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The Misadventures Of Allison Ali Allen

by Frizzle

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© Copyright 2022 - Frizzle - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; trash; accident; stuck; messy; dumpster; reluct; XX

Chapter One: New Roommate

Hello, it’s a pleasure to have you read about my upcoming misadventures. I suppose a proper introduction is in place, my name is Allison Ali Alan! Where I live is a secret, got to stay safe right? Needless to say, I live in an average city in an average suburb like any other average person, except for one minor detail… My non-average height.

You see, I am only four feet and six inches tall, or about a hundred and thirty-seven centimeters if you’re not from America! I never felt as if this mattered all that much, yet it hasn’t stopped literally everyone around me from acting as if I’m not noticeable to the world. Men don’t want me because I’m too small, so I tried the other side of the fence but found that women just wanted to use and abuse me, it’s a lonely existence at my height.

That aside, I’ve experienced some troubling circumstances from time to time. You see, along with my not so average height, I am also a not so average clutz! I always seem to be tripping, slipping and dipping in all sorts of places I should not be. I’m rather thin, semi-lengthy blonde hair. I’m also quite flexible, but don’t let that get to your head you naughty minded soul!

Men especially have always tried to take advantage of me, and the ones that do want a meaningful relationship can’t take me seriously because of my height. They always say ‘can’t have a son as short as you, sorry!’ I mean what the heck? How is that my fault?

Anywho, after inflation reached all new peaks, I started to seek out a place to live because I couldn’t afford my apartment anymore. I tried to find some roommates, but my place was supposedly too expensive for their tastes, so I decided to look for another living situation. I wasn’t comfortable living with men, for obvious reasons given my extreme petiteness and height, so I tried to find a female living situation just to feel more comfortable.

After some time looking through the web, I found a woman similar to my age, which I forgot to mention was twenty years old, and the woman was named Elizabeth, but her description said to call her Lizzy for short. She had long, raven hair and incredible, bright, blue eyes. She was a gorgeous woman, very athletic too! She was also an astounding six feet and four inches, so I felt it was common for us to both be on the opposite ends of the non-average female height, yay for me!

After sending her all of the necessary paperwork, she approved my application and I was ready to move in! I didn’t have a whole lot in terms of belongings, my previous arrangement had all the furniture and whatnot, so I only packed my personal belongings, it made it a lot easier for me. Lizzy said she had to work overtime on the day I moved in, she was on night shift, so she wouldn’t actually return home until an hour or two after I arrived and settled in.

She had a code door lock, so she gave me my personal passcode to enter the condo, which she owned herself, which I found pretty neat! After I arrived and entered the residence, I found a note near the front door stating where to find my bedroom space. I was astounded to see that it was much larger than my previous bedroom, a pleasant surprise, but I didn’t have my own bathroom like before, so I had to share the master with Lizzy, but I didn’t mind.

After I settled in and put all of my belongings away, I took all of my feminine products and headed towards the master bathroom. I put all of my stuff where there appeared to be space made for me, but once I was done I noticed that Lizzy’s bathroom waste bin was a little full.

‘Should probably empty that for her… But I don’t know where the outside bins are,’ I thought to myself, ‘hmmm… I guess I could just toss it in the kitchen garbage, yeah I’ll do that.’

The waste bin was a small one, but it was also a metal bin. As I tried to lift it, I found it to be pretty heavy, which I found quite odd. Sure, I was very petite and had basically no muscle, I certainly never lifted a weight in my life! Regardless, it was a little embarrassing that I had such difficulty grabbing such a small bin, I was curious as to why it was so heavy aside from it being metal.

I just used both hands and began to carry it into the kitchen. Lizzy had a very nice, stainless steel garbage enclosure. The top of the lid had a stainless steel outlining, with a clear, but semi-tinted, viewing window so you could see how full the bin was inside the enclosure without having to open the lid every time. I personally thought this was a pointless, over the top design, but still it looked pretty neat!

As I stepped down on the pedal, the waste bin began to feel even heavier, I was getting a little tired so I turned around and set it down for a moment before turning back to the kitchen bin. As the lid opened while I stepped on the pedal, I looked inside to see it was only about half full, and far, far, more spacious than I could have ever imagined. It wasn’t too tall, but it was definitely pretty wide. I knew I could easily fit inside here with no problem, which I found hilarious.

As I turned around to pick up the bathroom bin, so I could dump it, I once again misjudged its weight and didn’t grab it properly with my hands, but instead I grabbed the rim of the bin with my fingers, and they promptly slipped off of the heavy, little waste bin. I immediately lost my balance, since my foot was still turning to apply pressure to the kitchen garbage pedal, so I slipped and fell backwards. Oops.

This is where my real misadventure begins, especially since I had left my phone on the charger in my new bedroom. I fell backwards, and tipped headfirst, still backwards, straight into Lizzy’s kitchen garbage bin. I didn’t fall that much of a distance, but enough to level out and my head hit the other side of the bin with a ‘smack’.

