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Tales of Green Valley

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2014 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

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Tales of Green Valley 1: Volleyball Team

The Green Valley High girls had a problem. They were a small school in a big district with talent enough to win the championship except for West End High. West End was a big school with lots of good players and every year they would simply swamp Green Valley. This would not be a problem if it was just a game. But the West End girls always made fun of the GA girls, calling them loser sluts on a team from the dump.

Since Green Valley had only one industry, Disposal Solutions which did run a landfill the description was accurate, if insulting.

The young man who was the G.V. coach got tired of seeing his girls in tears each season after the inevitable loss. The boyfriend of the G.V. team captain was the younger brother of the coach and hated to see his girl insulted. Both of them also worked part time for Disposal Solutions.

One night after work they had had a few beers, and got to talking about how the team from West End might be stopped this year, especially since it was a home game to be played here in Green Valley. Not one thing came to mind until the older man commented, “It would take a forfeit, the whole West End team not showing up.”

His brother thought for a while, and then said, “Well they call us trash every time, maybe they could learn what trash really is. We just get them to hide out some place, dump trash on them and then let them out – after they are late and forfeit.”

“They will never go for that,” said the coach.

“But what if they don’t realize where they are going?” said the younger man.

“Explain what you are thinking bro.” the coach replied.

“Ok, you know the showers in the girl’s locker room are broken, floors all torn up to fix the drains. They’ve been taking turns in the boy’s showers. They strip in the locker room, run out the back door of the locker room and come back in through the boy’s locker room back exit. The school rigged up solid walls out there so they could go naked without any of the boys trying to peek. Since the dumpster is out there, there’s a side door in that “hall” that opens right above the fill bin. Suppose the “hall” was blocked to divert them into that bin? Then just close the lid and they’re stuck.”

“Damn, that’s cruel, but sweet,” said the coach, “We just discover the ‘problem’ after the forfeit.” And on that note they both went home, the coach thinking how much fun it was to think of that, but being older and wiser, leaves it at that.

The day before the big game, the West End girls arrived in Green Valley. The train schedule meant they would have to come in on the 4pm train to play in the morning and make the noon train out. The coaches had agreed the teams could have a low intensity scrimmage the night before. What the coach did not know was that his brother had recruited two friends to put his plan in play after the scrimmage.

The scrimmage game went as most had – Green Valley took a lead and held it through the half. Then the greater depth of substitutes on the West End team ran up a win against the exhausted G.V. girls. The trash talk commenced – “We’re gonna take out the trash tomorrow.” “You all stink, just like your home in the landfill. Oh maybe that’s where you belong!” The boys of G.V. just smiled, the partition was already in place in the temporary hallway.

The local Green Valley girls used the boy’s locker room, much to the amusement of the West End girls and both teams coaches agreed that G.V girls would have the shared showers first and clear out to prevent any pushing or fighting on the slippery floors. The West End girls waited their turn in the Girl’s locker room, they and their coach all took off their sweaty practice uniforms and joked about how their team always had not only the best players, but also the sexiest girls.

Finally there was a knock on the door telling them the showers were available. Their coach herded the West End girls down the hall, surprised the lighting was out, and when they came to a corner, she simply pushed the ones ahead of her to keep them moving, figuring the shrieks were from stepping in cold water. Little did she know that the ‘corner’ was the false wall and the shrieks came as the girls fell on after another down the sloped sides of the bin hopper. The coach, unfortunately, over balanced and fell in with her girls.

Finding themselves inside a metal bin, half full of trash was quite a surprise, but what no one from Green Valley knew was that there was a dumpster-diving club at West End High, and most of the volleyball team were members, and the coach was the faculty ‘advisor’. They found it hysterical that G.V. was not shocking to the girls from West End, rather, they were fulfilling a wish – to be unexpectedly dumped as trash!

Meanwhile, the organizer’s buddies had borrowed the dumpster lift truck while its driver went into the cafeteria to grab a snack with the woman cook he had befriended. They had already positioned it with its forks in the guides of the dumpster now filled with trash, 9 naked girls and their naked coach, laughing about their ‘predicament’. The revised plan was to deliver the dumpster to the playing field and right after the forfeit, let the naked girls out in public.

All was going to plan until the driver happened to notice his truck had been moved. He ran to his truck and dragged the boy driving from the seat. “Oh no you don’t, no games with MY truck. Now you and your friends get lost before I have to turn you in,” he said.

One of the boys exclaimed, “But that bin is full of naked girls!”

The driver replied, “Get the hell out of here, I’m sick of you kids telling me about someone inside so I dump it and check it and waste half a day explaining why I’m late. Once something’s in there it’s garbage and company property, and if a fool goes in there, it’s legally releasing us from liability.”

The driver hopped out of the truck, walked over to the dumpster which was actually linked to a compactor system under the temporary walkway. “I need to release the bin from this compactor before I can lift it anyway, bet you forgot that step,” and pushes the big green button to pack the trash into the dumpster.

“But the girls!” exclaimed the one boy.

Standing between the roar of the truck engine and the sounds of the compacter motor and hydraulics, the driver could hear nothing as the compactor pushed the trash and the girls into a tighter and tighter mass. The girls and their coach were pressed into each other and the school’s trash, some passing out, but most too compressed to do more than gasp for air. Most were busy rubbing themselves with excitement and even moving a finger became a challenge.

When the compactor stopped and retracted, the only sound was the truck’s engine. The driver disconnected the linkage to the compactor and climbed back into the truck. Activating the lifter, he picked up and tipped the dumpster into his own truck. A large mass of crushed trash with a few legs arms and heads sticking out tumbled into his already half full truck. Setting the empty dumpster back down, the driver coupled it to the compactor before getting in to head to his next stop.

Preparing for the next dumpster, he ran the truck’s compactor to make room. Once the next load was on board and also compacted, all nine girls and their coach were completely enclosed in packed trash, none had died, in fact most were glowing from the pleasure of fulfilling their dreams. None were crying or calling for help, assuming they would be released in some embarrassing way – and this was itself adding to the excitement.

As the truck headed to the Green Valley transfer station to dump its load, the girls were missed. Of course by now, the false wall had been removed and the boys sworn to silence would deny any knowledge of what had happened. While more and more people searched franticly for the missing girls and coach, the truck backed into the transfer station and prepared to dump its load on the tip floor.

Waiting at the small tip loader was the coach of the G.V. team. His brother had told him how the plan had gone awry, and that the garbage was headed to the transfer station. Realizing how many local people would suffer if the girls and coach were found crushed, he had hurried to his part-time job and decided to deal with the problem.

As the truck spilled the crushed trash with it’s all but motionless passengers onto the tip floor, he drove the scoop bucket and pushed the load right into a large open door at the side of the tip floor. Just as he pushed the last of the load inside, the driver came over, closed the heavy doors and asked, “That looks like all of today’s garbage, ready to start ‘er up?”

The coach looked hesitant for a moment, shook his head, and replied, “Yep let’s get rid of all the trash.”

The driver slapped the big red button to start the blowers and when the light turned green, turned the valve for the methane gas recovered from the landfill to begin flowing. The pilot light ignited it and the incinerator roared to life.

Green Valley High won the championship by a forfeit. There was a big investigation but since the West End girl’s belongings had been removed from the locker room, there was no clue as to where they had gone. West End police learned someone had bought 10 bus tickets to Las Vegas, so it was assumed the entire team and coach had gone to have a hot time on the long weekend. How right they were.

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