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Round and Round

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2015 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; naked; gag; toys; insert; bagged; compactor; messy; buried; trapped; stuck; true; cons/reluct; XX

Tammy is the author of Tales of the Green Valley series.

This is an account of a True and recent experience (April 11-13, 2015) I thought I had planned well and got in a lot deeper than I expected. Another lesson in why this type of play should remain as fantasy and is NOT for solo play, have a partner/rescue plan if you consider doing this. Better yet, DON’T! I was interested in experiencing part of what Betsy did in story # 17: New to the Game and this is what happened. Maybe this true story will help prevent a bad mistake by someone new to this.

My name is Tammy and I recently wrote a story about a college student who was tossed into a compacting dumpster after her sex partner finished with her, and I got really excited as I wrote that. I started to hunt for a similar setting, an apartment complex with a fenced off dumpster with a detachable side compactor unit. It had to be one that had no security monitor cameras because I intended to be naked to feel the slippery plastic surrounding my body.

I was visiting a friend who lived in that type of complex, 20 three story buildings with 4 apartments on each floor. It actually had two dumpster areas for the residents to dispose of their garbage and following my friend as she took out some trash, I saw that the dumpsters in the rear of the parking lot backed up against an area of forest, and more importantly, not only did they have no security cameras, they also had compactor controls that required a key. And every resident had a key so they could cycle the compactor after they tossed in their garbage.

I read the signs reminding residents to close the lid and cycle the compactor so trash was not left in the open to attract birds. As this was Texas, the birds would be crows, ravens and even vultures - all the scavenging types. The sign revealed that the dumpster would be replaced on Monday’s and Friday’s.

When I got home, I used Google Earth and saw that there was a dirt road behind the small forest on a hill that backed up to the dumpsters leading to an old sand quarry that had shut down a few years ago. It was fenced, but the fence was down the road beyond the part that passed behind the apartment complex.

Getting up early, I drove over to that road and down it, parking out of sight of the main road, and hiked through the woods, stopping just at the edge of the forest and watched the people bring out their garbage as they were leaving for work. The forest was up a small hill, so I could see down into the refuse collection area and even see into the compactor hopper a bit. It was just high enough to let me see the ram push each load into the attached dumpster. Not everyone bothered to run the compactor after tossing in their trash, more like half bothered to do it before they went to their cars to go off to work. I sat on a log, my hands busy between my legs as I listened to the compactor ram compressor run and got more and more excited as each bunch of bags were pushed into the dumpster.

It was Monday morning, and I could see that the bags were simply being pushed in, no sign of mashed or flattened ones and no sound of the compressor actually working to crush anything. This confirmed my thought that the weekend loads would be lighter than the one picked up on Friday. About 9:30, I heard the roar of a diesel and watched a flatbed truck pull up behind the dumpster. The driver powered off the compactor, slid a barrier over the opening in the dumpster side and detached the couplings to the compactor. He hooked a winch cable to the dumpster and tipped the bed of his truck to form a ramp. Activating the winch, he pulled the partially full dumpster up onto the bed before raising it back to level. He applied some tie downs and then drove off leaving the compactor without a dumpster. While he was gone a couple of people tossed a couple of bags in the hopper and left.

It was about 30 minutes before the truck arrived carrying an empty dumpster and backed carefully to align itself to some paint marks on the pavement. When the same driver climbed out to tip the bed and offload the replacement, I understood the operation. Come in empty, take the first one, empty it at the landfill just a few miles away, bring it back, offload it and then get the next one at the refuse collection area on the other end of the parking lot.

I got up and moved back through the trees to my car to go home and complete my planning. I was going to be IN that hopper and let the compactor push me and lots of stranger’s garbage right into that dumpster!

I have some 2 mil black bin liner plastic bags that if doubled do not tear easily. I would park on that dirt road at night, cut through the trees and climb into the hopper and into the dumpster to strip and bag myself. Then, with just a roll and wiggle to move back to the hopper, I would wait for my free ride. Get out by sunrise and I would be fine. I would take my clothes with me in a small bag inside the big ones to have something to put on and serve as a pillow.

On Good Friday, I got together with my friend that lived in the complex for lunch and discovered that there had been no pick up that day - Monday would have a really full and tightly compacted load. This would not be a good weekend to play at being garbage. But the next Saturday night should be just right.

