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The Misadventures Of Allison Ali Allen

by Frizzle

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Storycodes: F/f; Solo-F; trash; bagged; stuck; messy; cons; XX

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Chapter Two: Lizzy’s Dumpster

If you were to ask me how long I had been stuck in this dumpster, within the confines of Lizzy’s kitchen trash bag, I couldn’t give you an accurate answer. It had hardly been my first day, not even an hour, when I found myself trapped in her oddly exotic kitchen waste bin. It had a viewing window of sorts, and a pedal to open it, but it seemed to also lock itself when closed and the pedal released.

It is utterly beyond me as to why it would need to lock at all, yet the universe decided to curse me due to my infantile demeanor and size as if to torture me in the most disgusting way imaginable. I had never despised being so short and slim in my entire life, this was definitely the nastiest and most embarrassing way to get stuck, anywhere, ever.

Lizzy herself was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Luscious red hair that flowed like fine silk. A strong and defined figure, and rather tall compared to myself. In fact, her strength was something else considering she tossed me over her shoulder to throw me out with the garbage, as if I was just nothing more than an out of the ordinary trash bag that was heavier than usual.

Then, to add insult to injury, she chucked me into her complex’ dumpster with the rest of her neighbors' trash bags, like the piece of garbage I have now become. All of the garbage that she took home to throw away, to assist her friend I heard over the phone, was crammed all around me. It had taken me almost an hour just to spit out the tampon and other disgusting trash that Lizzy had inadvertently shoved down my throat when she pushed the garbage to compact it deeper and make space.

I admit I cried for most of the afternoon, my makeup wet and a mess on my face along with stains and other crap stuck to my cheeks. I was worried I might run out of air and suffocate at some point, but here I am and somehow oxygen keeps finding its way into my lungs.

About four other residents came out at one point or another to toss their own waste. The first was a stranger who was completely silent, he ended up tossing two garbage bags that both hit me in the face from within my own prison. After a short while, the smell of rotting food filled my nostrils and I knew they were likely from the kitchen.

Shortly after I heard the sound of a woman whistling to herself while entering the dumpster enclosure. She grunted here or there, exiting and then reentering the enclosure about three times before I finally heard the sound of the dumpster lid opening as a dim amount of light washed over the bag I was in. At first I was confused why she kept leaving and coming back, but my question was answered in the worst way possible.

First was two bags, not too heavy. They didn’t even touch me, they seemed to end up in the back of the dumpster and into a small crevice within the pile of bags. Then more grunts came, while this stranger continued to whistle to herself. Three bags ended up on me, all of them covering me up and weighing me down into the squishy pile beneath me.

It didn’t take long for the last two bags to be tossed on top of me, seven total, and suddenly the light vanished and I was officially buried beneath all of the trash that this woman had disposed of; not a clue that I was inside and she had just buried me alive with her garbage. She was taking all of the bags from her vehicle and setting them inside to dump them all at once, that is what I came to realize.

Why someone would accumulate seven large bags of waste to dump all at once was beyond me. Five of the bags covered me entirely, I was already getting tighter in my own bag too, the ones above weighing down on me harshly as they were filled with who knows what. Whatever it was, it was heavier than sin!

I tried wiggling around, trying to make space, or even rip my way out. Vain, all in vain. I was not a strong woman, not even close. I was already stuck, and while sulking over this fact I heard very quickly the sound of the enclosure gate opening yet again. I heard two voices enter the area to likely dispose of even more garbage.

“Big dumpster,” spoke the voice of a man, sounded young, early twenties maybe.

“This bitch always gets crammed after three days, these cheap fucks need to get a second dumpster!” This was the voice of a woman, she sounded a bit older than the man.

“Lift the lid and I’ll toss em’ in,” the man said. I heard the rustling of bags, as the sound of the lid opening caught my ears barely. It was getting hard to hear anything, actually. It was about to get worse.

One, two and then three bags were tossed inside, all very large and all now on top of me, compressing me deeper into the dumpster. My cheek was squishing into all sorts of nasty from Lizzie’s bag, and my nose was pressed up against the tampon again, which was quite unfortunate.

“I’ll be back,” the man said as he left the enclosure.

The woman sighed, and I felt the dumpster shift slightly as she leaned against it and waited. It was at this moment I started feeling tingly, if you know what I mean. The thought of this woman, a bit older, completely unaware of my presence was somewhat exhilarating.

I was completely ashamed and embarrassed, and totally grossed out and also panicked at the thought of being trapped in a dumpster. My face was so compressed from the weight of the bags on top of me, I couldn’t even mutter a sound if I wanted to. But some carnal nature inside of me was revealing another set of emotions, and I wasn’t sure what to make of them.

I didn’t have time anyways, the man had returned and I felt more bags being tossed in. The first landed on the bags over my ass, my crotch pressing into something mussy inside my bag and I felt turned on all of a sudden. I moaned, but it was suppressed by the bags and went unnoticed as the man tossed in two more bags. They landed near my head, and this is when the real trouble began.

“Hurry up, it fucking stinks in here!” said the woman.

“Just five more, there was a lot of garbage my ex left behind that disgusting whore. Her room had so much garbage I thought her room was a fuckin’ dumpster!” The man vented, hoisting the last five bags into the dumpster without a care in the world.

