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Disposed Of

by DumpsterLife

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Storycodes: FM+/f; revenge; bond; tape; gag; naked; dumpster; messy; force; trash; stuck; torment; truck; collection; transported; landfill; buried; vibe; cons/nc; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life will result in injury or death
story continues from part two

Part 3: Hell For Danielle

Thursday Evening

Hours had passed since Danielle had been disposed of in the dumpster. There had been no sign of life since the lids slammed down on her. Danielle had finished work at 4pm, so it was very likely to be late evening now, and the cleaners had probably gone home. This meant she was going to have to gruel out all night inside this dumpster. The thought of such an idea nearly made Danielle sick. There wasn't a large amount of trash alongside her, but what was there of it was stinking, mainly of poo and rotten food. There was no choice here, Danielle was going to have to wait until the morning for the cleaners to find her and help her out. She would have to sleep here tonight. Jennifer's plan was a decent one but surely she hadn't considered that Danielle would easily be found in here by the cleaners?

Danielle's arrogance knew no boundaries, she was adamant nobody would miss a stunner like herself lying amongst the garbage bags. Her mind wandered off. It could have been a setting for a porn scene, helpless girl tied up in trash dumpster. Sexy cleaner finds her, has his way with her and saves her from becoming garbage. Maybe that sexy Greek man who helped kidnap her would feel pity on her and come to the rescue? Maybe it was his plan all along, make everyone else think she's disappeared, he comes to save her, and they run away together, back to Greece? The thought of this made Danielle wet, completely forgetting she was in a dumpster. As it by magic, the vibrator turned on again and Danielle pretended it was the sexy Greek man's cock. A wonderful orgasm eventually arrived as the vibrator hit top speed. Focused so much on the vibrator and orgasm, Danielle hadn't even realised she had sunk further into the garbage. Black bags covered her sides, and one bag had even managed to make its way onto her tummy. She had literally bedded in quite nicely. Exhausted from her long day and surprisingly enjoyable orgasm, Danielle fell asleep.


The two cleaners approached the dumpster of Russlow Care Residential.

"Can you hear that Abs?" asked Tara as they stopped at the dumpster. It sounded like there was snoring coming from inside. Abby put her ear close to the dumpster. Her faced lightened up.

"Yes I can!" said Abby gleefully. Abby lifted one of the lids up slowly. "Get a picture, quick!" she whispered. Using her phone, Tara took a photograph of the fast asleep woman lying amongst the black trash bags. She sent the picture to Jennifer, who was likely to highly appreciate this photo. Abby and Tara took note of the precise location Danielle was settled in. "Now what should we do?" whispered Abby.

"Slam the lids now and let her see what's coming?" asked Tara mischievously. Abby nodded back with a wry smile. Together the sisters opened both lids of the dumpster, flinging them backwards so they slammed off the container.

A huge bang went off and Danielle was awakened immediately. Holy shit, what was that? It was bright outside today... oh no, wait. The lids are open! Someone must be there! Look inside, help me please!

All of a sudden a black trash bag came flying into the dumpster. Back to reality now, she was in a container that held trash. Danielle tried to grab the attention of the cleaners by thrashing around but it was fruitless, her movement was limited. Her captors from yesterday had taped her up in the right places. Ankles and legs inseparable, arms pinned to body, mouth taped up. Another couple of trash bags landed in the dumpster. Then Danielle heard conversation between the cleaners.

"Have you emptied the dog poo bins yet Tara?" asked one female loudly.

"Not yet Abby. Tell you what though, in this bag here, there's a pair of knickers old Edith pooped into by accident!"

"Eww that's just gross!" Abby responded. The sisters smiled at each other. Tara lobbed the trash bag towards the direction of their victim, landing at Danielle's midriff. Danielle was horrified. That trash bag contained soiled knickers! Another couple of black binbags were launched into the dumpster. Unknown to Danielle, Tara had just cut a large rip into the final black garbage bag of this run. Abby helped to line up the throw, and together the sisters carefully aimed the bag close to Danielle's head. Danielle felt a thud next to her head. She turned her head to see a black bag staring her in the face. Worryingly it had a large rip in it. Nothing had spilled out of it yet though. Danielle was then plunged into darkness as the lids slammed shut.

