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University Woes

by DumpsterLife

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Storycodes: FF; college; canteen; food-waste; dumpster; phone; lost; search; trashbags; messy; revenge; F/f; truck; collection; transport; compactor; waste; discovered; rescue; cons/nc; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Part 1: The Lost Mobile

"It's nearly one o'clock, we should head back to the lecture hall." said Pauline.

"Agreed." responded Nicola. The two girls lifted up their food trays and emptied what was left on them into one of the canteen bins. They made their way to the lecture hall and took their seats. Within minutes they were taking notes, listening to the drony voice of their lecturer for the afternoon, the least exciting one they had during each week. Thursday afternoons were rubbish here.

Half an hour later, Pauline leant over to Nicola and whispered, "Got the time on you? My phone's outta juice!"

Nicola felt around in the pockets of her denim shorts. Nothing. She checked her leather jacket. Nothing. Nicola looked at Pauline confused as she continued to search her for her mobile phone. "I can't find my phone!" said Nicola concerned. Had it been stolen? When had she last seen it? She had used it in the lunch hall... messaged her mum at quarter to one... sent a meme to her friend at ten to one... and Nicola remembered placing her phone on the food tray. The food tray she cleared into the bin a few minutes later... fuck. Really?

"Shit! I might have binned it! Come on!" The two girls left during the middle of the drony lecture, there was a more pressing matter at hand. They immediately made their way to the canteen. Upon arrival Nicola ran to the bin she had cleared her waste in. Her heart sank. The bin was empty, with a fresh black bin liner in place.

"Looking for something?" queried a canteen worker. "Francesca has just taken the trash down to the dumpster."

The two girls ran to the window at the other side of the canteen, from which you could see the campus dumpster down below. Francesca had just arrived and was already tossing the black binbags into the large waste container. Nicola looked at Pauline and shook her head slowly, she knew this wasn't good.

"Fuck! Come on!" Nicola said. They bolted downstairs but when they arrived at the dumpster, Francesca had disposed of all of the trash bags. Francesca turned away from the dumpster to see two girls out of breath, looking concerned. Immediately she recognised them - the brunette was dating someone she had secretly liked, and the blonde was the brunette’s “bestie”.

 "Franny, I threw my phone away by accident!" said the brunette, Nicola. Any idea which bag was in the bin near the buffet section?"

"And how would I remember that?" said Francesca, unimpressed. "I've cleared all of the bins, so your phone is in there somewhere" pointing to the dumpster. "Happy digging! Better be quick before the garbage truck comes!" Francesca said and she left the area cackling. She had despised Nicola ever since the student had entered the relationship with the male she fancied. In her mind, she was in with a chance with this bloke until Nicola caught his attention with her legs always bare and tits regularly on display. She didn't appreciate being called "Franny" either, so this was going to be an enjoyable watch from the canteen window.

Nicola could smell the contents of the dumpster before she could see them. She slowly walked up to the dumpster and peered inside the big metal container. It was nearly full up, and all that was visible was a sea of black garbage bags. How was she supposed to know which one her phone was in?

“Ugh, the smell makes me want to puke!” said Nicola.

Pauline looked at her friend in disbelief. “I can’t believe you threw your phone away, you’re such a dumbass!” Nicola gave Pauline an unapproving look.

"There's only one thing for it Pauline. We are going to have to get in there and dig through the trash bags!" Nicola said.

"Umm, no chance am I going in there!" said Pauline with disgust. "It wasn't me who was stupid enough to throw away my phone! I am not getting in there, god knows what yucky stuff is in there! It stinks! You're on your own here!"

Nicola looked at Pauline with despair, but she knew there was no way she could convince her friend to get involved. Reluctantly, Nicola climbed up the side of the dumpster. "What if I throw some of these bags to you, then you can search through them?" she asked Pauline hopefully.

"I am NOT digging through garbage!" Pauline stated in a tone of finality.

"Fuck sake... fine. Can you ring my phone at least?" said Nicola.

"My phone is outta juice, remember?"

