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Tales of Green Valley

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2014 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

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Tales of Green Valley 6: Tammy's Scary Ride

[ When we left Tammy (part 5), she was double bagged, naked and packed into the Green Valley garbage truck and crying because she was really scared. ]

As Tammy rode in the truck toward the Disposal Solutions transfer station, she was so scared she was crying. She went over her plan and how it had gone wrong. The worst thing was what she heard just before she was compacted. Her friendly neighbor and regular operator of the garbage truck, a nice guy nicknamed Trash, had phoned in sick. Jimmy, the fill-in truck driver and loader, had not known to look for the yellow scarf tied to her bag. No one would be helping her out when the truck dumped its load of garbage. The chance to fuck Trash in the trash again, was gone too.

Her plan to have her boyfriend Jack Morgan unknowingly put her out as trash had more than succeeded as he had actually run the packer to crush her up into the truck. But her note asking him to put out the garbage with her inside was the second problem. It was Friday and her note said she would be returning Saturday. She had forgotten that there was only weekday train service, which meant he would not miss her till Monday.

If she did not manage to escape the bags, and assuming she was not incinerated or mashed into a bloody pulp in the big compactor today, she would have 60 hours before she could call for help in the empty transfer station. And, there was no guarantee she would be heard. Right now, the other contents of her bag were jammed against her mouth making an effective gag. She really was garbage this time and that was so hot! If only she could play with herself to really get to an orgasm. She squirmed, and managed to rub her naked pussy against the hard lump of the shoe in the garbage under her. Her excitement was building to a great climax when she remembered Tamarra.

Standing 6' 3" in her steel toed boots, Tamarra, the large and in charge blonde, who looked like Wonder Woman's red neck trailer trash cousin, was Chief Operator of the transfer station. She had caught Tammy getting fucked by Trash and had made them stand naked on the wide open tip floor while she promised to have Trash really treat her as garbage, permanently, if she caught either of them again. If Tamarra found her, and Tammy was sure she would be incinerated, shredded, or mashed. And according to what she heard Jack tell Jimmy, Tamarra was waiting at the tip floor for this specific load of garbage. Tammy needed to scream for help, but did not dare. If Tamarra heard her, it would mean a horrible death was sure to follow.

This should have, and briefly did, put a chilling stop to the sexual thrills. But then Tammy realized, she was truly garbage and garbage does not speak or call for help. Her fear of the consequences was just a more effective gag, and she resumed rubbing herself on the old shoe. Suddenly, the truck made a slight swing to the left and a sharp turn to the right before backing up. This was it! They had just backed into the transfer station. Tammy heard the engine idle, two metallic clangs as the packer assembly was unlatched and then the big container tipped up to dump out the garbage.

Tammy's bag tumbled out, but instead of simply spilling onto the tip floor to be sorted, the load was dumped directly into the conveyer pit. It bounced and was jostled as the conveyer carried away other bags and loose trash. She had no need to worry about being found, no one even looked, it was all just garbage. But the bouncing had forced the heel of the old shoe through its thinner trash bag, and right into Tammy's hot, wet, and excited pussy. The jostling bags pressed it in and out until Tammy came and screamed her delight.

Tamarra had gone over to set the conveyor routing to dump this load into the big crusher. Jimmy was closing the latches on the truck's packer and heard what sounded just the way his girl had sounded the last time he had been nibbling her clit. Not exactly what you expect to come to mind when you hear air forced out of a trash bag. He turned to watch that big bag with the strange yellow scarf ride up the lifter belt and disappear into the routing turntable and gates of the conveyor system.

As soon as the last of the load fell down the chute into the big compactor, Tamarra shut down the conveyor system and called Jimmy over. Showing him her new phone, "Jimmy, this is the new app being developed to run this place. So far, only the new crusher is operational. That load is only a fraction of its capacity so if I run it, it won't be crushed much. But we need it pushed in so Monday's train load will fit right in. Here, touch the big green button to start it. It won't automatically retract like the old unit."

