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Disposed Of

by DumpsterLife

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Storycodes: FM/f; party; clean; trash; bag; chute; dumped; dumpster; stuck; messy; vibe; mast; hum; truck; collected; transported; compacted; landfill; rescue; cons/nc; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life will result in injury or death

Part 1: Dumping Jennifer

Jennifer had just finished clearing up the mess from last night's party. It had been a good night, plenty of friends over, lots of music, some drunken games and a lovely finish involving her boyfriend Mike, who was at his best in bed last night. Mike had gone out early this morning though, leaving Jennifer to tidy up the house. Clear up done, Jennifer proceeded to straighten her blonde hair, apply a little bit of makeup and change her clothes. Eventually her phone rang. It was Mike.

"Hi Jen, can you meet me by the trash chute please?" he asked.

"Umm, I guess?" said Jennifer confused by this random meeting place.

"Thanks, see you in a minute" said Mike.

"I suppose I might as well take all this out then" said Jennifer looking at the two black trash bags on the floor, filled with last night's garbage. Jennifer looked into her kitchen bin. Full up. "And this one too". Jennifer tied up the trash bag in the bin and replaced it with an empty one. Jennifer then picked up the three trash bags and proceeded to the trash chute. Living on the third floor of the apartments, the chute was very helpful to have. As she approached the trash chute she saw Mike accompanied by his friend Danielle, who was at the party last night. "Hi Mike" said Jennifer. "Hey Danielle, what're you doing here? Thought you went home last night?"

"Well, that's why I've invited you here" said Mike. "Thanks for clearing up the flat as well, those three bags will come in useful for you."

"What are you on about?" said a puzzled Jennifer.

"Me and Danielle have been seeing each other for a couple of months now and you are just getting in the way. So I thought we'd give you a nice send off, had that wonderful session in bed didn't we? But we don't want you getting in the way of our new relationship as you have been, so we've decided to throw you out."

"Excuse me?" said Jennifer. "Mike, you can't throw me out of my flat!"

"Not just out of your flat. Come on Danielle, let's take the trash out!"

"What do you mean? What the hell are you doing?"

Mike and Danielle grabbed Jennifer and lifted her up. Jennifer screamed but Mike covered her mouth as Danielle opened the trash chute door.

"This is what I mean by throwing you out Jennifer! We've had fun but I prefer Danielle now!"

"Sorry babes, but I can't have Mike getting temptations while you are around! Incidents like last night cannot go on now that he's my boyfriend. I'm sure there's some stinky rotten trash down there for you though! Bye!" said a very gleeful Danielle. Jennifer tried to shout but could only mumble through Mike's hand.

Then without warning she was placed head first into the trash chute. She fell down the slide screaming. Down, down, down, then suddenly she was off the slide and landed head first into the pile of garbage bags already in the dumpster. The smell hit her nostrils straight away. Jennifer started pushing the garbage bags away in a bid to free herself from her head first landing. Eventually Jennifer managed to battle out of her situation. She looked around. The dumpster was incredibly tall, too high for Jennifer to escape. Thankfully the garbage around her was all bagged, although some of the bags weren't black, but white or see-through so she could see some of the contents. Unfinished dinners, used period pads, nappies, eurgh! She knew the garbage room was hidden away, and the recycling room was in a different area of the apartments. So there was very little chance of her being heard or found.

"Now what am I meant t-" and then thud. A large black trash bag hit her right on the head and knocked her sideways. Another bag landed on her side, and a third bag missed her head by inches. The three trash bags she had sorted out this morning. Now where they belong, but for some reason she was here too. Stuck in a trash prison with no clue how to escape. Another trash bag came down the chute, see-through. The contents looked slimy. "Eww...I need out of here now!" cried Jennifer. But for that to happen she needed as much trash as possible in here to try to help her climb out. A choice between a dumpster full of trash or ending up in the garbage truck... safely rather have the dumpster Jennifer thought. When is garbage collection? Hopefully long enough for an escape... or maybe Mike would eventually free her. This was cruel, it wasn't like she hadn't done anything wrong.

"If I ever get out of here Danielle is going to find herself in the trash..." started Jennifer, until another black trash bag landed on her head.

Hours passed as Jennifer became part of the dumpster's contents and eventually she became sort of used to the smell. But now she was hungry. No closer to escape. There was only one thing for it.

