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Tales of Green Valley

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2014 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

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Tales of Green Valley #9: Trash takes a Vacation

Trash is fully recovered from whatever forced him to take a sick day and miss the chance to play with Tammy. He talked to her a couple of days later, after she was back home, her ass was still smarting from the spanking Jack had given her when he had been called to the transfer station to retrieve her after Jimmy had pulled her out of the big compactor. Tammy told Trash she would have to stop playing in the trash, or with him or Jack would, as he put it, leave her in the hands of Tamarra, with no restrictions on what happened.

But by coincidence, a short while later, Trash got a call from Jessie, his on and off girlfriend in the big city, she had a few days off from work and could she come spend them with him in the quiet of Green Valley? Trash smiled knowing how she too liked to play in the trash. He usually let her ‘top’ him so he could be the garbage, but would sometimes she would permit him to put her in the garbage to be treated as trash. With a full week available they could fulfill a lot of fantasies. So after he delivered the day’s packages, he stopped in the office on his way to get the rear-loader truck, and asked Miss Sands for a week of his vacation. She said that was fine, both Joel and Jimmy had asked for some extra hours and one or the other could fill in for him.

Jessie arrived on the Monday afternoon train and Trash was there to meet her. He still had his relic of a pick-up, but he intended to go back to the city at the end of the week with Jessie to go shopping for the new one he had ‘earned’. Jessie hugged Trash and just shook her head as he pulled the choke and went through the ritual to crank up the ancient vehicle. It eventually sputtered to life and they drove down the hill to Trash’s small house. Heading inside, she noticed a pile of trash bags in the garage, and asked how was it that a man who collected the trash had so many in his own house, joking, she explained to him collecting the trash was not supposed to mean bringing it home.

Trash explained that he had cleaned up the house over the weekend and that Joel would be making a pick up tomorrow, he’d missed today’s pick up by going to meet Jessie. The conversation lagged as the two headed straight into the bedroom to get naked and make up for a long separation. About two hours later as they lay in bed cooling down after a long session that had started with Jessie all but jumping on Trash and jamming his cock into her cunt for a quick satisfaction of her needs, and then a second slow and easy session as she sucked his cock and 69’d with him to get them both prepared for a nice steady fuck. He rubbed and squeezed her breasts and massaged her lower back while she and he moved rhythmically, faster and faster. It was a great fuck, though not quite as exciting as his time in the truck with Tammy.

They lay snuggled, and Jessie asked how Trash had managed to go so long without having her around to fuck. He was relaxed and a bit incautious and explained all that had been happening with Tammy and Tamarra. He wisely did not mention just how good his sex with Tammy had been. Jessie frowned saying, “I don’t mind you playing with and fucking your boss, especially it is earned you a new truck. But this Tammy slut really does deserve to become the trash she seems to think she is.”

“Calm the beast Jessie, she’s just a toy, and maybe I will invite her over and let you pack her in the trash, after all, I have lots of it handy in the garage.”

Jessie looked at Trash, and smiled, “Oh yes, that does sound like fun! Let’s get something to eat and then you can invite her over this evening, I would hate for all that poor trash to be lonely all night.”

And that’s what they did. Trash called Tammy and invited her to come over and meet a friend of his, and as she was home alone again, she eagerly accepted. When she arrived they sat around with some wine for a while, and of course the conversation led to trashbagging. Tammy explained how Jack had forbidden her to self-bag and hide. Jessie nicely suggested that Trash and she could bag her, that would not be self-bagging, and the two of them would know she was in there and handle everything, so she would not be hiding.

They all went to the garage and pulled out one of the two the rolling bins and lined it with two layers of the large black bin liners. Jessie went to her suitcase and brought two pairs of handcuffs, a ring gag and some soft rope while Tammy stripped off her clothes. Jessie tossed Tammy’s clothes into the bin before Trash tipped the bin down and Tammy backed in wearing the ring gag. Jessie made Trash fuck Tammy’s face through the ring gag till he came and laughed at Tammy was forced to gobble his cum. The two of them stood the bin upright and then began to rip open the other bags. Jessie made sure the worst of the old moldy food from the refrigerator was spread all over Tammy.

After filling the bag, Jessie had Trash thread a hollow flexible tube into the ring gag and out the top before tying the double bags closed and closing the lid on Tammy’s bin. By this point, Jessie was very hot and excited herself. Taking charge as Trash’s domme, she said, “I see you have another bin, Trash, you’re next.” She repeated the same process with Trash, stripping him, handcuffing him and then making him lie down in the tipped over bin before she pulled down her shorts and soaked panties and sat on his face to make him lick her pussy and then her ass. She struggled a bit to stand his bin upright, but managed and proceeded to fill his doubled bin liner with more of the other garbage. This time it was mostly Trash’s old used diapers. She finished up giving him a breathing tube to bite while she closed his bags and then the lid of his bin.