Tamarra explained, "But that's good, leaving the piston extended will let maintenance lube the shaft before we start up Monday. Can't have an un-lubricated shaft sliding in and out now can we. It might hurt the parts it's sliding into."

Jimmy blushed, knowing exactly the lubricated shaft Tamarra was suggesting, and crusher hydraulics were not involved. He looked at the voluptuous woman who at 45 was more than twice his age of 19. He smiled having recently learned the meaning of MILF. Not being at all shy, he looked her up and down as though evaluating her, an experience she remembered well from her days as a whore. He said, "No beating about the bush Miss Tamarra, hell yes, but I get to call you Mom."

"Mom? You want to fuck her?"

"Hell no, I have always wanted to be a mother fucker so I could end hostility by agreeing if a guy called me one." They both laughed as she replied, "Mom it is, but now I get to put it to a test. Come on you mother fucker, show me what you can do." Jimmy pushed the green button and handed back the phone and the two of them went off to the couch in Jack Morgan's office. Meanwhile the huge compactor, capable of crushing a car began to push the load of garbage deep into its crush chamber.


About noon the next day, Jimmy rolled out of bed. He laughed as he thought how he now knew the phrase 'rode hard and put away wet' applied to more than horses. Fucking that MILF Tamarra was a true education. As teenaged boys do, he recovered quickly, and lay there thinking of his girl, the captain of the Volleyball team that he'd helped win State by arranging a neat trick on their worst opponent’s team. One thought led to another and he recalled the odd scream that seemed to come from that trash bag with the yellow scarf. He had heard how some people played at being garbage, and how they might mark a bag or box to have a friend show up in the nick of time. Having no plans for the afternoon, he decided to see if that bag had survived the big crusher. He wondered what, or perhaps who, was inside.

He drove up the hill to the transfer station and walked inside, given the limited access to Green Valley, security was not a concern to Disposal Solutions. They just did not care what happened to the garbage they received, as long as it made good mulch or filled the landfill to produce methane or was reduced to ash in the incinerator that burned the methane. The big city filtered out all the recyclables before shipping in the real garbage so Disposal Solutions got no income from that. But their willingness to accept and dispose of anything else for a very affordable cost saved the city millions and they had no mountains of trash piling up to spoil the suburbs views of the Mountains that surrounded Green Valley.

Jimmy parked his brother’s shiny truck by the company office and walked into the transfer station. Heading directly to the big crusher, he saw the piston fully extended with the ram deep inside the crush chamber. He did not have the control app that Tamarra had shown him, but there were backup manual controls mounted near the big machine and Tamarra had been so eager to have the young guy inside her that she had forgotten the keys and left them in the controls. He started up the compressor for the hydraulics and waited for the lights on the other controls to come on.

Tammy heard the compressor start up. She had been packed tightly in the garbage for 23 hours and was completely enclosed and had barely managed to keep a tiny air channel open by her nose. It was only pure luck that no other plastic bagged trash had sealed her away from air. Her mouth was still sealed against the bag with her clean clothes that was inside her double bagged bin liner with her so she still could not call for help – or move. And deep in the crush chamber, movement would never been seen anyway. Jimmy got his green lights, and pressed the yellow retract button. Tammy felt the pressure lighten up and her bag suddenly tumbled to the floor of the crusher. After 23 hours frozen in one position, she was too stiff to move much, but the clothes sack fell away from her mouth and forgetting all about Tamarra’s threats, she screamed for help.

Jimmy waited till the ram piston had fully retracted, locked the machine off and took the key before lowering a ladder into the crusher to climb inside. There was the bag with the yellow scarf, moving a bit and he barely heard a muffled cry from inside. He saw the tie wraps that held it shut, grabbed the top, and using his pocket knife, sliced the bag open. Out flopped Tammy, naked and sweaty, along with her bag of clean clothes and the one with the other garbage, including a rather stained shoe that was sticking out of that bag.

