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Home Sweet Dumpster

by Vicki Panties

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© Copyright 2005 - Vicki Panties - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; dumpster; trash; enclosed; bagged; buried; mast; locked; stuck; cons; X

I just got off the phone with the local garbage people. They will drop off my dumpster this afternoon. Here's my plan, to spend the weekend in it!! I have devised a plan that I think should work pretty good. I purchased from the hardware store 3 cases of 55 gallon trash bags. When I got them home, I gathered up all the old newspapers and worn out clothes and stuff I could find. I have a lot, and more I got from those over-flowing charity box things. So, I spent most of the day today filling up the bags with all of this safe "trash". By the time supper time came, I had filled about 4 dozen!! 

Yikes. The dumpster arrived about an hour later. It was one of those blue, stand up types with the doors that slide open from the sides, and it has one big door on top. It is now in my driveway. I spent most of the evening preparing my new toy. I put a few bags inside it so as to cover up the floor of the dumpster. I figured the fun part would come later! I got my girlfriend, yes, my girlfriend, to help me in all of this. She thought it was kinda strange, but she was doing it for me.

It was about 10 pm, and it was time to "throw myself away" for the night. I slid open the side doors and I was hit with a garbage smell. I guess there was some residue left behind from the last time it was used. I stood there for a moment, and looked trough the door. I was instantly hard at the sight of all the bags laying there waiting for me. I was harder knowing there would soon be more! My GF jokingly told me to stop stalling and get my ass in there, that was really what I needed. Like a hockey player over the boards, I flung myself right in. I landed softly on the pile, and instantly I sank into the few bags that were below me. That was cool. As I sat there with the bags around me, the plastic was right in my face, so I took a nice long breath in, Ahhhh. 

I sat there for a few minutes and just took a deep look around. Wow, it was a beautiful sight. Just then, my GF told me that she was going to slide the door closed and lock it, and then proceed to fill in the rest of the bags from the top. I was in heaven and hard as a rock as I watched her slowly close the door. I then heard a lock being slipped on the outside. Wow. A few seconds later, the top lid opened up and light from the garage pored in. My GF peered in from the top and she warned me that 30 or so full 55 gallon bags were coming in.

Oh boy. I saw the first bag come streaming across the opening and it fell right through the center. Damn, she doing that pretty well! It landed with a large plastic-y thud right next to me. It rolled a little towards me and touched me a little. It was like it was teasing me!!

Then, there was another that came flying over the top. This one was targeted right for me! I did not have time to duck and it struck me right on the head. It tingled a little bit, but it was ok. It was then that I told her to hang on a second. I cleared a few bags away, and I laid myself down in between a couple. Then I reached over and positioned a couple on top of me for safety. I then yelled to her to proceed. For the next half hour or so, I was bombarded from above by trash bags. Some of them came close, some of them were right on top of me. As more and more came in, they began to settle, and soon I was loosing sight of the opening above me. After about an hour, all I could see above was the sweet blackness of trash bags! There was a strange yet soothing silence now too. All the bags kinda shut off the outside worlds sounds. I could really only hear myself thrashing around amid the bags. I could also hear the bags slipping and falling into place for good. 

Then, suddenly, I heard the lid being slammed shut above me. And again, I heard a lock being placed. I was so excited now I could barely contain myself! Here I was, surrounded by bags! I knew I was pinned here, with no way to get out. There was plenty of room around me to breath, but I could not really move to well. I had a bag sitting mere inches from my face. I was worried that if it slipped, it could cut off my air. But, it was pretty secure and wasn't going anywhere. Not long after that, the side door was unlocked and I could hear it being opened. I heard my GF tell me that the dumpster was completely full, and that no more could fit. Wow, that meant that because I was lying there pretty close to the bottom of it, that almost 6 feet of trash was on top of me! I wasn't going anywhere for a while! The pressure was obvious, but because the bags were not very heavy, I was fine. Very comfy in fact. She told me good night, and that she would check on me in the morning. She closed the door and locked it again. 

So here I was, it was just me, buried by 6 ft of trash. I was locked in here, with nowhere to go. So, I just relaxed, and enjoyed my little adventure. After a while, I was getting bored. I looked around but it was pretty much pitch dark. I could smell the plastic from the bags really strongly now, and that re-instated my hard-on. So, I figured I may as well finish it off and get to sleep. So, that's what I did. Wow, what an explosion! I crashed in relax after I was done. I suddenly felt guilty and weird about what I was doing, but the fact that there was nothing I could do about it only made it more fun. So, I took another look around before settling down to sleep. 

When I woke up the next morning, I could hear lawn mowers going, people talking, and all kinds of other activity. I remember thinking that they probably had no idea I was in this dumpster. That re-kindled my hard on again. It was a little lighter in there now, and I could see paths of light poking through the few holes in the steel encasing me. I heard the door slide open again. It was my GF. She told me she was going to go out for a while, and I was on my own. She thought she'd be funny, and I could hear her stuffing another bag into the door. She jiggled and said aloud that she needs to call this dumpster in for a pick-up. It was then that heard the door being slammed shut, and locked. Suddenly, I sensed a bit of fear that maybe that was her plan. Was I doomed to be picked up by a truck? God I hoped not! 