This was awful. Lying naked in a dumpster among the trash. Having trash lobbed into the container you are currently in. All of it heading towards one thing, the garbage truck. More tears fell down Danielle's face. She deserved this. This is what she put Jennifer through after all. Danielle didn't think about the consequences of throwing Jennifer out with the trash. Danielle thought it would be a laugh. In truth it must have been scary, humiliating, and of course revolting. But now it was her turn. And she was sure she had heard the names Abby and Tara before too. Danielle wasn't sure where though. Perhaps a party of some sort? Probably not relevant anyway, Danielle thought. If the cleaners had checked the dumpster she would have been saved already. But they had just assumed the only things inside the dumpster were garbage bags. Danielle was equal to garbage right now, and that was a very upsetting and degrading thought. Unable to move much, Danielle had to accept her fate for the time being. She couldn't even move the trash bag on her midriff off. I'm in the same place as soiled knickers..."heading the same way if I don't get out of here. But I did place Jennifer in the same situation... Danielle just felt more and more guilt about her actions last year.

A while later (two and a half hours to be exact, but Danielle wasn't to know that) she heard voices outside. Sure enough, the lids opened, ready for more disgusting waste to join Danielle.

"Is that all of them?" said one of the cleaners, it sounded like Abby.

"Yep. That's all of the dog poo bins ready!" said the other cleaner loudly, Tara was it?

Fear crept over Danielle. She completely forgot about the earlier mention of dog poo bins. Russlow Care was well known for allowing residents to keep pets in a "Pet Area", they had won awards for aiming to give their guests as much freedom as possible. Danielle could see two separate small bins being turned over towards the dumpster, and lots of small black bags came raining into the dumpster. Thankfully none of it came too close to Danielle. Or so she thought. A few seconds later more little black bags were emptied into the dumpster, this time right on top of Danielle, almost as if she was targeted. The smell of poo was overwhelming.

"Help me with this trash bag please Tara" asked Abby. "Can't believe how heavy these bags get when we empty all the rabbit cages and so on!" 

The two girls lifted up the heavy trash bag. Tara deliberately dug her nails into the side of the bag to start ripping it. Danielle watched as the trash bag was launched towards her. Tara's little rip had done enough. The weight of the trash bag's contents forced the rip open further, and some of the contents spilled over Danielle. Her body was now partly covered by small animal droppings, hay, sawdust, basically anything you find in cages from rabbits to hamsters to guinea pigs. 

"Good timing when we got that in, I think the bag ripped open!" said Tara in mock surprise, winking at Abby. The lids closed again. There may have been many disgusting items inside this dumpster, but this was the worst so far.

Two hours later, the lids opened once more. Danielle heard the now familiar sound of trash bags landing in the dumpster. One, two, three bags chucked away, then the next binbag was tossed in and landed squarely on top of the ripped binbag that was next to Danielle's face. Without warning loose bits of trash flew into Danielle's face. A couple of adult nappies, a banana skin, orange peel and some used teabags now covered her face. Another couple of garbage bags were tossed away, then the lids shut down on the dumpster and light vanished.

Something just didn't seem right for Danielle. Being tied up inside a dumpster was never going to be pleasant, but this appeared to be targeted. Somehow the cleaners were yet to see her inside the dumpster. Some of the dog poo bags landed straight on top of her as did a ripped bag of pet waste, while coincidentally a ripped binbag landed facing her and was eventually squished by another bag of rubbish, the resulting squish leading to her face being covered in loose trash. And the names of Abby and Tara still sounded familiar. But from where? As night fell, Danielle's first day in a dumpster had been rotten to say the least. Her face was covered in garbage, there was no progress in escaping and some of the little dog poo bags had been squished by the normal sized trash bags, which was now giving Danielle the full stench of their contents. Danielle's fear, tears and the combined smell of toilet and food waste mixed with her exhaustion, and eventually she fell asleep for the night after being treated to another unappealing orgasm from her vibrator.


Danielle woke up the next morning to find her vibrator going off yet again. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts was the two words going through Danielle's mind. Danielle did her best to block out the dumpster contents and smell, if she was going to be stuck in here she had to try and enjoy the little good she was getting. She had a pleasant orgasm as her mind wandered off to the bloke she slept with last week, Justin. Throughout the orgasm she imagined it was Justin's cock and it did help distract her from her situation for a few minutes. She lay there helpless but at least a little bit happy. The happiness didn't last long though as the lids to her dumpster opened. Danielle listened to the thuds and counted four bags of rubbish being thrown into the waste container. Depressing thoughts came over Danielle again. Four more binbags containing useless items joining her. Blind cleaners who still haven't noticed the woman inside the dumpster. Everything in this dumpster was unwanted, not needed. Including her. But that can't be true, she wasn't a piece of trash. She had plenty to offer. But then she did the same to Jennifer last year, leaving her to end up in the garbage truck and nearly a permanent place in the landfill site. Now it would be her turn to suffer through the garbage experience. Right now, Danielle was just another piece of trash. The wording on the dumpster did say Garbage Only after all. And here she was, in amongst the garbage.

