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University Woes

by DumpsterLife

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Storycodes: F+/f; revenge; drug; naked; bond; bagged; food-waste; compactor; trashbags; messy; stuck; collection; truck; transport; landfill; buried; cons/nc; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death
story continued from part one

Part 2: Francesca’s Punishment

“See you tomorrow, bye” said Francesca to her fellow canteen workers as they said their goodbyes at the end of another shift. Francesca began the short walk home. Across the car park. Past the supermarket. She passed the pharmacy. Two minutes later she crossed the road and entered an alley which would lead towards her flat. An alley she had entered many times without bother. But today she was met with a sudden pain in the back of her neck, as if something sharp had been stabbed into her.

Francesca woke up in a daze. Where was she? This wasn’t home. There was a weird, cold, plastic type feeling against her naked body. Why was she naked? She tried to move her arms but she couldn’t. Nor her legs. Like she’d been tied up. Her mouth was taped up as well. Francesca began to wake up properly. She was inside something... and there was a couple of plastic bags on top of her. Clear ones... what’s inside? It looked like a combination of leftover food, drinks cartons, wrappers and packaging, basically garbage... was she in a trash bin? But then the lid must be open because there’s light above... why is she naked, why is she tied up and why the hell is she in a garbage bin?

“Woken up have we?” said a voice from above the bin. Francesca looked up to see a brunette female staring down at her. A brunette she recognised. A girl who was supposed to be buried in a landfill site, or cremated in an incinerator. The girl she had watched enter a dumpster to search for her phone. Francesca had then called up the garbage company to empty the dumpster with said girl inside. The girl she closed the dumpster lids on as the truck approached. The girl she delightfully watched get dumped into the garbage truck. That was supposed to be the point of no return. That should have been Nicola finished for good. So why was she here? Francesca looked back at her own situation... tied up, naked, inside a bin. Shit... whatever Nicola had planned, it wasn’t going to be good. And probably not very forgiving after what Francesca had done to her.

“I didn’t appreciate what you did to me last week” said Nicola. “I know we aren’t on great terms, but that was uncalled for. So fuck it, now it’s your turn to become trash.” Nicola looked over to someone, probably an accomplice. “Help me get her out of there, I want her to witness what’s coming.” Another female approached the bin... it was that blonde “bestie” of hers, Pauline.

Of course... how could she have been so stupid? Pauline knew Nicola was in the dumpster. At some point she would have realised that Nicola had ended up in the garbage truck. So Pauline would have acted to save Nicola... which explains why Nicola wasn’t permanent trash. How could she not have thought to cut off the one person who knew Nicola had been dumped inside a garbage truck? “I should have dumped Pauline as well... and now look where you are Francesca!” the helpless female thought to herself.

Together they lifted Francesca out of the 1100L bin they had stored her unconscious body in for safekeeping, having injected tranquilliser into her neck as she walked home from work. Francesca could see a row of similar sized bins leading to a much bigger green container.

“Sit her right on the edge, just there” ordered Nicola.

They hoisted Francesca up to the edge of this giant container. She looked to see what was on the other side, it appeared to be some sort of pit. “Show her how this works. Franny, look here. This is my friend Martha.”

Francesca turned her head around to see another woman, one she hadn’t seen before. Nicola continued the introduction. “She’s head cleaner here. Martha, this is Francesca, she’s the bitch who had me dumped in a garbage truck last week.” Nicola pauses for a moment then explained things further. “Oh by the way Franny, we are in the large shopping centre ten minutes from the uni. Specifically, we are in the waste centre of the building. Trash like yourself comes here every day to be disposed of. Martha will demonstrate what will be happening to you soon. Enjoy the viewing!”

Martha grabbed the first bin in line and hooked it onto the metal bars connected to the green container. She then pressed a button on the container and the bin was lifted up, right next to Francesca. As it whooshed by her, the smell hit her hard. The bin tipped over, and a number of clear binbags exited the bin and landed in the pit. Once empty, the bin returned to the ground.

Martha swapped the bins over. “You know why all the trash bags are clear here? Stops theft, we had an incident years ago someone tried smuggling cash out in a black bag. Thankfully we caught them. They ended up in here too as it happens. Haven’t seen them since!” Unsurprisingly, those words were of no comfort to Francesca.

The next bin came upwards, right next to Francesca and again she watched as the contents flew into the pit.

“Here’s the fun bit” said Martha. The head cleaner pressed another button, and Francesca watched in fear as she could hear strange sounds going on underneath the garbage. What was happening? Eventually the garbage fell downwards. Then she seen it. A wall from the left hand side closed in and pushed the garbage towards the hole on the other side. Soon all the garbage had disappeared through the hole. Martha spoke up to explain what was happening.

“It’s a trash compactor, these things are fantastic for sorting out garbage like yourself. As you see, thanks to the pushing part, we now have space for more rubbish to be emptied into the pit here. It also compresses the trash inside the compactor’s body, isn’t that nice? There’s not much garbage in there right now, but you might find it gets a bit tight in there later on!” Those words weren’t very comforting either for the woman who would soon be joining the trash inside.

 Another bin was emptied. The next bin followed, and Martha pressed the button again. Francesca watched again as the garbage was pushed through the hole. When the pushing part returned there was no garbage in sight.

Nicola decided Francesca had seen enough of what she needed to see. “Right, let’s get rid of her now. I've had enough of looking at this ugly piece of trash. Let’s find the bin labelled canteen and dispose of it” said Nicola.