“Youch!” I cried, as I sunk into the kitchen waste and other garbage, while I looked up to see the lid close and shut me inside. The bathroom waste receptacle was still standing upright just outside, it never tipped over so it was just sitting there conspicuously.

‘How did that even happen?’ I questioned, giggling to myself at the pure absurdity of it all, ‘well, enough fun. I need to get out this literal garbage…’

I reached up to push the lid open, but was surprised when it didn’t budge. I didn’t realize it, but the lid supposedly locks once it closes, probably to seal the smell since I then noticed a rubber gasket lining the opening of the bin. The pedal must not only open the lid, but unlock it too… Wonderful.

I tried playing with the mechanism from the inside. I had to really reach up to do so since I was lying awkwardly on my butt and couldn’t position myself very well. However, no matter how much I fiddled with it, I couldn’t get the lid to open. I had been in Lizzy’s house for about an hour now putting things away, and now I was stuck in her kitchen waste. I knew she’d be home soon, I didn’t want this to be my first impression.

I began to take note of the mess I was in, cracked eggshells were crunching under my ass, the smell of rotten milk from open and tossed jugs, paper towels that were used to wipe grime and crumbs off the countertops, food scraps, and whatever else Lizzy tossed throughout her days living in her condo.

It was pretty gross, but it didn't bother me all aside that I was trapped in her garbage. The bin that I thought was neat, was now my temporary prison until Lizzy came home and found me, and freed me. I realized that my new roommate would probably kick me out immediately, probably mistaking me for some sort of trash freak or whatnot.

Then I heard it, the sound of a door unlocking in the distance, with the faint sound of footsteps. Lizzy had to be home now, and I was half buried under her garbage. This was going to be embarrassing, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

‘I guess there’s no escaping this, once I hear her come closer I’ll call out for help,’ I thought, as I listened closely as the footsteps seemed to go into my bedroom. Lizzy was probably looking for me, I was supposed to be here after all, just not in the garbage.

After a longer wait than I wanted, I finally heard Lizzy’s voice and her footsteps growing closer. I was going to call out for her, but got distracted when I heard her enter the kitchen while talking on the phone with somebody.

“No she doesn’t appear to be here, though her stuff is all here and put away,” Lizzy spoke over the phone. “What? No, of course not! Really, it’s not a big deal, I have a big one anyways, so it’ll fit. Besides, they'll be doing pick up tomorrow morning, and it wasn’t that full to begin with since I’ve been working overtime all week.”

I was confused about what she was talking about, though I guess it should have been obvious. I was once again about to call out to her for help, but felt like I didn’t have to when I heard her walk up to the kitchen bin that I was currently stuck in. I could see her face now, far more beautiful in person, and very fit and tone looking. She was in her gym apparel, I forgot that she mentioned she hits the gym after work every day.

“That’s weird, my bathroom bin is just sitting in front of the kitchen garbage,” Lizzy said over the phone. “Yeah, not sure. Maybe she was going to toss it and forgot, I don’t know. I forgot to tell her where the dumpsters were outside, so that’s my fault. Plenty of room anyways, I’ll talk to you later. Yup. Mhm. Bye bye.”

Then I saw Lizzy look straight into the kitchen bin via the tinted viewing glass of the lid. I looked up and met her eyes, also gorgeous, as she checked the status of her bin. I smiled at her anxiously, thinking that she had noticed me, but she turned away and bent down. I was confused again, did she not notice me? Was the glass too tinted for her to really make me out inside? Then again, I shouldn’t be in here, so she probably didn’t look too hard and just made sure it was as empty as she thought it was. Who knows.

Everything that came next happened too fast for me to react. Suddenly I heard her foot step down on the pedal, and the lid lifted promptly. I looked up as the lights of the kitchen got a little brighter, and I saw Lizzy lift the bathroom bin and dump it into the garbage. I couldn’t say anything as I watched all of her bathroom waste rain down upon me.

The heaviest of the waste hit me first, a slightly bloody tampon that hit my cheek and rolled down my chest. A lot of tissues, q-tips, and even some crumpled and smelly toilet paper all fell on top of me. Lizzy barely even looked, she just dumped her garbage with the rest, which meant that right now I was also her garbage, how humiliating.

It wasn’t that much, I just wiped it aside and sighed to myself. It was already embarrassing enough to be stuck in here, but now I had to reveal myself after getting smacked by her tampon, I was definitely getting evicted immediately and I hadn’t even spent a whole day here yet!

As I looked up again to call out to her, I saw her face looking into the bin. She didn’t see me though, instead spitting her gum into the bin and it promptly smacked the side of my head, getting stuck in my hair. She also spat out a glob of spit along with it, of which it splattered all over my face. It had a sticky feeling to it, but an oddly sweet scent, probably due to the gum she was chewing.

I felt utterly degraded, just a worthless piece of trash and Lizzy was making sure to treat me like it. Of course she wasn’t aware I was inside, but the more time I spent in here the harder it was getting for me to build the courage to reveal myself. Had I remained silent for too long?

