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by Tammy Murfin

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Tales of Green Valley # 10: If you knew Tammy...
[ This is a rare one, the first of four stories from RL, only the names have been changed.. ]

Paul Macloud lived in the big city where he had gone to college. He had average grades as business major. He had an average job and an average salary. He drove a 4 year old car and voted like all his neighbors. His girlfriend was, well, average. Paul was bored with his life.

What he missed most was the thrills he had once had with a girl he had dumped. He compared every girl he dated to the memory and they all came up 5's, just average, while she had been at least an 8.

Every time he thought of Tammy Murfin, he wondered about lots of things. Would he ever find another girl who wanted his cock all the way down her throat? Would he ever find another girl who liked to be tied up, even gagged and fucked any way he wanted to? Would he ever find another girl who wanted to be bagged and thrown away as garbage?

And that question was always followed by wondering if she was still alive or had she been crushed or incinerated or buried alive? And if she had been disposed of as garbage, had she done it to herself? Had someone done it to her? Did they know they had? Had they chosen to let her be disposed of?

And that was what haunted Paul. He had not, but..

Paul met Tammy at college. She had just broken up with some rich guy from French Canada. Paul was not sure why Tammy and that Henri guy had split up. He was sitting in the schools student union sipping a beer to get over his girl telling him he was too boring and walking out of the restaurant when he saw Tammy. Tammy was drinking a beer and not happy with its taste. She made a face, and Paul just had to laugh. She glared and then smiled and started to laugh.

Before he could say a thing she spoke. "This is a most unpleasant bottle of piss with presumptions of potability. Like most of last month's vintage, it would be best served in its bottle, presented unopened in a bag of garbage or poured directly into the toilet. "

When they both managed to stop laughing, they managed to exchange names, and he asked, "Do you have much experience with drinks served a la commode?"

Tammy replied, "A bit more familiarity with en poubelle." Seeing Paul's puzzled look, she translated, "in the garbage can. A bit like my recent relationship."

The rest of the evening was a blur, dinner from a street side bistro, a decent bottle of wine, but most of Paul's memories involved learning how many ways his cock or tongue could fit into Tammy. She not only looked adorable, she just loved to be fucked. That was the real surprise; she wanted him to do whatever he wanted. And that didn't mean she just lay there, she told him when he hit just the right spot and demanded he not ask her permission to do things, and said, "Just do it, if it hurts I will ask you to try something else." What was amazing was how much FUN sex with her could be. She might be an 8 or 9 in looks, but she scored a perfect 10 in the bedroom, or on the floor, or in the shower, or on the kitchen table, or in a trash bag.

Yeah, that had been different. It seems Tammy just loved anything to do with garbage. Being pushed into it; being tossed in a dumpster; rubbing it on her naked body; being stuffed into a trash can with her ass sticking out to be fucked. Anything, it did not matter. When she told him, “But I AM garbage and I want you to treat me like any other trash,” he had tried to convince her she was cute and intelligent and what a wonderful girl she was. She stopped him cold, “Just fuck me, play with my body, use me, and treat me like fucking useless garbage you really don’t care what happens to. I will be gone some day and as long as you just remember me as just some old bit of trash, it won’t bother you.”

So to keep this wonderful experience going, he’d done just that. He’d bag her and toss her in a compactor that wasn’t too full and run it. Then he’d drag her out for some sex. He’d left her naked in a dumpster and drove away and returned some hours later to dig her out of all the new trash that had been dumped on her, take her home for some sex, or just climb in and fuck her there. He’d leave the bag at the curb with the rest of the trash overnight and then go get her just before sunrise. They explored industrial loading docks so he could shove her into a bin and close the lid.

The bin of fish guts at the pier was a bit much, he had made her stay tied up in a garbage bag so she did not stink up his car while he brought her home to shower. Perhaps it was that time, when he actually started to believe she really was just garbage.

He had learned that garbage and trash were two different things when he received a pair of new wheelie bins from the city at the house he was renting. One was for garbage, the other for recyclable trash. Garbage, generally grease oil and organic waste or lawn waste was destroyed by burning or shredding for compost. Trash was sorted and recycled or crushed and dumped in a landfill. Being organic, Tammy was clearly garbage, just as she had always told him.

Finding bin liners for 55 gallon wheelie bin that were squared to fit was a challenge, but he had come up with some black 3 mil ones. This would make it easy to stuff Tammy in and hide what was inside. The wheels would make getting her to the curb a lot less of an effort. Tammy was not over weight, but 125 lbs is still hard to pick up when it’s in a lumpy slippery plastic bag. The bins had a 250 lb limit, heck, he might be able to pack in two pieces of garbage like Tammy.

Paul and Tammy had a lot of fun with the new big bags and bins, and one night, after Paul had fucked the bag of trash through a hole he had poked and split open to expose her pussy and ass inside the garbage, he double bagged her and dumped her into the garbage bin. As usual, they both knew the danger of asphyxiation when playing with plastic bags, and made sure there were holes and that she had an air tube that would not get crushed. He had even drilled a couple of out of sight holes in the bins to make sure they had air inside. So when Paul left the garbage at the curb that night, he had no worries about what was in it, just garbage that would be fine sitting out at the curb with all the rest.

