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by Tammy Murfin

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Tales of Green Valley 5: Tammy gets a Scare

Tammy had had some time to get over the embarrassment of being caught letting Trash fuck her in the back of his garbage truck (see Tales of Green Valley 3: Tammy gets Caught ). She heard what his boss Tamarra had threatened, that if she did it again and was caught, that Tamarra just might make Trash dispose of her. Tammy just shook it off as a threat intended to 'scare her straight'. After all, nobody would knowingly put a living person in an incinerator or shredder, would they?

And she had been in the truck's compactor, a tight squeeze, yes, but she wasn't injured. And it had been a real thrill to be treated just like real garbage. The sex with Trash had been a great ending to her ride, but it was missing something. Trash had actually known he was putting her in his truck before he did it. He had done it on purpose.

But what if he only discovered what he had done after the bag was in the truck? Didn't he say she could be in a bag with a ribbon and then he would spot her only after she was in the packer? Tammy was sitting in her kitchen, having just finished breakfast, but now her hand was between her legs. The idea of how she could improve on her experience was totally turning her on.

She decided to bag herself again, using a visible marker ribbon. She had learned how dangerous NOT having one visible might be. But this time she would do it at home and be in the garage. She would leave a note for Jack who was coming home on the Friday morning train. She would tell him she had taken yesterday's train out of Green Valley and was returning tomorrow. That she had an interview with a company in the city about a software beta testing position. It would be work from home, but she had to have a face to face interview. Close to true, she had applied, but they never invited her to interview.

So the note would tell him there was a bag in the garage that was too heavy for her to lift into the bin, could he do that and roll the bin to the curb for the afternoon pick up. That way she could have her boyfriend unknowingly throw her away as garbage and then Trash would load her and only discover she was there later. She would spend the night in the transfer station, probably fucking Trash, shower in the crew locker room and dress in clean clothes to 'arrive' on the next morning's train. She would bag her clothes and keep that bag in hers so it did not get lost.

Tammy got more and more excited as she worked out the details of her plan. She fingered her clit until she was hot and sweaty and finally came. Stripping off her sweaty clothes, she started to take them to the laundry bin, but decided they could come along too and shaking open a bin liner, tossed in her blouse, skirt, panties, bra and even her shoes. Then she dumped in the scraps from breakfast, coffee grounds, two egg shells, an empty creamer box, the greasy wrapper for the bacon and finally the wad of paper towels she had used to gather the bacon grease.

She walked naked to the closet in the bedroom and picked out a nice interview outfit. That went right into the empty bathroom trash can in a smaller plastic sack along with a bra, panties, pantyhose, and a pair of shoes. "Damn, he will never believe I stayed over for two nights and took nothing, I need to have a small travel bag and hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant too."

Tammy gathered it all up and took her pile back to the kitchen for a bigger sack than the small one in the bathroom. After filling the ‘clean’ sack, she took it and the dirty one out to the garage. Naked and with her hands full, she opened the door and stepped into the garage. And then realized the garage door was up. And her neighbor, the old guy was out walking his dog. While the dog pooped on Tammy's yard, the guy stood looking right into the garage and smiling at Tammy as she set down her sacks and stood up, naked, dusting her hands. Tammy blushed but there was no point in hiding so she waved to the man and went to hit the button to close the door. She wasn't sure if he bent over to bag the poop, or to be able to watch her longer as the door closed.

Tammy slipped back into the kitchen and wrote the note to Jack. Leaving it on the table, she grabbed two bin liners for double wrapping, a couple of the orange tie wraps and a yellow scarf. She poked the tie wrap through the scarf so her marker would be clearly visible when the bin was dumped into the truck's packer.

Back in the garage she pulled the rolling bin near and then stuffed one bin liner into the other, tossed in the bag with her discarded clothes and breakfast garbage. She carefully backed into the doubled bin liners, threaded the tie wraps to let her close herself in, and pulling in the bigger sack with clean clothes and travel kit, cinched the bin liners closed. Once again she was neither bound nor gagged so she had an a chance for an emergency escape. She had, however, forgotten the dive snorkel and almost passed out before she managed to pinch and bite a hole in the two bin liners to let her get some air. Rather scared and tired by the terror of her almost asphyxiation, Tammy fell asleep.


Jack Morgan was the manager of Disposal Solutions Green Valley Operations. The company headquarters were in the big city just East of Green Valley, and Jack would often take the 11 am train on Tuesday and return on the 11 am train on Friday. This would leave Tammy alone with little to do for most of the week. When Jack arrived, he was disappointed that Tammy was not there to greet him, and he had to get a ride home in Trash’s old pickup. Walking into the empty house and not finding Tammy, he went to the refrigerator to get a beer and some leftovers and sat at the kitchen table where he saw Tammy’s note. He read the note, and shook his head thinking, “Well at least she’s doing something, alone here, she’s likely to get into mischief.”

Jack sat down the beer, looked at it and then took it with him to the garage. Seeing the big sack sitting next to the bin he wrapped the yellow scarf around the top to protect his hands and tried to lift it. “Ugh, she’s right, that is heavy. But that scarf’s a good thought – those tie wraps can cut you if not wearing gloves.”