Those words hurt Francesca, being referred to as trash, and even “it”. Helpless, Francesca had to accept being lifted up by Nicola and Pauline. They walked past a few bins then found one of the “canteen” labelled bins, and without a care in the world, they threw the female inside. She landed with a thud on the cold, unwelcoming plastic bags in the bin. The smell was not very pleasant at all. She had emptied many canteen bins in her time, tossed many canteen trash bags into a dumpster, but never for a moment did she think she would be lying amongst canteen waste, ready to join it’s future destination. Nicola closed the bin lid on Francesca, plunging her into darkness, much like Francesca had done to Nicola last week. Francesca was starting to understand what she’d actually done to Nicola was pretty awful, but she was still cursing herself for failing to think of wiping Pauline out. She wasn’t sorry in the slightest for dumping Nicola either. Her hate was growing for Nicola even more.

Martha began to empty the bins at the front of the queue. Every now and again Francesca could hear the trash compactor do its job. After a few minutes of waiting, it was Francesca’s turn to experience this. Nicola walked up to the bin and spoke loudly so Francesca could hear her from inside the bin.

“This bin is stinking! Who knows what awful rubbish is in here? Sooner we get rid of this garbage the better!” Nicola emphasised the words “rubbish” and “garbage”, knowing it would really upset Francesca.

“Please somebody stop this madness, someone out there help me!” she thought desperately.

Nicola rolled the bin over to the metal railings. Fear started to creep into Francesca. She didn’t want to be dumped into a trash compactor with all sorts of smelly waste. But she did contact the garbage company to empty the dumpster containing Nicola, so this was deserved. There was no way Nicola was going to show mercy here. And being in full control, she knew Nicola was going to enjoy this.

The bin was lifted into the air. Up it went, and just like that it tipped over. The lids flew open and Francesca fell head first into a pile of clear garbage bags. From the very brief viewing she had upon leaving the bin, these binbags below looked like they also contained canteen waste. The smell as she landed on top of those bags confirmed it. She felt a lot of weight come in from above as the rest of the trash from her bin landed on top of her. Immediately the compactor was activated. There was movement beneath her as some of the garbage was pushed towards the hole. Tied up, unable to move and covered by trash bags, Francesca could only listen to what was going on and wait for her turn. The wall retreated, and Francesca fell towards the bottom of the pit. Another bin was cleared of its waste, and Francesca felt an increase in the weight above her.

And then it was her turn. Francesca heard the compactor starting up. The wall closed in and mercilessly pushed the trash towards the hole. It felt horrible for Francesca, having a sudden feeling of garbage being pushed into you was less than pleasant. Within seconds Francesca’s naked body was consumed by the plastic of the trash bags around her as the wall continued to push the contents towards the hole on the other side. Daylight disappeared as Francesca was shoved into the body of the compactor. The smell on this side of the compactor was horrendous. Soon the wall retreated, and immediately Francesca heard the sound of another bin being emptied. It was too dark to see anything, but her other senses were working well.

Her unclothed body was surrounded by the cold, unwelcoming feel of the trash bags she had been dumped alongside, and the smell was truly sickening. Francesca heard more garbage being dumped into the compactor. The compactor started up again and soon Francesca felt herself being pushed further into the depths of the compactor’s body. Helplessly tied up and unable to move, Francesca endured the awful feeling of being right in amongst the waste as it was being pushed deeper inside. The feel of garbage around her was even worse while the compactor was operating.

Having experienced many compactions inside a garbage truck last week, Nicola knew her victim would not be enjoying herself. Unfortunately for Francesca, the only people who knew she was in here were unlikely to save her the way Pauline saved Nicola. As the compactor pushed more trash inside, Francesca began to cry. There was no escaping this, and Nicola was never going to show mercy considering Francesca deliberately had her collected by the garbage truck.

Things would only get worse from here too, as for the first time Francesca noticed the garbage around her was starting to tighten up. Much deeper inside the compactor’s body now, Francesca could very faintly hear more bins being cleared of waste. Again the compactor started, and the very tight feeling engulfed the woman inside. As soon as she heard the sound of trash bags popping around her, she knew she was deep in the shit. The next compaction moved in and the victim could only listen in horror as some of the bags around her gave way. Having been dumped in with the canteen waste, she could guess that the feel of slushy, wet rotting contents that were quickly consuming her body were probably food related. She didn’t think it would be possible the smell would become worse in here, but with trash bags exploding all around her, it was absolutely foul.

As the compactor continued its punishment, Francesca could feel herself being leaked on, and what was once the cold unwelcoming feel of trash bags was now the slimy, revolting feel of leftover food, teabags, coffee filters, food scrapings and whatever else was hiding amongst it. These used to be items she had casually disposed of in her own workplace, but now she was a part of the canteen waste. Francesca had never felt so disgusting in her life. Unfortunately, while the compactor was brilliant at forcing the bags to rip apart, Francesca’s bonds were still wrapped very tightly around her. Not that it mattered at this point, even if she was free to move, the garbage around her was packed so tightly she wouldn’t have been able to shift anyway. Francesca was squeezed so tightly she never noticed when the girls had finished their business.

After a few hours of being immobile in this awful setting, the container holding the garbage was picked up ready for final disposal. The final destination in this case was the landfill site. Upon reaching the landfill site, the container was tipped for emptying, and Francesca knew escape was impossible. Within seconds of sliding out of the container, more trash was dumped directly on top of the female. Francesca knew there and then this would be her final resting place. And after what she done to Nicola, this was karma working at its best. As for Nicola, revenge was sweet.



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