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Finding the Right Trash Mistress 2

by trashisme

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© Copyright 2013 - trashisme - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bagged; naked; trash; messy; garbage; truck; compacted; carwash; cons; X

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Part 2

The last time was when the packer was taking me and the trash into the belly of the truck and the trash men were going about their day, to finish loading the truck to haul off to the land fill....

My newly found trash Mistress was so hot by the events that transpired she was wet between her legs for hours after. She decided that it was in her best interest to follow the truck to its destination, she had found in me the same thing that I had found in her, a playmate to discover just how power and control can effect someone. She loved to be in control and I loved being helpless to let her do what she wanted...

The truck arrived at the transfer station around thirty minutes after I was packed inside. She was unsure of how she was going to explain how I was packed into the truck but she had a plan to try and save me from the pit of garbage...

"Hi remember me?" with a grin of seduction on her face.

"Yeah you were the gal that gave us some water in the hot sun. What are you doing here?"

"I came because I threw something out that I need back, it is in your truck and well I have to try to find it before you send it away for good."

"Darling if it was packed up you may never find it! There is twenty tonnes of trash in this truck how do you plan on finding it?"

"I do not plan on finding it! It will find me!"

The trash men were confused. "What do you mean it will find you? Trash does not speak or crawl or get up and say here I am!"

At this point they had thought that my Mistress had lost her mind. They laughed at her and said, "You must think we are dumb and stupid to believe that a piece of trash will find you."

Her gaze was more powerful and took on a stern look and the trash guys knew she was serious.

"If you wish for me to show you how this piece of trash got put into your truck, then I can definitely provide the answers and you will understand!" She felt very confident and appeared to be over powering the two guys with her words.

"I provided a service to a very few individuals and one of them ended up in my trash, he was put on the curb and loaded into your truck, willing of course! Would you both care to experience this for yourselves, or would you like to help me in retrieving my lost article!"

Both men grew silent and had a new look on their face. They knew right then that she was in control and they both agreed to help her find me, or in this case me find her. They drove to a more less busy part of the pit and said to her, "We will open the truck back gate and the trash falls out, we will not eject the trash fast but let it trickle out, hopefully your trash will still have enough power to get out of the way before the pile buries him."

She was satisfied with this and went to the back of the truck to see if my retrieval was going to be possible.

She watched as the packer moved up and out of the way, the packed garbage stunk and started to trickle out the back and then she spotted me falling out of the truck, my bag was torn and had popped under the extreme pressure but I was alive and took a deep breath of air, as I fell the men were shocked but I was pulled aside and then the rest of the truck was emptied.

"Hurry put him inside the cab before anyone sees!" said the one trash guy.

So I was rushed inside the cab. My trash Mistress was glad I had survived the trip in the truck and was pleased to know that I was not to badly hurt either due to the amount of soft grass clippings around me when I was packed. (NOT SOMETHING TO TRY FOR REAL)

She looked at me and said, "I retrieved you this time, but I may not in the future, so you will have to understand that my garbage does go to where the garbage goes; you are fortunate that I did not want to throw you away just yet!"

She was so confident in her words it made me shudder and almost cum again right there in the seat.

"Now the guys have agreed to get you back to my truck where they will help me put you in the back, on the sheet of plastic in the bed so as to not dirty my truck up and I will take you through the car wash to clean you off. I might have to go to several different washes to get you really clean and then we will discuss your next session".

She knew she could count on the guys keeping her secret as they did not want to end up in the truck themselves.

I had found a very powerful woman and was excited to know that I would be her trash in the future. She was very good at the mind manipulation and was able to take control right away. I was not knowing how I knew to picked this house for my play but I did chose wisely.

The day played out and I was cleaned up and was now sitting at her house in the kitchen on the floor naked. "Now what am I going to do with you?" was her words. "I found your stash of clothes in the alley and am debating whether I will give them to you or just throw them in the trash and you can go to retrieve them."

Her smile told me that this is how she wanted to be. I was willing at this point to do as she said if that's what she wanted.

She knowing I was paying attention, walked close to me and rubbed her legs against me to tease me and let me know that she had the power over me.

She threw my clothes at my feet and said, "Get into your clothes and I will see you back here in two weeks and do not be late or I will be Mad and have to tie you so you are not so free in the trash next time!"

So she watched me dress and showed me the door and I was free to go, but if I did not show up in two weeks time, I knew that she meant what she said.


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