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Finding the Right Trash Mistress 5

by trashisme

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© Copyright 2013 - trashisme - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; naked; bond; bagged; messy; garbage; compactor; encased; stuck; femdom; cons; X

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Part 5

"Hello there slaves wetting themselves over my slaves stories. I am Mistress Monique"

"My slave is a bit tied up being compacted right now, so I thought that it would be only fitting to tell my side of this wonderful arrangement!"

"Oh this part excites me the most, the compactor is crushing all the black bags flat into the bin behind my slave, Oh watching the force of the blade pushing my slave deep into the bin to be trashed for two days till we get him out, but as far as he knows he is going for a ride to the landfill permanently! OH I do enjoy tormenting his little mind!"

"MY plan was to send him to the landfill again in the back of the rear loader truck but he was late one day which really screwed up my plan for him!"

"My plan which took a week to put together was ruined! I was not pleased at all with him so my new plan took effect."


I took a week to plan his disposal, I really did enjoy our first meeting in the back alley where I found him sitting in MY garbage all naked in his trash bags. I was unsure of what he wanted so I left to see if he would get up and go away but after hearing what he said, this intrigued Me. I played along to see if he knew it was garbage day, he did not know so this made it even more fun!

I wanted to see him trashed now. MY pussy was wet with excitement as the truck came closer to my pile of trash. He did not get up out of his bags, and the trash that I placed in on him was gross and he just sat there waiting. I was not going to let him be disappointed so the guys picked him up and tossed him in the hopper. Well this sent me over the top and I creamed myself hard trying to maintain composure as to not give it away. I watched them cycle many times throwing more trash in behind and relentlessly packing more trash into the truck, the whole time wondering if he survived or was ejaculating hard himself.

The next part was retrieving him from the transfer station. I knew this was going to be interesting and thought it all through before I arrived as to what to say and such, rehearsing my line as to why a guy ended up in their truck! I pulled it off beautifully. I felt powerful and liked how it felt! I was in charge and was bound and determined to stay that way!

After we got him out of the trash and I found out how much he enjoyed his trip, this got me thinking that I could enjoy making it happen. The  power I had over him was intense and he new it so I made up myself into being where we are now today.

"Oh we need to get more trash I want to watch more trash pack in behind him, I am nearing my third orgasm just watching the bags pop under the pressure and knowing he is loving every minute of it inside his trash bin prison for two whole days. I might have to come every day, just to throw the trash in and push the button to feel the power over him over the next two whole days!"

So my plan was to tell him he needed to be back in a week.  I knew the trash guys would pack him again, after my powerful performance. I just had to bat my eyes, and they too were putty in my hands. This was becoming very common, I felt more invigorated each time. They agreed to place my trash in the hopper again next week but only if he showed up, which was not my plan. He disappointed me by being late for trash day so I made a new plan and made him my trash for a whole week!

I also was busy turning my garage into a dungeon. I had not planned on giving up this new feeling of power! I saved all sorts of trash for the week. Kitchen trash, grass clippings, bathroom trash, even changed the oil in my deep fryer. I was looking forward to placing him in all this trash and watching him get packed away for yet another week. I did not put any of it out for he did not show up and the truck drove by my house with nothing to pick up! Well he was in for a surprise if he did show up. I still had a weeks full of trash and next weeks worth, I would get rid of it here in my friends compactor.

I was very commanding when he did arrive, "I want you to get undressed NOW! you will place your clothes in this bag of gross trash then I will have fun with you till I decide where you go..giggle...... I have a new plan for you and you will like it or not but I know I will love it and you have to endure it! YOU were late and wasted my time." I said to him very sternly of course more effect!

I love this new power over my newly found position in life and have found that it comes very naturally to me. It comes across as such for my trash slave is now my trash in the nice big compactor! My friend is looking into joining me in this new adventure and she enjoys it just as much as I do. I do plan on retrieving his sorry ass out of the bin, I like playing his Mistress and watching him kiss my toes. Grovel to be sat on, teased with stepping on his cock for my pleasure! Wrapping him up in stretch wrap and pouring all my garbage around him as he sits helplessly in my trash bags waiting to be thrown away as my unwanted waste!

This is the ultimate humiliation and it drives me wild and seems to excite my slave! I do not think he will cross me by being late again. Or he might just to make me want to trash him more, which would work but I will not tell him that!

 I must now try and think up new ways to trash my slave, If any of you have any good ideas do not hesitate to drop me a line, I might make your own dreams of being trashed a reality! You may join my trash slave and feel my power over you as I treat you like you want too be treated! I might give my slave a trash slut to join him in our next adventure who knows? It will all depend on my mood as how it will play out.

I look forward to crushing more bags in over the next two days, and just letting him get picked up will be the topper, allowing him to believe that he is doomed!

Till I write again,

Mistress Monique

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