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Tales of Green Valley

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2014 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; hotel; captive; bond; cuffs; gag; bagged; disposal; compactor; messy; truck; transport; stuck; cons/reluct; X

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Tales of Green Valley 7: Un vieil ami surprend Tammy [An old friend surprises Tammy]

After Tammy's almost last experience, that had almost put a crushing end to her life, not to mention upsetting the boyfriend she lived with, she was being good. She might fantasize about being garbage, but she wasn't going to trick Jack into unknowingly throwing her away again.

In fact, at his insistence, she was going to spend an entire week away from Green Valley. She had boarded the 11 am train and after a quick light lunch at a small bistro nearby, checked into her hotel. Part of a famous chain, the Hillstone was right across the street from a new mall. The mall was the big city's latest attempt to attract people to the business district on weekends and evenings.

The Hillstone was years older than the mall and even most of the shiney glass and steel office towers. It had been remodeled recently in anticipation of the mall visitor traffic. All the guest rooms had been redone, many combined into the popular suite style of rooms. Only the exterior facade, and a few of the old service systems were retained. The huge banquet kitchen was updated but still one of the city's finest. The old dumb waiter mini elevators had steel cables and good electronics to replace the old ropes. There was a new pair of compactors in the back by the loading dock. The larger one was still connected to the trash chute whose access was in the housekeeping closet on each of the 16 upper floors. The smaller one was under it so the kitchen's food scraps could be handled separately.

Tammy loved her room on the 13th floor. Since 13 had been skipped on the elevator panel she was in 1402. It was one of the new suites with a legacy door right into the housekeeping closet that had once been the occupant's butler's hideaway. She unpacked and checked out the room surprised to find that old door unlocked from her side as a fire escape route but locked to prevent access to her room.

Tammy went down to the lobby to look at the tourist cards in a rack near the door. Suddenly a man came up to her, "Mon chéri, is that really you Mademoiselle Tammy?"

"Henri!" Tammy exclaimed. Henri Jacques Trouville was the man she had met in Quebec when she was in college. The man who had given her the first kinky experience after a long evening of French dining, close dancing, and far too much champagne. All the memories flashed back as he led her to the lobby bar, ordered a mimosa for her and a top shelf brandy for him.

They both asked simultaneously what had brought him/her to the Hillstone. After they laughed, Henri said, "Ladies first of course. Allow me to answer you. I am here to arrange some disposal services for the new plant my company is building here, purely business. Et vous? Are you meeting a husband or perhaps a lover?"

Tammy chuckled and told him, no husband, but she was living in Green Valley with Jack Morgan of Disposal Solutions. "Sacré bleu," Henri exclaimed, “that is the very person I am here to see!"

Tammy looked up to see Jack Morgan walk into the bar. She waived and he came over, greeting the Frenchman with a puzzled look and tiny bit of annoyance at finding Tammy having a drink with the man. Tammy smiled and introduced Henri to Jack and explained that she knew him from college. She made no mention of the fact they had been lovers, nor that he had given her the first experience of being trash right before he had spent the first of many nights in her bed.

Henri and Jack found they had much in common, besides intimate knowledge of Tammy and her kinky side that they were to discover later. They all went to dinner, French of course, with Henri consulting the sommelier and choosing a truly fine vintage Bordeaux wine. Jack could not help noticing the wine cost a week's worth of his salary. He promptly mentally raised the company's bid knowing Henri's company could clearly afford it and that only Disposal Solutions could handle the toxic waste they wanted removed.

Henri invited Jack and Tammy to his suite on the top floor to talk and share a brandy he had just discovered in a specialty wine store. Once the three were in the room, and after they enjoyed the especially fine and potent liquor, the talk turned to Green Valley. Tammy mentioned the new equipment in the transfer station. Henri asked how she knew such detail and it came out how she had been trapped in the crusher.

Henri commented that she was obviously still enjoying her perverted pleasures, thus revealing to Jack how well Henri knew Tammy. "I must admit I am fascinated yet uncomfortable being the one who treats Tammy as garbage. She tricked me into putting her out as trash and I actually ran the truck compactor on her with no clue she was in there," Jack told Henri.

Henri then told how he had used Tammy to play a trick on both Tammy and an old friend who had just opened a mortuary. She had been rolled in a small carpet and unbeknownst to her, loaded into a coffin on a gurney inside the mortuary. She was told to stay still until she felt it moving off the gurney and then to yell and holler loudly. Henri told how his friend had all but shit his pants when the coffin he was loading into the incinerator started yelling.

"You really do manage to cheat death, don't you Tammy," Jack remarked.

Tammy blushed and replied, "Henri tricked me too."

"Oui, but you loved it."

Tammy just nodded. Knowing their meeting with the Disposal Solutions legal department was set for 8:30 the next morning, Jack ended the evening politely and took Tammy back to their room for a bit of sex and sleep.

The next morning went well and rapidly and left Jack and Henri with several hours to wait as the final papers were drawn up for signing.

"Jack, my friend, since we both know our deal will happen and take hours and not days, let me propose something else. While we wait on your legal staff to turn six line items into 60 pages of gibberish. Why don't we plan something to do to Tammy."

Jack burst into laughter, "That's exactly what I was thinking!"

