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Tales of Green Valley 15: Surprise Party

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2014 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

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Tales of Green Valley # 15: Surprise Party
(NB: It does not take place in Green Valley, could be anywhere.)

The party started at 9pm and I was just finishing dressing when my doorbell rang. Bill and Susan had come to pick me up. Bill smiled when he saw me in the skimpy bikini top and the really short skirt and dared me to turn around and bend over. I laughed and proved his guess was right - no panties and bending over, with my legs spread apart gave him a great view of my pussy. He reached forward and slipped a finger right inside me. “I see you are already for the party,” he said as Susan grabbed his hand and sucked my juices from his finger.

Standing and turning in time to see her sucking his finger I commented, “So is Susan, I see.”

Susan nodded, “Yes, and I hear the guys have something special planned for tonight. But Bill won’t tell me what,” she pouted.

“Well then I guess we should stop standing in my door and get over there,” I said.

To my surprise, we made one more stop and picked up another girl I did not know. Lisa was dressed a bit like me, short skirt, heels, but she had really big breasts that made her sports bra look like a strap as it compressed them across her nipples. She was about 5 foot 7 inches tall without the heels and I guessed about 140, mostly those boobs. Me, I’m a short one at 5 foot even and 112 lbs. but I have a DD cup size and a narrow waist, so I like to say good things come in small packages.

It was only a short drive to the party, in a newer section of town with rear entry garages, no driveways down the front lawn like mine. As we drove up, I saw Sam out in front. He walked to the car and told Bill to go around into the alley because they had saved a parking spot in the driveway since he was bringing the “entertainment”. I looked as Susan and smiled, “Surprise is it? And we are the entertainment? I wonder what they plan to do to us?” Susan shrugged and licked her lips in anticipation.

Susan and I are probably the kinkiest sluts in our group. Susan is Bill’s wife and sub and slave. Well pretty much whatever Bill wants her to be. He likes to watch her suck and fuck other men or lick other women, she’s really just a sex toy he uses for his pleasure, and she loves making him happy. As for me, I love to have a cock in me, and I don’t care where, pussy, mouth or ass. And if there’s a chance to take in three at once, that’s even better. But I want them to put their cum IN me, not on me. The only thing I like ON me is sweat or slippery messy garbage. Yeah, I like being treated like trash, literally. Roll me up in a ball, fuck me and then stuff me into the garbage, like a used condom.

So here we were at a party of people who love kinky sex, Bill and Susan, Sam and his wife Penny, and one other couple. Lisa and I were the only ones with no husband, owner or steady boyfriend, or girlfriend for that matter. Bill was the closest thing to an “owner” for me. I am not really a sub or slave, I would rather tell the guys what I want done to me, but I’m not a Domme either.

Sam’s wife Penny on the other hand was a Domme. She was dressed in a black leather corset with a garter belt and fishnet stockings, 6 inch heels on almost knee-high leather boots, red panties with a fuck hole slit, and with a whip and other “slaver’s tools” hanging from her leather belt. I learned that Lisa was Penny’s pet and really liked to have Penny sit on her. Face-sitting isn’t my thing, face-fucking is more to my liking, but apparently Lisa had no qualms about licking any hole and that was something Penny liked.

The other couple was a huge man and his girl, I mean slave, who wore a bikini and a shiny metal collar. The guy wore a leather vest and chaps and a shaved bald head. He was a huge bull of a man, and if you like a BIG strong man - he was just delicious. I could hardly wait to see the size of his cock. The man was a bull! This was going to be a fun party!

Once all of us were there and the introductions were started, by Penny and James, the bald bull of a Dom who actually went by the nickname Minotaur. Now I have been to several of these parties, so I was getting curious when they did not introduce Lisa and I. And then the Minotaur stepped behind Lisa and grabbed her arms by the elbows. Penny did the same to me! Sam, Susan, and the slave girl had slipped out of the room and when they returned they were pulling two wheelie bins and carrying a box of heavy duty plastic bin liners, scissors and roll of duct tape. And then Bill explained.

