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Finding the Right Trash Mistress 4

by trashisme

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© Copyright 2013 - trashisme - Used by permission

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Part 4

I was now sitting in my Mistresses trash can covered in trash and she told me that I was going to be in here for a week.

I was now very hot in the warm hot sun beaming down on the can which heated the trash around me. She had a few more helpful guests arrive and open the lid and dump in trash, to discover me sitting in filth. They like her turned and just emptied the trash atop of me and then returned the lid to closed each time replacing the lock which sealed me inside.

I heard my Mistress talking, "He is no longer to be looked at as human, he is now trash and will become what he is at the end of the week. I am sure that we can place him in the compactor and then just dump the produce waste in and push the button. I will discuss what time when I talk to my friend at the store. She will have the bin picked up two days after we compact his ass which will give it the time to understand that I will not tolerate how I have had to change my plans due to it being late!"

This was exciting, and I started to grow and had no way to touch myself due to my hands being attached to my ankles. I knew right then that she meant what she said, "You have made me change my plans which was a waste of my time!" I also knew that my can would be awful full at the end of the week.

The week went by fast as the lid was opened and closed many times and more waste was put in with me. I heard my Mistress unlock the lid, "Today is garbage day!" as she smiled and turned her head due to the smell from inside my can. "I must tie off the top of the bags and place this can in my truck bed to take to the store. My friend has been gracious enough to place my trash in her compactor at work. All sorts of wet waste and stuff gets packed in there and I will not have to worry about my trash anymore!"

"My friend has seen what trash you are and she has saved lots of good bags of stuff to make the experience more like what happens to trash. I will be able to fill the hopper right up and then push the button to watch as it pushes the trash flat inside the bin, reload the hopper again and watch as my trash disappears!"

I wiggled as she gripped the tops of the bags and started to close off my way to the outside world. I was now awaiting her wrath as I felt her zip tie the bags shut and close the lid. "It is not far away trash so you will feel the compactor soon enough!"

She drove in a hurry to her friends store, backed up to the loading dock and my can was dragged inside. I heard the motor on the packer as it must be compacting some trash.

"Hi, just in time the hopper is empty awaiting your trash and then we can top it off with all these bags!" her friend said in a lowed voice .

The lid opened and both were looking inside the can and said, "How are we going to get it out into the hopper?"

"We just tip it towards the hopper and lift the bottom of the can together and it should slide out and hit the bags, then we pile the bags of waste over and that is it!"

So they tipped my can over and the trash inside sloshed over my face and then they lifted and I slid head first into the hopper. I now began to realize that this was going to happen for real and I was going to become trash inside a compactor bin! I tried to free my hands and I could hear them giggling as they watched me try to free myself.

"You will not be able to get those binds off before you become trash inside the bin! I made sure you were tied real tight and after sitting in that can all week your muscles are probably not going to help you very much" as I heard more giggles.

Her friend then spoke, "You are going to know what trash feels like very soon, you wiggling worm!"

Then I felt them tossing in the bags of trash on top of me and them talking to each other, "Make sure every part of it is covered with bags so when it gets pushed towards the bin we can see it get squished by all the bags on top and behind. We will reload the hopper fast and squish the second load right away!" More laughter, as the weight from the trash was heavy making my movement less and less.

"Goodbye trash! It was fun watching you ferment in the can all week, but this is going to be the best part of our session!"

Then the motor came to life and I could feel the blade pushing me towards the packed trash inside the bin, as the blade pushed the two girls watched and commented at how good a job the blade was packing the trash inside. The bags popped and I could feel the bags and air being pushed from my lungs and the trash bags envelope my body as it pushed more and more then the pressure stopped. It must be retracting.

I heard them say, "Lets fill the hopper fast I do not want it to think it has a chance to get out, I want it to know it is trash!"

Then within two minutes or so, which felt like a long time, the blade started again to push all the trash inside. Packing me in tight with all the other wet trash.

Do you think that my Mistress will get me out? Or do you think she will let me stay awhile as trash inside the bin which will be picked up in two days? Help me write the next chapter by leaving comments on the forum!


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