The day lingered on and I just sat in there alone with my thoughts. I could not help but wonder if she was serious, or just kidding about the truck pick up.  Around noontime or so, I relieved myself again, and again I felt funny about the whole thing. Actually, I was feeling nervous, because my GF had not returned yet. And I could not get that truck thing out of my mind! The feeling of helplessness and fear only made the experience more invigorating! With that in my mind, I realized I still had another night per my agreement with my GF. Her rule was, that as long as I was willing to stay in there for the weekend, she'd be willing to help. 

A few hours later, I finally heard the door slide open again. It was my GF. She told me that she was going to climb in and take a few of the bags out so that she could get to me. I saw the light stream in as the top opened up. Slowly, more light peered in as bag after bag was pulled away. It felt good as the weight kinda was let up a little bit. Finally, after a few minutes, my GF emerged, perched standing on top of a few bags peering down on me. I thought this was going to be welcomed surprise. I figured she was going to play me a little, have a little bit of fun before replacing all the bags again. I thought maybe she was even going to stay with me in here for a while, or maybe she had someone in mind to cover us BOTH up in bags. But, suddenly, I saw what she was holding behind her back. It was a 55 gallon trash bag. She smirked and told me that it was time for me to learn what trash was supposed be like! She whipped open the bag, and suddenly I grew harder than ever...

She gave me this evilish grin, and told me to take all of my clothes off. Ok, so who was I to argue! After I was done with that, she stood closer to me, opened up the thick, black bag and put it next to me. She then told me to get in, and get comfy. So, I used my standard self-bagging style of crawling in head first. I pulled my feet in as far as they would go. For a moment, I thought to myself how wonderful this was and how full of ecstasy it was for me. I took a couple of breaths of the thick, wonderful plastic, and noticed it was hard to see through the plastic. Just then, I felt her pull the ends of the bag up, and I slipped further into the dark void.

I was now well tucked inside. I positioned myself so I could see up through the opening. She had most of the ends gathered up. She paused for a moment and looked at me. She told me she knew how much I liked this, and that it was only going to get better. Then she said good night, and told me to enjoy the last bit of light. Right after that, she closed up the bag completely. As she twisted the ends together very tight, the light soon was gone, and I was just dying to know what was in store. She stopped twisting, and I could hear her zip-tying the bag closed, not once, but twice. It was at that moment, that I realized I was in fact, trashed. Then I could hear her opening another bag! Was she going to get in one too?? She then poked a hole in my bag for me.

I waited to listen to her squirm into her own bag, but suddenly, I could feel myself being rolled over on my side. Then, I could feel a thicker feeling as she pulled a second trash bag around me. She was double bagging me!

She tied the ends of the second one the same way, and I could see light after she poked a small hole through that one as well. I then heard her tell me that she would see me later, and that I'd find her in the garden later. The garden, what the hell was she talking about?

Anyway, there I was double bagged, in a sea of trash bags, inside a dumpster. It did not get any better than this! A few moments later, I could tell that she was climbing out of the dumpster. There was a slight pause, and I suddenly felt a bag falling into the dumpster beside me. I remembered all the other bags, and she was throwing them back in with me! Then there was another, and yet another. This continued for a few minutes. It was kinda cool not seeing them coming. A couple of them landed on top of me.

About 10 minutes went by, and the last bag fell. I then heard the top slam shut, and the lock replaced. I sat there in the silence. Here I was, my fantasy come true... double trash-bagged, probably buried by 5 feet or so of other trash bags, confined to a dumpster. The silence inside, besides the occasional bag-settling sound, were deafening. I moved around a little bit, and just feeling the bags around me move a little, was too much for me to handle. I exploded like never before. I got that what am I doing feeling again. But just knowing that I could never ever get out of here without help that I know I was never going to get, was enough to excite me again.

Laying there, I wondered what she meant about the garden? We had a small garden in the back yard, but what could happen there? It was on the other side of the house anyway. Just then, I remembered something that sent a tingle of fear down my spine. The garden she spoke of, could that be Wayside Garden? A TRANSFER STATION!!!! A DUMP!!!!! Just the thought of the idea that maybe there was a truck on its way to lift me up into the back of it. Its destination would be the garden. With ME bagged up and surrounded by all the other trash in the truck, destined for the heap of discarded junk and trash at the garden. The idea that huge front end loaders bury the trash there daily under 6 feet of earth. The smell, the rotting, decaying trash. There would be no chance of surviving that! Was this her plan? To get rid of me for good? It would be a horrid way to go! Wait a minute, what was I thinking, that would be a WONDERFUL way to go! After that thought breezed through my head, I heard something...


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