As morning turned to afternoon the temperature warmed up, and it was now very warm. It started to heat up inside the dumpster too, and Danielle was now dripping in sweat. The trash bags around her seemed to glue themselves to her body. The heat only intensified the smell and with her mouth still taped up, Danielle had no choice but to breath it in through her nose. This was unbearable! I can't do this anymore! 

Danielle started to do anything she could to remove the tape from her mouth. She tried biting it, she tried rubbing her face across trash bags, she pushed it with her tongue. After a while she finally succeeded and the tape came off. Two minutes later she heard the voices of Abby and Tara outside, brilliant! She could call for their help now! The lids opened up. Straight away Danielle called out to her soon-to-be saviours.

"Help me! Help me! Please get me out of here!" shouted Danielle immediately. "I've been kidnapped!"

Abby and Tara looked at each other in panic. "Shit, now what?" whispered Abby.

Tara's facial expression turned from panic to calm. "It's time to have fun Abs, that's what!" Abby's fear subsided, the only person who should be scared should be the girl in the garbage.

Tara grabbed the tape Jennifer had left behind the dumpster and placed it in the pocket of her borrowed jacket from the cleaning store. Abby closed the doors to the back of the care home so no one would be able to hear what was happening on the outside.

"Hello? Somebody please help me!" continued Danielle. Why haven't they saved me yet? "Where have you gone? HELP MEEE!"

"Quickly, get in!" Tara demanded of Abby. Tara climbed into the dumpster. Abby reluctantly followed.

They are coming in, I'll be saved! Or so Danielle thought. They turned Danielle over to face them. Suddenly she realised who Abby and Tara were. They were friends of Jennifer's, Danielle had met them at the party last year shortly before she disposed of their friend. Her heart sank.

"Right, what have we got here?" asked Tara.

"Talking garbage apparently!" replied Abby.

"Looks revolting!" said Tara.

"Let me out, please! I'm begging you!" pleaded Danielle.

"Sorry, we aren't allowed to remove garbage from the dumpster" said Abby.

"I'm not garbage though!" cried Danielle.

"Yes you are" said Tara. "You have no use left. You stink. Nobody wants you. Why else would someone throw you in the trash?"

"Anyway, why did you remove the tape from your mouth?" asked Abby. "There will be consequences for this. You had no intention of freeing Jennifer, so you should be accepting of your fate here, not fighting it!"

Danielle looked up in fear. What could they be planning now? She had been in here for two days now!

Tara picked up one of the dog poo bags. She teased Danielle, brushing the little bag across her face. "Get that away from me you bitch!" shouted Danielle. And then her vibrator kicked in. Now? Really? Abby and Tara heard the vibrations.

"I think the stinky garbage girl likes playing with the dog poo!" said Abby gleefully.

"A bitch am I? In that case then..." said Tara. She ripped open the little bag and dropped the contents onto Danielle's torso. Using the bag, Tara smeared the poo around Danielle's belly button. The vibrations got stronger, denying Daniele the chance to complain properly at this disgusting act from Tara.

"We've just emptied the canteen bins" said Abby. "Are you hungry? Lie her down Tara, I'll give her a feed. The poor dumpster girl hasn't eaten in two days!"

Danielle was nearing orgasm, but that had nothing to do with Abby's offer. Abby climbed out of the dumpster, retrieved a black trash bag and tossed it into the dumpster. Abby climbed back into the waste container. Tara forced Danielle to lie down, facing up. Danielle tried to fight back but her restraints and unhelpful vibrator denied her from success. Abby held the black garbage bag above Danielle's face. Danielle could already smell the canteen waste from the black bag above. Oh no, oh no... orgasm came and Danielle felt pleasured at the completely wrong moment. As her mouth unwillingly opened from the pleasures of the impressive vibrator, Tara struck a knife through the bottom of the trash bag. Without warning the bag's contents fell straight onto Danielle's face. Some items landed in her mouth, she had no idea what though.  All she knew was that her face was covered in food waste. And that she had just had an orgasm again.

