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Home Sweet Dumpster

by Vicki Panties

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© Copyright 2005 - Vicki Panties - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; dumpster; trash; enclosed; bagged; truck; compactor; buried; landfill; stuck; cons/nc; XXX

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It came slowly, down the road. At first I could not make out the sound. A moment or two later, it was a car, with the exhaust broken off or something. It sounded like a stock car! It pulled in the driveway. I heard a car door opening, and the un-mistakable sound of angry feet stomping about. The stomping approached the dumpster that I was entombed in. As words of intense profanity came streaming about, I realized it was my girlfriend. She unlocked the slide door nearest to me. Through my plastic heaven, I could hear her telling me what made her so angry.

Apparently, she was driving my car. My 1967 vintage Camaro that I spent years restoring. It was mint. Actually, I was looking forward to taking it for a spin when my weekend of garbage heaven was done. You see, she hates this car. Its my way out sometimes. So, I was only dreading what she was going to tell me. She went on to say that my piece of crap car dropped it's exhaust when she ran over a pot-hole. She was pissed because it embarrassed her to see sparks flying. It wasn't so much the idea that she hated the car, and was pissed at me, but the idea about her being SO pissed, she came up with an even more devious plan.

She went on to explain to me that she had hired a wrecker to come and take away that infernal machine. That she would rid of it forever.

Well, of course, this got me pissed off. So, I shouted and cursed everything I could muster. It was so much in fact, that the bag I was sealed in was starting to rain on me from condensation!

I finally realized she wasn't listening to me.

She slammed the slide door shut, and stampered away.

A few minutes later, I could hear her stomping back towards the dumpster. She flung the slide door open again, and shouted at me that she hoped I liked my little trashy home. Then, she told me I better get used to it, cuz she has decided to get rid of all the trashy things in her life. The car, and ME!!!

Yikes. I wondered what was coming next!

In her final words, she told me that I'd be gone by morning. The truck was coming, and I would be properly disposed of.

Could she really do this? Was this going to happen? It couldn't. I'm sure that this is all part of her act. She will probably wake me in the morning laughing or something. But, what if it were true??

It was hard to sleep that night. Surrounded by my complete bag-ness and the total darkness, was eating at me. I estimated it was somewhere late at night. I had to be close to dawn soon. I know that trash trucks usually come around daybreak. I broke out into a cold sweat. I was awoken by a soft thud. The dumpster shuttered a little bit, and I could feel a few bags that were around me shift a little. The bag I was in slipped a few inches, and fell further down into the pile of bags. There was now a little bit more pressure against me. I then heard the distinctive sound of air breaks, and the shuttering stopped. I knew what was happening.

The truck was here.

Screaming about it probably would not do any good, so, I did what any other trash-bag fetishist would do. Sat back and enjoyed the moment!!

I was a little scared, but a little excited. I figured this truck must belong to a friend of hers or something. That they would empty my dumpster into a empty truck, drive around for a while to scare me, and then let me out. I heard a truck door fling open, and the sound of boots hitting the ground. It was the driver. The door slammed, and I could then hear the diesel engine gear down, engaging the hydraulics. The driver must have climbed on top of my dumpster and unlocked the top lid, because I could hear something moving around above me.

Soon after, I heard the door open again, and close quickly after. Then came that sound. The sound of the engine straining, pumping tons of pressure into the hydraulics in preparation to lift my dumpster. Then, it happened. I could feel a big jolt. Everything inside the dumpster with me collapsed on top of me all at once. I was shifted a few times, and it felt like I was riding an old elevator. A few seconds later, I got the sensation that I was sliding. I could feel bag after bag rolling around and shifting. There was no stopping it. I was sliding alright, BACKWARDS.

The dumpster must have reached the highest point of it's dump, and I was sure it was upside down. This could only mean one thing. All this trash, including the bag I was in, was headed directly for the belly of a trash truck. Then, with a final jolt from outside, I slid all the way. I felt weightless for a moment as I was now out of the dumpster, but joined by a dozen or so trash bags falling from the air, into the big pit. And that's what happened..

A big thud confirmed that I had landed in a heap of other trash. Real trash, that the driver had already picked up. Then I felt a few more of the bags I had bonded with land on top of me with no mercy. Any other person would have been screaming with sheer terror by now, but strangely, not me. For, I was a trash-bag fetishist. And my ultimate dream was being carried out. The rest of the bags finished falling on me. And, just like when I was in the dumpster, a few had shifted around, and buried me uniquely.

I could feel the truck jerk as it set the dumpster back down onto my driveway. Then I felt the engine change back to its normal mode. As the truck began to move away, some more bags jostled and hurled around. Finally, all was well when everything settled for good. I wondered why I did not get crushed... I figured the truck must be full. There was a nasty stink around me. I figured I had to be full. So, I poked a hole in my bag to see through. Sure enough, what I saw awed me. Trash. Everywhere. Stacked to the top of the truck. One big glob. As I felt the truck turning and all of that, I wondered, where are we going?

