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Tales of Green Valley

by Tammy Murfin

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Tales of Green Valley # 8: A VERY messy End

[A story written by request, as a HORROR STORY! Do not read this unless you have a very strong stomach. FF/f, willing trash, but horrible events and results including HARD vore and DEATH.]

Jane was 23, she should have graduated college last June and had told her parents she had. She also said she had found a job locally and would not be coming home. In reality, she had dropped out of college two years earlier and had been working as a waitress at some local places. She had her own apartment, in West End, the poorer industrial part of a big city in Colorado. Her wages barely paid the bills and she had resorted to making a few extra dollars selling herself for the customers to fuck in the storeroom at her last job. Unfortunately, this led to being caught and fired.

Jane had kept her performance appraisal from her prior job – all but the final one of course, and a new place that had opened recently was desperate to hire experienced girls, especially ones with a figure like Jane’s 38-24-36. This was the second month the new place was open, so things had settled into a bit of routine. The customers loved the skimpy outfits that revealed the staff. Jane suspected she might even be able to pick up a few dollars in the same way that had cost her last job. Since the place was so desperate for sexy waitresses, they would probably not mind too much. The manager had looked her over, read her work history and hired her on the spot.

She reported to her new job at a copycat place called Grand Teton Grill that afternoon and went to work early to get fitted in their uniform, a skimpy halter top and micro shorts. She was introduced to some of the other girls and discovered two of them were girls, Susan and Ellen, who she had met at college. Earlier drop-outs that she had made fun of when they had to leave school for financial reasons after the school raised tuition. And now she was no better, except that she had withdrawn on probation for horrible grades. The two of them smiled when they saw her in her new revealing clothes and told her to talk to them on the late break that evening. The two girls had had a rough couple of years, picked on by older more experienced waitresses at their former jobs, and they had immediately thought of a way to pay back Jane’s insults.

Things were busy and Jane had done well on tips, especially the all-male tables when she dropped napkins and had to bend over and flash the skimpy thong that was her only underwear. Things had slowed down, and while the manager had kept an eye on her for the first few hours, he had left early and told the oldest waitress that she was in charge, to be sure the place was cleaned and that the kitchen put out all the food scraps. They had been having problems with trash pickup and a new company was starting that evening.

Jane went out back on break, it was 9:30 and the place closed at 10pm, but all the cleanup started then and no one left till about 11. Susan and Ellen were waiting. They told her how the new place was trying to establish some traditions for the waitresses, and that Jane would have to do an initiation before she would be part of the team. Jane had seen similar things at her other jobs and knew it would probably be messy and gross, but once all the ‘noobs ‘ survived it, they all had something in common and would indeed work together.

Susan and Ellen presented Jane with a large black plastic bin liner and told her to take off all her clothes, put them in the sack and follow them. Jane did as they asked and was led over to a shiny new dumpster that the new company had delivered that afternoon. They told her, climb in, then get into the bag yourself, stay near the opening so we can reach you to get you out later. She obeyed them but once inside the bag, they reached in, grabbed her legs and lifted them to her shoulders before tying her hands together hugging her legs.

Once she was tied up, folded so her head was between her calves and her ass and pussy were exposed, they pulled the cinch straps tight above her head but did not tie them. The sack was one of those new polymers that did not tear so they had cut a few holes to be sure she had air. The dumpster was just for food waste, no paper or other things, and the kitchen would soon be dumping all their scraps and partly eaten meals, right on Jane’s garbage bag.

Jane decided this was not too bad; she was inside the bag and not having crud dumped directly on her. That was until the first loads came out and her bag was opened and the crud was dumped inside with her. The kitchen guys were in on the joke and decided to really make a mess of her. One of them stuck a carrot in her ass and the other slipped a bratwurst into her pussy and fucked her with it until, to her surprise, she came. The guys thought this was hysterical, “That’s great, she likes to play ‘Hide the sausage!’”

They then pulled up the bag straps and cinched them to hold her ‘stuffing’ in place. The rest of the kitchen staff brought out load after load and just dumped it onto Jane’s bag until she was covered in the scraps. Since they had had problems with the prior garbage service, some of this was two or three days old and smelled horrible.

What Jane and the others did not know was that the neighborhood had an infestation of rats. The other company would not do a daily pickup and the food sitting around had drawn every rat in the area. The city had insisted that Grand Teton Grill have a daily pickup and not leave the scraps around. The new company, Disposal Solutions, would empty the dumpster at 11 pm every night. Jane was uncomfortable, with the carrot in her ass and the brat in her pussy and covered in smelly crud, but figured she would be let out when the place closed up at 11.

By 10:30, after 45 minutes, she heard some scrabbling noises and soon discovered that the neighborhood rats could climb the wooden fence around the dumpster and take a dive right in. The polymer sack was no match for the sharp rodent teeth as one of them tore its way in to discover what had been left as its meal.