I gathered all my gear: the doubled bin liners, a small plastic sack for clothes, my butt plug and a 6-inch dildo, with new batteries for its vibrator. I thought about bringing some soft ropes with slip knots to try some restraints inside the bag but decided to save that for another time. I did bring a gag - it covers my chin and mouth with two straps behind my head, after all, I did not want to make a sound and be discovered. Exposed might be a better term, as I was going to be naked with toys stuck in both my holes. I even told an online friend what I was doing - though I never told him exactly where this was taking place. I also took a small pocket knife that has a tiny LED flashlight in it, a giant tie wrap and the ever essential duct tape.

As soon as it got dark, I loaded my gear into my car and drove to the dirt road. I waited till there was no traffic near me so I could make the turn onto the road without being seen. Parking the car, I locked it and then carefully buried my id and keys in the dirt inside one of the rear wheels so there was no risk of them getting lost in the dumpster. Once that was done, I slipped through the trees, trying hard not to trip or get caught on the spiky briars in the undergrowth. Carefully watching to be sure no one was around in the parking lot, and that the few windows facing the lot were dark, I moved down the hill into the fenced area by the compactor and dumpster. Tossing my gear into the hopper, I climbed up and in before crawling through the opening into the dumpster.

There was plenty of room to move around, the dumpster was less than a quarter full. Stripping off my blouse and jeans, bra and panties, I stuffed them into the small bag before pushing that into my big doubled bag. I squatted and pressed the butt plug deep into my ass and squirmed as I felt it filling me. Feet first I wiggled into the bin liners before pulling the open tops inside. After groping to find my tie wrap and small knife, I pulled the tie wrap tight around the tops, sealing my naked body inside 4 mils of black plastic.

Since I have no desire to suffocate, I used my knife to cut several holes right through both layers of the bin liners. Tearing of some strips of duct tape, I reinforced the holes so they would neither tear the whole bag, nor be able to close up. I added the tape and knife to my bag of clothes and then began to play with my clit as I stroked my dildo between my labia and worked it into my vagina. I stopped and put on my gag, I can be a bit of a screamer and that would not be a smart move in there. Realizing that the gag wasn’t really effective at muffling me, more of a muzzle than a gag, I fished out my panties from the small bag and stuffed them into the gag and partly into my mouth. NOW I would be nice and quiet - just like the rest of the garbage. By now I was well and truly warmed up, and the bin liner was starting to get all sweaty, so I began to roll myself back to the dumpster opening.

Ouch! I bumped my head on the side of the opening. I groped with my hands to find that edge and more carefully wiggled myself out of the dumpster into the hopper. I had to pause and listen to make sure no one was near that might see a bag of garbage moving around. And there I waited for someone to throw away their garbage and run the machine. About midnight, some loud and fairly drunk people came over and tossed in a few bags of trash from their party. I had positioned the bag of clothes over my head so their sack of beer bottles and cans did not hurt. One of them commented, “Damn thing’s full, someone didn’t crush the crap they tossed in.” “Let me find my key and I’ll do it,” said another voice.

There was a rattle of keys and then the compressor motor started up. I heard someone slapping the big button and then say, “It ain’t moving.” The reply was, “wait till it gets up to pressure, then it will just mash all that right on in.”

Right on queue there was a clunk and the ram began to extend. All their garbage and the bag I was in simply slid along into the dumpster. I reached the rest of the older garbage and stopped while the ram continued to push the other bags against me before they slid off to the sides. And then the ram retracted, backing all the way out to leave the hopper empty. All the garbage, including me, had been stuffed into the dumpster. They tossed in three more bags and ran it again so the ram just pressed those up against me. One of their bags burst and I would later discover their potato salad that spilled out onto the floor of the dumpster. Once they left, I rolled myself back to the hopper without banging my head - I had learned that lesson.

Now I had planned to spend the night, ride the ram as each party cleaned up and sneak out by sunrise That was the ONLY group that cleaned up at the end of the party, and I fell asleep curled up in my plastic sacks with my head of my pillow stuffed with my clothes. A large and heavy bag of garbage landing on my side woke me up suddenly and I realized I could see daylight through the holes in my bags. The gag thing muffled the “oof” and I realized they had just tossed garbage onto me. The compressor started up and I felt two more thuds as more garbage was tossed on top of me. IN again - up to the old packed pile and then more pressure as the new bags were pushed hard against the butt plug in my ass. The people left and I started to roll toward the opening for another ride when I heard a crash as someone threw some old furniture into the hopper. Thankful I was not in there then, I moved a bit to the side and the compactor pushed the new load past me but I heard the crack and snap as the furniture was pressed by the ram.

