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Tales of Green Valley

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2015 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; trash; bags; disposal; M/f; bond; gag; sex; anal; climax; compactor; messy; buried; truck; collected; transported; landfill; tractor; stuck; cons/reluct; X

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Tales of Green Valley # 17: New to the Game

Mary Johnson was cleaning her apartment. Her soon to be ex had moved out and she had lots of his old crap to get rid of. He had taken what he wanted, including her virginity all those years ago, and left to go live with his new girl. Mary was 38, in great shape, but she had discovered her husband preferred the barely legal college girls in their town. His new girl was an 18 year old freshman drama student who just loved to act like his she was his 13 year old babygirl who was being taught about sex by her “Daddy”.

The more she thought about his new playmate, the angrier she became. But she had work to do, she had filled up about six really large trash bags with his abandoned clothes and old shoes and even his old board games. It was right then when the little slut drove up and came to the door. “Barbie” said “Hi!” All bright and bouncy, “Mind if I look through some of those things? He asked me to snag a few things he left behind if I saw them.” Mary wiped her forehead and looked at the young girl in her sports bra and a skirt that was little more than a wide belt. Then she looked at the pile of garbage bags, and had an idea.

“Sure Betsy, If you will help me move these over to the compactor in the parking lot, you can look through them and find whatever you think he wants, and then we can just dump all the useless garbage, ok?”

“Oh goody, grab bag time!” Betsy giggled.

It took 3 trips for Mary and Betsy to lug the six bags across the parking lot and around behind the building to the big dumpster with the compactor attached to its side. Setting them on the ground, Mary left Betsy to open them and look through the trash while she went back for another large bag or two. Just as she got to her apartment, the phone rang. It was her ex calling to tell her Betsy was coming over. Mary explained she was there and out at the dumpster going through the bags. She no sooner hung up than her Mother called to find out how she was doing after the break up. Call after call from friends kept her busy for almost an hour.

Meanwhile, Betsy was opening each of the bags and digging through them to see what Mary had decided to throw away. Betsy had a secret, not only did she enjoy being a babygirl to an older man, but she also had a fantasy about being a useless brat that was thrown away as trash by her frustrated parent. So when a stranger walked up to the dumpster to ask what she was doing digging through the bags next to the compactor, he found her actually sitting in the middle of the pile, her panties pulled down and her hand tucked between her legs. The guy stood and watched her as she sat in the trash with eyes closed moaning as she pleasured herself before asking, “Are you sure you would not like something in there besides your fingers?”

Betsy gave a little shriek and blushed in embarrassment at being caught. “Ah, nice offer, but...”

“So what is it about sitting in the trash that turns you on little one?” said the rather large and muscular 6’ 4” stranger.

Betsy was still not fully focused, having been just about to orgasm when she was interrupted, and simply blurted out, “I was thinking about being just garbage, uh, I mean being in the..”

“Really? Well it’s your lucky day little girl.” And with that he stepped forward and grabbed her hands, bringing them together and holding them with just one of his big hands before lifting her right off the ground. He grabbed her sports bra and pulled it up over her head and twisted it before wrapping it around her wrists twice binding her hands together. Still holding her in the air, he pulled her micro skirt down. Laying her on her back on the garbage, he did the same twist and loop around her ankles before pulling it up to her knees. Her panties were also wrapped around her ankles.

Betsy had been silent but as she realized she was now mostly naked and bond, she inhaled to scream, only to have him slap his big hand over her mouth to muffle her. Grabbing an old pair of Mary’s husband’s briefs, he stuffed them into her mouth and tied them in place with one of his belts. Laying her on her belly in the pile of trash, he said, “Now, you nasty dirty little girl, I want you to nod your head for yes, and shake it for no. Are you enjoying being tied up in the trash?”

Reluctantly, Betsy nodded. His calling her a little girl, especially a nasty dirty little girl reminded her of the babygirl and Daddy play with Mary’s husband that she so enjoyed. He then took one of the bags of old clothes and draped it over the hard edge of the compactor’s hopper before picking up Betsy and folding her over the bag with her head and hands and upper body inside and her ass and pussy and legs on the outside. “And do you like being put into the trash hopper like this?”

Again, Betsy hesitated, and then nodded. The fellow then unzipped his pants and stroked her exposed pussy with his cock. He ran his finger underneath and rubbed her clit. Betsy moaned and he commented. “I’ll that as a yes.” And he plunged his cock into her.