“These two like to think they are nothing but trash. Well, I guess since they are organic, and biodegradable, garbage is a better description. Not all of you know these two, and since garbage doesn’t need or have a name, I won’t bother naming them. But in the interest of our strict rules for consensual play, I will ask them a few questions so all of you can hear their answers.”

Turning to Lisa and I, Bill asked, “Do either of you have any reluctance, hesitation or limits about being treated as garbage? Are you willing or perhaps eager to be bound, bagged, gagged, buried in messy garbage and treated as worthless objects in the trash?”

Lisa nodded and replied, “I am garbage. I would expect nothing less than to be treated as garbage and disposed of as garbage. I place no limits on your actions or the results. Oh, and although garbage has no choice in what happens to it, I would prefer not to be intentionally asphyxiated.”

It was my turn, and I realized I was so wet my pussy juices were running down my thigh, I had not expected this to be a trashbagging party at all! “Yes, yes, I am worthless garbage. I do not care what you do to me. It is exactly what I have always wanted, to be disposed of by people knowingly, who believe I am just garbage. If I am asphyxiated, I hope it would only be an accident as I want to experience everything, just like the rest of the garbage.”

Bill asked again, “No limits at all? If you are set out and taken away by the trash collection is that going too far? And are you aware that being loaded into a garbage truck may result in injury or death? Do you accept and consent to that if it should happen?”

Lisa and I looked at each other, clearly she was as scared as I was, but we spoke together, “Yes, no limits at all.”

Bill turned to the others, “Well that is total consent as far as I am concerned, do any of you have further questions to ask of these two filthy bits of trash?”

Minotaur nodded and spoke, “Does the garbage care if it is crushed or folded or broken, before it is loaded into a truck? Or if parts are twisted and squeezed and possibly damaged?”

Lisa was panting, just looking at the big muscular man, “I have had my breasts tied and been hung by them. You may do what you wish.” I added, “If you have to squeeze something, you may.”

Susan asked, “What about fitting more inside you, I mean stuffing garbage into garbage?”

“I do it to myself, so yes, I consent.” I replied, and Lisa added, “I hope it’s nice and round and big.”

Bill now looked at the two of us and said, “You are aware you will be gagged, and tightly bound and likely to be inside a container where you can neither move nor speak and will have no recourse to a safeword. Do you consent to a total power exchange with no way to stop whatever happens?”

Now you have to realize that while both of us were consenting to anything, no limits, and no safeword, we were breaking every rule for safe, sane and consensual BDSM play. I was assuming, as I am sure that Lisa was, that the group intended this to be a thrill to put us deep into sub space and provide an outlet for their own desires to objectify and humiliate us. We both thought that even if they have arranged for the truck to collect us, that we would eventually be rescued. Seriously, who would throw away two good looking horny sluts and never be able to fuck them again? No one had a revenge motive to want us to be dead and gone, and no one would inherit anything if we got crushed and buried.

I replied, “I am garbage, nothing more.”

Lisa said, “What are you waiting for? This room needs to be cleaned up. I see two piles of garbage right here.”

Minotaur groped under Lisa’s skirt and just ripped her panties off her body. Then he grabbed her under her arms and lowered her to her knees. Using the scissors, he cut the elastic top of her skirt and then her sports bra and ripped them off leaving her naked. Placing her on her belly, he bent her legs up till her heels hit the sides of her ass. Those were taped to her thighs. He took her hands and taped them together behind her and then wrapped the tape around her belly. He reached under her, grabbed one of her breasts roughly as a handle and rolled her over. Then, spreading her legs he asked, “Anyone want to use this cum bucket before we throw it away?”

Bill knelt between Lisa’s thighs and stuck his cock right into her. Penny pushed me over to Minotaur and paused to attach a strap-on cock and grab some lubricant. Stepping behind her friend’s husband, she dribbled the lubricant on his ass and then slipped the strap-on into him. She started fucking him as he fucked Lisa. Slave girl knelt behind Penny and began to slip her tongue through the hole in her panties to lick her.

Minotaur looked me over and I stared at his cock, it was huge! Porn star huge! He cut off my skirt and laughed when he discovered I wore no panties. “You really are trash, aren’t you?” I just nodded, knowing garbage cannot talk and he cut off by bikini top too. And then he bent me forward and taped each wrist to an ankle.

