to the bed and placed it on the foot end. Then I opened the box, glanced over it's contents and smiled to myself. Everything was there, ready to get used.

Taking a step back, I started to undress myself. Carefully I placed my clothes on a stool nearby. Then I went back to the box, looked inside and considered how to start. Of course it wasn't a difficult decision. First I took the snow white g-string thong and slipped it on. Next was a tiny bra, which was only designed to push up my breasts but left them free. As I put the bra on, I felt my nipples starting to stiffen. Then I sat down onto the edge of the bed and took a pair of white hold-up stockings and took my time to slip into them.

After I'd finished with the stockings, I stood up again. Next I took a very short white plaid skirt with a bunny tail attached on it's backside. I had to grin, while I stepped in and managed it into place. Then I took a matching top, pulled it over my head and tugged it into place. The top revealed my flat belly and had also little openings for my nipples, which pointed now clearly through.

For a short moment I stepped in front of a mirror to look over myself. My smile went wider, as I saw the cute bunny tail on the skirt at my bottom, but there were more items to put on. Next was a pair of bunny slippers for my feet. Quickly I slipped them on and felt how smooth and warm they were. Before I went further, I tied my hair behind my head into a single pigtail. Then I took a hair band with bunny ears attached to them. Carefully I placed it onto my head and peered into the box for the last item to use.

It was a pair of mitts, designed to look like rabbit's feet. As I tried to push my left hand into the first mitt, I noticed I had to clench my hand into a fist to get it to fit correctly. My heart started to race. The mitts were the only items, he bought for this event. Now I wondered how to slip into the second mitt. Eventually I got the idea to hold it with my teeth, while I pushed my right hand in. It was a bit difficult, but finally I got it. With my hands balled to fists in the mitts, I felt now rather helpless. But it aroused me too. All I had to do now was to wait for him to join me.

* * *

I hadn't to wait for long and as he entered the bedroom, he glanced with a broad grin over my form. Slowly I turned around to give him a good look at all the parts of my dress and body. Then he came slowly over to me, embraced me and gave me a long kiss. While we kissed, he let his arms go, pulled my arms in front of me and secured the mitts with small padlocks into place. Now it was impossible for me to pull them off on own. I looked into his eyes and he gave me again his wry grin

“Open your mouth!” he ordered shortly.

I was a bit confused, but I did. Quickly he placed a smooth and round object in my mouth. It wasn't big enough to be a usual gag and it tasted a bit like plastic. Then I saw him taking a special roll of duct tape. It had the colour of skin. He ripped off a few strips, urged me to close my mouth around the object and taped a few layers over my closed mouth.

“It's a plastic egg in your mouth.” he explained now “But think of it like a real egg and take care of it so it doesn’t get broken.”

Now he urged me to sit on the edge of the bed. Then I watched him walking over to a commode and returning with a small box. I got a closer look of the box as he placed it beside me and noticed several sorts of permanent makers in it. First he took a red one and looked into my eyes.

“Hold still!” he said and started to work on the tape over my mouth.

I wasn't sure, if he was writing or drawing something. After a while he was done with the red marker and took a white one. I shivered as he continued to work on the tape. It took no time at all, till he had finished his work. He placed the marker back into the box, took a small mirror and showed me, what he'd done on the tape. With the red marker he drew red lips onto the tape, placed nearly over my real lips. And with the white marker he'd drawn long bunny teeth on to the lips. It looked really funny and I had to chuckle.

“Time to tie the bunny up.” he chuckled and pushed me backwards onto the bed.

I was excited from his words and wriggled myself on the bed for him, letting my bunny mitts stroke over my body. While I did this, I watched him taking two lengths of silky white rope. Then he tied one end of the first rope to my right knee and made me moan from the tightness. He did the same at my left knee, before he took two other lengths of the rope, pushed my knees up to my chest and started to tie my thighs to my ankles. Now I started to feel really helpless and noticed, the g-string get a wet spot.

After he was done with tying my legs, he rolled me over onto my belly. Then he took the free ends of the ropes at my knees and started to pull at them. So he pulled my knees aside next to my body and tied both ends tight behind my back. Now it was impossible for me to move my legs just for a little inch. Before he was about to continue to tie me up, he let his fingers start slowly rubbing very gently over my crotch. I started to moan into my gag from the feelings and tried to wriggle a bit.

“Very nice.” he said chuckling. “You're really hot and wet now.”

I turned my head, looked at him and nodded. For a few moments he continued to tease me and let me moan in pleasure. Then he simply lifted me off the bed and settled me down at it's end with my back leaning against the foot end. I lifted my head to look up to him and I felt so small. He grinned down to me for a moment and took two new length of the silky white rope. Then he bent down to me, pulled my hands in the mitts between my now held open legs and placed them between both ankles. Quickly he used the ropes to secure my wrists to my ankles. Tying me up this way was causing me to push my breasts together with my upper arms. And it made me utterly helpless to his mercy too.

“Now you have the typical bunny position.” he laughed down at me.

Suddenly he grabbed me, lifted me up and placed me face down on the bed again. I felt him pulling the string aside and rubbing at my rear entrance. Then I felt a cool liquid splashing onto my sphincter. He was lubricating my backdoor and soon I heard his zipper.