It was not clear at first if Betsy was nodding, or simply being shaken as he thrust into her, but her moans and the way her pussy flooded as she came were indeed a clear acceptance of her situation. The guy chuckled and pulled out of her pussy. Stroking her juices over her ass, he then slowly forced his cock into her tight virgin ass. Betsy whimpered as she was stretched, but as he pressed deep inside her, she moaned and suddenly came a second time. This was too tight and when she clenched with her orgasm he also filled her with his cum. Then he slowly pulled out using his hand to wring out every bit into her wide open asshole.

Betsy hung there, half into the hopper, dazed by the intensity of her orgasms and paid only limited attention to him when he said, “Well, that was a lot better than jerking off on the garbage as I like to do normally, little one. But since you’re now full of cum like an old condom, I guess I should handle you like one of those. Do you agree?” Betsy only heard “Jerking off” and “Handle you” and nodded vigorously, expecting him to take her again. She was shocked when he grabbed her ankles and flipped her over into the compactor hopper. He grabbed a second large bag and tossed it on top of Betsy and then pressed it down so she and the two bags were totally inside the hopper.

Stepping away with his now hard cock pointing the way, he went to the controls and turned the key to enable the compactor’s hydraulics. Turning to watch the hopper and stroking his cock, he slapped the big green button. Moving back to the hopper, he stood next to it and jerked off as the ram extended and pushed the bags, and Betsy, deep inside the dumpster. As it retracted leaving an empty hopper, he sprayed all over the opening. Tucking himself back in his pants, he stepped over and turned off the hydraulics before walking away whistling.

Mary finally got off the phone, grabbed two new plastic bags and headed back to the compactor to see how Betsy had done sorting the six big bags. When she got there, only 2 bags remained and the contents of one were scattered around. There was no sign of the young woman. Mary walked around by the dumpster end to see if Betsy had taken things to her car, but there was no sign of her. Puzzled, Mary went back to the compactor and tossed the loose things into the hopper. As they landed she thought she heard movement coming from inside the opening from the hopper into the dumpster. Bending over, she looked in and saw Betsy, bound and gagged and half covered by the other bags, deep inside the dumpster.

Mary burst out laughing, “My my, you seem to have gotten into a tight spot there Betsy. Let’s see what I can do about that.” Mary turned to the controls and powered up the hydraulics and slapped the green button before stepping back to watch the ram push the small load into the dumpster. When it retracted, she looked in and saw that Betsy was now just a bit deeper and even more covered up. Mary grabbed the last two large bags and put them in the hopper. These were big 95 gallon bags and totally filled the hopper. She hit the green button and watched as they were forced into the dumpster. This time when the ram retracted there was no sign of Betsy.

“My work here is done,” Mary remarked before calling out. “I will give your “daddy” a call to let him know where you are, Betsy. With luck he will get here and be able to take his garbage home, but if he is late, the truck will be here real soon to take the garbage to the landfill, so I hope you feel lucky! Bye bye!”

Mary walked back to apartment, stopping to get her mail and chat with a neighbor bringing out a few smelly bags of her garbage. “Be sure to run the compactor so that cat litter and smelly stuff gets inside the dumpster before they pick it up”, she told her neighbor. The neighbor agreed, “It is rather ripe,” as she carried her stinky load to the compactor. Mary got home and picked up her cell phone to call her husband at his office. She chuckled when his voice said, “I’m in a meeting, please leave your name and number and I will call back when it’s over. Thank you.”

Mary left him a message: “Just called to let you know Betsy showed up, I left her by the dumpster sorting through those bags and came back inside to talk to my Mother and some other friends. When I went back out, the strangest thing had happened. Betsy was nowhere to be seen! Her car is still here, and I heard a few noises in the dumpster before I compacted the last of your stuff. She might have gone in there if she tossed something by mistake and had someone run the compactor, but I wasn’t going to dumpster dive for your little slut. If you hurry, you might be able to see if she’s in there before they cart it off to the landfill. Have a nice day.”

Meanwhile, Betsy was getting packed in tighter and tighter as the apartment residents hurried to dump their garbage before the pickup. She could breath, barely, but movement was impossible and any sounds she made through the gag were too muffled to be heard. She was initially excited by actually being garbage, but when Mary had mentioned the TRUCK, she had suddenly been terrified. As she was packed tighter and had no prayer of escaping, she started to cry and could only hope that her “daddy” would come to her rescue. When she heard the sound of screeching air brakes she really started to panic, but she was trapped! She heard the clanks as the coupling to the compactor was detached and then the grinding and movement as her full dumpster was dragged up the tipped bed of the truck. It rocked back to level as the truck bed lifted, and a short time later she felt the movement as it drove off to the landfill.