"Never thought I would eat from a dumpster but here I go!" said Jennifer with disgust. She targeted the trash bags she had planned to throw out earlier before she was dumped alongside them. She knew there was snacks from yesterday inside. She carefully dug through the napkins, packaging and other waste and eventually found some sausage rolls. "Can't believe I'm doing this!" and Jennifer began to eat the sausage rolls from her binbag. Eventually night came (not that she could tell) and Jennifer got comfy in the trash bags she had tossed away with.

Next morning Jennifer was woken up by a trash bag landing on her middle. "Grey coloured" she said to herself. This was about as exciting as her day was probably going to get. Jennifer dug through more of her own trash for some breakfast. An hour later another another trash bag came down, but it was extremely soft. As it was a black binbag Jennifer couldn't see the contents but thought it was be worth a look. She opened it up to find some of her clothes and photos had been thrown away. Not that the clothes were useful, last nights dinner had been mixed in with it. Jennifer continued to see what was inside and then came across a used condom. "Eww fuck sake!" exclaimed Jennifer. Just what she needed. A reminder that her replacement was getting the fun while she had been thrown away in the garbage. If only she could swap places with that bitch...

Another soft bag came down and Jennifer opened it up to find more of her clothes, and some knickers which weren't hers. Some packaging for new underwear was in there, so they must have bought Danielle some new underwear and thoughtfully disposed of her old ones to accommodate Jennifer in the dumpster. She came across her own jewellery, make up, washing products, a couple of presents Mike had given her, basically anything of Jennifer's was now in the trash with her. "My life is in this dumpster, brilliant" said Jennifer. She then found her dildo in there too. "Sigh" said Jennifer.

Jennifer was so bored she started digging through some of the other trash bags. Most of it was disgusting, wet and useless, but there was the occasional positive, a bit of food, a magazine, and someone's old pillow. She was always careful opening the bags so as not to rip them, and she always tied them up again afterwards. At this point Jennifer had become accustomed to life in her dumpster.  The next trash bag to join her was half opened, so she picked up the loose contents that had dropped out and closed it properly. If she was going to be in a dumpster with disgusting garbage, she didn't need the garbage all over her as well. At least trash bags held the waste inside. "Tidying up my own dumpster" she said. "Why am I still in here? This is just gross!"

Eventually she thought about her dildo again. The thought of masturbating in a dumpster wasn't exactly to Jennifer's taste, but she had a high sex drive and it had felt like ages since that last session with Mike now. Jennifer was a dirty girl in a different sense here. She pulled off her trousers and knickers, and took off her top. She lied herself down amongst the trash bags as they formed around her body, and she began to play with herself.

"Am I really doing this?" sighed Jennifer. "I won't be getting out of here anytime soon. I'm bored... might as well!" When she inserted the dildo a couple of trash bags landed on her, one looked like the contents were nasty, but that wasn't going to bother her. She followed through and eventually hit orgasm. She was pleasured. An orgasm in a dumpster... there's a new one! "I've literally just laid myself in garbage and masturbated..." she said to herself. She was sweaty now and the trash bags stuck to her skin. Tired out, Jennifer fell asleep naked in the garbage.

"Haha look at that!" Jennifer woke up with a sudden at the random shout. She gathered her surroundings and sat up among the trash. Yep still in here, not a nightmare, a reality. But a nightmare reality. She looked up to see Mike looking down from the top of the dumpster. Then remembered she was still naked too. "You happy in there? Naked, playing with your dildo was you? You must love it in there!" laughed Mike.

"Get me out please! This is cruel!" cried Jennifer.

"But you look so happy in there!"

"I'm in a garbage dumpster! Who would be happy in here?!"

"Looks like I made the right choice. Danielle is great, hotter than you and a better shag! You play with yourself in dumpsters... gross."

"Fuck off and get me out of here you arse!" said Jennifer.

"No, it's fine. I threw you out for a reason. I just wanted to pop round and tell you garbage collection is today."

"What? Get me out then!"

"No... the point of throwing you in the trash was so that you'd end up with all the other trash we would throw out... what makes you so special?"

"I don't want to be trash! I don't belong in here!"

"But you fit in well there... can barely tell you apart from the rest of the garbage. Danielle wants evidence you are still in here!" Mike took his phone out and took a picture of Jennifer in the dumpster. Mike observed his photo. "I can't actually tell which piece of garbage you are, you all look the same!"

"Stop it Mike!" shouted Jennifer angrily. This was humiliating.

"I dumped you, literally! You are stinking the place up in here, can't tell which smells worse, you or the rest of the garbage!"