"Eat up bitch!" said Abby. She forced Danielle to chew what had landed in her mouth. "Swallow it you trashy slut!" demanded Abby. Left with no choice, Danielle swallowed the items in her mouth.  She had just eaten trash... literally eaten contents from a garbage bag. Tears once again streamed down her face. Surely this was over the top, Jennifer didn't get it this bad? In truth having never checked on her, Danielle didn't know how bad it was for Jennifer, or that she had no choice but to eat from trash bags while in the dumpster. Meanwhile Abby had retrieved another black trash bag and was holding it over Danielle's top half. Tara slashed the bag open and more waste, largely food related, dropped onto Danielle's chest and boobs. Then she passed the tape to her sister. Abby checked Danielle's wrists and legs and added more tape to keep her tied up. She also got a piece of tape ready for Danielle's mouth. Meanwhile Tara picked up some uneaten peppers and lettuce leaves, and she placed them in Danielle's mouth. Danielle looked up in desperation but the look on Tara's face told her to eat it or else. Abby then proceeded to tape up Danielle's mouth.

"If you don't want to experience this again, I suggest that tape stays on your mouth this time!" said Tara angrily. "It's what you deserve anyway, you know Jennifer had to eat from the trash because of you."

"You are trash, deal with it. Don't try to pull another stunt like that or we will make you suffer much worse than this!" promised Abby.

"Accept your fate as garbage, because that's all you are now!" said Tara angrily.

The two sisters climbed out of the dumpster and threw the rest of the canteen trash bags away. The lids then slammed shut and darkness consumed the dumpster again. Danielle was stuck, unable to move thanks to the extra tape she received. Dog poo was smeared into her belly. Trash bags had been emptied onto her head and chest. She had actually eaten trash. The smell... yeuchhhhhh. She felt disgusting. She was covered in food scraps, juices and poo. And of course the dumpster was slowly filling up with waste. Once beautiful and sexy on the outside as she was so often proud of, her horrible nature had lead to what was fast becoming her horrible demise.


Danielle's morning started with another unwanted orgasm. She was sticky, in some places wet where certain food items were turning to slush, while other parts such as her hair had dried from trash juices. With her hopes of being saved by the cleaners now dashed, Danielle wondered who else was out there to save her. Possibly the garbage man if he checked inside the dumpster before emptying it? She shuddered at the thought of this, it would be too close a call to being dumped in the garbage truck. She needed saving sooner. Then her colleague entered her mind, the one not involved with her disposal. Stacey would notice something was up by now... how will she find me though? She hasn't shown up as of yet...

The first time the lids opened today involved Danielle being faced with a camera as Abby and Tara took some pictures of their handiwork from yesterday. The sisters then emptied more dog poo bins into the dumpster, happily aiming for Danielle with a couple of them.

"There you go, thought you might appreciate that babe." said Tara.

"You probably won't see much more of us now" said Abby. "We'll fill up this dumpster as much as we can today. It won't be long before you'll be buried under lots of black binbags. We are working overtime to clear out as much waste as possible. Tomorrow is garbage collection day after all!" Danielle's taped face showed an expression of extreme fear.

"We've been told if we empty the bins in all the rooms of our residents today we can have tomorrow off! So we are determined to give you plenty of trash to enjoy!" laughed Tara. Danielle was shaking her head as tears once again streamed down her face. Please have mercy...

"No point crying about it" said Abby. "You belong in here after what you did to our Jennifer."

"Anyway you blend in with the garbage" said Tara. "You belong in there with the stinky nappies, dog poo, unfinished dinners."

"Some of my period pads should be inside there too actually" added Abby. "I was pretty heavy this week. I'm thankful we have places like landfill sites and incinerators to deal with things like that! Even though you are just a piece of trash Danielle, there is still a place for you somewhere with all the other used, rotting, smelly unwanted items! You could be Queen of the Landfill site!"

"Enjoy! We'll bring you some more trash soon! Garbage collection tomorrow will be fun!" said a gleeful Tara. The lids slammed shut.