“Time to have a bit fun.” he announced and pressed the tip of his hard manhood at my backdoor.

I turned my head to look up to him, but he grabbed my head quickly and pushed my face into the sheet. I had to gasp into my gag from that and gasped even harder, as he entered my backdoor with a hard thrust. Then he paused for a moment deep inside me to let me get comfortable with the feeling. With a few little contractions of my sphincter I told him after a few moments, I was ready. Then he started to take me with a furious speed. I heard his grunting over me and the slurping sounds in my backdoor, while he moved in and out. It was hard to breathe with my face pushed into the sheet. But I moaned and groaned in response to every thrust of him.

By this time he was pounding me harder and faster. His grunts and groans over me got louder and I used my muscles to give him additional pleasure. Of course I got my pleasure too. Due to the intense rubbing feelings in my rear end and the difficult breathing I drove quickly near to my own climax. Soon I felt him growing inside me and starting to twitch. Shortly after that I felt him sending his hot load deep into my bowels. Right at this moment I felt my own climax rocking through my body and groaned loudly into my gag.

He pulled out quickly and sent more waves through me with that. My whole bound body was shaking now and soon I felt him pushing a huge plug into my backdoor, sealing his cum inside me.

“That was great my little bunny.” he said, still panting hard. “But it's Easter and a bunny has to make eggs as gifts. And I think, since you're a special bunny, you should make a special egg as a gift.”

He released his grip off my head. Quickly I turned my face aside to suck fresh air in through my nostrils. I still felt little waves of my climax rushing through my body, while I watched him leaving the bedroom.

* * *

Slowly I calmed down from my climax, while I had to wait for his return. To wait was the only thing I could do now and I was really curious, what he'd meant with his words.

A few moments later the door to the bedroom swung open. My eyes went wide, as I saw him carry a huge egg in. It was beautifully decorated like all the small cardboard eggs, which you can find before Easter in many shops. The small eggs are containing sweet things, mostly of chocolate. But I could guess now, what this huge egg will contain soon.

He grinned wryly at me, as he placed the huge egg at the front of the bed with the largest part to the floor. Helpless I watched him lifting the top half of the egg off. My heart started to race and I tried to crawl as best as I could near to the edge of the bed to peer into the now open egg.

The lower half of the egg was almost full with nicely painted and small eggs made of rigid foams. I wondered, how much time he had spent to prepare all that for this event. Lifting my head I gave him a grateful look. He smiled satisfied down at me before he lifted me off the bed and settled me down inside the egg. I heard the rustling sounds of the small eggs, as they shifted aside to make space for the special Easter bunny. Eventually I found a resting spot amongst all the small eggs, which surrounded me now nearly up to my breasts.

“You're looking good in that egg.” he grinned down at me and took the top part of the huge egg. “It seems, like you really belonging in it. So I think, it's time to seal you in.”

I shivered from excitement, as I heard his words. Carefully I watched every little movement of him, while he lifted the top part of the egg over my head and lowered it slowly to seal me inside. The slot of light got smaller and smaller. Finally I heard the rubbing sound of both parts connecting. Then I noticed, he was twisting the top part and shortly after that I heard a clicking noise. That noise told me, he must have attached a secret lock onto the egg. It was now clicked in place and made it impossible to lift the top part off easily.

It wasn't completely dark inside. Through small holes distributed in the top half of the egg fell little gleams of light. The holes were also there to give me a nice air supply. But the holes were too small to see clearly through. I only noticed moving shadows outside and rustling sounds. I wondered, what he was going to do now.

Suddenly I noticed a hole get opened right above my head. It was big enough to peer outside and I could see his face, while he peered in to me with a grin.

“There is plenty enough room for more eggs.” he announced and started immediately to pour more of the small painted eggs through the opening into my huge egg.

Quickly the small eggs rose up over my head and I felt him pushing them down on me, making them press firmly around my helpless form. I panted hard from the pressure and heard him pouring more of those eggs in. Eventually he was satisfied with his work and closed the opening above me, sealing me completely in. I was now completely surrounded by the small eggs and it was impossible to move, even an inch inside.

“I tell you what” he spoke loud enough for me to hear. “I'm going to throw this egg into the dumpster and leave it there. Perhaps the bin men are going to find this special egg, open it and find you. If not, you're going to get disposed of in their truck with all the trash inside the dumpster. With a bit luck, you're going to survive the compactor, but you're going then definitely to a landfill to get dumped.”

I gulped hard inside the egg and wasn't sure, if he was really about to go so far with me. In earlier games he told me something like that before, but he came back every time to fetch me. That made the things so arousing and I shivered from excitement. Soon I felt him lifting the egg with me inside. I felt his movements, heard the muffled sound of the doors and the lift. I knew, soon we must be outside and on our way to the dumpster.

He settled my egg down after a while. I heard, how he was opening the lid of the dumpster, then the rustling sounds of trash bags. Then I felt him lifting my egg again and shortly after that, I felt myself toppling into the dumpster. Again I noticed the rustling sounds of trash bags. He was placing them around and on top of my egg, hiding it from curious views. Finally I shivered again and got goose bumps, as he closed the lid of the dumpster. All I could do now was wait and wonder, when he would come back to fetch me or if he would come back at all.


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