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Wishes Do Come True

by Barefoot Ray

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© Copyright 2009 - Barefoot Ray - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; dumpster; trash; stuck; reluct; X

“This was a terrible idea.” Susan thought to herself as she walked back to the motel room on the 10th floor. She thought that a 2nd honeymoon in Mexico would be the perfect solution. Her husband had agreed but was now down in the casino, drunk and flirting with everyone without a penis. “Things will change” she thought and wished.

As she walked out of the shower, clad in only her robe, she noticed the bag of garbage that she had asked her husband to throw away.  She grabbed the bag and walked outside to the large chute that leads to the dumpster. She opened the door to the chute and released the bag. In a moment of anxiety, she saw that her cell phone was following the bag of garbage down the chute.  “Shit” was all she could say.

She took the elevator down to the ground level and walked out back to find the dumpster.  The dumpster was huge, measuring about 20 feet by 10 feet by 10 feet high. She looked for an opening where she could access her phone. The smell was rancid as she approached. She looked around and hoped that she could find an employee of the motel to help her.  She sat down in the warm evening, trying to formulate the plan. She had all of her personal data on the phone and really was fearful of someone finding it.

After a couple minutes, she decided to try getting in to get the phone.  She crawled on top of the dumpster and found the access door.  It had a handle that locked it closed. She turned the handle and opened the door. The smell almost gagged her. Susan looked inside and saw her cell phone sitting on a pile of garbage.  She bent in and reached for the phone. It was just out of her reach. She leaned further in and suddenly felt herself falling into the dumpster. With a sick feeling, she heard the access door close.  She crawled on top of the garbage and tried opening the door. It was locked and there was no handle in the door from inside. The dumpster was pitch black inside. She repositioned herself and pushed harder, trying to open the door. She felt her feet pushing into the garbage bags, releasing fouler stench. 

“Help!” she screamed several times. Tears and anger rushed into her. “What can I do?’ she asked aloud.

It was then that she remembered the shaft. Perhaps she could climb up the shaft and escape through the access door.  She crawled over to where she thought the shaft   reached up to the ceiling. It was too short so she piled some garbage bags on top of each other to get access. Her body was perspiring heavy as the temperature inside the dumpster felt about 10 degrees warmer than the 88 degree evening.

She reached up and found the opening and tried pulling herself up. As she pushed her feet against the garbage bags, they shifted and she fell down into the garbage, spilling the contents of one bag onto herself. She could smell the odor of cigarette ashes and stale beer covering her sweaty body. She called out again and then decided to try again.  

She reached her hands up into the chute and pulled herself up. Her bare feet were able to push against the side of the dumpster and move her slowly up. She estimated that she would need to climb 10 feet to reach the first floor access door.  She slowly pulled and pushed herself up the dirty chute. Her fingers found the spring loaded access door and tried opening it. The spring was strong from her angle so she thought she would move to a better angle. It was then that she heard a bang and a slow whoosh.  Her mind didn’t register what the noise was until a second before the garbage bag hit her on the head. Everything went black and she fell down the shaft, landing with a thud.

Several hours passed as consciousness came back to Susan.  She was buried under several bags of garbage and her head hurt terribly.  It was really warm inside the dumpster from the hot morning sun.  It made the smells even worse.  From the small snippets of light coming through the dumpster, she could see that she had lost her robe somewhere and was totally naked. Her body must have fallen to the bottom of the dumpster and was lying on the filthy metal bottom. Her hair was covered in the rancid food.  She pushed her way to stand erect and tried looking for her robe and an escape.

It was then that she heard a loud noise and felt the dumpster being moved. “Help” she screamed.

No one heard her pleas and screams over the noise of the powerful engine. The dumpster lifted higher and then suddenly. It felt like she was floating.  She landed in the truck and the rest of the garbage from the truck was on top of her.  She screamed over and over as the compactor closed pushing her into the garbage.  She was soon squeezed into truck. Breathing was very difficult due to the pressure.  She felt herself blanking out, hoping she will survive.


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