This was real. Danielle had somehow forgotten about garbage collection, her dumpster experience was so nasty she completely forgot about her next stop. Although dark, she knew the dumpster was still just about half full. Somehow she was still near the top of the pile.Once again it was a warm day, and trash bags clung to her sweaty body like glue. Matters weren't helped when Abby and Tara arrived with the canteen's lunchtime garbage. No sooner had the lids opened, Abby was climbing up the side of the dumpster. Tara passed her a black trash bag which Abby held over Danielle's face. The bag was bursting to the seams. Danielle shook her head, trying to beg for mercy. She knew what was coming

"One last time Danielle! You'll like this one!" announced Abby. Tara leaned over the edge of the dumpster, reached over and slashed the bottom of the binbag held by Abby. Piles of food scrapings landed on Danielle's face and smothered her. A whole trash bag's worth of vegetable choppings, unfinished meals and used napkins now covered Danielle's top half. She felt some wet and sludgy remnants dripping down her sides. 

"Curry for lunchtime, wasn't it Abby?" said Tara.

"It certainly was Tara!" responded Abby. She continued to speak. "Look at the slut, covered in all that slimy waste. I'm glad this dumpster gets tipped tomorrow, I've never known it to smell so revolting!" It went quiet for a couple of seconds then Danielle heard the sound of trash bags landing in the dumpster. A couple of black bags landed on Danielle herself, pushing the loose waste right into her. One final bag landed on her head, squishing the loose trash into her face. Then she heard the lids slamming shut yet again.

This has to end now! Danielle desperately tried to undo her taped hands and body, but she had no success. She tried to free her feet but that failed too. It's okay, it's fine she thought to herself. Someone will notice she's gone missing. They'll find her and she'll be free before the garbage truck arrives. I'm sure if the worst comes to the worst, the garbage man will find me anyway... I'm not going to go in a garbage truck, that's just absurd! Danielle wasn't accepting this at all. Of course she'll get out of this messy situation, she's too popular and too sexy to end up inside a garbage truck. Surely someone would realise she's disappeared by now? But then how would they find me and know I was here... damn! It's fine, I'll need to get the garbage man's attention somehow... Danielle's belief that she would escape this predicament kept her worries down about being dumped into a garbage truck. Little did she know all lanes were covered and her chance of escape was zero. That didn't stop her hopes being high an hour later though.

The lids opened, but instead of Abby and Tara, she seen and her colleague and friend, Stacey. Finally! I knew she'd come! Danielle tried to muffle "Help me!" through her taped mouth. But something wasn't right here. Stacey didn't look relieved to have found her. In fact, she looked pretty angry.

"It stinks in here" said Stacey, stating the obvious. Danielle continued to try and signal for help. Why is Stacey not rushing to free me? Is she just reluctant to climb into the dumpster? Stacey just looked at the girl lying amongst the trash. Then she continued to speak.

"Fuck me, you are a right fucking state. You must be wondering why I'm here. Well, I won't be freeing you, you filthy slut." Surely this was a crude joke?

"Anita told me about what was going on, she visited me after dumping you. Claimed it was a revenge mission. I would have freed you immediately there and then. Placing you in a dumpster is disgusting. Abhorrent. No idea what the revenge was for but that is extreme. Your my friend. Or so I thought. Anita then mentioned seeing you sneak off last week with a man. A man who fitted the description of my boyfriend. Justin." Danielle's face became fearful again. Fuck...

"I didn't want to believe it. After Anita left and he arrived home from work, I confronted him. In the end he admitted having a fuck session with someone who fitted your description. Who happened to be called Danielle, he finally admitted that part around midnight." Could I have fucked up any more? Danielle wondered. This was indeed true. Danielle had met Justin through Stacey and immediately had the hots for him. "First thing Friday morning, I enter your office. And you know what I find in your desk drawer? A notebook with ideas of "Disposal 2 -Stacey!" You wrote down planned lies about me to turn Justin against me! You even decided that I should be placed in a trash compactor at Justin's workplace! I showed Anita all of this, and then she told me about Jennifer. I understood then what this revenge was about. And you wanted to dispose of me too! We were meant to be friends, but you had intentions of throwing me away like trash just so you could be with Justin? You deserve what you get right now. That garbage truck can't come soon enough." Danielle was in tears yet again, Stacey was probably her last hope. But between screwing Justin and indeed making plans to "Dispose of Stacey", once again Danielle really had messed up.