Sam was sitting on the couch, his erect cock pointing up, he spun around and lay down and Minotaur simply picked me up and put me down with the guy’s cock in my mouth. And then, with my legs apart and Sam’s cock as the third point of support, Minotaur slowly pressed his massive cock into my pussy. He stretched me wider and wider as he slipped in deeper and deeper. I have never had something that big inside me. And then he grabbed my hips and began to rock me forward and back. Forward forced Sam deeper into my mouth and then throat while Minotaur’s cock slid part way out. And then he would pull me back, leaving me able to gasp air around Sam’s cock, while Minotaur’s monstrous cock plunged deep into me.

Faster and faster, until I thought the Minotaur’s cock was going to poke out between my breasts. On the couch, Sam grabbed my left tit and squeezed it hard like he was milking it and then began to twist my nipple. I was about to scream, and then my body took charge, I somehow clenched around Minotaur’s huge cock as a major orgasm rocked me. I simply swallowed Sam’s entire cock till my nose was pressed hard into his pubic hair. Both men unloaded into me so deep inside I could only feel their cocks pulse.

Lisa’s “chain” was not long in their release, Slave girl made Penny cum as she fucked Bill and he rammed into Lisa. As they pulled apart, Penny had Susan lick and suck Bill clean and then Penny squatted on Lisa with her breasts above Lisa’s head, and began to rub her pussy and clit on Lisa’s face and lips.

Susan cleaned Sam and came over to Minotaur. She was apparently the cock cleaner for the party. Slave girl had yet to be fucked, though she had been watching and rubbing her clit all the while she was licking Penny. But now she came to the couch and lay down, lifting her legs so that Sam could hold them while he straddled her and fucked her face, this left her pussy front and center, right where the cock I had deep throated had been. Bill came over and pressed my face against her pussy and then poked the open and almost empty lube tube into my ass and squeezed it empty. He tossed it into one of the open garbage bins and then stuck his cock into my ass.

His thrusts pressed my face against slave girl’s open vagina and slid my upper lip and top teeth up over her clit. I stuck my tongue into her and let Bills motion, as he fucked my ass, force my tongue to fuck the girl. Sam was fucking the girl’s face hard, which pressed her ankles and raised her swollen vagina with each thrust. My teeth had to be hurting her clit, but it seemed to excite her and she started to squirt into my mouth. I had to keep swallowing if I wanted to breathe and I drank it all up.

Penny was squirting and making Lisa swallow her juices. I did not know it, as I could see nothing but the slave girl’s pussy, but Susan, the cock cleaner had been fisting Lisa and once she had opened her up, had begun to press and stuff Lisa’s cut off and rolled up skirt into Lisa’s vagina. Bill suddenly came into my ass and then squeezed his cock as he pulled out to leave all his cum in me. He stepped over to Susan to have her lick him clean. She gave the skirt one last push with her fist and just shoved it into Lisa’s vagina before focusing on Bill’s cock. Sam had cum into slave girl and then let her suck out all his cum.

Penny stood up over Lisa and Minotaur grabbed Lisa’s breasts hard and lifted her up folding her up with her thighs tight against her breasts. Her thighs were still taped to her ankles. He grabbed her hair and duct taped it into a forward pointing pony tail and pulled her head between her knees before winding the duct tape around her back and legs trapping the hair tail within the loops. “Oops. Almost forgot something,” he said.

He grabbed Lisa’s panties and stuffed them into her mouth before finishing the taping to hold her gag in place. Minotaur then picked up Lisa and put her, face down, in one of the wheelie bins, already double lined with the black plastic bin liners. Slave girl and Susan came in from the kitchen with full bags of trash and began to fill the rest of the bin with old plastic bottles and cardboard boxes and crumpled paper. Eventually only her naked ass and pussy were visible. They had been careful not to have liquids and the loose fill would allow air to get down to her. With her head between her knees, there was no pressure on her lungs, so for now, Lisa was alive but uncomfortable and covered up, except for her ass and pussy, by trash.