Tipping the bin on its back with the lid on the floor, Jack then tipped the big bag onto the bin lid with its top facing the open bin. Placing his hands on the bag – right on the actual garbage on the bottom so he never felt what else was in the bag, he pushed it mostly into the rolling bin. Straining to lift the bin he let the heavy sack thump to the bottom and finishing his beer, tossed the empty can on top of the garbage in the bin.

Tammy had been awakened when Jack tried to pick up the bag, and managed not to wiggle or make a sound when she was tipped over onto the lid, though it’s edge had poked her ass, some of her dirty clothes in the garbage had softened it. The problem came when she was dumped head down in the bin, it forced her head into a tucked position – with her face jammed against the bag of clean clothes. She was barely able to pry open a bit of separation to let air get to her nose. Since her mouth was pressed tight to the other sack she also had an effective and totally unintended gag.

Jack punched the button to open the garage and wheeled the bin down the driveway. His neighbor, the old guy, who was also one of Disposal Solutions biggest investors and a Board member, was walking out from his back yard with a sack full of dog poop he’d been cleaning up. “Here Mr. Homewood, just toss that in here,” said Jack, opening the lid of the bin. Mr. Homewood. tossed the fair sized bag of poop in and it settled down the side of the bin – right below Tammy’s air hole. It was now about 1 pm, Jack went back inside to finish his lunch before heading to the local office for a few hours. Tammy would have about 4 hours of resting on her head and shoulders, smelling dog poop, before the garbage truck came to collect the garbage.

While she rested in her uncomfortable container, waiting for Trash to bring his truck, load her and let her out, Jack went to talk to Tamarra about the new diaper recycling equipment and process she had been testing. Hearing that Trash had had an excellent appraisal, and had helped with the testing, Jack agreed to Tamarra’s proposal to give him a raise and assist him in upgrading his truck.

“So where is this outstanding employee?” Jack asked Tamarra.

“Oh he’s got some kind of bug, said he was up all night barfing, and called in sick. It’s his first sick day in two years, so I told him I’d see him Monday,” she replied.

Jack asked, “So who’s doing the pick up today?”

Tamarra looked up and said, “It’s Joel and his kid brother, you know the High School teacher that works part-time and the mechanic’s apprentice?” Joel’s doing the deliveries and the kid’s got the truck.”

Jack look puzzled, and noticing his expression, added, “Joel knows all the people in the Valley so he can handle deliveries quickly, the kid’s a good driver and how hard is it to toss garbage in and crush it?”

Jacked laughed, “Oh, I’m sure Trash knows a few tricks of the trade, what to crush harder or less, but you’re right; let the kid get some on-the-job training. Are you going to stick around and run the sorter on his load?”

“Well the methane tank’s got low pressure so we can’t burn it and its mixed crap that’s not safe for the mulching shredder, so has to go straight to the compactor. It’s only one truck load so we can just let it sit there till Monday when the train brings enough for a full pack. I’ll set it up and let the kid dump his load straight into the conveyor hopper pit. But I may let him run the big crusher so it’s clear for Monday’s load.”

“Sounds good Tamarra, you do good work and handle your people well I was going to wait for your annual appraisal but while I can’t mention numbers, I can tell you that the Board voted to extend profit sharing and stock options to the supervisory staff.”

“Time for me to be going, been a busy week and maybe I can spend some time online this evening, since Tammy’s not home”. Tamarra gave her boss’s back a puzzled look having not seen anyone leave on the train in days, but said nothing.

Meanwhile, Joel’s younger brother Jimmy, the recent high school graduate, now apprentice mechanic was making the rounds with the old rear loader. Just as Jack pulled into the driveway, the truck stopped right behind him. As Jack got out of the car, the kid grabbed the bin and the old ramp Trash had showed him to use to get heavy stuff into the packer. He tipped the bin on its front side and pushed it up the ramp before then inverting it into the packer hopper so Tammy’s bag dropped in. Since she was head down, this left her head up – till she tipped over backwards and whacked her head on the back of the metal hopper – knocking her out. The bag of dog poop had been crushed between the bin and her bag and smeared all down one side.

Jack walked over to collect his bin and grimaced “Phew, now that crap’s gotta go.” Walking to the packer controls, he turned to the kid, “Mind if I do the honors?”

“Be my guest Mr. Morgan, it’s your truck and your garbage.”

Jack ran the packer blade out and down and then retracted the smelly garbage into the truck.

“Tamarra’s waiting up at the transfer station Jimmy, is there much more to pick up?”

“Just the other three houses and I see only one that’s set something out, Sir” he replied.

“Well she intends to put your load into the new crusher to ‘cook’ till Monday when there’s a full load, so all you need do is dump it in the pit for the conveyor, no need to wait around for a burn to finish. Have a nice weekend, probably better than mine. I think my girl Tammy forgot there’s no trains on the weekend, so she’s not going to show up till Monday.”

Tammy awoke just in time to hear Jack talking to someone other than Trash, and discover that she’d already been packed in with the garbage with the dog poop. But the worst thing was hearing that she was destined to be in the big crusher till Monday, assuming no one ran it before she could get out. Jack had told her that it was capable of crushing a car, so she knew she would be crushed into mush if it ran.

And here she was, in the packed truck, unable to be heard, headed to the transfer station where Tamarra had said she would let her be processed like any other garbage, and even Jack would not miss her till way after she was a flattened smear in a block buried in the landfill. All Tammy could do was cry as the truck headed down the street for the last load of garbage.

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