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Tales of Green Valley

by Tammy Murfin

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Tales of Green Valley # 12: Just Walking Home
[Inspired by a new friend named Willie]

Tammy was walking home from the office. As she turned the corner by the new dance club and headed downhill alongside the little hotel, across the street she noticed the bank was closed. In fact the cleaners and all the other stores were dark. Only the coin laundry was lighted. Since it was almost 6 pm, with the time change, it was already dark. Here in the Valley it always got dark early in the mountain shadows, but now that it was November, night fell really early and it was pitch black. There were no street lights on this hill leading down to the apartments and houses, and if not for the almost full moon, she would have needed the flashlight to stay on the sidewalk.

Reaching the end of the stone wall that was the foundation of the hotel, she saw the dim outline of a couple of trucks and a dumpster. Looking around, she took a detour and went over to the dumpster to peek inside. Tammy's fascination with being treated as garbage was a powerful craving, one she had been trying to resist, but all alone, with no one around, the dumpster was really tempting. And she was bringing home some new trash bags, the big bin liners the company had started to sell, so the temptation to strip, climb in the dumpster and bag herself was making her body get all excited.

Looking around, and seeing no one, not even any lights from the hotel's windows, she pulled out one of the bin liners and set the box on the dumpster opening, where it promptly toppled inside, "Oops, I guess I better climb in and get those."

Opening the bag she had kept, she stripped out of her jacket and blouse and bra, tossing them into the bin liner bag along with her purse, "Don't want them getting all dirty."

Adding her skirt, pantyhose, panties and shoes to the bag so she was standing by the dumpster totally nude, her nipples pointing as the cool breeze rustled her hair. She set the bag on the dumpster and smiled as it toppled in just has the box of bin liners had. "Oh my, I better climb in and get my things," she said to no one. Or at least she thought no one would hear her. What she did not realize was that one of the hotel guests had similar kinky tastes and was already in the dumpster.

Tammy climbed in through the side hatch and started to work her way into the bags in the half full dumpster - she realized there was a bag that was not tied closed and decided it might be fun to just slip in that one instead of finding one of hers and wasting it. Besides, who knew what other interesting kinds of garbage she might end up sharing the bag with.

As she slipped into the bag, her feet touched something that felt hairy, like fur and then something warm and smooth and firm, but not hard. As she slipped into the bag she found herself face to face with a naked man. "OH" she exclaimed. and then laughed, "I did not realize this bag was occupied. Whatever shall we do?" She wiggled to feel his warmth pressing against her breasts and felt something stiff and harder that had found its way between her legs and was pressing against her now very wet pussy.

Reaching down, she guided the man's cock into her warmth, and said, "I would ask your name, but right now we are both nothing but garbage, and since garbage has no name - why bother. And since it seems that I have managed to stick some other piece of garbage into myself.." With that she began to move, rubbing her breasts on the man's chest and alternately bending her legs a bit, pressing her hips down to drive his cock deeper before standing to pull it almost out.

All he said was, “Yes let's fuck now.” Pulling the stranger's head close, Tammy began to kiss the other nameless garbage.

About this time, the dance club cleaning crew came down the hill, wheeling two full bins of rubbish. It was discarded garbage from the hotel snack bar and the last load of trash from the hotel. Arriving at the dumpster and hearing noises inside, the older janitor, Joe, and the new young woman helper, Lucy, paused. The older man said, "It's just some rats or a raccoon digging in the garbage". And he flipped the top lid off the dumpster before grabbing the first bin. "Here Lucy, climb up here and help me dump this in."

Tammy and her new found 'garbage' slowed down a bit, it was all but impossible for them to stop as they were both close to a climax. Tammy whispered "Don't stop but be real quiet..." The stranger whispered, “Ok baby.”

Old Joe waited till Lucy stepped up on the dumpster's side rail and reached back for her side of the first bin. Together they pulled it up and tipped it over the edge. The discarded cups of unused waffle mix, the coffee grounds and the empty paper cups, plastic plates with sticky syrup and all the rest of the mess from the hotel snack area and the sanitary napkins and other waste collected from the guest rooms, poured out of the bin liner directly into the dumpster. No one had closed up the bin's liner, so just like Tammy had, the open bin liner holding her and the garbage who was fucking her were right there, still open, to catch the garbage.

"Stay up there Lucy, I will get the other one," said Joe as he climbed down and took the empty bin from Lucy.

Lucy looked into the dumpster, trying to spot the animal they had heard earlier, but the pile of garbage was now covering Tammy and the stranger whose cock was still sliding in and out of her pussy. He was moving slower now, with no thrusting to make noise or bring Tammy to an orgasm and Lucy heard only some faint movement. She leaned in a bit further to try to spot the cause.

Meanwhile Old Joe was struggling to lift the second bin he had dragged over to the dumpster. Experienced at this, he knew the second bin was lighter, but it was big and as he lifted it for Lucy to grab, he could not see that he was about to bump it into her ass as she leaned over the dumpster opening.

