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Tales of Green Valley

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2014 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

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Tales of Green Valley 3: Tammy gets Caught

Tammy Murfin lives in Green Valley with Jack Morgan, the Director of the Disposal Solutions operations there. She’s not been able to convince him to marry her, but does her best to make sure he wants to keep her around, satisfying all his needs, kinky and otherwise, keeping house and never realizing that he thinks of her as little better than a useful and attractive ‘thing’. Jack travels away from the Valley frequently to meet with the other company executives in the big city on the East side of the Ring Mountains that surround Green Valley. This leaves Tammy with lots of time to indulge her fantasies.

Since she was a teen, Tammy has been fascinated with trash and how it is gathered up and taken away. Having a pretty low level of self-esteem, as her relationship with Jack demonstrates, she’s dreamt of being treated as just what she feels she is, worthless trash. Every time her thoughts wander off in this direction, her panties get wet and she rubs her clit until she reaches a pleasant orgasm. In High school she started playing at self-bagging and dumpster crawling and was always careful to avoid getting caught and exposed or trapped more permanently. This continued in college when she met a group of like-minded “Trashies” and was able to have others bag her, and rescue her. She met Jack when he was a Post-grad going for an MBA and already working for Disposal Solutions and gradually became his favorite bit of garbage.

Tammy’s been living in Green Valley in Jack’s house for some time, and is still packing herself into bags and bins and dumpsters to relieve her sexual tensions whenever Jack is away. One of her neighbors works for Disposal Solution and has two roles. Every morning he meets the 11 am train from the big city, gathers mail and packages for Green Valley residents and delivers them before returning to the Transfer Station to get his garbage truck and collect all the trash and garbage from the housing and businesses in Green Valley. It’s an easy job and since he gets off work at 7 pm, he can still have an evening and sleep late every day. This fellow goes by his nickname, of ‘Trash’ and his company badge even shows it as “Trash Isme”.

Tammy met Trash when she was waiting to watch her trash be loaded one afternoon. He was polite and happy to show her how the ancient garbage truck worked. For local collections in Green Valley, Disposal Solutions uses an historical relic, a 1938 GarWood Load Packer, the first hydraulic load packer garbage truck and the only vehicle small enough to be brought into the valley on a railroad flat car. As time went by, Tammy told Trash how she found the idea of riding in his truck, as trash, was exciting.

He told her that Disposal Solutions had a pretty open policy about such things since the laws gave them no liability if someone was injured or lost doing that and the person was responsible for their own medical care expenses if they got hurt. In fact, the trash service contract all the residents sign released the company for liability for anything picked up in a bag or bin or dumpster. Company policy also says that persons and animals are NOT to be processed if they are recognized.

Trash told Tammy that to take a ‘ride’ she needed to be double or triple bagged, with padding around the passenger, at the curb in those bags or in a bin. He told her that she should always be sure of two things. First, plastic bags are dangerous – breathing holes are essential! Using a diving snorkel that does not crush easily and duct taped so the mouth piece won’t disconnect from the pipe was best. And second, trash bags look alike; the one she’s riding in MUST have a marker, a yellow or orange ribbon, securely fastened. Without a marker, there’s no telling where she might end up once the truck dumps it’s load on the Transfer Station tip floor.

The operator runs the sorter depending on many factors including weather and what equipment is working. If the bag is heavy it goes to the compactor and then landfill, or straight to the landfill. If the landfill is muddy and can’t be covered, or the bag is light, it goes to the bag stripper that whips the bags off with spinning cables. Once stripped, plastics head to the incinerator and garbage, food waste and other organics, go to the mulching shredder.

* * *

Tammy was all alone at home since Jack was out of town again. She woke up horny and since Jack was not around, decided to get out her heavy duty bin liners and take a ride. She texted Trash and told him she had a heavy bag that would be in the alley by the side of her house and if he could move it to the street for pick up later, she would appreciate it.

Taking her bin liners to the side of the house, making sure the neighbor’s curtains were drawn, she brought out several small bags of paper trash and old clothes. She stuffed one liner into another to make two layers of bags, stripped off her clothes and added them to the bottom before stuffing in the third bag. Tucking that around her naked body, she grabbed the smaller bags and tore them so the contents spilled between her bag and the double outer ones. Pulling her inner bag up, she grabbed the outer ones, pulled them together and threaded a large orange plastic tie in and out and through its lock before poking the end back into the center so one pull would cinch up the outer bags. Setting up the inner bag the same way, she took the prepared diving snorkel and poked it out top as she pulled the outer bags closed. Then the inner bag’s tie was pulled tight as well.

Tammy then groped in the dark to find the duct tape and taped around her head to hold the snorkel mouth piece in place in her mouth. She did not bother with other bindings as this was to be a ride and she wanted her hands free to pleasure herself. Considering how wet and pre-orgasmic she was already, that would not require much. What Tammy did not realize was that pulling the outer bag tie wrap tight, had neatly tucked the tie wrap inside the folds of the outer bags, hiding the bright orange tie wrap.

Trash came by on his way to meet the 11 am train, walked into the alley and saw the large bag, not seeing an orange or yellow ribbon or marker, he started to roll the bag to the driveway when he noticed the tip of the snorkel sticking out. Shaking his head at how foolish Tammy had been, if he not spotted that small black tube, she would have soon had the experience of being nothing but trash.

“Damn it Tammy I told you to mark this bag! If I had not had to come back here to get it, I would never have known you were in it. Those orange tie wraps are pulled in and are invisible, if I had found this bag on the curb, you would have truly been lost in the garbage.” Wanting to teach her a lesson, and having a bit of time before the 11 am rain, he tipped the bag up against the side of the house with the top down, making sure the snorkel was not stuck into the mud. This left Tammy with her ass in the air, resting on her shoulders inside the bag.

