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Finding the Right Trash Mistress 3

by trashisme

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© Copyright 2013 - trashisme - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; naked; bdsm; whip; bond; trashcan; bagged; messy; garbage; outdoors; hum; cons; X

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Part 3

It was two weeks one day when I returned to her house. I was greeted by her at the door and she was stern with me!

"I told you to return in two weeks! You are one day late! So you will have to endure one week of my punishment!"

"I was not able to come yesterday for I was trying to get my work schedule aligned with our time and it was looking like I was not going to get the time needed yesterday!" I pleaded with her with no avail.

"You will meet me by the garage naked, and I hope you brought all the supplies I requested on the list I put in your pack before you left!" she was looking stunning in her black yoga pants, and tight tank top.

"I did grab all that you requested and have everything in a duffle bag in the car."

She smiled a devilish smile and said, "Good get it and leave it open by the main door of the garage and I want you to stand naked by the big door till I come to get you."

I was anxious and hurried myself as she instructed. I was able to get three weeks off from work, as stress leave. This was going to be good therapy! I was standing by the big door with my naked ass facing the alley, anticipating what was going to happen next, when the big door opened. I was stunned to see what was inside, she let me in and closed the door behind me. It was transformed into a dungeon type setting with all sorts of furniture for bondage and there was a big trash can in the corner which I spotted right away!

I stood there taking it all in when I felt her behind me. She dragged a leather whip over my shoulder and touched me like she wanted to just show me her strength, which I soon found out was lots. I heard it before I felt it and then it settled in that my being late was disappointing to her!

"I do not like it when I tell you to be here on time and you disappoint me by showing up one day late. It put my plans on hold, and now we must revise and start anew!" I knew she meant what she said from the sting in my back! I felt her giving me a lesson that I would not want to be late again, the cracking sound was not like the pain I was now feeling but was enduring.

"You will not disappoint me again will you!"

"NO Mistress".

"Have you felt what will happen, I am being kind, I can sting you harder if you have not learnt your lesson!" she was just getting warmed up.

"No I know that I should have been here on time!"

"It did upset me, for my plan has now been revised to fit our new schedule which I spent five hours of my time trying to correct, which is a waste of my time! which really makes me want to punish you more!"

She now had me sitting in this chair type contraption which spread my feet out and my arms were strapped in tight and she had full access to whatever she wanted to do. "Now I think I will have some fun torturing you for the next few hours till the main part of my plan comes to life."

The next few hours to me were intense to say the least, I was very much in her control and she had fun as she watched me squirm as she did what she thought was appropriate for my punishment. When she undid my straps I fell to the ground and curled up in a ball. She was gratified that she showed me her wrath but she had bigger plans which were in the works.

"You are so weak! I barely got started with you, this will have to change in our future sessions. I do have other clients coming soon so we must get you to where you belong before my next session."

She helped me off the floor and opened the lid to the trash can which was lined with bin liners and she said, "This is going to be your home for the next few days", as she helped me get in. The bottom of the bag had a slime feeling to it, and she smiled. "Oh that was today's breakfast leftovers, pancake batter, I made too much."

She knew that I was going to be in the bin for over a week as she showed me the lock that she was going to place on the lid.

"You are now going to be my trash for a week or so, all my garbage is going in your can! I will have you here to listen to all my sessions and will be humiliated in front of my clients as they take out my trash. You will have to get whatever you need to stay alive from what is put in your can, I will not give you any drinks or food just scraps and garbage....!"She was using her power over me and it made me so hard knowing this was now my home!

She closed the lid, and placed the lock threw the drilled holes in the lid sealing me in. "I have the forecast for the next week, very hot! I might wheel you into the sun and heat you up in there just for fun! It will make you smell more like the trash you are!" As I felt the can move and the hot sun blare down on the can.

She told me that her next session was having a girl cut her lawn and do household chores around the house, like cleaning the bathroom and such and she told me that everything would be placed within my can as her trash.

I was getting quite hot inside the can as the afternoon sun blared down. The sound of the lawn mower came to life and soon after the lid opened and this young face stared in at me. Shocked to see me there she turned and heard the Mistresses voice. "Dump it in over that trash and close the lid till you have more."

She lifted the bag and dumped in the grass clippings and closed the lid fast and returned to her task... soon the lid opened again and this time it was all the leftovers from two weeks of being in the fridge.

"Make sure you empty all the containers good dear the bathroom is next!" as my lid closed I could feel all the garbage around me and the afternoon sun warming it all up to make me feel just at one with it.

As the lid opened again it was Mistress that was looking in as she had a dirty paper towel she pinched my nose and I opened my mouth and she shoved the towel in and smiled as she closed the lid without saying a word. I knew I was her trash.

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