Tammy was biting her lip to avoid crying out as the constant motion of the stranger's cock excited her, the slow stroking and the pressure of the garbage around them was pressing his pelvic bone against her clit with each slow stroke.

Joe lifted the bin, ramming it into Lucy's ass and toppling her head first into the dumpster, right in the middle of the messy garbage from the hotel, and head first into the bag holding Tammy and the stranger.

Tammy was unable to stop herself as her orgasm was triggered by the back of Lucy's head bumping into her clit as Lucy’s rough work clothes dragged down across Tammy's erect and sensitive nipples. Lucy ended up with her head deep inside the bag, sandwiched between them. As she opened her mouth and took a deep breath to scream, the stranger's cock slipped out of Tammy and popped right into Lucy's open mouth. The stranger, at that instant, thrust forward and up, driving his cock into her mouth and deep into her throat.

Lucy's legs spread wide and her skirt fell down to her inverted waist, exposing the fact that she wore no panties and leaving her pussy open to the stranger, and with her ass right in Tammy's face.

Lucy never had a chance to scream as the stranger’s cock unexpectedly deep throated her, and Tammy, who had been trying to slip her tongue into the stranger’s mouth wound up licking Lucy's ass. Presented with an open pussy in front of his face, the stranger decided not to 'look a gift..' and licked Lucy's clit and pussy and started to suck on her clit.

Lucy was in shock! The fear of falling, the cock shoved in her mouth and then deeper, and then the licking of her ass and clit! The young woman found her body responding in ways and more rapidly than she had ever experienced.

As Tammy's orgasm shook her body, and Lucy's body betrayed her with a sudden one of her own. Lucy wrapped her legs around the stranger's head, clenching tight. He too was unable to hold back, his cock deep inside Lucy's mouth and throat. His excited bellow was smothered against Lucy’s squirting pussy, his head held tight by her thighs. As the three of them came in unison, Old Joe called out, "Lucy? Are you all right, girl? Did the animal get you?"

Joe climbed the bin and peered inside to see the heads of Tammy and the stranger face to face and buried to their necks in garbage, with Lucy’s naked ass and pussy right in the middle. "What the fuck is going on?" he asked before bursting into laughter, "What the fuck, indeed!" he snorted. "You youngsters will fuck anywhere, won't you?"

Tammy and the stranger pulled Lucy upright, until she was sitting on the other bags, licking a combination of sweet syrup and salty cum from her lips and repeating, "WOW, WOW, WOW"

Tammy was blushing as she looked up at Old Joe, but she just winked at him as she started to wiggle up out of the bag she was sharing. Dragging her naked body to the side she grabbed her clothes and the box of bin liners and turned to help Lucy get to the side panel to climb out.

Lucy, was still in shock but let Old Joe help her out. Not wanting to miss out totally, the old guy made sure he stroked Lucy's pussy and rubbed her clit as he helped her down. Lucy promptly felt herself spasm in a second orgasm before she felt herself being picked up by Old Joe and laid down on her back over the tipped over trash bin. Before she could move, the old guy unzipped his pants and thrust his surprisingly large cock into her. It did not take long for her to reach a third orgasm, just as Joe came inside her. Surprising both Lucy and the watching Tammy, Old Joe, did not stop, his rapidly hardening cock kept pumping into Lucy.

Meanwhile Tammy was leaning out of the dumpster, her naked ass right in front of the stranger. Tammy watched the old guy fuck Lucy and was herself feeling aroused at both the Old guy’s actions and Lucy’s look of rapture as the huge cock plunged into her. Meanwhile, the stranger reached out to stroke Tammy's pussy and rub her clit until she was again wet and eager.

Tammy wiggled her ass like a dog wagging its tail as the stranger pulled himself up out of the garbage and mounted her doggy style. Once again it took little time for them to reach new heights. Tammy gave a little scream has the stranger grunted and humped her, thrusting in deeply as he had not been able to before.

All four of them seemed to synchronize their movements, the men thrusting and the girls moaning and begging for more and deeper thrusting. As this was the second or third time for all of them so they went on for a while building to even greater levels of pleasure. The old guy surprised Lucy, his tantric sex knowledge allowing him to perform more like one of those battery bunnies – he kept going and going. Right until Tammy screamed as she came and so did Lucy. The two men felt the girl’s pussies clenching around their cocks and there was no more going and going, only cuming and cuming.

Tammy flopped down onto the messy garbage, totally spent - her breasts now splashing into a puddle of waffle mix. The stranger who had spent his second load into her, got up without a word, and then stepped on Tammy's ass and back as he climbed out, leaving her pressed into the rest of the garbage in the dumpster. “Like you said, you’re ‘nothing but garbage,” smiling, he added, “but damn nice garbage.”

Old Joe and his new younger sex partner dragged the empty bins back to the hotel as he offered to help Lucy shower and clean up. She smiled at Joe, still remembering his impressive cock in her and his skill and eagerly nodded. “You can call me Daddy from now on.” he said.

“Yes Daddy. Please take good care of your little girl.”

“Oh, I will,” he replied, “very good care. And very often.”

Lucy hugged him as they headed to the hotel room.

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