I was starting to get worried - I did not want to get jammed against broken hard stuff, it was already daylight and I did not want to be found. But worst of all, the trash and garbage was now coming steadily. Load after load, into the hopper and rammed into the dumpster. Each new load was pushing me as things moved to the back, out to the side and up toward the opening. I hit the front by the opening and stopped. The next cycle ripped the two bags I was in open as it moved in. When it retracted, I spilled out, all naked and sweaty, flat on my back, right in the compaction channel.

Nobody saw my knees and feet inside the dumpster, they just threw away their garbage and ran the machine. Something pushed my feet up and I was sliding along on my back till my head and shoulders reached the compacted mass. Fortunately that furniture had been shifted to one side and as my chin was forcibly tucked to my chest, the ram pressed something against the end of the dildo. As my ass and thighs were squeezed flat against the ram, that thing drove the dildo fully inside me, vibrator knob and all. It was on low, but getting pushed inside me shifted the knob. I almost screamed as that hard knob hit my g-spot. No soft surface silicone cock, this was a hard plastic knob vibrating directly on the spot and totally inside me.

As the ram retracted I managed to roll to my side before the next cycle squeezed me. Then I got to my knees with my head and chest off to the side so it just squeezed my hips. And then I was off to one side, on top of the lower level of garbage. I managed to stay there a few more cycles before I toppled over into the channel as the ram retracted. Face and chest right into the mushy mess of potato salad, moldy cottage cheese, some kind of cake and a blob of bacon grease that had been squeezed out of a big plastic bottle.

In came the ram again. I did a push up so a bag slid under me and pressed up on my breasts and let the ram go under me. I flopped back down when it retracted but the next cycle pushed me up to one side. I got so dizzy and disoriented I stopped trying to stay on top and just let it push me along with all the other garbage. The dumpster was finally full enough that the part of the mass I was in stopped circulating me into the ram path. I could not tell if it was day or night. I had lost my gear bag and clothes. I was naked, smeared with grease and food slop. I had shit out my butt plug on one of the tighter squeezes, but that dildo was still vibrating away. I was really just garbage and with that dildo - well I kept cuming and gasping and trying not to inhale my panties inside the gag.

I finally realized that I wasn’t being cycled, it must be night time. I really needed to start trying to get out before the truck came for all the garbage, including me. But I was stuck. Packed in with my elbows at my sides, hands over my face, bent at waist and knee. I could not move!

Well almost - I started to move my arms forward and back and managed to make some space under my elbows so I could force my hands forward and claw at the bag above my head. Three broken nails later I was reaching out through that bag trying to find something to grab that I could pull on to move me forward. I found the leg of a chair in that early batch of furniture! Now I had a tool to dig with - and one I could stab into the mass to pull myself forward. I hoped things would be looser up top but which way was the hopper? I was scared I would work hard only to get to the back of the dumpster. And if I did get it right, I had to dig down to get to the opening. And I had to do it before the truck guy slid the metal plate down and locked me in.

It took hours of squirming and jamming the chair leg and pulling. I would move a bit and then something would shift down by my waist and block my hips. It was looser up top and I chose the less densely packed direction as leading to the hopper. Since you are reading this, you know I finally managed to get into the hopper and out. All I had to do then was sneak out of the enclosure and crawl up the hill to the forest - walking was not an option at first. I don’t know if anyone saw me out a window - it was full daylight as I dragged my naked filthy body into the woods. That quarter mile of briars and sticks and stones was almost as bad as the dumpster-go-round but I made it to my car and dug up my keys. When I got home I closed the garage door before getting out of the car and heading to the shower.

It took almost 30 minutes of essentially fisting myself, to get that dildo out. No damage, but too much of a good thing. F’n battery NEVER ran down, I hate that bunny. I cleaned up, patched my scrapes, reported my survival to my online friend and collapsed into bed.

I was VERY LUCKY. A lot of things could have gone much worse than what happened. I could have been caught and was technically trespassing as I don’t live there. I could have been stabbed or cut up by crushed furniture, impaled and torn up internally by the dildo, had bones broken, had my face pressed against a plastic bag and asphyxiated, forced face down at the bottom and drowned in slimy gunk, or simply not been able to get out quick enough or at all and been buried in the landfill.

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