Mary’s husband checked his messages after his meeting and was shocked to learn what might have happened. He rushed to his car and drove back to the apartment, but when he ran to the dumpster, it was a shiny new one and totally empty. The old one, full of garbage, was long gone. He looked around and found Betsy’s car still there and so he went to the apartment. “Mary, what have you done?” he asked when Mary opened the door.

“Absolutely nothing you jerk, I was on the phone when she got in there and I have the call logs on my cell to prove it. All I did was load in some more garbage and hear something. Yeah it was probably her, but she’s your problem, not mine. Now get out of here before I call the apartment security to have you run off, you don’t live here anymore.” And she slammed the door in his face.

Grabbing his cell phone, he made a desperate call to a friend. “Bill, Betsy’s been loaded in a dumpster and hauled off to the landfill, can you get ahold of Carlos and see if he can get her before she’s buried?”

“Calm down, I didn’t know Betsy was into that kind of thing. And yes, I can call Carlos. Was it from your new place or your old apartment? I will see if Carlos can track where the load went and get there for you.”

Betsy felt the truck start moving over a rough surface and back up. The retaining bolts on one end of the dumpster were undone and the truck bed tipped up to spill the contents out and down into the pit of the landfill. All the bags and Betsy tumbled together and she landed totally covered up by garbage. As it slowly settled, she heard the truck bed bang back down flat and the rear panel slam closed. A bit later, after the bolts had been reconnected, she heard the truck drive off.

She was now in the landfill under about three feet of bags and loose garbage. She started to dolphin wiggle her way to the surface and just managed to poke her head out when a load of dirt came tumbling down the slope and almost covered her. It was followed by the huge blade of a bulldozer and the great spiked wheels and tremendous weight of the tractor came closer and closer, mashing and tearing apart all the trash. It stopped with the blade about a yard shy of shearing off her head and began to reverse back up the grade to get another load of dirt.

Betsy tried to wiggle further out, and managed to get her hips above the pile, but the weight of the tractor had packed the trash tight around her legs and she was again trapped. She knew that the next load of dirt would cover her head and then the tractor would mash her flat as its wheels crushed her head and then squeezed her body like a tube of toothpaste. She heard the tractor move away and then start to return.

And then it stopped and its roaring engine sound dropped to a rumbling idle. She looked up wondering why her death was delayed and saw the driver and another man walking over the compacted dirt toward the pile she was on top of.

“Betsy, senorita Betsy?” the man said as he spotted her naked body lying on the trash pile.

Betsy could only try to nod until he pulled her gag off her mouth to let her say “OMG, I thought I was about to be squished flat!”

“I am Carlos, your father called a friend of mine who called me to ask if I could try to get you out before you were buried.”

“My father? OH, you mean my Daddy!” she exclaimed as the two men pulled her out of the pile. Her skirt and panties came off and remained deep in the pile leaving her totally nude. The two men looked at her nude body, considering whether they should demand a quickie as payment for the rescue, but one look at her filthy body, smeared with garbage and dusted with clumps of kitty litter and they decided she was too trashy. Carlos handed her the sports bra that had bound her wrists and the men’s boxers that he had pulled out of her mouth.

“Come with me and I will take you to him.” Carlos led he past the tractor to his pickup truck and drove her down the huge “mountain” of the landfill to the parking lot where she ran over to her “Daddy’s” car. He took one look at her and got out, opened the trunk and pulled open a plastic bag. Betsy’s eyes went wide and she asked, “Back in the garbage, Daddy?”

He looked at her and replied. “You stink and look like garbage, so you will ride in the bag in the trunk until we get home. I will teach you not to play in the trash.”

“But Daddy, a strange man pulled off my clothes, and then he stuck his lollipop in my hiding place! And then he threw me in the garbage. I didn’t do it myself.”

“Did he hurt you, little one?” he said, starting to get upset.

“No Daddy, it felt really good. His lollipop is bigger than yours, and he also stuck it in my poopy hole.”

“WHAT! It felt GOOD? Get in that bag you naughty filthy little slut. When we get home and get you cleaned up, I’ll teach you not to let strangers use your holes. Well not without my permission anyway.”

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