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Finding the Right Trash Mistress

by trashisme

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© Copyright 2013 - trashisme - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; bagged; naked; trash; discovery; messy; garbage; truck; disposal; mast; cons; X

It was a hot spring day and I was walking around with my back pack on a short sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts. Inside my pack I had water, black bin liners, duct tape, and an extra pair of clothes. I was planning a day for myself to be quite interesting and had to come prepared for anything that could happen. My plan was to bag myself in someone's trash and get discovered and see how they would react... this way I would know if they were willing to play or not....

I had a two weeks off from work so my days could be spent looking and have some fun along the way. I was out to find a Trash Mistress, someone who could have some fun using me as her trash... I know that it seems a bit far fetched but this was my plan.

I started off in neighbourhoods that had big yards with middle aged women that were well off and that had time to garden and take care of the yard. My choice of trash that turns me on is compostable yard waste and such. I was walking down some back allies when I spotted the pile that was going to be my choice. The woman that was cutting her lawn was clad only in a small pair of shorts and a tee shirt and had long brown hair done in a pony, she was sweating and looked good. I was going to have to work fast if I wanted her to find me in her trash. I knew this was going to be the spot for she already had twelve big black bags of trash in the alley, so I knew she was going to have more bags to bring to the back before she was done.

I opened my pack and saw a spot in which I could hide my change of clothes in case I needed them. I drank one bottle of water and then put my plan into play. I opened up three big black bin liners and put one inside the other and placed them close to another bag that was open which had some grass clippings inside already. I sat myself in the bags and pulled them up around me like a sleeve. I disappeared into the bags very well and then I took off my clothes and sat inside the bag naked. I decided to add the bag of grass clippings to cover myself slightly so she would not be too shocked at what she was about to find in her trash.

I worked diligently to prepare myself for her discovery, then I was done sitting waiting patiently. Fifteen to twenty minutes passed and I was starting to feel the heat rise in the bags and could not risk cooling myself off I had to sit and wait. I heard the lawn mower going and was just anxious for her to find me and see Her reaction. Then the mower stopped and I heard the gate open, I was able to see her coming through the bags but she was unaware of what she was about to discover.

The top of the bags opened and there she was, she was shocked to find me sitting there,"What the hell are you doing sitting in my trash?" she said with a shocked look on her face.

"I have a fetish for trash bags and feeling like trash, your pile was a great trash pile so I stopped and made it my play space" was my response .

She was taken aback at my response and she dropped the bag of her lawn mower on the ground. She did not know at this point what to think but it did not stop her from asking more questions. "So what did you hope to do by sitting in my trash? Were you wanting to be found?"

Well here was my chance, "If you must know yes; I was hoping that you would find me and that I would see how you reacted to finding me here sitting in your trash. I am looking for someone that I can play with that will treat me like trash and possibly even go so far as to dispose of me in the trash truck!" Well this was the moment that could end this or continue it depending on how she was thinking.

She responded by stepping away from the bags and going back through the gate, leaving the lawnmower bag right were it dropped. I was unsure of how I was going to respond to this so I continued to sit in the bag without being disappointed that she did not even say anything. Ten minutes went by and then she returned through the gate.

"Well I was waiting to see if you were going to get out and walk off, but you didn't. So how long have you been doing this?" stunned that I was still sitting in her trash.

"I have had this fetish for a long time and I enjoy pushing my limits with it sometimes this being one of those times." Looking up at her out of the bag. I did not see that she brought something out of the house when she came back.

"I am shocked at how you had the guts to package your self in daylight yet, and still after being discovered still continued to sit in the bag like you were going to find out one way or the other what I thought of this whole thing."

"Yes I to am amazed that I am still sitting here."

She looked in the bag a little closer and asked, "Are you naked in there sitting in the grass clippings?"


"Does it turn you on knowing that I am asking you these questions?"


"Are you Hard right now?"


"Well I did not know what to think at first but you are persistent in your quest. So I am going to play along with you." She lifted a kitchen catcher bag over the top and poured in the contents all over me and said, "If you want to be garbage then you must feel like garbage!" Then she lifted the mower bag and grabbed the sides of the bag and dumped it all in atop of me. She gathered the bag at the top and tied a knot in the bag, loose for she was still not done with the yard.

"I have about three more cuts to make, about two bags full of grass and I will dump them in on you."

I think I had found the one that was going to play with me, I started to stroke my hard member and she could hear me groaning in the bag. "Oh do not do that yet hun, I do not want you to be premature before you know I am done with you!"

I did not know how I got so lucky the first try. So I stopped doing what I was doing, to please her.

She did what she said she was going to do, two more full bags of grass clippings came in over me.

"Now you can start stroking yourself, if you like." she said, "Did you also know that it was garbage day in this area today?"


"Well I thought you would know this, that's why I played along!" as her grin became wide, and her body movement was so sexy.

"I had better tie this bag off real good so the garbage men do not see you." Then she grabbed the ends and tied them in big knots over my head. The air inside was already very hot and now I knew I was her trash.

"The truck is only two blocks off they should be here in about half an hour, you have that long to jerk off. I will be back out to see you get tossed in the truck with all my other trash." she said, "I have half an hour to use my vibrator to bring myself off thinking of you getting tossed!"

I could hear her getting all excited and it made me stroke harder. She was telling the truth about it being garbage day, which made this scenario all that more exciting the limits were definitely being stretched. I heard the sound of the truck coming down the alley and the men talking about how much trash was in the alley this time due to it being spring and everyone was doing yard work.

I also heard the gate as she was now standing by my side as the truck pulled up, the men started to whistle and call out, "hey baby how is it going." She must have changed into something even sexier than she was wearing earlier, "Its going , how is your fellas day going?"

"Oh it busy today lots of trash to pack, the truck is almost full" as they started to toss her trash in the back of the truck.

"I hope you have room for all my trash, I have a lot I know, I missed last weeks pick up."

"We should be able to get it all and finish the block then go to the landfill."

Then I felt them tug at my bag, "This one is darn heavy, it might take two of us to toss this one!" Then I was hoisted up into the hopper by both guys as they were distracted by her gorgeous body. I plopped in atop of several bags and I was now cumming, I only had a few moments to spare whether I was going to get out or stay in and ride the wave of excitement.

I did not have much of a choice as the bags were being tossed in fast covering me up in the hopper of the rear load truck.

"I know you guys must be thirsty would you like some water or maybe even something stronger?"

This was delaying the packing cycle, would I get out or send her and me over the top?

"Sure water would be great!" Then the truck made that distinct sound that it does as the packer cycle started.  The blade came up over all  the trash and then it started packing. Bags burst under the pressure and grass clippings puffed out of the holes as the blade squished the bags tighter. Then without interruption it swept the trash into the truck just like it does all day.

The boys drank their water and thanked her for being so kind and then drove off to the next trash pile.


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