"Go fuck yourself Mike!"

"Well, that's not very nice is it? But fine, I'll go. But I will fuck Danielle, not myself. Enjoy the garbage truck! You belong in there!"

"Nooooooooo!" screamed Jennifer but Mike was gone. There wasn't enough trash yet to escape from her dumpster. Jennifer dressed herself again and starting hoping for lots of trash to fall in. But nothing came. This can't be happening... I cannot end up in a garbage truck... surely this is a sick joke... Danielle belongs in here instead, she knew Jennifer was in love with Mike... why hadn't Jennifer seen it coming? Danielle had been, well, different with Mike recently... why the fuck am I in a garbage dumpster? Time ticked on... eventually a nappy bag landed next to her. Jennifer picked it up. Inside were condoms and wrappers. There was a note on the bag too. "Garbage Truck Due Time - 10 Minutes. Here's more trash. It's going to stink in there! Love, M+D!" Jennifer threw the bag across the dumpster. Ten minutes and she would be dumped into a garbage truck. Full of rotting, stinky smelly garbage. All of it unwanted and tossed. Like her. She'll be mixed in with restaurant waste, school waste, nappies... condoms... oh no please! A clear binbag came down on her. Feminine hygiene products faced her. She faced the same fate as the trash inside that bag. They were equal.

And then the noise of an engine. The garbage room doors opened. She heard noise next to her as another dumpster (Jennifer didn't realise there was more than one trash container in here) was taken to the truck and emptied. Dammit, if there was only one dumpster in this room I could have probably escaped thought Jennifer... The empty dumpster came down with a bang. The dumpster was placed back in the room. And then her dumpster was moved. "I want to scream but don't want to be found" Jennifer thought to herself. "What do I do? Oh god I can't do this, HEEEELLLLPPPPPPPP!" What Jennifer didn't realise was the garbage man had his headphones in and wasn't going to hear anything anyway. "STOP, HELPPPPP!" but it was useless. The truck moved in on Jennifer's dumpster. "Oh my god, NOOOOOOO!" screamed Jennifer.

Suddenly the dumpster was lifted off the ground. The trash around Jennifer bounced around a little. The dumpster stopped mid-air, had they heard her screaming at last? But no, the dumpster was hoisted further into the air. Soon it started to tilt as it reached the tipping point. As the dumpster was tilting the garbage bags around Jennifer started to slide. Helpless, Jennifer slid alongside the binbags and her possessions towards the garbage truck entrance. One final tilt, the dumpster was upside down, and the trash (Jennifer included) slid and fell into the garbage truck. Jennifer landed head first (again) into the garbage bags that she could only presume was from the previous dumpster that had stood next to hers. She may have gotten used to her dumpster smell but inside here, was something totally different. It was revolting. She felt the garbage truck moving off. Once again Jennifer battled to get out of her head first trashy situation. Eventually she succeeded and after getting to the surface of garbage, looked around. She appeared to be in a random pile of trash near the front of the truck, but for some reason there was a fair amount of garbage near the back which looked a little squashed.

The garbage truck stopped suddenly. Jennifer lurched forward with some trash. She heard some noise outside. Then a shadow appeared, then it started to get darker. Oh crap... realising too late what this was, and suddenly a dumpster filled with black trash bags came raining down on her. Within two seconds she was covered and surrounded by binbags. Now Jennifer couldn't see a thing. A new noise started up. Then Jennifer felt the trash around her being pushed. She was being pushed to the back of the garbage truck... again she realised too late that these things had compactors... that explained the trash squashed at the back. The pressure then came in and trash bags from either side started to press into her. It got tighter and tighter... and then the pressure was off. The compactor retreated. But Jennifer was stuck in her trash bag pile at the back of the garbage truck. The smell was unbearable.

At this point Jennifer wished she was still in the dumpster, the garbage truck wasn't even half full yet. She felt the truck stop and heard more trash landing inside the truck's belly. Off it moved again. Jennifer tried to push her way out but it was no use, those bags of rubbish weren't moving. Maybe it was for the best, escaping her little pile of trash bags might just lead to a compaction cycle of trash which wasn't bagged. Ewww... next, the sound of more waste landing inside the truck. The compactor started up again and as the wall closed in Jennifer felt the trash bags pushing into her again. Please don't split, please! Jennifer was squeezed tightly into the surrounding garbage, and then relief. It appeared nothing around her had split... for now. The plastic feel of the binbags was better than the feel of what could be inside them. Another dumpster emptied. I am actually in here... this is happening... and I'm even being compacted... Ten minutes later, compaction again. Trash pressed right into her, she heard some popping noises, but they sounded a bit further away. Her close by companions were keen to avoid bursting all over her, as if it was being sympathetic to her cause.