She looked at Jimmy, smiled and said, “Thank you, thank you!” Jimmy also smiled, looking at this fine looking naked woman at his feet, too weak to stand, let alone climb the ladder out.

“Hello Tammy, it seems your fun did not turn out like you expected. Who was supposed to be here in the nick of time?”

“Trash”, she mumbled, “but I heard you and Jack say he got sick.”

“Indeed he did, and since he never told me to watch for you, apparently neither he nor Jack knew you were in here.”

Tammy simply nodded and asked, ”Can you help me out of here Jimmy?”

To her surprise and dismay, Jimmy said, “No, you’re garbage and if you want to get out, I need incentive. Lie down, no, better yet, on your belly over that bag, I find I like fucking doggy style.”

“Yes Jimmy,” she said realizing that he could simply climb out and run the crusher ram back in if she did not let him fuck her, and besides, he was a good looking young guy so it might be fun.

He had to help her roll over but once she was bent over her bag of clean clothes, her ass and pussy were presented for his viewing pleasure. He unzipped his coveralls and stuck his cock right into her. This was almost as good as Tamarra, having a reluctant fuck toy that had no choice but to let him use her.

What neither of them knew was that there were texts sent by the new system to both Tamarra Sands and Jack Morgan when the crusher was started up. Just as Jimmy unloaded his cum into Tammy, and she felt her own body clench in her orgasm, they heard a voice from above the crusher. “What the fuck is going on here?” said Tamarra, followed by Jack’s deeper voice, “That’s what I would like to know too.”

Jimmy stood up, his cock going limp as he tried to stuff himself back in his pants. Tammy rolled off the bag and lay on her back, legs wide open, gasping for breath. “TAMMY?” said Jack?

“AGAIN? Said Tamarra.

“AGAIN?” said Jack.

An hour later, three of them were in Jack’s office. Jimmy had really done nothing wrong, and he had slipped Tamarra the crusher key behind Jack’s back, so she would not have a problem explaining how the crusher had been activated. He again proved he was a sharp kid to realize that protecting his boss was the best way for him to dodge any troubles. Tamarra had sent him away, and told him she would speak with him again on Monday. Tammy was still naked, unable to stand, she sat on a towel on Jack’s couch, the very one where Jimmy had been fucking Tamarra the night before. Tamarra told Jack about catching Tammy fucking Trash in his truck, and now finding her being fucked by Jimmy, again in the trash.

Jack looked at Tammy and said, “Tammy, its one thing to have a kinky lust to play in trash, but to learn you are fucking half the company here, that has got to stop. Clearly I leave you on your own all too much. Now I will be honest, I actually find the thought of you fooling me and having me dispose of you without a hint I was doing it is incredibly exciting. But so is doing it to you on purpose. You heard Tamarra say that she would have you processed if you caused any embarrassment to me or whoever she caught you with.”

“So, here’s my decision, Tamarra, if you ever find Tammy in the trash, whether she is alone or with someone else, you have my permission to do whatever you decide to do to her or both of them”.

“Tammy, I will be the only one to bag you and arrange what happens next. If you bag yourself, Tamarra gets to clean up. If I bag you, you won’t know if I will rescue you, or leave you to be disposed of. And from now on you will be locked or tied in bondage with a real gag so you won’t have an escape option.”

“And now there is one more thing, come here.” Jack pulled her over his knees and spanked her hard, in front of Tamarra, till her ass was bright red and would be sure to show bruises. Tammy would not be sitting on anything other than a pillow for a few days. He then led her, still naked to his car and drove her home, all the while thinking up ways he might have fun with this newly discovered kinky side of Tammy.

He also realized that her dream of a wedding ring would never happen; she was just too much of a slut. Whether he would dispose of her once he tired of playing with her or find something else to do that would depend on what his mother advised. Tamarra was such a practical advisor about such things, had she not taken care of those other three gold diggers that had tried to trap him into marriage before?

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