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Disposed Of

by DumpsterLife

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Storycodes: FM+/f; plan; revenge; kidnap; bond; cuffs; tape; naked; transported; dumpster; messy; trash; stuck; torment; vibe; cons/nc; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life will result in injury or death
story continues from part one

Part 2: Preparing For Revenge

The Day After The Landfill Escape

After saving Jennifer from her burial at the landfill site, Anita drove them back to her house. Unsurprisingly Anita allowed Jennifer immediate use of the shower. After a shower and a cup of hot chocolate Jennifer went straight to the spare room and crashed out, evidently exhausted from her trashy experience. 

After a long lie in, Jennifer got out of bed the next morning and headed for the kitchen. There she found a note from Anita saying to help herself to some breakfast. Jennifer cooked up sausages and bacon and wolfed down her food. After all, she hadn't eaten anything apart from trash for 4 days. After her breakfast, Jennifer laid herself down on the sofa. She began to think about her experience as a piece of garbage, and wondered how to go about gaining revenge on Danielle. Ideas came into her head seeing Danielle in various bins and dumpsters. She imagined Danielle tied up inside a black trash bag. Then Jennifer's mind wandered to imagining herself throwing Danielle into a trash compactor. In her mind she pressed the start button and Danielle would be squished among the garbage inside as she pleaded for help and forgiveness. Jennifer couldn't settle on any ideas though. She also had a fear that one wrong move could turn the tables and Danielle could once again be throwing Jennifer away, this time permanently. A new image appeared in her mind, one of Danielle tossing her in the compactor and pressing the dreaded start button. She could hear Danielle's laughter as the compactor squashed Jennifer in amongst the trash. This ended up killing off Jennifer's train of thought. Danielle was taller and stronger than her, and she was very capable of overpowering Jennifer.

A few hours later Anita returned home from work. "Hey Jen, you okay?" she asked as she cuddled her friend.

"Yeah I guess, just shaken up still" replied Jennifer. "I need time to figure out my revenge. Don't know where to start."

"Take your time on it Jen. Danielle thinks you are gone now, she's loving it. She keeps banging on about it at work, she even told me the story today. Good thing I was unwell on your party night, otherwise she'd know we were friends! Anyway, I've got my own plan for the time being. I'm going to try and get close to Danielle, become part of her clique of friends. Gain her trust. You will be staying here, out of sight. Danielle cannot know you are back, if she gets wind of it she'll be gone before you can get your revenge. You must stay low, do you understand?"

"Yes I do. That's kind of you Anita, but what about your husband? Will he be okay with me staying here? I like your plan too."

"I spoke with Jeffrey last night. He's fine with you staying here. He wouldn't wish that experience on anyone, after all he empties dumpsters for a living. He's seen plenty of the disgusting waste that ends up inside of his truck." That was true, Anita's husband Jeffrey had been working as a garbage man for 4 years now. "He said to stay as long as you need to. You have our support."

3 Months Later

Jennifer had managed to get a new job out of town. For travelling to work, she had bought herself a new car fitted with tinted windows so nobody could see inside, which allowed her to drive to her job undetected from Danielle and her friends. She was still staying at Anita's, and so far she had no plan for dealing with Danielle. Her new job was going well though, and she was making new friends, including a male from Greece called Nico. They began to grow close and a couple of months later they became boyfriend and girlfriend. When Jennifer gained the courage to tell Nico about her journey as a piece of garbage, he vowed to help her get revenge on Danielle.

6 Months Later

Life was good for Jennifer. She was still staying at Anita's due to remaining undercover but it was never a problem, both Anita and her husband Jeffrey were very welcoming and supportive. Jennifer had managed to get in touch with two of her other closest friends, Abby and Tara (who were sisters), to let them know she was safe and that they could visit her at Anita's. When they did come to visit, Jennifer told them about the events of 6 months ago and like Nico, they promised to help Jennifer gain her revenge on Danielle.  Nico had also offered to find Mike and in his words, "put him in hospital with a pipe stuck up his backside", but Mike had gone off with the army and was halfway across the world at this point. Jennifer wasn't concerned about Mike anyway, in effect he was following Danielle's orders and their own relationship lasted just three weeks after they threw Jennifer down the trash chute.