Jennifer's thoughts wandered into thinking which dumpsters were being emptied into her latest home. Was this next load being emptied from the fast food chain? The seafood restaurant? The care home? School? Residential apartments like hers? Why does everyone produce so much trash...more compaction now...

Twenty minutes later (although time was lost on Jennifer) her trashy hell took a turn for the worse. Another compaction cycle took place and the pressure became too much for some of the garbage bags around her. Pop, pop, pop... one pop right in her face. Helpless, poor Jennifer had the bags contents push directly into her face. It was too dark to see what it was, but it smelled and felt like rotting food, her face was suddenly wet and something else stuck to her cheek. Now unable to move her arms, Jennifer had no choice but to accept this unfortunate situation. Two more compaction cycles later, Jennifer felt trickles of waste from above coming down her. How much longer would she be in here for? Thrown away like every other object in here... this was not a pleasant experience. More compactions... how much more can they fit in here? Jennifer's area seemed settled enough now, with her face full of trash and the random trickles from above, and the no chance of moving any limbs. Surely this must be full now... nope, the sound of another dumpster being cleared of trash. "That's what I am right now, trash" thought Jennifer. The compactor was going again and something else squished in Jennifer's face.

Eventually the garbage truck went for a longer drive. "Where will I end up after this?" Jennifer said to herself. At least she might be free to move when the truck would empty its load. She was completely stuck in her compacted pile of trash. Eventually after what felt like a while the garbage truck came to a stop. The sound of something near the back started up. The back door was opening. The compactor powered up and started pushing the garbage truck's load to its final destination - the landfill site. The unwanted contents started to move around Jennifer and eventually she fell into the trash filled hole in the ground. Before she knew it mountains of garbage fell on top of her. She was being buried in the landfill site. Once the garbage truck was empty Jennifer heard it pulling away.

"Well, here I am. Tossed down a trash chute into a dumpster. Dumped into a garbage truck. Compacted in trash. Emptied into landfill. I really am trash...." Jennifer paused. No, it was not ending like this. She was not prepared to be buried in landfill. "I am not fucking trash!" shouted Jennifer. The adrenaline kicked in and Jennifer started to force her way through the garbage surrounding her. Binbags ripped as she moved past them, but it didn't matter. She was covered in trash and had been dealing with the smell of garbage for days now. Every now and again her hands would go into mushy garbage, but that didn't stop her. Determination, the belief she didn't belong here kept her going. And revenge. Revenge on Danielle. More mushy, yucky garbage covered her as she climbed through the trash pile. And then...

"JENNIFER! JENNIFER! WHERE ARE YOU?" Who was here searching for her?

"I'M HERE! HELPPPPP!" shouted Jennifer. She must surely be near the top now if she can hear someone shouting for her. Suddenly someone rushed over. "I can't see you!"

It was Jennifer's friend, Anita. "ANITA! HERE! PLEASE!" Trash was being moved above Jennifer now. And then daylight and the face of her best friend.

"Come here come here!" Anita helped Jennifer out of the trash pile. The two girls hugged each other tightly. "No disrespect Jennifer but you are stinking!"

"Here's me thinking playing in the trash would make me smell wonderful!" joked Jennifer.

"I'm just glad you are okay!" Both girls sat down on some trash bags that were still intact to an extent.

"How did you know I was here?" asked Jennifer.

"They moved me to a new block at work" began Anita. "The same block as Danielle. I went in to hand over some paperwork but I heard your name being mentioned before I knocked on her door. The door was slightly open. She was talking to her friend on the phone. She said how it was her idea to throw you out with the trash. She convinced Mike you had been cheating on him. That's how Mike eventually fell for her, she played on his disappointment. She told him not to mention it, that they would punish you for cheating instead. He started believing her stories. That's why he went along with the whole idea. Look, he's not bright but he wouldn't have done that to you if he didn't think there was a good reason. Danielle convinced him there was a good reason. This was all her doing."

"I knew she had a major part in this. She was loving it when they were about to throw me down the trash chute. But you know what Anita? What comes around goes around." Jennifer smiled and Anita smiled back. I will get my revenge."

story continues in part two


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