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Tales of Green Valley

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2015 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f+; D/s; party; slaves; bond; tape; trashbags; bagged; kerbside; truck; collected; transported; landfill; tractor; roller; stuck; accident; cons/reluct; XX

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Tales of Green Valley # 16: Surprise Party, the Aftermath

Bill and Susan were talking with James, better known as Minotaur and his girl when Sam and Penny stopped by. It was Saturday, two days after the two girls they had put out as garbage had been picked up and taken off to the landfill. They had learned that Carlos, the usual driver on the route, had been in a wreck and that was why a different truck and driver had come that morning. They had planned for the two bins of garbage to be loaded into a rear loader truck by Carlos, who would have made sure the danger was minimized and let the two girls bound up and bagged like the rest of the garbage escape before they could be dumped in the landfill. The three couples accepted the fact that girls had clearly declared their consent, but regretted the waste of such fun garbage.

Sam asked, “Are we sure they could not have survived?” and Bill replied, “It was that continuous compacting side loader that took them, they had to have been compacted over and over even before it emptied in the landfill.” Minotaur added, “Yeah, and they run that crushing tractor over everything and bury it all under a couple of feet of dirt.”

Susan said, “I have an idea, the landfill shuts down in a few hours and won’t reopen until Monday morning. Why don’t we sneak in and camp out tonight in the next cell? We could take a look at the last two cells, just in case they did survive and are trying to get out.” Penny commented, “it’s probably a waste of time, they’re both mashed and buried, but at least we can know we did check.”

Once they agreed, they all went home to get their camping gear ready. They had done this before and knew how the landfill operated. So called “cells” were dirt walled space, about 15 ft deep and roughly 150 by 150 ft square. A day or two worth of garbage was dumped in and the heavy crushing tractor, sort of a bulldozer with spiked wheels, drove over the garbage to mash and tear it apart. Once it was flattened, the same tractor would add a cover layer of dirt 2 or 3 feet thick. By Saturday, the next week’s cells would have had their side walls built up and Monday’s loads would drive over the filled cells from last week, further compressing them.

An hour or two after dark, Sam’s big SUV crept up a dirt road in the forest on the hill next to the landfill. The fill was being built up on the far side of the tall hill that hid it from the town. There was a little known trail from the hilltop down the almost cliff side of the hill, right into the landfill. The three couples used red narrow beam flashlights to climb down and once they were on the landfill, switched to normal lights since it was impossible to see the top of the landfill from anywhere except the hilltop. The next open cell was visible as a dark pit off to their left and they headed there to pitch camp before exploring the filled and newest cells nearest their camp.

The cell was so deep they had a rope ladder and spikes to anchor it to get down into the empty cell. Bill started a fire using pressed paper logs that they knew would not be visible outside the 15 foot deep cell, while the others pitched three tents. Once they were done, they popped open some beers and sat by the fire to relax before checking out the filled cell. As they sat, Minotaur’s girl asked, “Do you hear someone crying?” The others fell silent and then ran to get flashlights and hurried off toward the sound.

Just moments later, they found a filthy naked girl. She was a mess with many bruises, several tufts of hair torn out and skin raw from ripping off duct tape and crawling over the rough dirt. Lisa was crawling toward their fire and her first words were a raspy “Water, please.”

They helped her to a soft blanket near the fire and gave her a bottle of water to sip from until she could handle more. In the light of the fire they could see that her large breasts were scraped from when she crawled over the irregular dirt surface and they had dragged a bit. While Susan and Minotaur’s slave girl cleaned her up, Lisa told them what had happened.

“I am so glad you came to find me. I was really afraid you guys had done it for real. I kept telling myself, no, it was a mistake.” Minotaur snorted, “Garbage is garbage, but yeah, they had it rigged for that guy Carlos to give you a scare and get you out.”

“So what happened? That side loader damn near killed us. I got knocked out when I fell in, that floor was hard! And then I woke up getting squeezed really hard.”

“Carlos got in a wreck and they substituted a side loader, the kid just loaded you both before we could stop him.” Susan told her. “So how did you get out of the landfill cell? And where is…”

“We weren’t compacted too many times in the truck, guess they had it do part of the route, unload and then go for its normal run. So we got dumped here in the morning and I did not hear the tractor till the afternoon. So we had hours to get the bags ripped open and work on all the tape. I saw her back, not far from me, just before...” and Lisa started to cry.

“What happened?” Sam asked.