Jessie opened the garage and rolled first Tammy’s bin and then Trash’s bin down the driveway to the curb before going back inside to watch Game of Thrones on Trash’s big TV. As the show ended, she began to be a bit jealous of the other two bundles of garbage, thinking how they would probably end up fucking inside the truck. “Shit, I better ride along before he uses her again.”

Since it was now dark outside, Jessie took two more bin liners, a breathing tube, some big tie wraps, and the last full sack in the garage out to the street by the bins. Looking around, she saw no one at their windows or out in the street, so she stepped into the bags, pulled off her shoes, shorts and panties, then her shirt and bra and settled down, sitting on them as a cushion. She grabbed the last small sack and upended it in with her before she threaded the tie wrap through the bags.

Just before she pulled it shut, called out to the others, “We are all bagged and waiting out here. Trash, since you and I can still speak, we need to let the guy know we are riding, so whoever is awake must do that. And don’t mention Tammy; let’s just see how he handles her. I’ll let us out once we are in the truck since I have no handcuffs on.”


Eighteen hours later, all three of them were cramped, smelly and totally turned on, knowing they looked like trash and would soon be in the garbage truck. The sound of the truck got louder and louder until it stopped at Trash’s driveway and Jimmy ran around to load the bins and bag. Jimmy had learned about people riding, but expected a marker, like a yellow scarf or ribbon, so he wheeled Tammy’s to the back and tipped it in. He saw no marker, so he just ran the packer blade and then the compactor cycle to pull her into the truck. Taking no extra care for a passenger, the pack and compact cycle pressed Tammy’s hard until both of her ankles were bent too far and badly sprained. As she was gagged, she was unable to scream loud enough to be heard.

With her bag out of the way, Jessie was tossed in next. Landing on her head she was stunned and barely conscious when her bag and poorly padded head hit the hard metal packer hopper. Trash was last and he managed to shout loud enough for Jimmy to hear. Trash told him he had passengers, to go easy with the packer. Jimmy made sure the blade missed Trash, though it was only luck and being tossed in first that saved Jessie as he had not heard Trash clearly. What he thought he heard was that Trash was riding, not that there were others. Jimmy thought it was hysterical that the regular garbage man wanted to be treated as trash. But, wtf, everyone can get off doing something.

Jessie recovered from her banged head when she felt herself pushed up into the truck. She had a headache, but was otherwise unhurt and used the handcuff key to rip open her bags. She started to rip open the other bags, trying to find Trash, but found Tammy first and removed her ring gag and then handcuffs. Tammy was crying about how much her ankles hurt. Helping Tammy lie on the pile, ankles raised relieved the pain. Meanwhile Trash called out to guide Jessie to him and he too was torn out of his bags. Jessie had to straddle Tammy’s belly and lean forward to get to Trash, and Tammy licked her pussy as she knelt over her. When Trash was freed, he pushed Jessie back so she was lying on her back between Tammy’s legs, Tammy’s knees beside her head. Trash lifted her ass and while he stuffed his cock into Tammy’s mouth began to lick Jessie’s dripping wet cunt.

The truck stopped again and another load was pushed up into the truck. Tammy was pushed up so she was all but standing on her head and pressed tight against Trash, driving his cock totally into her throat. Jessie’s pussy was pressed hard against Trash’s mouth and he had to grab her ass to pry her open enough to breath. Fortunately for Tammy, Trash’s cock slipping so deep into her mouth and throat was too much for Trash and he was unable to hold off. His cum went right down her throat into her before he softened and she was able to suck in some air. Trash’s rapid breathing and the tight pressure of his teeth on her clit triggered a giant orgasm for Jessie and her squirting made Trash cough as it flooded his mouth. Tammy had her own pussy pressed against Jessie’s back and the wiggles of her and Trash, and then the feeling of Trash’s cock pulsing deep in her throat sent Tammy into her own orgasm, her ankles totally ignored.

Fortunately, there was no more trash to be loaded, it was Tuesday and the biggest loads came on Monday after no pick up on the weekend. Jimmy drove to the transfer station, backed up to the tip floor and got out to dump his truck. Tamarra was waiting.

As the three naked bodies spilled out in the pile, Jimmy looked shocked, “I thought it was just Trash! I mean I thought Trash was the only one in there.” Tamarra looked at the four of them, with Tammy sitting hugging her legs, unable to stand. “Well I told you there would be a price to pay if you got caught again. Jimmy and Trash, put this new girl in a double bag so she can learn what happens next.”

Trash turned to Tamarra, “This is my girlfriend, Jessie, are you sure?”