Jennifer was bringing Nico over to Anita's one Friday night for some drinks. They entered the house, took their shoes and coats off, and made their way into the living room. To their surprise they found Anita, Jeffrey, Abby and Tara all sat together.

"What's going on?" asked Jennifer, puzzled at the sight of Abby and Tara being here too.

Jeffrey stood up. "There are five people in this room who know what happened to you six months ago. We all agree you are doing well to get back on your feet and gain your life back, but we can all tell there's one thing bothering you - the revenge you crave so badly. It's time you solve this once and for all. Tonight the six of us are going to create a plan to sort out the trash you still haven't taken out." Nico cuddled Jennifer from behind. 

"Are you in on this too Nico?" asked Jennifer.

Before Nico could answer Jeffrey said, "He came to me with the suggestion we help you with this. He knows you very well and although you've only been together for 3 months, he's got your best interests at heart. We know you fear that Danielle will overpower you, but all five of us will help you out. You are not on your own. Danielle will be disposed of, I guarantee it."

"I'll grab the drinks and we can start getting this plan going" offered Anita. She grabbed some wine from the kitchen for the ladies, and two bottles of beer for Jeffrey and Nico. "We are going to have a great night, enjoy ourselves, have a laugh, and we will also plan how to throw away the bitch!" said Anita in a commanding voice. Once everyone had settled Jeffrey cleared his throat to gain everyone's attention.

"Okay then" said Jeffrey. "Tell us some of your thoughts Jen, let us know what ideas you've had for trashing Danielle."

"First up, how will we catch her?" asked Jennifer. "She's always surrounded by friends."

"Easy" said Anita. "Two nights a week we go to the pub after work for a drink or two. Our colleague Stacey sometimes comes along too. It's a pain in the ass, she's an obnoxious bitch. Never shuts up about herself either and how perfect she is. Anyway, there is a hidden archway on Calder Road that we pass on our way to the pub. You can fit a car in there easily. We can capture her when she passes by the archway."

"But she'll scream for help" replied Jennifer.

"Not if we are quick. Tape her mouth up immediately and we'll be fine. I know the archway Anita is on about, it's a safe bet there." said Jeffrey.

"I have handcuffs if that helps..." said Abby sheepishly. The others looked at her with a mixture of laughter and surprise. "Me and my boyfriend use them..."

"Now we know what Abby gets up to in the evening!" laughed Tara. Cue more laughter as Abby turned bright red in the face.

"Okay, handcuffs, tape. What else?" chuckled Jeffrey.

"Chuck her straight in the boot of the car before anyone sees us" said Nico.

"Okay, so now we've got her. What happens now Jen?" asked Jeffrey.

"Erm, I don't know. I want it to be an awful experience for her."

"I know what we could do" said Tara, "we could tie her up in a big trash bag with lots of yucky garbage inside."

"Ewwwww, that's gross. I'd want my handcuffs back first then" said Abby, laughing.

"I like it, very gross indeed" replied Jennifer. "But then she doesn't see everything that I seen. Garbage bags landing around you in the dumpster. Used pads, condoms, food, I had to see everything. Inside a trash bag she will be protected in a way, at least in the bin or dumpster until she gets compacted in a garbage truck or compactor. It's a very unpleasant idea but I want her to experience what I did, but ten times worse."

"Here's an idea" piped up Nico. "You want it to be worse than your own experience. You had clothes on. So strip her naked. You were able to move around in your dumpster. So tie her up, tape her mouth shut. Then she's stuck with whatever comes her way. Then we can dispose of her."

"I think you're onto something Nico" said Jennifer.

"We could bring her back here first to prepare her for life as trash" suggested Jeffrey.

"What about a trash compactor? You'd get a decent view of Danielle being compacted in all that garbage" asked Anita.