“Nibbles” was a large, well-fed Norway rat. If rats could track their ancestry, Nibbles could have been proud of hers, she was the descendant of some stowaways on an 18th century ship that landed in New York. Many generations later, they had survived and in fact natural selection had reinforced survival skills, a penchant for exploring, and a taste for meat. They had traveled west with early explorers and would up in the Mountains a hundred years later. As rats have no records of such things, Nibbles would never know, but have been proud of a distant relative that traveled with a group known as the Donner party. He was a large male who had likely taught the survivors just how edible other humans could be.

Jane felt something furry slip into her bag and crawl up her body. It’s whiskers tickled her pussy before it crawled up her belly between her folded up legs. She tried to wiggle to dislodge it, but failed as it found her breasts trapped above her crossed arms. Nibbles explored these soft mounds and found a small hard lump at the tip and she bit it lightly. It reminded her of a ball of chewing gum she had tried – rubbery, but this one was not sticky. Jane shrieked as the rat chomped on her nipple and then as the rat tore it off her breast, orgasmed as it had felt just like ripping off a clothes pin! Nibbles scurried back between her legs and she could feel it move as it chewed and swallowed.

Suddenly Jane heard the roar of a diesel engine. Instead of being helped out, the new nightly dumpster emptying was about to happen! With a clang and thump, the forks engaged the dumpster and it was lifted up to spill Jane, all the smelly food scraps, as well as Nibbles and one other of her family into the truck’s big chamber. Nibbles hung onto Jane, digging sharp little rodent claws into her belly, but the rat was well protected between her folded legs.

Once the empty dumpster was set back, the truck cycled it’s compactor as some of the food refuse included cans and large plastic buckets and was almost full. Jane got her head forced against one of those buckets, half full of rancid lard as she and all the rest were mashed together. The lard was forced out of the container and right into Jane’s mouth, all she could do was swallow to be able to keep breathing, and then the compaction dislocated her jaw against the plastic bucket. From now on, the only sound she could make was a “Aaaah”, as her mouth hung open.

Susan and Ellen came out to free Jane at about 11:10 and found the dumpster empty. The manager swore he would do a better job of checking backgrounds on new hires, since Jane had left even before her first shift ended, and no one had seen her leave. The silly girl had even taken her new shorts and halter top, so he figured that had been her motive, trophies to show her friends.

One more load and compaction later, she had another big sausage forced into her mouth and down her throat. All she could think of was how deep-throating would make her vomit. She could not get it out and could not bite it with her hanging jaw either, so she had to swallow all eight inches of it. The lard lining her throat had softened in her body heat and helped the long round sausage slide in and down. And it stayed down even though she vomited all over herself in the bag. As the truck carried its full load to be processed, Jane, covered in garbage and her own vomit, cried and kept vomiting from the smell until it was nothing but dry heaves.

The truck arrived at the transfer station and backed into the stall set up for food waste. It simply poured out its load of plastic buckets and bags and cans mixed with the kitchen scraps and waste food into a wet waste conveyor. Since that load was all food scraps, it was routed to the bag stripper, a weed whacker using steel cables that strips off the bag and her bindings,, leaving her naked body striped and bleeding in spots from whip marks lying out flat on the belt.

Nibbles had survived hiding between her legs, but the noise and the sudden removal of the plastic bag had revived a flight or fight response. A strong blower pushed the light plastic things to the side, shifting them onto a belt leading to the incinerator. Nibbles hung on with her claws, moving under Jane’s breasts to find some shelter. A magnet plucked out most the cans and left nothing but food scraps, Jane and Nibbles. Near the end, the belt led to an inspection area where an operator could divert inorganics and such to the side to be raked over.

It was now midnight and the night shift guy was too busy online searching for trailer trash slut videos to notice as a real naked girl passed his station. He probably would have been excited to watch Nibbles tear off Jane’s other nipple before scampering away down the side channel toward safety, its prize clutched firmly in its teeth. Since the guy had not noticed her lying on the belt, it marched on to the open metal walled chute at the end. As she tipped over the top of the belt, and the big grabber gears clamped on her ankles, Jane knew her fate. Looking to the side, she saw a stream being sprayed out into space to fall on the compost pile.

As Jane’s feet were forced into the first set of cutting blades, the stream turned red. She screamed, still just an “AAAH” as her body was forced into the compost shredder. She could see her legs fed into the machine as it and ripped her apart into tiny chunks of meat and bone and blood. She tried to reach back up but the moving belt gave her nothing to grab. As her hips were crushed, she felt a last tickle of her clit and then a strange pulling sensation as her guts were ripped out of her body. That was about the last thing she was conscious of at her breasts went into the gearing forcing her into the blades. Her head crunched as the process continued and had the operator looked up, the last sight would have been a hand waving as the arm it was attached to was fed into the shredder.

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