With the last of the bags inside, I was generously buried now. The tampon was crammed up against my nose, forcing me to breathe out of my mouth, but that was almost impossible. My arms and legs were totally pinned in place, my crotch cramming into something squishy and moist. I was in a bizarre position too, giving me cramps and bends I could not adjust to recover from.

I started to scold myself mentally for not putting up more of an effort sooner to escape, I suppose I was afraid of getting caught or heard inside and becoming ridiculed or something. That seemed ridiculous now, because now it seemed like I was truly garbage, Lizzie’s garbage, and the truck would come eventually to take me away to a landfill, or worse. Assuming I didn’t die of lack of oxygen first.

I had no room to breathe, I was sucking in the stinky, stale air of Lizzie’s garbage as I realized I was starting to black out. Oxygen had run out, I was rebreathing my own carbon monoxide now. Tears began to stream from my eyes as I realized I was going to die in such a disgusting and humiliating way. Lizzy tossed me away like I was worthless, and essentially sealed my fate.

All of this because I was a short, tiny woman who had a habit of falling into places she shouldn’t. This was by far the worst situation I’d ever been in.

Then the enclosure opened up again. I was running out of air, so I didn’t bother trying to keep quiet. I knew in a moment more bags would be tossed inside, and I’d probably pass out right after. But the steps approached the bin, and the lid opened, but nothing happened. There was silence, was someone staring into the dumpster? Why would they do that? I didn’t have to wonder for long.

“Allison? Are you there?”

It was Lizzy, but how did she know I was here? I was confused, and totally ashamed, but also relieved. I tried to speak out to her, but I couldn’t. I was still blacking out, I couldn’t breathe.

“I know you have to be in there,” Lizzy spoke again, “I saw everything on my living room security camera. It faces the kitchen. I had no idea you were inside my kitchen trash, please don’t be mad at me! Can you hear me? Are you awake?”

I still couldn’t speak, my vision growing faint. My eyelids began to flicker, and Lizzy’s voice began to fade as well. Until she abruptly jumped inside of the dumpster, right over my back on top of the bags, and I felt my chest rise and the bag I was trapped inside burst open from Lizzy’s weight.

A gush of air was now available, and I breathed deeply and with relief. I was also in pain, Lizzy hadn’t realized she was atop the bags that had buried my lower back.

“Youch!” I shouted painfully.

“Sorry, one moment,” Lizzy repositioned, tossing garbage bags to the side left and right. Finally she found my upper torso, the rest of me was still buried. I craned my neck and looked up at her. My face and body was covered in grime and filth and waste. My eyes were puffy red and tearful, shame in my expression.

“Awww, you’re so adorable! Don’t be upset, I’m sure this is humiliating for you, but I’m not one to judge. I’m sure you want to get out of here, I brought an extra pair of clothes so you don’t have to do the walk of shame back to the apartment, ha!”

After helping me out of the dumpster, and handing me the clothes, I got changed but remained silent. Once I was changed, Lizzy put all of my dirty clothes into a fresh trash bag she brought with her, to conceal the evidence as she walked me back to her place. Finally the silence got to her, and she reached out and wrapped her arm around my shoulders awkwardly due to her height and mine.

“I didn’t actually think you’d be so tiny, you could almost pass for a dwarf!” Lizzy teased.

I didn’t say anything, completely embarrassed.

“Don’t take that wrong, I think you’re totally cute! If I were a lesbo I’d totally date you!”

“How did you know I was in the dumpster?” I asked, still perplexed by how she had come to learn of my fate.

“Oh yeah, I have security cameras in my place,” Lizzy explained. “I thought you’d be home when I got back from work, and I saw your stuff but you weren’t anywhere to be found. I was confused why the bathroom bin was full and in the kitchen, but after almost an entire day and you were nowhere to be found I figured to watch the security footage. I’ll admit, I was dying to see what you looked like, from your depictions, but surprise, surprise when I saw you fall into my own kitchen waste bin! So how was the experience?”

“Humiliating… If you want to kick me out already I understand…” I spoke somberly.

“Relax toots! I thought it was funny as hell, kind of hot too. I mean I totally thought you were garbage! Some of the nasty shit I threw on top of you should violate multiple laws! Ha! Sorry it took me so long to find you, hope the dumpster life wasn’t all that bad.”

“It was…” I stopped mid sentence, I hadn’t forgotten the weird sensation I began to feel below. Lizzy did not realize I cut my words short, instead taking my words literally.

“I bet it was, my neighbors have far worse garbage to toss than I do! That dumpster fucking stinks I swear!”

Lizzy then nudged me gently in the ribs with a gaping smile, “I’ll tell you what though, if you’re actually some sort of trash freak, because admittedly I totally thought you were, by all means feel free to screw around! No need to warn me either, I’ll just assume the garbage is garbage. Got it?”

“That’s… Not at all my thing… But thanks I guess,” I answered sheepishly. Although that strange statement from Lizzy had that strange sensation return to my lower region. Did she just give me permission to trash myself whenever I wanted, against her own awareness at the same time? Whenever I wanted?

Did she actually believe I might be some trash fetishist nut job? Or perhaps she was picking up on something that I was too sheepish to recognize myself…?

No… No of course not! I’m a trash panda, I’m just Allison Ali Alan, a short, slim woman who got stuck in the trash one time! The trash of a sexy, tall and very strong, red-headed young woman… Who was giving me the complete permission to repeat the experience whenever I wanted, no conditions…

This would be an interesting roommate experience.


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