"I don't think there's any accessible here. All of the local ones I've found have trespass warnings" answered Jennifer. "I think I want Danielle to be dumped into a garbage truck though. I want her to endure the wait in a dumpster knowing that at some point the garbage truck is going to arrive and dispose of you.  I want Danielle to have the huge feeling of fear as the garbage truck moves in. The terrifying moment the dumpster is being lifted up. The realisation you are going into the garbage truck. The disgusting experience of having garbage dumped on top of you as dumpsters are cleared of their contents. The feeling of panic when the compactor starts pushing you towards the back end of the garbage truck and you are helpless to stop being squashed in amongst all the trash. The stench inside there, it's worse than you can ever imagine. The disgusting nature of garbage bags splitting and ripping as loose waste covers you all over. Knowing that inside that truck will be nappies, dog poo, period pads, rotting food, condoms. I know for a fact I want Danielle to experience all of that" finished Jennifer.

"Okay, that sounds good Jennifer" said Nico supportively. "Which dumpster would you pick, the one you ended up in?" queried Nico.

"What places have really disgusting trash?" Anita interjected.

"What counts as non disgusting trash? It's all stinky and yucky" said Abby.

"That's harsh on Jennifer, calling her stinky and yucky just because she ended up as trash by accident" replied Tara.

"She still ended up stinky and yucky, Anita said she was" bickered Abby.

"Jen was only yucky because she'd been stuck in a dumpster and then compacted in a garbage truck. That doesn't make her yucky, just her situation at the time was yucky" Tara answered back. 

"Restaurants I'd imagine" said Jennifer, who in deep thought was unaware of the sisters having their own debate about how to interpret Jennifer disgustingness as a piece of trash. "All the food scrapings, peels from vegetables, bones, used napkins. Sauces and stuff too. Food stinks when it's thrown away, Danielle could rot alongside it."

"Gross. I like it" replied Anita.

"What about care homes for the old people? Do adult nappies get collected separately Jeffrey?" enquired Nico.

"No Nico, it ends up in the normal refuse" answered Jeffrey.

Abby then spoke up. "Jen, me and Tara discussed this as a potential idea a couple of months ago. We work at a care home, right? So like Nico suggests, the trash is vile. Not just nappies because the oldies have pooped themselves. Think food waste as we have to feed them. Period pads from many nurses who work there. We even have that pet area, so things like dog poo will end up in there too, and all the crap from cleaning out cages for rabbits and hamsters and all that. All sorts of rubbish. It stinks like hell. We have separate containers for medical waste because it needs to be incinerated. We have recycling containers too. But if it's not medical and it's not recyclable, it's going in the dumpster. And let's be honest, when disposing of Danielle, the garbage dumpster is the correct place for her, she's past her sell by date like the beef we threw out yesterday. Unlike you, you should have been in recyclables, plenty of good left in you!" finished Abby jokingly. 

"Our dumpster is only accessible from the inside of the building to its caged outdoor area. So only workers can get to it" added Tara.

"We had to cage around it because of fucking fly tippers using it" said an irritated Abby.

"Only two people, the cleaners who are on bin duty that day, are allowed to access the dumpster and dispose of the trash" said Tara. "When the usual bin duty cleaners are on holiday we can put our names down to cover bin duty. If Abby and I put our names down, we'd get full access. No one else. We'd be the only ones to see Danielle in the dumpster, so you can guarantee no one will find her by accident and help her out. Not sure why anyone would let her out though, she belongs in a dumpster."

"We can also make the experience more enjoyable for her if you catch my drift" winked Abby. Jennifer laughed and thought of what Abby and Tara would have  "planned" for Danielle's short stay in the dumpster. This was shaping up nicely.

"So how do we get around security cameras?" asked Anita.

"My boyfriend works on security there" said Abby. "He can move the camera to face away from the caged dumpster for the whole time Danielle is in there. No questions asked. He's also the reason we have handcuffs..."

"We have to leave the gates open on collection day so the garbage truck can empty the dumpster. We could sneak her in at the start of the day ready for collection?" offered Tara.