“She looks like garbage to me, bag her up. I assume you still want that new truck?”

Trash looked back and forth between Tamarra and Jessie and then took the handcuffs he had been wearing and slapped them on Jessie. Tammy handed Jimmy the ball gag she had worn and this too was applied to Jessie. Jessie let all this happen, thinking how exciting this was turning out, something else to experience. Once Jessie was bagged up, Tamarra told the men, “Just set her on the edge of the hopper there. Now you will bag up Tammy too.”

“Yes Mistress Tamarra,” Trash replied, getting a strange look from Jimmy when he heard ‘Mistress’. Tammy was also bagged up and set on the edge of the hopper.

“I told you not to say that Trash, so now you will be punished. Go kick both those bags in the hopper.”

Trash did as he was told and the two bags, with the two girls, slid down the slope onto the conveyor belt which had not been started.

“You can go wait in my office Jimmy, this is now Trash’s problem.” Jimmy decided he really did not want to know how this turned out, remembering the Volleyball team that had ended up in the ash pile.

Walking over to the Transfer Station controls, Tamarra told the still naked Trash, “They are on the conveyor. They have already been compacted so we won’t do that. I want you to start hitting the shred or burn switch over and over. The burners are not running, so there are three possibilities, they both end up in the incinerator and you can get them out, only one ends up there, or both go into the shredder. You won’t know whether they are truly garbage till it’s over.”

Trash looked totally shocked, and promptly peed down his leg. Tamarra laughed and walked to the skip loader to push the rest of the garbage into the hopper, burying the bags holding the girls in about 40 more identical ones. Tamarra walked back, locked the landfill/compactor switch to the bag stripper routing. “Let’s make this interesting,” she said as she tied a blindfold on Trash and put his hand on the shred/burn button and started the conveyor.

Tamarra watched the hopper slowly empty as the conveyor carried the bags up and around to feed into the bag stripper. The steel cable weed whackers would tear off plastic bags and expose the garbage. Whatever came out was then deflected by the routing gate, a sort of giant pinball flipper, to either the shredder or the incinerator. Trash stood there, hitting the button and making the gate swing left and right. Where he was standing it was impossible to see what went where, and with his blindfold, Trash had no way to know what ‘choice’ he made. Each of the girls were whipped and stripped and carried to the routing gate. It was not his day for making good choices. Both girls wound up on the conveyor to the shredder, Tammy following Jessie, two naked girls soon to become organic mulch.

Jessie could see where she was headed and watched things tipping off the end of the conveyor and bouncing a bit before they disappeared into the huge gears and grinder blades. She was terrified, and strangely excited, knowing she would end up as ground up garbage in a compost pile. She tried crawling away, but the belt was too fast and the other garbage, and Tammy, blocked her way. Tammy was limited by her sprained ankles and could not move away and they both got closer to the spinning shredder blades every second. Jessie was gagged and unable to scream and tell Tammy, and Tammy was unable to work her legs enough to peer past Jessie.

Just as Jessie reached the end of the conveyor and was about to tip over and be grabbed by the shredder’s gears, fate intervened. An old transformer, a hard mass of metal, toppled into the gears and they came to a groaning halt. Tamarra had moved to where she could see the result, had been about to punch the Emergency Stop when the system halted itself. The circuit breakers kicked in to avoid burning out the gear motors, and that triggered a shutdown of the conveyor system. As the shredder spooled down and the Transfer Station became silent, Trash pulled off his blindfold and ran to climb into the conveyor system and run to where he could now see the two naked girls, on the brink of the shredder.

Trash got down and hugged the two girls before he and Jessie took Tammy’s arms and helped her out of the conveyor where Tamarra caught her and simply carried her in her arms. Jessie and Trash then climbed out and followed Tamarra to the office to get company coveralls.

Tamarra spoke to the three of them. “That was close. I hope you enjoyed the experience.”

Both girls were actually having trouble not squirming, their bodies hot from the thrill of being so close to ending as garbage. They had been totally silenced by how exciting the experience had been. Instead of being angry, it had been a totally orgasmic scare. Trash had slipped into a diaper before dressing and he too was trembling, his hard cock poking the diaper and he spoke, “Mistress Tamarra, that was SO fucking scary, I really thought I was going to shred one or both of them, and I WANT them.”

Jessie looked at Trash, and then at Tammy, and hugged Tammy, “WE want you Trash. And, uh, Mistress Tamarra, thank you for saving us. That was the most totally awesome trashbagging I have ever had.”

Tamarra looked at them and said, “I did not hit stop. And you will never know if I would have. Nor do you know if I will next time. Because I assume you are probably foolish enough to do this again. Now get the fuck out of my Transfer Station. Jimmy’s waiting for me in the office and I too found leaving your fate to chance rather exciting.”

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