“That tractor came over to our side and backed up right next to her, went past her and I saw it’s wheel turn. It went forward slowly and ran right over her head! Her head got flatter and then sort of exploded and squirted brains and blood all over me. And then it just squeezed the rest of her. OMG, her guts squirted out her pussy like she was a tube of toothpaste before it mashed the rest of her flat. The spikes poked right through her and the handcuffs got ripped loose by one of the spikes.” Susan and Minotaur’s girl hugged Lisa tight and they cuddled.

It was at that moment when a stranger walked up and said, “Hi folks, I’m not the cops, just here kind of like you are. My name’s Ed, uh, Smith.”

Bill turned to him and asked, “And what brings you here Ed?”

“Well it’s a horrible mix-up actually, my wife and I like to play silly games, bit of bondage, bit of hide and seek. For Christmas, I locked myself on the bed and left her a note where to find the key. She locked herself up in cuffs and hid in a trash bin and left ME a note to come get her out. It took me over a day to break the bed apart when I realized she wasn’t coming to free me, and by the time I found her note, the trash had been collected. So I’m here to see if I can find her.”

Penny questioned, “So we had three women dumped in the landfill yesterday? That’s wild.”

Sam spoke up. “Wait, Ed, you said your wife used handcuffs?”

‘Yes, one pair on her ankles, one on her wrists, and a giant tie wrap to pull them together once she was curled up in a bin bag.”

“And our girls were taped with duct tape.” He looked at the others and then at Lisa, before saying, “Ed, I am afraid Lisa saw the tractor crush your wife. She said the woman was wearing handcuffs.”

Ed dropped to his knees and covered his eyes to hide the tears, but his body shook with sobs, “She wanted to be garbage, and I let her do it. Now she is.”

Minotaur spoke up, “Man up Ed, she wanted it and got her wish, she loved you for letting her dream come true. I wager she told you that. Didn’t she?”

Bill handed Ed a beer as Ed replied, “Yeah, she did, she really got all excited the more like garbage I treated her.”

“So face it man, you made her dream come true, don’t blame yourself, anyone that is into trashbagging knows the risks and likely wants to end up as real garbage. It would have happened sooner or later,” said Minotaur.

Sam turned to Lisa, “So how did you avoid the tractor?”

“After I saw her get, uh, mashed, I rolled away and fell in a hole. There was a refrigerator on one side and a washing machine on the other. When it went over me they got crushed, but I was still deep enough in the hole that they carried all the weight.”

“Any sign of…” and at that moment a naked body tumbled down the slope of the cell and screamed in pain.

* * *

I had arrived, better late than never. I explained that I had been able to get loose from the duct tape, but I guess the incoming loads had made me move away from Lisa and Ed’s wife, because I never saw them. When the tractor started crisscrossing the cell in the afternoon, I had simply moved into an area it had already crushed while it was at the far end. I used my shredded bag as a cover to hide and tried to stay as low as I could in holes I found. When it started to spread the cover dirt, I had done the same, but threw dirt over myself so I was not easy to see. I could not stand and walk, the side loader fall had sprained one ankle, and the compaction had cracked a couple of ribs, so all I could do was crawl. Once it got dark I started to work my way to the far edge of the cell. I was going to follow the cell wall to the edge of the landfill. And then I saw the camp down here, but I fell trying to get down into the cell.

I heard them say how things had gone wrong, but all I could think of was how fucking stupid I had been to get into a situation with no safeword or escape. And now I knew just how it felt to be garbage, bagged, collected, compacted, dumped, crushed and buried. I won’t EVER do this again.

Ed shook his head, “Sarah told me over and over, she did want to end up as garbage, buried with the rest. She would put herself in places where she could not escape without help - and rely on the chance that I would see her note in time. Six times I did pull her out.”

I listened to what had happened to his Sarah, and realized just how close I had come to dying.

“Listen, I don’t blame you, I agreed to all of what you did and consented to what happened. You had no idea the wrong truck would show up. But you better find a way to avoid this or I won’t play, I can’t, I don’t want to die.”

“Does that mean you are still willing to be garbage?” asked Penny.

“Maybe, scary as it was, I haven’t been as excited sexually, ever, as when I realized I was really garbage and there was nothing anyone could do to prevent what was going to happen. I may do it again, hell, I’m probably addicted to being objectified as garbage, but I want to choose to let it happen knowing I can escape. But you better leave me out of your group, you guys don’t play safe enough for me.”

“How about you, Lisa?”

Lisa looked at everyone and said to Ed, “I’m like your wife Ed, if I end up in the garbage, well, I AM garbage, nothing more. As she said, this was my most exciting experience ever but I want more.”

“Well then it looks like we need to find some more garbage, so Lisa isn’t all alone next time. Pass me a beer will you Minotaur?”

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