"I don't want it to be immediate! I spent three days in that damned dumpster! I want her to spend a few days inside the dumpster, not to go straight into the garbage truck. I endured hell in there, the constant fear of not knowing when the trash truck would arrive, while more trash is being tossed next to you. Contemplating the fact you are just another piece of unwanted garbage. Knowing that some of the items inside are extremely disgusting, worse than you can imagine. She needs to suffer a lot before she even makes it into the garbage truck."

Abby and Tara looked at each other. They nodded and Tara said, "Okay, we can still sneak her into the building that way. We'll stick her in a 1100 litre bin temporarily, we use them to transport rubbish from upper floors and stuff. Wait for a layer or two of trash to form in the dumpster. Then chuck her in there."

"How often is pickup?" asked Jennifer.

"I'm not sure" responded Tara.

"Which care home is it?" queried Jeffrey.

"Russlow Care Residential" answered Abby.

"Monday and Thursday" said Jeffrey. I recommend Monday. The truck is always full to the brim of garbage from the weekend. It stinks like hell. Worse than usual."

"Binbags!" blurted out Jennifer suddenly. "What colour are they?"

"Black" said Abby, puzzled. "Why?"

"Just wondering. I had a bit of variety which led to me seeing what was inside some of the bags. It would be nice if she could see some of it too"

"Don't worry, she'll find out at some point what she's with, we've got that covered" said Tara. Abby nodded. Jennifer knew from their long time friendship that the two sisters could be very nasty when they wanted to be. Danielle would definitely be having a torrid time in the dumpster. The sisters were kind most of the time, but when you got on the wrong side of them they were vicious.

"Have we got a plan then?" asked Jeffrey.

"I think we do!" said Nico. "Jen, are you happy with this?"

"I think so Nico" replied Jennifer. "I just need some time to go over this in my head. I want it to be perfect. She would have left me to rot in the landfill. She thinks I'm in there now, dead and buried. I want her to suffer.  My experience was bad, Danielle's needs to be worse."

"At least we have a base plan now, and we are all in it to help you out Jen" said Anita.

"We got your back here Jen. Danielle will get her comeuppance" added Tara.

"Thank you everyone, I really appreciate this!" said Jennifer.

11 Months Later

Life in general was all good without much change, but Jennifer was yet to get her revenge on Danielle. Anita came home in a foul mood one particular Thursday. "I can't stand that fucking bitch any more, when are you going to get rid of her? She's such a stuck up cow."

"Two weeks time. I decided this three months ago, but I didn't want to tell you yet in case you changed around her and she got suspicious. I'm sorry, I should have mentioned it." Anita cuddled Jennifer, she didn't want Jennifer to feel bad, she had a good reason after all. "We target her two weeks today. The care home gates open on the Thursday, that day we can sneak her into the back and place her in the 1100 litre bin like Tara suggested. And you've told me before, Stacey doesn't join you on Thursdays when you go to the pub. When she gets collected on the Monday, it'll be a year to the day I was dumped into the garbage truck. It's the perfect anniversary. I'm ready for this now. Abby and Tara have put themselves down for bin duty that week. And they've promised me they will make it hell for Danielle. This is it."

"I like that idea, very special date!" replied Anita.

362 Days Later

The plan was in place. The car was hidden in the archway. Jeffrey and Nico were hiding. It was agreed Abby and Tara would stay out of this one, as they wanted Danielle to believe they might find her and free her from the dumpster. If she knew they were in on it then that would take away some hope immediately, and that didn't sound as fun. Jennifer waited behind a hedge, her heart racing. This was it, this had to be it. Revenge. Waiting, waiting, and then around the corner came Anita alongside a beautiful, slender woman with long, straightened brown hair, but with a face of arrogance, like the typical I'm better than everyone else look. It was Danielle. She was carrying just a handbag. Danielle was ranting about something to Anita (a common occurrence). Jennifer waited for the right moment, then stepped out and met her nemesis face to face.

"Hello Danielle." said Jennifer, hands behind her back, hiding the handcuffs borrowed from Abby.

