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by Tammy Murfin

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Tales of Green Valley #13: Last Halloween
(Specially written for the Hallloween Special 2014)

Samhain is coming. Ok, you probably just know it as Halloween. It's a bit more to a witch as its New Year’s Eve.  It’s also the time of the year when the veil separating the living from those who have passed is weakest. That means that those of us on the living side can use our knowledge and powers to make contact. And that makes it possible to borrow strength or even enlist the aid of those beyond.

And that's where the trouble starts. As is true in all living creatures with any power to reason, some choose to be good and others choose a darker path. Obviously humans do. But many animals make decisions and behave accordingly. But I am not going to bore you with how all that works. Just wanted you to know that the scary Halloween witches are not all there is.

You see, I'm a good witch and a novice at it. I try to use my limited powers and skills to nudge nature to help good people. There are good people on the other side too. Halloween gives the good guys a chance to balance things. Who do you think guided people to turn the mundane Halloween into a time for candy and treats? And got parents to have fun and protect the kids? The GOOD witches, that's who. Which has not gone over well with the bad ones as you might expect

Like most witches, I don't reveal myself. It's not Salem, but we do have those who think all witches are bad. I don't wear a lot of black or a pointed hat. I can’t fly a broom, and although quidditch sounds like fun, I don’t think it’s real. I don't have a web site or store offering love potions. If you need my help and know and believe in natural magic, like will attract like.

And of course a bad witch can spot me fairly easily.   It’s the glowing spectral aura and all that. Unfortunately, the bad ones are more of a dark blur, a hole, so if I don't pay attention it's easy to miss one, and I am new at this. Karlina fooled me totally.

Karlina was a girl I met in college when I considered pledging her sorority. I didn't join hers, and now I know how BAD that would have turned out. But she stayed friendly and we had a similar schedule and studied together a lot. We drifted apart when I got involved with a French Canadian guy named Henri.
I missed it totally, but the bitch thought I had stolen him. She thought my trashbagging kink was how I had hooked him. Totally backwards. He awoke that desire in me. And a lot more desire for sex as well.

I learned last year, she was one of those revenge is a dish best served cold types. So last year in early October, Karlina gives me a call. She's back in school working on an MBA and remembered I had gone to work for Disposal Solutions. She wanted to interview me for her thesis about investing in privately held companies.

I had actually recently quit working for Disposal Solutions and become Jack Morgan's "kept" woman to use to old fashioned term. But he was a manager for the company and we lived in Green Valley, the company town. So I still knew enough or Jack did, to help her. I got her an invitation to visit Green Valley and arranged for her to stay at the old Hotel Heaven.  I now understand why she hesitated when she heard that name.

I met her train and we had the friendly hug like we used to. Well we had done a lot more than hug during some of those all-nighter study sessions but none of the old exploratory fires were burning, at least for me. We spent that afternoon giving her a tour of Green Valley and the Disposal Solutions facilities.
Jack would not be back till tomorrow as he spends a couple of days each week outside the Valley at the company headquarters.

Karlina and I went to Smith's Bar & Restaurant for dinner and some drinks. We talked a lot and I must have revealed a bit about Jack and about my trashbagging.  By then, I admit those fires were starting to light up.  We went back to Hotel Heaven and spent the rest of the night seeing how many ways a girl can get another girl excited.  She had brought a collection of toys and a strap-on so there were LOTS of ways.  I got a bit tired after a while, since it seemed it more about giving her pleasure and giving me quick jolts of delight mixed with lots of pinching and spanking and getting things poked into me a bit rougher than I like.

Jack got back the next morning and I introduced Karlina. She immediately started buttering him up. “You're so important running the whole Valley I owe you big time for seeing me.” “Do you work out a lot?” She all but rubbed up against him like a cat in heat. And of course it worked, though I bet she used a spell to make sure.

We all went to his house and Jack had me make dinner. I went to tell him it was ready and found her on her knees sucking his cock. Since Jack's never complained about my having sex with others I said nothing and just gave him a really deep kiss while he fucked her face. Dinner was a bit quiet as we sort of avoided mentioning the blow job. But after dinner Jack simply said, "I want to fuck both of you. Take off your clothes and meet me in the back yard."

While Karlina and I got undressed she asked what he had in mind. I explained how the yard opened into the forest and there was a clearing where we would light a fire and cuddle and have sex under the stars. Karlina smiled as tonight was Oct third, a night with a full moon. As you no doubt guess, dancing naked around a fire in moonlight is rather popular with witches. Oh, and this month was special, the Halloween moon would also be full and as the second in the month, a “blue” moon.

So off we went. Jack lit a fire. Karlina lit her own when she tossed some powders in it that flared in a burst of colors and smoke. We got stoned and fucked like rabbits and fell asleep under the moon. Or at least I did.

I woke up when the trash bag I was in tumbled into the transfer station pit. I was naked and bound inside but the bag was tied around my neck so my head stuck out. I looked up to see Karlina at the top of the pit, laughing. "Enjoy your fantasy Tammy, your wish is coming true. You're going out with the garbage. And I'm taking Jack just like you took Henri."

"You bitch!" I screamed. She laughed and said, "Wrong again, that's witch, not bitch.  Too bad you will never learn how to be a proper one."

What she did not notice while she had focused her attention on me was that Jack was recovering and had slipped loose of her control.  I saw and heard a shovel clang off her head just before she fell forward into the pit and landed under my very nose. I spit in her eye and called upon the good powers to keep her unconscious while Jack got a ladder and came down. He released me and we stripped her naked and put my bondage straps on her. Jack tipped her up and fucked her right there with her head stuck into something yucky.  I twisted up the garbage bag and tied it as a gag in her mouth and a fuzzy gray and green lump of that moldy lasagna just might have gotten in with it.

We climbed up out of the pit and hauled up the ladder.  I made a special gesture releasing Karlina and she woke up, her angry eyes glowing red in the darkened transfer station. Jack finally spoke, "Tammy, I want a full explanation of what happened tonight, but first, THIS," gesturing at Karlina, "has to go."  And with that, Jack powered up the belts, wire bag strippers and blowers. As Karlina started moving on the conveyor, he called me over and pointed at the last button.

I looked at the bound and naked form as it went through the wire whips that strip open plastic bags, watching it writhing as the wires reddened her flesh. Now knowing her true nature, it was not a matter of choice. To get line right, "thou shalt not allow an EVIL witch to live." And just before Karlina tumbled off the end of the belt, I pushed the button to ignite the burners of the incinerator.

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