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Wishes Do Come True Part 2

by Barefoot Ray

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© Copyright 2010 - Barefoot Ray - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; dumpster; trash; discovered; M+/f; slave; oral; anal; sex; reluct/cons; X

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Part 2

"I can't believe that I have been here for one year," Susan thought to herself.

She reclined on her hammock and closed her eyes but her mind was racing. She was thinking about how her life changed these past twelve months.

Just about a year ago, she was on a vacation with her asshole husband in a resort in Acapulco, contemplating a divorce. Somehow, she found herself trapped nude inside the garbage dumpster after trying to retrieve her cell phone. After two days inside that heat box, she was dumped into a garbage truck and delivered to the landfill. She was buried under piles of garbage and nearly died. Luckily, one of the workers found her and they fed and hydrated her.

Susan remembers vividly the day she was instructed as to what her life would be like. On the second day that they found her, she woke and saw that she was outside on a hammock. Her mouth was gagged and she tried to get up but saw that a man with graying temples was standing next to her. His large hand held her in place on the hammock. He introduced himself as the manager and said, "It is our tradition that when someone saves your life, you owe them your life. You have noticed that there is a large chain attached to your ankle. That is there to limit your activity. Your new life is that of servitude. You will be used by my workers in any way they see fit. Do you understand what I mean?"

She shook her head.

"That means that my guys can fuck you any way they want." he said with a smile.

She tried moving but he held her firmly

"You see, no one knows that you are here. If you do not do as we ask, I will either bury you under a ton of garbage or drag your naked ass into the swamp and let the crocs have you for lunch. Either way, its a miserable way to die. Do you understand?"

She nodded and tears filled her eyes.

"Here are the rules:

1 You will be given a bucket for all of your needs. This is your bed. (pointing at the hammock). There is a hose over there you can use for cleaning yourself.

2 We have two shifts of workers here. They start at 7am and 3:30pm. You will make yourself available for their needs before or after their shifts.

3 In between the two shifts, you will be cleaning the inside of all the dumpsters. You can sleep from 12-6am.

Lastly, since you came here with no clothes, that is what you are to wear. Be ready to start tomorrow at 6am"

She cried herself to sleep that night.

This first year was very challenging. She remembered thinking that she would not last 3 days but, here it is, a year later. It was difficult for Susan in the beginning as she had never been a very sexual experienced person. The hardest part for her was anal. On a typical day, she would have 3-4 guys wanting her before each shift and 3-4 guys after each shift.

One day she had 16 cocks inside her. She has learned to be a better lover and even enjoys anal. "If my husband could see me now", she thought.

She is drawn to the guys that are rough with her. One worker, Mario, particularly excites her. His tastes are very kinky. His favorite fantasy is to make her lay on the bottom of a dirty dumpster. He covers her with all sorts of smelly trash and maggots and then makes her masturbate. He then will go into the dumpster and take her doggy style. He will not allow her to clean herself up until the end of the shift. He will tie her to the front of a truck and drive it into the automatic car wash. The high pressure water and rotating brushes stimulate her naked body. Some times she will masturbate thinking about him.

Susan thinks about how much she has changed in this year. She is in great physical condition. Her abs are rippled and her body strong. Climbing in and out of the dumpsters has made her very strong. Her 30 year old body is tanned darkly from being in the sun every day. Her skin is stained from the garbage. The other thing that amazed her was that her feet had toughened. She could walk on the sharp stones that all around the facility without flinching. She has even become used to the flies and rats that are all over the place. It's not uncommon to have flies landing all over her body or a rat crawl over to her while working.

The rainy season is difficult because it turned the landfill into a large mud pit. She was covered in mud and it caked in her hair. She wasn't clean for a month. Mud was typically 4-6" deep everywhere. It is also hard to sleep in her hammock while the rain is pouring down.

Her naked body was perspiring under the warm evening. She looked at her legs and saw several distinct scars. Each one had a story.

One scar occurred when she had the worst dumpster ever. It was filled with rotting food that was from a restaurant that had closed a few months earlier. The stench made her sick when she opened the lid. She climbed up and jumped into the dumpster. The bottom was slippery with the 12" deep mixture of rotting food and garbage.  She slipped several times and one time ending up under the pile of garbage, dirt and maggots. Her leg was cut by the old cans inside the dumpster. Later that night when she was hosing herself off, she found maggots in her hair and ears. It was then that she decided to cut her hair short. It took her three days to clean that dumpster.

She wonders how long she could live the lifestyle and hopes it would last a few more years.

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