And then it was my turn. Minotaur cut my ankle tapes and then taped me up just like Lisa had been bound. While he did that, Susan fisted my still lubed ass and then stuffed my bikini top into it. As soon as she finished that, she started to fist my pussy. Laughing at how wide Minotaur had already stretched it, Susan did not bother and just stuffed my rolled up skirt right into me. Penny grabbed Lisa’s cut up sports bra and forced it into my mouth while Minotaur taped it in place. He scooped me up, actually reached from behind me to grab my breasts to pick me up, and dropped me into the other wheelie bin so I landed on my ass and felt that bikini inside me pressed deeper. I was treated to all the messy and liquid waste and could feel it soaking into the clothing that had been inserted into me that was holding my ass and pussy open.

With both of us in the bins, Bill came around and as Minotaur pulled up the tops, taped them tight with the duct tape. Honoring our wishes to not asphyxiate, they added four strips of reinforcing tape on the sides of the bags and then cut holes in the center of the tape. Additional strips of tape were run through the holes to make sure the inner bags hole’s stayed aligned. Then they closed the lids on the bins. We could hear the party continue, getting noisier and noisier as they drank more and more. And then they decided to take out the trash.

Bill and Susan, Sam and Penny and the slave girl watched Minotaur bounce each of the wheelie bins down the back porch steps and roll them out to the end of the driveway. All the neighbors had put out their bins for the morning collection. We were just two more bins of garbage to be carted away. The neighbors had complained to the police about all the noise, and they had come, but everyone was dressed, moderately sober and were planning to walk home, so the police left. They had no idea there were two naked girls tied up and stuffed in the garbage out back.

At about 8:15 the next morning, Bill and Susan were up and having breakfast in the back of their house, Minotaur and his slave girl were their house guests and were with them. Sitting at the table, they could watch the alley and driveway, and see the wheelie bins through the window. The truck could be heard on the next street, it usually came about 8:30. At 8:25 their doorbell rang, Bill answered it and Susan had to come help him, as it was two of their neighbors who were upset about the loud party last night.

Minotaur was watching the back yard with his naked slave kneeling at his side, and when he saw the truck turn into the street, he went out back to the alley. His slave remained inside. As he stood waiting to see that their friend Carlos was the one loading the truck, another neighbor walked up with his large dog. The guy asked Minotaur who he was, “A guest of Bill and Susan.” Then he asked if Minotaur was part of that loud party. Minotaur tried to apologize, but the neighbor kept complaining and moving closer and the growling dog forced Minotaur to back up the driveway.

The garbage truck pulled up and some young guy wearing ear buds playing music loud enough to hear over the truck’s engine grabbed a bin and hooked it to the lifter on the side of the truck.

The kid stepped to the side of the truck facing away from Minotaur and pulled the lever to lift and dump it into the hopper. The contents fell into the truck with a thump that got Minotaur’s attention. He looked up as the kid lowered the empty bin, pushed it to the side and rolled the second one to the lifter. Minotaur waved to get his attention and tried to move toward the truck. The dog growled, not liking the arm waving and jumped toward Minotaur forcing him to step back. The kid moved the lever and the second bin went up and over spilling its contents into the truck. He lowered the second empty bin and pushed it to the side.

While Minotaur tried to yell “stop,” and the dog barked forcing him back, the truck engine roared, the kid climbed on the truck and it drove off, it’s hydraulic compaction cycle starting automatically. Bill and Susan came out, having finally calmed the other neighbors. Bill told the neighbor with the dog to go home or he would file a complaint about that loud dog. As the man walked off, Susan went to the end of the driveway and opened one of the bins. It was empty. She hurriedly flipped open the second and saw it was also empty.

Susan asked, “Minotaur, they got picked up? Was it Carlos and his rear loader truck?”

Minotaur replied, “No, some kid wearing ear buds heard nothing and dumped them into one of those a side loaders that compacts continuously.”

Bill looked at Minotaur and then Susan, before saying “Well, it was consensual. They both wanted to experience everything, just like the rest of the garbage.”

They turned and walked inside, all the garbage was gone.

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