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Tales of Green Valley

by Tammy Murfin

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Tales of Green Valley # 14: More Memories

[ This story is one year after #11 “Fond Memories” This is another story from RL about a year ago and fictionalized a bit. It does not take place in Green Valley and my kinky neighbors don’t have a hot tub - yet. And the names have been changed.. ]

The doorbell ran at my home on Friday night at about 8 pm. I wasn't expecting anyone but I figured it was a neighbor inviting me to come over for a beer. I hoped it was the young couple with the new hot tub. I just love their clothing optional house rules. Now I may be 37 and they are both about 10 years younger, but I do enjoy the way he comes to attention when I strip and get in that tub. His girlfriend usually ducks under water to suck him off, just to prevent him from inviting me to cum sit on his lap.

But when I opened the door I was totally surprised! "Carlos?"

"Si, senorita, ¿Cómo estás?"

About two years ago I had been playing a trashbagging scene with a man I thought I could trust that went horribly wrong. My play partner had driven off and left me, gagged in a plastic bin liner bag in my garbage wheelie bin at the curb. Carlos had dumped the bin into the hopper of his garbage truck and packed me into its load never knowing I was in the garbage.

I had peed on myself when the bin tipped and dragged to the truck and hooked up. The inside of the plastic bag was wet and slippery. When he ran the packer blade it missed crushing me but as it retracted the pressure popped my bag open and I just slid out. One foot was stuck in the packed garbage at the top of the packer slope so I was left upside down on my back.

Carlos was the crewman and he told me that when he saw a naked female body in there, he assumed I was a sex doll being thrown away. He had no interest in a used and probably broken cum bucket, so he tossed in a couple more garbage bags on top of me and went over to the controls. Had I not waved my hand he was going to not only run the packer, but also the main compactor. Had he done it, I would have been mashed flat by 35 tons of pressure.

He had helped me free my foot and get out of the truck. And yes, he had come back to my house after work so I could thank him. Since he had quite a large cock, and great oral skills, I had to smile as I remembered all this.

I laughed and said, "Carlos, welcome, come in, Mi casa es su casa y yo también."

He smiled at my telling him my home was his home and that I was his as well.

It was only then that I realized he was not alone, there were two other men with him and both were wearing the garbage company's coveralls. He introduced me to Enrique and Juan, as “la basura” or “the garbage.”

Switching to English, he blurted out that he had told his two friends about finding me. They had bet it was a tall tale and demanded he prove it. And he had also shared my story about getting fucked by three men at once on New Year’s Eve two years ago. I was blushing while he explained but then I wondered if three men, big strong men, might be lots more fun than those other guys.

Both of them asked, “¿Es cierto Basura?” Having them ask if it was true using garbage as my name was made me blush even more as I replied, “Sí, es cierto”

Well when it comes to sex or trashbagging, I have a real problem with self-control. So I invited all three men into my home.

We sat and talked for about 20 minutes while I explained how Carlos had indeed almost crushed me. The conversation went on to describe how I had come to have three cocks in me. Well that rapidly led to me showing them just how Enrique's cock could fit in my ass if I sat on his lap. If we both spread our legs, Juan could easily fuck my pussy. And if I lay back on Enrique, he could grab and squeeze my tits. And with my head tipped back, Carlos could slip his cock into my mouth. I had to have Juan and Carlos swap places because Carlos was just too big for my mouth to handle. But Juan was just right!

In fact, with my head back, he could thrust his cock all the way into my throat. I laughed and almost choked when I swallowed around it and he grabbed my head to force himself tight and moaned. I was moaning myself moments later as Enrique thrust up into my ass and Carlos pumped my pussy while rubbing my clit. Oh god, it was good. I put that battery bunny to shame. I just kept cumming and cumming.

I was exhausted when those three finished using me. One had held me upside down and licked my ass while another nibbled my clit and the third fucked my face. I lost track of who did what. I was totally spent and fell asleep when they put me down on the leather couch.

I never noticed it when they tied my ankles together and then my knees were bent to my shoulders and tied together by a rope behind my head. My wrists were bound and tied to the neck rope with my elbows between and tied to my knees. Once I was a ball, they each took turns fucking me in my pussy and ass again. I was amazed that my body was still wet and trying to orgasm for at least the third time.

When they finally tired, they sat and talked for a long time in Spanish. I kept dozing off but I did catch several mentions of "tirar la basura en el relleno sanitario" which I was sure meant "throw the garbage in the landfill". It started out as a question and turned into an agreement.

I woke up completely when Carlos shook open a large bin bag. Before I could ask what they wanted to do, Enrique scooped up my naked balled up body and as Juan and Carlos held the bag over the couch, Enrique just dropped me in. Carlos pulled the top together and quickly tied it in a knot. I was relieved when he poked two holes in the bag. I asked what they planned, and to my surprise Juan ripped open a bigger hole in front of my face and shoved his cock in my mouth.

After all three had used my bagged face as a cum bucket, and before I even finished swallowing their loads, Juan stuffed my panties in my mouth and Enrique tied a rolled up trash bag around my head to hold them in. Carlos had shaken open another bin liner and Juan dumped me in while Carlos and Enrique held that one. Pulling it up and tying it took just seconds and again he poked a couple of air holes. Carlos then carried me bound, gagged and securely double bagged out to my wheelie bin. Juan opened the top and I was simply dropped in.