The next day Jack told Tammy that he would be meeting with Henri but that she should meet him in Henri's suite at noon. "Just go in if we are running late," he told her since Henri would not be there but would have his maid leave his door latched open.

Jack had arranged for the two security guys from his Aunt Summer's whore house to show up at 12:15 pretending to be hotel security. They would confront Tammy in the room and accuse her of being a hooker caught trying to rob the rich guest and then they would handcuff her and gag her 'to not disturb the other guests'. They would debate how to get her out without alarming the guests and use cleaning supplies Henri would have left in the room making it look like housekeeping had been interrupted. These would include some heavy plastic bin liners that were a dark green, not the usual black so it could be identified. His suite's assigned maid would be told to take an early lunch at 11:45, return at 12:45 to finish up and get rid of the garbage.

The phony security guys would bind and bag Tammy and load her into one of the laundry style carts the trash bags were stacked in by housekeeping before leaving. Jack and Henri would be at the trash compactor to spot the green bag and run the compactor just a bit once the maid brought down the garbage and the bag was in it. Only then would they let Tammy out.

However, there were a few small details Jack and Henri did not know. First, the large compactor was always moved aside to be emptied while housekeeping was at lunch. And they were also unaware of the old hotel’s trash chutes leading to the compactor.

Everything went perfectly. Tammy was in the room, caught, cuffed, gagged, bagged and left for the maid to take down to the compactor. The phony security guys left. And then things started to go wrong.

The maid wheeled the cart to the housekeeping closet and opened the trap door in the floor. Unlike the lower floors, the top floor chute access was in the floor, not a wall hatch. In went all the bags of garbage. Luck was on her side for once, the fall of 15 stories was intentionally restricted by a tube of rubberized fabric to slow falling bags as well as to let it serve as a fire escape of last resort.

Tammy slid down this chute but instead of dropping into the trash, she landed with a squelch into the lower compactor full of kitchen garbage since the trash compactor had been moved away. To make matters worse, Jack and Henri had been talking to the guys emptying the trash compactor. They figured the green bag would be waiting till that was put back. It was moved back and the men wondered why no green bag was waiting.

Henri went back up to his room to figure out where Tammy was. He asked the maid what she did with the garbage and learned it went down the chute. Calling Jack he explained that the green bag had come down while they were outside. Jack turned at the sound of the food compactor running before it was to be pulled out and dumped into the other truck. It had to cycle fully before it could be detached and moved.

Tammy almost passed out as the mess of breakfast and scraps from the lunch prep was squeezed around her. The single bag burst and left her soaking in the wet mess. It sloshed all over her as the container was winched out to the waiting truck. Jack and Henri could only watch as it was lifted and dumped into truck. They could even see Tammy briefly as she fell with a splat into the rest of the food waste. The ropes had slipped off her slime coated body and clothes, most of which had gotten twisted and pulled. Her blouse had torn open, her bare breasts flopping loose over her bra and her skirt was bunched at her waist revealing the skimpy thong she wore. She was still gagged and in handcuffs, unable to use her hands but she could at least wiggle to keep her head above the fluid mess.

"Come with me Henri, that's one of our Disposal Solutions trucks. It will off load to a train car to take that mess to Green Valley. We can take the train and be there to get her out. And I can give you a tour. No five star accommodations but I know one hot bundle that will be in just the right mood to be fucked silly if you don't mind sharing her with me."

"Ah, Ménage à trois, though usually that is two femme et moi. C'est magnifique!"

The train to Green Valley was always 18 cars long, limited by the space available on the spur beyond the hopper dump point. The single baggage and passenger car was always last so that it would stop at the platform. This meant that all the preceding cars would be dumped before the passengers could disembark. The two cars dedicated to the smelly food scraps always led the string and would be dumped first into one of two wagons that the transfer station’s tip loader would guide directly to the incinerator.

If this were the morning train, the first two cars loads would be ‘up in smoke’ long before passengers actually arrived. There was talk of extending the work day and week to allow such garbage to be processed without waiting overnight, and to handle weekend shipments as well, but the city would not pay for the extra service and would hold the foul smelling a loads to fit the current schedule.

Fortunately for Tammy, she was on an afternoon train. Those cars would be dumped into the wagons, but they would be parked until the next day’s burn. Jack knew the process well and that Tammy would simply stew for a while. So when Jack and Henri arrived, they simply got a rope and a ladder to climb to the top of the open wagon. Jack tied a loop in the rope and lassoed Tammy before pulling her out of the stinking mess.

Needless to say the girl was relieved, after all she had seen neither Jack nor Henri and thought this whole thing was a horrible mistake. Of course having a few hours in the sloshing mass of fluid crud, she had also felt it a fitting way for her to go, she was trash, how ironic that she would die as trash with no intent to arrange it.

Henri and Jack took turns explaining the trick they had played on her, and Tammy had a small moment of vengeance as she hugged Jack and got his suit all fouled with the crude. Henri stepped back and waved her off. “Hugs and more later mon chéri.”

Tammy broke into a smile as she led Jack to the transfer station locker room shower. “What did he mean hugs and more?” she asked.

“Think you can handle both of us at once Tammy?”

“OH YES!" she exclaimed, fully recovered from her ordeal and totally excited by it and what was coming up next.

She kept thinking how wonderful that her TWO men BOTH took pleasure in her and had become such great friends by trashing Tammy.

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