"The cleaners are here now with more disgusting waste. They will allow me to toss these bags away." Stacey said coldly. Without warning a number of trash bags were launched into the dumpster. A fair few of them landed above Danielle, who felt the increasingly heavy weight of garbage sinking on her. There was a pause for a couple of minutes, which was due to Abby and Tara bringing over some more bins containing trash bags. Eventually Stacey began to launch more trash into the dumpster. With a final binbag chucked into the container, Stacey said her final words.  "Goodbye you trashy bitch. You deserve this." The lids were then closed over, but not with their usual slam. Danielle suddenly heard banging from above. After wishing Stacey a pleasant goodbye, Abby and Tara were using their weight to push the dumpster lids down on the overflowing rubbish. Danielle felt the garbage squeezing in on her as the two cleaners pushed hard. Soon there was the click of a lock. Tied up, mouth taped too, garbage squished right into her, a dumpster full of trash and a locked lid. Now how was Danielle meant to escape? She could barely move. Danielle fought and struggled against her bonds but her efforts were in vain as she fell asleep through exhaustion.


A new morning, a new week. Another sunny day in this fine summer. Some people would be going away on holiday today. Others to the beach to catch some waves. But one girl would be taking a very different journey.

Danielle immediately woke up in a panic. Today was garbage day. She was still inside this revolting, smelly dumpster buried until piles of trash. If it was disgusting inside here, the inside of a garbage truck was likely to be horrific. Danielle started to try and break her bonds apart again. Last night's efforts had helped, some of her restrictions were much looser now. After a struggle Danielle managed to free her hands. Two minutes later she freed her legs and ankles. She made several weird facial expressions trying to force the tape away from her mouth. It took a while but eventually she succeeded. However no matter how hard she tried, the tape around her body and arms was too strong. Danielle's next move was to try and kick her way towards the top of the dumpster. It was incredibly hard work, but her adrenaline was running high in this desperate moment. Slowly she made progress, fighting her way through the black trash bags surrounding her. Danielle knew she was now close to the top. Her body was amongst the smelly, squishy garbage bags, but Danielle's head finally hit the lids. It was still locked, but that would mean the garbage man would have to unlock it and then she could shout for help. 

Fifteen minutes later her worst fears became real. The sound of a loud engine came closer and closer... it was pickup time. There was only one thing for it.

"HEEELLLLPPPP MEEEEEE! HELPPPPPPP! I'M IN THE DUMPSTER, HELP ME!" The truck's engine turned off. Danielle could hear footsteps... she was going to be saved... she heard the lock click, and the dumpster lids opened up. Daylight appeared, and a man stood over her. A man she recognised. It was the man who helped throw her away, George or Jeffers or whatever he was called. Danielle's heart sank. "Please let me out of here, please!" pleaded Danielle. "I'll do anything, please!"

"It's not up to me" said Jeffrey. "It's up to her." And into view came a blonde-haired female. It was Jennifer, who immediately took a photo of Danielle in her dumpster. The woman once responsible for disposing of Jennifer was now a disgusting mess. The hair, once brown, often straightened, was covered in all sorts of yucky substances. The body, once brilliant, was smeared with disgusting crap. Jennifer's garbage journey last year was worth it for this alone.

"She looks terrible Jeffrey!" laughed Jennifer. "Abby and Tara really have made your life hell in there! I can always trust those two to stick to their word. You are covered in grime and slime, food... poo! You represent everything they throw away here at Russlow. Why don't you have a look?" Jennifer pulled out a mirror and showed it to Danielle. She was an absolute state. Covered in bits and pieces of trash, she was sticky, sweaty, her hair had dry patches and wet patches. Food waste was smeared all over her. It looked like she had been living in the trash for months. Based on her appearance, the dumpster was the correct location for her. Even Danielle was shocked at how awful she looked. "This dumpster absolutely stinks too, it was a good choice for you."

"Please Jennifer, help me! I'll do anything!" begged Danielle. "I'm so, so sorry about last year! Honestly!"

"You never freed me when you could have. You should have thought about that before allowing me to end up in a garbage truck. Now it's your turn."

Danielle started crying frantically. "No, no, please don't! I'm sorry for what happened!"

"Only because you are experiencing it now. You want the truth Danielle? I was going to go along with this, give you the garbage truck experience that you made me endure, and then save your ass at the landfill site, because I'm a better person than you. I wanted you to suffer more than I did, but I never wanted you to end up permanently as landfill. This whole episode would be humiliating enough and I would imagine you'd learn from it. But then I found out your plans for Stacey, and your session with Justin. They were childhood sweethearts until you started messing with his head. Stacey is devastated. My sympathies for you died at that moment. I can't believe you considered doing this to someone else. You are a horrible bitch. You will rot with the rest of the garbage in here."

"Please! Don't do this! I'm sorry!" sobbed Danielle, tears streaming down her face.