Groping the bag to find the right place and Trash then adds some strips of reinforcing duct tape to the bag to prevent it from tearing before poking a hole to expose Tammy’s vagina and anus. Unzipping his pants, he stuffs his cock into her while poking his gloved finger in her ass. Tammy moans and can do nothing as she is taken and used as Trash’s fuck toy. “Maybe being treated like simple trash will show you how foolish you were.”

Finished with his use of the trash, he looks at the hole and what’s exposed, her pussy dripping his cum and a reddened asshole. Not bothering to cover the hole with a bit of duct tape to keep dirt out, he just rolls the bag down the driveway to the curb ready to be picked up later. Tammy was surprised as her bag was rolled, but it made sense, no one was careful about trash, and it was a heavy duty bag, unlikely to tear if rolled about. Inside her padded nest, Tammy struggled not to move, not that she really could do more than wiggle and that being inside a layer of paper and cloth would only be faintly visible outside – and most likely just settling due to the rolling anyway.

* * *

Hours later Tammy was hot and sweaty, naked inside her bag, damp from sweat and repeated orgasms as she had heard people walk by and then her neighbor adding a few more sacks to make her just part of a pile. It was a cool day in the mountain valley, so in spite of being in a sweat box oven, she was not baked by the sun. Finally, about 5pm, she heard Trash’s old rear loader coming down the street. Closer and closer till it stopped at her driveway. She felt the other bags being grabbed – and faintly heard them land in the truck’s rear bin, and then it was her turn. Trash started to pick up the bag, realized this one was Tammy’s heavy one and went back to the truck to set up a ramp from the ground to the side of the bin.

Trash rolled the heavy bag up the ramp and tipped it into the rear loader truck’s bin. The truck predated any attempt to dump plastic bins as plastics were expensive rarities in 1938. Stepping to the side, he ran the loading cycle, knowing the old truck would not do compaction until trash filled the collection area and thus this ‘special’ load would not be harmed. Walking to the cab, Trash moved on down the street, loading and packing all the garbage from the rest of the houses in Green Valley before heading up the hill to the Disposal Solutions transfer station.

Arriving at the station, Trash climbed out of the cab and went to the rear of the truck to unlatch the entire hinged compaction apparatus. This allowed him access to the pile of bags and garbage inside and he climbed in, tossing loose and lighter items out until he found a heavy bag with duct tape surrounding a hole. Having found his prize, he tore the bag open to reveal the naked and sweaty Tammy. Peeling away the outer bags to reveal the old clothes and papers, he unbuckled his pants and dropped them to his ankles. Peeling out of his shirt, he grabbed her ankles to spread her legs wide and lay on top of Tammy, his already hard cock zeroing in on its target like a heat seeking guided muscle.

Tammy was glowing, hot from her enclosure, but even more so from the experience of being trash and her wet pussy eagerly accepted Trash’s penetration. The two of them lost all sense of their surroundings, probably good as the collected garbage had a ripe smell. However, just after they came to a well-timed climax with Tammy’s legs raised and her calves and feet wrapped around Trash’s thighs seeking to pull him into her, they heard a none too subtle cough. Peering down from the trash pile that was their bed, they saw feet outside the open rear hatch.

“Out, both of you, NOW” said a strong feminine voice. “You can find your clothes later.”

It was Trash’s boss, Tamarra Sands, the tip floor Chief Operator. She was functionally the foreman of Disposal Solutions operations in Green Valley. Trash and Tammy climbed and slid down from the trash pile to stand in the loose garbage in front of her, naked and totally submissive to whatever she might decide. The two of them stood, hands in front, trying to hide the parts of their bodies so recently merged.

“Well I see you both had a fun time. Tammy, did you choose to be trash or did Trash trash you?” Tamarra was unable to resist chuckling at her own words.

“I did it myself Miss Sands, Trash was just being nice,” replied Tammy.

Tamarra nodded and continued, “And does Jack have any clue that you Trash, are screwing Tammy in the garbage, like garbage?”

“No Miss Sands, I do it for all the.. I mean, she’s not the first to want a ride in the back. I didn’t think it violated any company policy, after all, persons and animals are NOT to be processed if they are recognized.”

Tamarra laughed at this before continuing, “I should make you finish the job Trash, and have you dispose of all this garbage permanently, including you Tammy. It would be a fine lesson for him, and a final one for you about getting into something you have no control over. But since I think Jack still thinks you have some value, I won’t. THIS TIME. Now dump this truck, find your clothes and get the heck out of my sight.”

Moving to the dump controls he raised the bed of the truck to spill its contents on the tip floor of the transfer station. The mass of still loose bags and garbage spilled out, some toppling into the conveyor pit ready for the morning’s sorting run. Tammy and Trash rummaged around until they found their clothing and once dressed, climbed in the cab to go park the truck near the transfer station ready for tomorrow’s pick up. Meanwhile Tamarra had used the small scoop loader to push the rest of the garbage into the conveyor pit for the morning sort run.

Tamarra was smiling, knowing she could now get both of them to do whatever she wanted. Would she have fun making Trash face the same fateful risk he’d been willing to show Tammy? Would Tammy be useful as a toy to some of her friends at the risk of Jack learning about her ‘hobby’ and intimate friend? Tamarra realized she would need a change of panties herself after dealing with the situation. It was 7 pm, quitting time and she was eager to head home to see the new live in house girl her sister had sent her.

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