A look of shock and disbelief covered Danielle's face. "Wait, how?-" She was interrupted as Nico tackled her to the ground. Jeffrey ran in to tape over her mouth before she could scream. Anita put her foot on Danielle's back to keep her down on the ground. Jennifer came in and clasped Danielle's hands behind her back with the handcuffs. Jeffrey taped up Danielle's legs, then all four of them picked her up and threw her into the boot of the car. Jennifer went back to pick up Danielle's handbag. She searched for Danielle's phone and turned it off so the signal couldn't be tracked. While rummaging she noticed a vibrator in there too. That could be useful...

They drove off back to Anita's. When the coast was clear they carried Danielle into the house. They sat her up against a wall. What was going on here? Danielle was extremely confused and scared. Jennifer was supposed to be in a landfill site, long gone. Anita was meant to be my friend? Who are these two random blokes? Why have they kidnapped me? Must be because of Jennifer, but Anita? What's she doing here?

"Well, well, well..." said the blonde woman in front of her. Jennifer. The girl I threw out in the garbage. But she's here now?

A tall, burly bloke ripped the tape off her mouth. What do I say? Do I lash out at this kidnapping? Do I beg for forgiveness? There is four of them... this can't be good whatever it is. 

"Nothing to say Danielle?" asked Jennifer with a hint of anger in her voice.

Danielle looked around and her eyes landed on Anita. She could be Danielle's only hope. "Anita? I thought we were friends? What the hell?" Anita looked over to Jennifer and nodded.

"Anita is the reason I'm still here" said Jennifer.

"What? But how? You never said anything!"

"I was about to walk into your office when I heard you blabbing to Stacey about what you had done to Jennifer. Once I figured out who you were on about, I had to act. Jen has been my best friend for years." Anita pointed to her husband. "That's Jeffrey, my husband. He works as a garbage man, which I've told you before but then again, you aren't one for listening. I asked him where the truck that collected Jennifer would be heading. He gave me the location of the landfill site that Jennifer would be disposed in, and I managed to find Jen before it was too late. Not that I needed to worry, Jen was well on her way to escaping. She had no plan to stay there."

"But you never said Jennifer got out? You never even said you knew her!"

"Of course not. While you were bragging about it, I was keeping her safe here and we were making plans to sort you out. Why would I mention anything?" said Anita.

So Anita was no help to Danielle. What to try now? She turned to Jennifer.

"Jen, look, I'm really sorry about what happened. I never meant harm to you, it was a joke. I'd have got you out of the landfill myself but Mike wouldn't let me, he forced me into it-"

"How fucking dare you!" shouted Jennifer. "You lying bitch!"

"All these months in work you've been happy to revel in what you did! Not once did you blame Mike or give him the credit!" reacted Anita angrily.

"She's lying!" said Danielle desperately.

"My wife is not a liar!" screamed Jeffrey.

Crap...what now? They are all pissed off with me... shit Danielle shit!

"I'm sorry about everything! Please Jennifer just let me go! I'll do anything!" begged Danielle.

"It's too late now. You'd have left me to rot and die in that landfill. You left me in that dumpster for three days. You had no problem with me being dumped into a garbage truck. You will get what you deserve, you had your chance to fix this by getting me out of either the dumpster or landfill. You did neither."

'Get what I deserve? What are they planning for me?' wondered Danielle, frightened.

"I've had enough of this filth" said Jeffrey. "Nico, let's sort her out. Come over here"

A man of quite handsome proportions walked over to her. Danielle tried to give him the puppy eyes but he just looked at her with disgust. Nico cut the tape from her legs, and removed the handcuffs.

"Strip down completely" he demanded. "Now!" Danielle sheepishly thought that maybe this handsome guy would force sex on her for "punishment", that didn't sound bad at all! She stripped off as was asked of her, but her random hopes of sex with Nico quickly evaporated.

 "Tie the ankles tight, multiple times. But try and leave as much skin as possible." said Jeffrey. 'What the hell, why? What is happening?' Next, they wrapped tape around Danielle's middle, pinning her arms to her side. 'What are they going to do? Please stop this madness... '

Jennifer's phone pinged. "Gates open. Let's go" she said to the others. Nico taped up Danielle's mouth and they threw her in the boot of the car again. 'This can't be good, where am I going? What could they possibly have in mind for me? This can't be good, they are very angry with me...' questions and fears raced through Danielle's head. Before long the car came to a standstill. After a couple of minutes the boot opened up. Stood in front of her was Jennifer.