"One more thing Danielle". Jennifer brought over a small white trash bag containing something inside. Without warning she dumped it onto Danielle's head. Danielle seen a condom wrapper slip in front of her. She shaked her head and some more contents came off. More wrappers and indeed condoms too. "Suits you, filthy slut. Covered in condoms. Well, your vagina won't be open all hours any more. This is revenge. One year ago you allowed me to be dumped with the rest of the garbage. Now it's your turn. Jeffrey will kindly let me operate the controls for this one. Goodbye garbage slut." Jennifer closed the lids of the dumpster. Danielle was crying uncontrollably. She heard a door open and close. The garbage truck moved in. The forks slid into the holes on the side of the dumpster. Jennifer smiled at Jeffrey, this was it, the moment she had been waiting for.

Without warning the dumpster was suddenly hoisted upwards. Danielle knew what was coming and she could do nothing about it. Up, up, up. The dumpster started to tip over. The very top contents of the dumpster fell into the unwelcoming mouth of the garbage truck. Danielle could see where she was heading as she watched the first victims of her dumpster land inside the garbage truck's body. The next tip was much heavier and suddenly Danielle and the rest of the trash exited the dumpster. Danielle fell into the garbage truck. Falling, falling, then she landed on a mixture of white and black trash bags. Trash fell around her from the dumpster. Many black garbage bags fell right on top of her. She could just about see above her, the dumpster was heading back to the ground. Emptied and clear of its waste, including Danielle. This was real. Danielle was inside the garbage truck. Jennifer and Jeffrey swapped seats so Jeffrey could carry on with the collection run while Jennifer could witness the many pickups to follow. 

With her arms still pinned to her body, Danielle couldn't move. Her naked body lay amongst the many trash bags dumped inside. Other binbags remained on top of her. She could just about see the mouth of the garbage truck. The one she had just entered through. The stench inside here was unimaginable. Danielle was garbage now and there was no going back.

The garbage truck started moving. The movement of the truck occasionally made the disposed contents move side to side. Danielle couldn't see much else than what was above her, with garbage piles either side of her. Five minutes later the garbage truck pulled to a stop. Perhaps they would let her out now? Danielle still had faint hope she wouldn't have to experience this the full way. She heard the mechanics click into action, once again being operated by her previous victim. All she could do was watch above her. And then she realised what was happening. "Oh no, oh no!" she screamed. A dumpster tipped over and loads of black trash bags landed right on top of her. How disgusting! She was truly stuck now. Next up was the part her nemesis Jennifer was really looking forward to. Unknown to Danielle, Jennifer pressed the compactor button. What was that noise? Danielle wasn't sure. It sounded very close by though. And then with ease the wall of the garbage truck was pushing Danielle and the other trash towards the back of the garbage truck. Danielle had no idea this actually happened inside a garbage truck. She screamed as she was being pushed along. The wall didn't stop and she was getting pushed closer and closer to the back of the truck. The garbage started to tighten around her. Danielle and her fellow bags of waste from the Russlow dumpster were being squashed into the pile of trash at the back of the garbage truck. Trash bags either side of her were under more and more pressure. Then the wall retreated, leaving Danielle squished in a pile of garbage near the back of the truck.

Helpless and unable to free her arms from her body, Danielle knew she was stuck here. She couldn't believe she had done this to Jennifer a year ago. The dumpster was bad enough but the garbage truck was truly disgusting. It stinked in here, Danielle didn't even know what it stunk of. The crushing mechanism was terrifying and unexpected. If Danielle knew what being garbage was really like, she would have never done this to Jennifer in the first place. And to think she would have done this to Stacey too, and Stacey was a decent friend. Now Danielle was the garbage, and in truth she deserved it.

The garbage truck stopped again. Danielle could just about see through the pile of trash at the back what was coming. Another dumpster was being emptied, and lots of black garbage bags flew into the truck's body. The dumpster was placed back down, clear of its trash, and the truck moved off again. Five minutes later was another pickup, and Danielle watched as a mixture of black trash bags, some clearer bags and some white bags fell inside, along with some looser bits of trash. The truck reversed and then picked up another dumpster with similar contents, a mixture of coloured trash bags plus loose contents. Danielle believed this was residential waste, probably from a block of flats. Danielle suddenly had a thought. Wait... there's two dumpsters where I live and they usually get picked up before 8am on a Monday... it was quite possibly the flats where she lived. The garbage truck was less than half full, and she presumed she was picked up relatively early, so it would make sense.