The city used to collect all the garbage and trash twice a week, but now they sent the garbage trucks with the new hydraulic lifters out weekly for garbage not wanting smelly garbage to accumulate. The recycle truck originally was planned to come every other week, but as people had become smarter about recycling that become the weekly second collection. Not the expected labor saving for the city, but now the city made money with what it pulled from the recyclables. The people had much less actual garbage with so many things going as recyclables.

Paul had set his alarm for early in the morning to go fetch the bin back to pull out the garbage he really did not intend to have collected. Three things happened that disrupted his plans; the first was a thunder storm that had knocked out power for a minute about 1am. Second was the dead back-up battery in his clock; and third was the lighter load of garbage these days that let the trucks work their routes faster. Paul woke up, noticed it was light outside and then heard the rumble of the garbage truck down the street.

He almost panicked as he tried to pull on some pants over his naked body, and ran outside just as the truck stopped at his house. The helper swung off the side of the truck, grabbed the garbage bin and started to move it to the bin lifter. Inside, Tammy had been awake most of the night thanks to the thunder and heavy rain on the bin. She had fallen asleep and was only starting to wake up from the noise of the truck pulling up. She thought this was Paul come to get the bin at the last minute when it tipped and moved, but then she heard him call out.

“Wait, I made a mistake! Those are my recyclables, I put them in the wrong bin.,” He paused to catch his breath and continued, “Let me put that back and bring it out for the other truck on Thursday.”

The helper loading the bin paused, “No recycle this week, truck’s broke. Might as well let me have this now, since we‘ll be doing the Thursday run to the incinerator anyway” as he started to position the bin on the lifter.

It only took a second for Paul to respond, but the thoughts running through his mind were went something like this: ‘OMG, she’s gonna really be thrown away as garbage. But she wants that. But I don’t, I want to keep her as my toy to fuck. He’s not gonna let me take her back. What if I tell him she’s in there? Will he do it anyway to prevent the paperwork and tell me I will be blamed? Will I get arrested? Will She? Will we be kicked out of school? WTF, she wants to be garbage, why not?’

He SAID, “That’s all right, nothing in there that needs to go right away, I’ll just hold it in the garage till next week’s recycle pick up.”

The guy loading the truck shrugged, while thinking, “Long as it ain’t gonna stink and sit out in the street, he can have it. But then the city said, ‘just take it all’. Aw the guy’s right here so it ain’t like I missed taking one”.

The loader replied, “You sure? What’s the big deal with you wanting to keep it, trash, garbage, either way it’s nothing you want.”

Paul thought, ‘OH hell yes, it’s something I want, something to fuck,’ but seeing the guy hesitate before hitting the hydraulics to lift and dump the garbage into the truck’s compactor, said, “I really like to do my thing for the environment, not much else I can do easily.”

“Fine then, but if you change your mind, just put her out again Thursday,” said the helper as he spun the bin away from the truck for Paul to take. He hopped up on the running board and waived to the driver to move on down the street.

Paul hauled the bin inside the garage, pushed the button to close the door, and tipped it over carefully spilling out the big bin liner holding Tammy. Opening the bag, he realized Tammy smelled, not just garbage, she’d pissed on herself, but was rubbing her clit like crazy and moaning. Paul grabbed her, spread her legs apart and dropped his beltless pants to the floor before thrusting his cock into her. The two of them came almost instantly and then collapsed on the floor staring at the ceiling of the garage.

Tammy said, “I really like to do my thing for the environment? That the best you could do?”

Paul replied, “Well I told him, nothing in there that needs to go right away.” And he did say, “just put her out again Thursday.”

Tammy sighed, “OMG, I was SO fucking scared, I was sure he was just gonna load me up and pack me into that garbage.”

“I noticed you pissed your pants, or would have had you been wearing any.”

“That was soo close, it was so REAL, I just I was garbage! Thank you Paul.”

“Tammy, I have a problem. I was real close to letting him take you. You WERE just garbage to me when I was struggling to decide. I only talked him out of it because I wanted to fuck you. All he had to say was “city said, ‘just take it all’, and I would have let him.”

“Oh Paul, that’s so fucking hot. I want a man to know I know and BELIEVE I am really just useless garbage, and then decide I am worth holding onto.”

“Ok, twisted, but it makes some sense Tammy. The problem is, there’s still MY problem. Can I live with myself if I ever do just let you be garbage, let them haul you away to be disposed of?”

Tammy smiled, “Well when you get to the point I truly AM just garbage, that won’t bother you, will it?”

“Well it bothers me NOW Tammy, go wash up, get dressed and get out of my house. I can’t play with fire like this.”

Tammy was suddenly close to tears, “So you’re dumping me? And it’s because you can’t send me to the dump? Talk about twisted logic.” But she got up and walked naked to the bathroom to clean up. Got dressed and left.

And for years now, Paul has wondered if he made the right choice. He had excitement; he lived every moment knowing it might be the last for her. And now, it was just another average day.

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