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Tales of Green Valley

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2014 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm+; M/f; FM+/m; brothel; slaves; breathplay; suffocation; punish; wrap; bond; disposal; dumpster; transport; dumped; sewer; cons/nc; XX

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Tales of Green Valley 2: One Way Trip

Mistress Summer was actually more of a Madam than a mistress as she ran a very successful 'house' called Summer Place, using her string of sex slaves. She was only 36 and quite sexy herself so she did still turn a few tricks herself when she felt the need for some sexual fun or they ran short of girls.

Most of her slaves were illegals, Hispanic or Asian, male and female. They feared to leave, not from threats, but simply because they were never taught English. And Summer gave them time off and occasional gifts. But they stayed and worked hard mostly because she saved a portion of their earnings. They were not really slaves, more indentured servants paying off the cost to acquire them. She would offer language courses and let them attend vocational training once their cost was paid off.

Summer Place was known for the variety available to her clientele. Her clients were generally discrete and wealthy and only the out-of-towers presented any risk as the West End police were regulars thanks to a hefty discount for the men in blue. The risky clients were the ones who might not pay or perhaps seriously injure one of her slaves or the state's undercover vice squad. But Summer had a solution for them.

It had been a particularly troublesome week. A convention had brought in strangers, so many that Summer had had to service a few herself. And even with references from regulars, one of them became a problem.

The bad John was one Summer had never seen before, and his kink was one she knew could be hazardous so she guided him to Susu, a petite asian girl who enjoyed being tightly wrapped and recovered quickly if breath play went a bit too far.

With Susu agreeing with what the John wanted, and experienced, Summer left them alone. It proved a tragic mistake when the fool had tied a plastic bag over Susu's head and left her to go pee. By the time he returned, her death wish had come true.

Susu had been talented and would be missed. So when the house security guys dragged the John to Summer, she gave him a taste of the same. He was now wrapped in plastic, bound face to face with the girl's body and left with the trash bags in the cellar.

Summer was not in a good mood when she called her older sister Tamarra over in Green Valley to say she had some shit she needed to dump. Tamara was the foreman at the Disposal Solutions transfer station in Green Valley. Tamarra was herself a retired whore too well known to get involved in Summer's house. Her past had left her even more cynical about life than Summer. To her, trash was trash and garbage needed to disposed of, no matter what, or who it was.

After listening to Summer's problem, Tamarra told her to, "Call up Mark and have him do a trash pickup. He can get that shit on the train to Disposal Solutions this afternoon. They dump it at my transfer station and let it sit till the processing starts up tomorrow morning. I will know what to look for and take care of it tonight."


"It's just a pile of shit, right? Got just the place to put it so don't you worry the details little Sis."

Summer called up Mark, actually the manager of Disposal Solutions Green Valley operations, and scheduled a bin pick up in 2 hours. She had the two house bouncers dump the bins and bags from the cellar into the big bin, actually a small dumpster on wheels, behind the house and waited for the truck.

Right on time it pulled up, a small tipping flat bed that doubled as a tow truck. It tipped and lowered its back bed, and the driver winched the dumpster aboard. He waved to Summer, who lifted the bottom of her blouse to flash her unaugmented 38D breasts for his enjoyment.

"Now thats just the tip I like!" He exclaimed. "OK if I come back later, uh, to inspect what I've seen?

Summer smiled at the big strong young man, thinking 'time for mama to have some fun, hope he likes me sitting on his face' and replied, "I will let you do a real up close inspection if you do." The driver smiled, jumped into the truck and headed to the rail yard where the Disposal Solutions train to Green Valley was loading.

While the contents of the small dumpster went off to catch their train, Summer did the books. In spite of the upcoming cost to replace Susu and the donation to the local Councilman's campaign fund, it was still a rather profitable week. Summer decided she would have a staff party later in the week. After all fun and small gifts always distracted the slaves when one or two went missing. Once the paperwork was done, she leaned back and rubbed herself, anticipating the feel of the drivers tongue on her pussy and ass.


The one hour shuttle train to Green Valley runs twice a day, timed to arrive in G.V. at 11am and 4pm. With eighteen hopper cars and one passenger car, thirty minutes is just enough time to dump all the hoppers and head back to the city. The transfer station lets the late load sit till it opens at 8am. It takes less than three hours to sort the trash. Plants, branches and even small trees go with the leaves and grass clippings to the shredder/mulcher. Biodegradables and most food scraps go to the landfill. The combustibles head to the incinerator and all the rest are dumped into the compactor and then the landfill.

The small dumpster contents were in the last hopper car of the train so they would be on top of the pile, but also likely to spill off the back of the pile to be invisible to the passengers leaving Green Valley at 5pm.

Tamarra stayed a bit late saying she wanted to make as list of things for the D.S. maintenance guys. She asked Joel, one of the part time guys, a Green Valley High School teacher and volleyball coach to stay and lend a hand. He was always willing to help Tamarra, not because he was attracted to the former hooker twice his age, but because she had erased the video of him using the skip loader to push some nasty garbage into the incinerator just a few weeks before; nasty naked garbage that was best forgotten.

Tamarra and Joel waited till the rest of the staff left and the train departed before making their way to the back of the tip pile. Once they found the special delivery they dragged the bundle to the front of the pile before stacking it on a wheeled cart. It was only a short distance past the train passenger platform stairs to another platform jutting out from the high concrete deck of the transfer station. Tamarra used her keys to unlock and open a large inspection hatch covering a huge open pipe. Looking into the pipe she could see all the way to a Y intersection with the main pipeline as it went straight down. The pipe went about 800 feet straight down into the old mines and caverns deep below Green Valley.

Returning to the cart, they wheeled it up to the gaping open pipe.

Tamarra turned to the man and the dead Susu, tightly wrapped in shipping plastic. Tamarra looked at him and said, "You killed that girl who was trying to give you pleasure by being careless about her life. You have had two days to hug her tight and explain to her. Now you get to take her with you. You treated her like shit, so now you and she will go into this sewer sludge pipeline. It's 800 feet down but the two of you are a close fit bound together and the plastic will stop you from scraping skin on the walls, so it's likely to be a slow slippery slide not a fall. Assuming you survive the drop, you will land in a cavern in 30 feet of shit in total darkness. And for the rest of your short life it will rain shit on you. Have a nice day."

With that, Joel and Tamarra tossed the wrapped couple feet first into the sewer pipe and then closed and locked the inspection hatch.

Tamarra texted Summer: "all ur trubls r down the drain:)"

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