The next pickup resulted in another dumpster filled with black binbags joining Danielle inside the garbage truck. And then the dreaded sound kicked in. Fear crept over Danielle.

"HELPPPP! PLEASEEEEEE! SOMEBODY!" But her calls were unheard.

The huge metal wall pushed the recently tipped garbage closer to Danielle and her pile of trash at the back. Closer, closer, closer it came, and then the pressure was here. Garbage was pressed into Danielle, and she felt it cover her whole naked body. The smell grew stronger as the sound of trash bags ripping open was clearly audible due to the compaction. The wall then retreated. Danielle was truly squished now, largely surrounded by black binbags yet to split open. Danielle feared they wouldn't last too much longer as she heard more trash being dumped inside the truck. The garbage run continued with another collection ten minutes later, and Danielle was reduced to more tears with the knowledge that she was just trash. Everything inside here was useless, used or unwanted. She didn't fit that description but her nastiness was her downfall and the punishment was right.

More rubbish was casually emptied in the truck, and the compactor got going again. The now familiar awful feeling of the garbage being crushed into her was extremely unpleasant, as was the sound of trash being squished and bags bursting open. Danielle couldn't see anything now as the compactor retreated after another successful compaction. Danielle mainly felt the plastic of the trash bags still touching her, which at this point she was thankful for. However, something above Danielle had started to leak and was dripping onto her shoulder. "Eww, yuck! What is that!" she exclaimed. The only response she heard to her question was the sound of another dumpster being tipped. Danielle was concerned the next compaction would give her the full extent of the unknown liquid. She tried to shuffle around to escape being in the liquid's path but it was hopeless, she could not make any headway in the compacted waste. The sound of more trash arriving in the truck pushed her concerns more. Another dumpster was tipped soon after. The compactor started up. Once the pressure kicked in Danielle screamed. Tight, tighter, and then a loud pop near her ear. The side of her face and her shoulder were covered by the leaky liquid, which had the smell of gone off milk. "Ewwww gross!" exclaimed Danielle. But then she was inside a garbage truck filling up with trash, gross would be an expectation.

The garbage truck continued on it's route for a while and four compactions later, the slightly more pleasant feel of a plastic binbags was evaporating quickly. As the wall closed in again the surrounding bags of garbage could take no more. They began to burst open under the pressure and left Danielle covered in all sorts of awful stuff. She couldn't tell what was worse, the feel of food waste around her torso, what felt like period pads and nappy sacks near her head, the squished item near her vagina or the smeared substance on her legs. Further compactions resulted in more vile things being pressed into Danielle as more and more trash bags gave up on themselves. It now felt like she had been inside here for hours, but yet more trash was being added to the truck's body. Of course though, this was what her captors wanted, a long day of suffering inside the body alongside its brutal compactor, that's why she had been picked up early on in the route.

Eventually the compactions had little effect on the helpless female as she was so far back in the truck. After 9 hours inside the garbage truck, the vehicle went for its longer ride, filled to the brim with the city's trash as Jeffrey stated it would be on a Monday.

Soon it was the final stage of Danielle's demise. Jeffrey parked up in the landfill site and allowed Jennifer to do the honours. Jeffrey went out to film the ejection on his phone. 

Danielle heard an unknown noise nearby. "What's that?" she wondered. The unwelcoming sound of the compactor kicked in again but this time something different was happening. Danielle and the trashy contents were being pushed out of the back end of the garbage truck. As part of the early pickups Danielle was among the first of the trash to fall into the landfill site. For a split second she felt the pressure ease off as she fell into the pit. Unfortunately for Danielle, that sensation didn't last long as the garbage truck's contents were falling straight on top of her. Within seconds she was buried under mounds of trash.

When the garbage truck had finished ejecting its load, Jeffrey retrieved the camera he had set up to monitor each compaction cycle and dumpster collection. He knew Jennifer would adore watching this back as they gained their revenge on Danielle, combined with the ejection filming too. Satisfied with their work, they went home and celebrated a job well done with Anita, Abby, Tara, Nico and Stacey. Revenge had been dealt, and it went better than Jennifer could ever have imagined.

As for Danielle herself? Her arms were still tied tightly to her body. She was buried alive under piles and piles of waste. Unable to move and escape, Danielle had no choice but to accept her fate as garbage. Her life was in the landfill now. One year ago she intended this to be the case for Jennifer. Unfortunately karma is a bitch, and Danielle suffered the severe consequences. She belonged in the landfill site and she knew it.

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