* * * *

About ten minutes had passed now. I was getting used to the stench surrounding me. I was beginning to pretend that part of the stink was coming from me. For, after all, I was now trash too.

During this time, each time that the truck turned, a few more pieces of trash would shift around, and kinda jostle me around some more. It was really exciting to me, knowing that all this trash surrounded me in the darkness. The truck continued on its patrol, cruising around on the streets.

Finally, about 30 minutes later, the truck stopped. I could hear the driver getting out again, and again the engine changed into the 'trash pick-up' mode. It wasn't long before I could hear the top of the truck sliding open, ready to accept more beautiful trash. The truck lurched as it picked up the dumpster outside. I imagined all the trash sliding towards the opening of the beast. Quickly, I started to feel the first few pieces of trash landing on top and all around me. It was cool. Then, the trash got really heavy on top of me. This must have been a really full dumpster. I heard the truck shake the dumpster a little before it let it down like a bolt of lightning from the sky.. wham!

The driver slammed his door shut, and I heard the engine noise change again. Suddenly, I felt the mass of trash surrounding me shift. At first it was not really that bad. But, a few seconds later, I started to feel a powerful pressure. It was then that I realized that the compactor had started! The pressure slowly built, and I could feel my trash bag being pushed up against the mass of other bags. I was surprised that my bag was still in tact. But, I remembered that my GF had double bagged me back in my dumpster earlier.

I was kinda taking the pressure at stride, until I suddenly felt the truck's engine straining. The pressure shot up like I did when I first got into my dumpster! It was no longer a comfortable feeling. Inside my 55 gallon trash bag, I was being squeezed into a very strange configuration. My body did not like it much. I tried to fight the pressure but it was too much. In a instant, I felt this shearing pain down my right leg. I cringed with pain when I heard a horrible 'crack'. It felt like a sledgehammer had hit me, my leg was broken! I thought to myself, oh great, a week of crutches when I get out of here.

That thought didn't last long! I then felt a searing pain in my left arm, as if someone was twisting it. Again, I cried in pain as my arm was mangled to a pulp. How was I going to live like this? Yeah right. Mili-seconds later, crack, ouch, damn that was my other leg! What was happening? I was in great pain, you can't even imagine. Suddenly, as quickly as it had began, it ended. The pressure released. It felt better as my bag slid into the truck a little more. I wanted to take a peak through the hole in my bag.

As I tried to move myself, I was then that I realized I could not. My neck had been broken. I could not move. I was immobilized, reduced to nothing, like a bag of, trash. I felt blood on my cheek. It was flowing, like a stream. I could taste it as it went into my mouth. I spit it out as best as I could, but it kept coming, it would not stop. I don't know why I did not feel it before, but suddenly I could feel the gash in my head. Apparently, a metal rod had poked though my bag, and skewered me like a shish-kabob! I peeked up, and could see it, it was there alright. Ouch, man I can't believe I lived through that! The pain was unbearable. You can't imagine.

Suddenly, my ultimate fantasy was becoming my worst nightmare. I could feel the truck moving now. With each lurch forward, the pain became worse. I tried to scream for help. It was no use. There was too much trash in here with me, and my mouth kept filling with blood. My hell ride was getting worse. I wanted it to be all over. I prayed that there would be no more pick-ups. Another compacting would probably do me in. I fainted from loss of blood I guess. I woke back up when I felt the truck come to a halt. I was thinking that this was going to be it, it was all over. One more compacting to go. I felt the truck back up. This sucked because going backwards only pushed me against that metal rod harder. By this point there was no pain though.

A moment or two later, the truck stopped. I heard that noise again, the engine gearing down. I said good bye to myself as I waited for more trash to fall in. Thus, this was not the case! I felt the belly of truck being lifted. Suddenly, with one lurch, I could feel me, and the whole stash around me sliding backwards. I picked up some speed, and I landed with a THUD on some other trash. I sat there for a second, my mangled body still unable to move. I heard the truck pull away.

My bag then suddenly ripped open a little. I could see where I was now. I was surrounded by what seemed like tones of trash. Actually, I didn't even care for the fact that I thought I was at the dump, the transfer station. Just then, I could hear another truck. It was a loader, a front-end type. It was pushing trash. Tonnes of it, and it was heading right for me!

I thought to myself that this was not how it was supposed to be. My GF was supposed to pick me up here, un-harmed, drained from numerous jack-offs of pleasure. But no, I was a helpless, heap of trash like all the rest. I knew this was it. I said dammit to myself as I watched tonnes of trash come down crashing on top of me. I said goodbye to everything as pitch darkness surrounded me. I thought to myself, this is what trash is, lifeless, unwanted and discarded. I thought to myself everything will be fine. Yeah right. See you in about a thousand years, reduced to peat moss! The End.


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