The other two walked away saying, "Hasta mañana basura"

I spent the whole night in that bin in those bags and the next morning when the truck came down the street I got wetter and wetter. Just before my bin was wheeled to the truck, I heard, "Hola basura" and realized the guys were handling my disposal, so it was to be an experience, not an ending. The bin flipped to dump me onto bags already in the hopper and there was a delay while Enrique, or maybe it was Juan, used a pole to clear anything sharp off to the side. I heard him say, “adiós, basura” and then he just pulled the lever to extend the packer blade followed by the second one to run it up. Up and in I went along with a few more bags. There I was, bound bagged and gagged and loaded in the truck with all the rest of the garbage. I was in my own personal sub space.

The truck went along and loaded in lots more bags before it finished my neighborhood. It drove a short distance and then stopped and I figured it was in the alley behind the local shops. It was, but a company supervisor was there, checking up on Juan and Enrique as they were new to that route. Their supervisor was waiting in the alley and would ride with them for the rest of the route. With him in the truck, they had no chance to get me out and would not be able to get me till the load was dumped in the landfill.

He told them there was an extra stop that the company serviced only when asked to. They were also surprised to learn of the extra load, and worried that if they had to compact the garbage inside to make it fit, I would surely be crushed flat. Fortunately, riding bound, gagged, and bagged inside the truck, I had no clue that I was in trouble.

The truck pulled up at the special stop. It was a small county convention center that had occasional events. Last weekend it had hosted a group of travel agents and people interested in exotic vacations. Most of the trash was paper, already compacted into a recycling dumpster. Our truck was loading the bags of food scraps, plates and drink garbage from the small snack bar. Quantity was not a problem. It was what was in the bags that made my situation almost unbearable. Food scraps sitting in bags in the sun for two hot summer days STINK and I found myself in a steel box that would make a skunk want an air freshener. And now they still had the rest of the route to pick up and dump on me in that horrible stench.

As Juan and Enrique added more and more into the truck, my bag was buried deeper and deeper. Plastic bags piled up with less and less open spaces to let air, even foul smelling air, get to the holes in my bags. I started to get a headache from oxygen deprivation. I doubt I would have lasted much longer, but they finally made the last pickup. Not only had the pile on me gotten very heavy but the packer was compressing the pile each time it ran as the truck was now full. Had there been any more stops the supervisor would have insisted they run the main compactor. So again I came close to being flattened. 35 tons would have left my crushed bag about an inch thick and me just broken bones in a bloody mush.

It was at this point that the truck arrived at the landfill. They opened the packer mechanism like a giant door and the main compactor pushed all the garbage out and down the slope into that day's "cell". I had read about how landfills operate and discovered that they manage odor and rodents and the spread of fires by separating a day or two's worth of dumping into cells. Enclosed by dirt walls with a couple of feet of dirt layered over each cell. Huge heavy tractors with spiked wheels compact the garbage and then bury it with the dirt. The weight and spikes tear apart the garbage to make it decompose faster.

And now I was in a landfill cell waiting for the tractor to crush me while tearing my bag and body apart. And then I would be buried with the rest of the garbage under several feet of dirt to cap the cell. The dumping of the truck had solved the lack of air and most of the weight burden. But when Juan and Carlos saw the tractor start to flatten and rip apart their load, they both assumed I was gone. They realized the full load had probably suffocated me so they decided it was not worth the effort to try to find me.

Juan whispered to Enrique, "La basura se ha ido" who replied, “Sí , es una pena, que era bueno basura.“

[The garbage is gone… Yes, it's a shame, it was good garbage.”]

As Juan, Enrique and the supervisor drove back to the landfill office to sign out they passed a pickup headed up the hill to the active cell. Carlos stopped at the spot where the truck had dumped and waved off the compaction tractor before scrambling down into the part of the cell that had not yet been mashed and covered over with dirt. Eduardo, the tractor driver climbed down and greeted his brother Carlos. Carlos explained how a crazy sexy woman was in a bag and he had to at least try to find her. I heard everything he said because the damn fool was standing on me. I wiggled and he fell on me.

He started to get me out but between the stinky ride and peeing on myself, again, I stunk. So he left me bagged, just loaded my bag into his pickup and took me home. Once there he put the bag in the tub before cutting me loose. I hurt in so many places it was a week before I stopped looking like a walking, make that limping, bruise.

Carlos told me that his friends had swapped routes to do the collection at my house the day after they bagged me up and set me out. They had planned that I would be loaded, packed in while the tuck was not full, and then after they finished the three streets in my neighborhood, they would stop in the alley to get me out. They would have a company coverall for me and I could ride with them on the rest of the route and even watch them empty the truck at the landfill.

Knowing about my fantasy, it was their way of thanking me for letting them all fuck me. The supervisor had disrupted all their plans, and they really needed their jobs, so since I wanted to be trash, they just let it happen. He and Juan and Enrique were all apologetic about it, yet surprisingly casual. They said it was a normal risk for those who played this way.

Well, what else could I do?

It was the most intense trashbagging experience I have ever had.

Tomorrow is trash day.

And that's the doorbell.

Carlos, Juan, Enrique, and Eduardo are at the door...

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