"Good news bitch. We were going to have to store you aside for a bit, but we've checked it out and you can go straight in now!" said a delighted Jennifer. What does she mean by that? In where? Anita, Jeffrey, Jennifer and Nico lifted Danielle out of the boot of the car. As she was being marched to her eventual destination, she could just about make out the signing on the building. Russlow Care Residential. What? Why was she at a care home? This made no sense whatsoever. The four kidnappers carried Danielle to the back on the building, into some sort of caged area.

"We are here!" said Jennifer in a very happy voice. They turned Danielle around so she could see what Jennifer meant. She was turned to face a big, green metal container with two lids. The words "Waste Solutions" were plastered on the front of this container. In smaller letters were another two words. "Garbage Only". Oh shit. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!

"You see Danielle, I've been waiting to do this to you ever since you threw me down the trash chute. I'd given you no reason to do that to me. You put me through hell in there. Disgusting memories that will last forever in my memory. This is exactly what you deserve. Enjoy life as trash Danielle, because from now on, that's all you are and ever will be. This is where you belong, you earned that right the day you threw me away." Danielle tried to fight but she was tied up too tightly, it was futile. The screams didn't do much past the tape on her mouth. Tears ran down her face as she faced the exact situation she forced Jennifer into nearly a year ago. Jennifer was right, she did deserve this.

"Lets take out the trash!" said Jennifer. More tears for Danielle, it hurt to be referred to as "trash". Anita and Nico lifted up the dumpster lids. Jeffrey and Jennifer carried Danielle towards the dumpster. She could already smell the contents from a couple of metres away. The smell was atrocious. More tears streamed down her face. And then Danielle was lifted into the air by Jeffrey and Jennifer, and they threw her into the dumpster. Danielle landed on a layer of black binbags already inside the dumpster. The smell was bad enough outside the dumpster, but inside it was a hundred times worse. It smelled like a mixture of poo and rotting food. She heard something land next to her. It was Jennifer.

"One last thing before I go" said Jennifer, showing her the vibrator from her handbag. Danielle looked at Jennifer, terrified. Jennifer lubed it up with some moisturiser from her handbag, and then forced the vibrator into Danielle's vagina, using more tape to keep it in position. "It's on automatic timer! So enjoy it when it comes!" Jennifer climbed out of the dumpster. "You did this to me a year ago you bitch. Now it's your turn!" The lids slammed shut on the dumpster. Jennifer put the roll of tape behind the dumpster, just in case Abby and Tara would have to re-use it at any point. And then they were gone, leaving Danielle in her metal prison.

Danielle's largely naked body was sinking in to the black binbags. The cold plastic was horrible against her skin. Every time she moved, the trash bags rustled. The smell was outrageous. Why didn't Danielle not think that this could be the potential revenge? Many possibilities came into her head but not once did it occur to her that they might use a similar idea to hers. Daniele tried to move but she was well and truly tied up. Screaming for help did nothing through her taped mouth. It's okay, the cleaners will find me in here and help me out... Jennifer's plan had its flaw surely... for the first time, Danielle felt terrible about what she had done to Jennifer. She had only been in the dumpster for five minutes but already she realised how awful this was.

Fifteen minutes into her temporary home, the vibrator kicked into action. Oh please no! Who has orgasms in a dumpster? This can't be happening... it felt so nice but this is not the place for it! Danielle recalled Mike saying he found Jennifer with the dildo when she had her time in the dumpster... that's why she's forcing me into this now! As the vibrator stepped up in speed, Danielle sunk further into the garbage. The top of the range vibrator continued and eventually Danielle hit an amazing, but extremely disgusting orgasm. It was really enjoyable in a way. But it also wasn't. This was the lowest moment for her in her life, or so she thought. The worst was yet to come...

story continues in part 3

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