Then her phone call began to make things even more clear, when I saw her lift a medium sized bin up as she prepared to dump it into the garbage. It was her friend's garbage, maybe her friend's dumpster was full and she had nowhere else to dump it? I had never heard of someone taking someone else's trash, maybe laundry, but this felt surreal. Was I just cursed? Was this some kind of cruel joke?

A torrent of garbage rained down on me now. Food scraps, eggs, rotten chicken, beef, and other waste began to bury me. Empty food boxes, napkins, plastic utensils, and other sorts began to weigh down. If Lizzy hadn’t seen me before, she certainly couldn’t see me now.

It wasn’t over however, as I saw Lizzy set the bin down before picking up another bin of the same size, as she began to dump that too. A few tampons fell on me, along with some empty soap bottles, make up pads, acne bottles, crumpled toilet paper soaked in piss, and even a dirty, shit-stained pair of panties. Who the hell tosses their piss soaked toilet paper in the garbage? Absolutely vile!

The stench was getting awful, and I prayed this was the end. I wasn’t about to endure this a second longer, and I got ready to scream for Lizzy to stop. I was too late though.

Before I could open my mouth and scream, I watched in horror as Lizzy flipped the medium bin upside down, and slammed it into the garbage as she began to compact it all down to make even more room. With my mouth agape, some rotten chicken, one of the pieces of piss soaked toilet paper, and even half a tampon were all compacted and inserted into my open mouth as I tried to let out a scream.

“Need just a bit more space…” Lizzy spoke aloud, completely unaware that she was torturing her new roommate. She was just happy to be doing a favor for her friend, of whom had four children and a worthless husband, so the garbage amount was a weekly issue for her. Lizzy always helped out by occasionally taking some of the bins home and dumping them at her place, since her dumpster rarely ever got too full.

I began to sob, choking as the garbage penetrated my throat and I began to struggle to breathe. The strength of this woman was uncanny, I felt my bones creaking and my joints bending as she asserted her strength and compacted me deeply into the garbage waste.

“There we go, just one more bin,” Lizzy lifted the third and final bin, which was just some clothing that no longer fit her friend's kids, along with some more general waste, nothing as nasty as the last two.

I could feel the garbage piling on top of me, but I was totally buried at this point. I couldn’t breathe through my mouth, it was compacted with garbage, so I was forced to breathe through my nose and take in the foul stench of her friend's garbage. I had been in situations before due to my height, but this was on a whole new level.

“All done,” Lizzy let her foot off the pedal, and just like that any remnant of light I could still see went dark as the tint of the glass darkened the inside of the bin.

I heard Lizzy stacking the bins together as she walked off somewhere, leaving me to rot in her garbage like the rest of the waste. I had become her trash, a thought in the back of her mind to fade away like a worthless piece of garbage. The next time she’d think of me, it would be to toss more garbage or worse… Take it out. Considering I didn’t weigh that much, and looking at her strength, I had a feeling she’d likely not notice if she did.

I was trapped for probably another ten minutes, sobbing silently and completely unable to move. She had compacted me really well, using all of her strength. I thought I was looking at a brighter future, but instead I just became the garbage of this sexy, beautiful, strong woman.

Finally her footsteps were heard again, along with the crinkling of some kind of bag. The lid opened upon her foot hitting the pedal, and I felt the walls around me shifting. I had hoped she’d be my rescue, but she knew nothing of my situation, and was simply taking out the trash. I could hear her tying the bag from above, sealing me in darkness like worthless trash, and I sobbed even harder.

I tried to thrash and fight my fate, but there was so much garbage, and as I felt her strong arms heave me out of the bin, the trash settled all around me and I had an equally hard time moving at all.

“Feels heavier than usual,” Lizzy said aloud, seemingly the type of person to talk to herself, “whatever, to the dumpster you go! I wonder where my new roommate went off to, could have used her help with this.”

I felt her swing me over her shoulder, along with the trash, as she began to carry me out of her condominium. I bounced slightly up and down, with every step she took, as Lizzy whistled to herself while taking out the garbage. I sobbed and cried, my eyes red with tears, and my cheeks red with sorrow. Lizzy was going to toss me in the dirty, disgusting dumpster with the rest of the neighbors' garbage. Even worse, she did mention that tomorrow morning would be the pick up day.

After a few minutes, I heard the unlatching of a gate, and the creaking of a large metal door. Then the familiar sound of a dumpster lid being opened, before I felt Lizzy swing me up and over, as I fell about five feet into the pile of other bags within the dumpster.

“Adios trash, ain’t gonna miss yuh!” Lizzy laughed, as if amusing herself was a daily routine, before she slammed the lid to the dumpster and closed the gate before latching it shut again.

There I was now, trapped in her garbage bag, and stuck in this smelly, foul dumpster with the rest of the garbage. I remained there for the rest of the evening, occasionally getting assaulted by a few extra bags of other strangers taking out their garbage.

This was not a good first day at my new living arrangement.


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