"Shit, yeah. Fuck fuck fuck... here I go!" Nicola unwillingly swung her leg over into the dumpster. However, she misjudged the climb and fell over the side, straight into the black garbage bags that resided inside. Nicola sunk through some of the binbags and her nose was hit with an almighty stench. "Ewwwww!" Nicola couldn't believe this was happening. She was literally in the middle of a dumpster, and she was surrounded by loads of garbage. "It stinks in here!" she exclaimed.

"I can tell that from here Nic. You are going to smell awful after this!" said Pauline unhelpfully.

Nicola made a start on opening the binbags. Progress was poor though, with each bag Nicola grabbing containing the unwelcoming sight of canteen garbage, as those trash bags were the most recent additions to the dumpster. Any bag she had half heartedly dug through, she left open to remind herself she had searched in there. She was very reluctant to dig through the waste properly. Just the sight of leftover food was putting her off each trash bag. The cold feel of the binbags against her bare legs was unpleasant, as was just being sat in amongst the middle of loads of garbage. Thursday’s were rubbish, but this brought a whole new meaning to the term.

Nicola finally had a brainwave. "Pauline! Use the pay phone to ring me!" Pauline took note of Nicola's number and went back inside the building. Nicola continued to sift through the garbage, desperate to find her phone. Five minutes later she still had no call from Pauline, what was taking so long? This was literally rubbish, Nicola would have much preferred to be in the drony lecture than to be sat inside a garbage dumpster.

Finally, ten minutes later Nicola heard the familiar sound of her ringtone. She pinpointed the noise to the back of the dumpster. After a couple more rings Nicola found the binbag containing her phone. She ripped it open and after sifting through the loose waste, she found her phone, dirty but unharmed.

"Finally! Thank fuck for that!" Nicola answered her phone to let Pauline know her device had been found.

"Time to get out of this gross dumpster!" said Nicola. But without warning the lids of the dumpster were suddenly lifted over and slammed shut. Nicola was plunged in smelly, trashy darkness. "Oh fucking funny Pauline!" said Nicola, assuming her friend was messing about. "Help me out of here for fuck sake-"

Suddenly there was the noise of an engine, like some sort of truck. Then something clattered into the dumpster. "What the-?"

Next thing Nicola knew, the dumpster was lifted into the air.

"No, no, STOP!" shouted Nicola, terrified.  She started trying to scramble. It was futile though as the garbage moved around her, no sooner had she tried to stand up, she fell straight back into the trash. "HELP ME! PLEASEEEE!" she screamed, but the noise of the truck's engine and mechanisms deafened her voice. The dumpster reached peak height and began to tip over, with a little daylight re-appearing from the lids opening. Then a much bigger tip came, and the helpless female fell alongside the many black trash bags into the garbage truck. A second later her fall was broken by the garbage already inside the truck. Unfortunately for Nicola, being at the top of the pile inside the dumpster meant loads of black trash bags landing straight on top of her as the disposed items followed her into the unwelcoming vehicle. The dumpster was returned to the ground, and the garbage truck drove off.

If Nicola thought the dumpster was gross, this was something else. The smell inside here was overwhelming. She was surrounded by trash, pretty much sandwiched between the rubbish she landed on, and the dumpster’s worth of garbage that Nicola unwillingly joined when searching for her phone. Nicola started trying to fight her way out of the trash pile she was in. It took a lot of effort, but in the end she succeeded and managed to make it to the top of her pile after pushing her way through the trash bags. Immediately she regretted this though. She looked at her surroundings and noticed there was a lot of trash squashed towards the back of the truck. 'Why is it squashed? Seriously....why?'

Within moments of this shock realisation, the garbage truck pulled to a stop and the lifting mechanisms clicked into gear. Nicola fell back onto the trash, and she could see exactly what was coming. A dumpster was approaching.

“Oh shit...” exclaimed Nicola.

The dumpster came round, and it was tipped over. Out fell loads of garbage, much of it unbagged too. Right on top of Nicola. She thought the dumpster was bad. She thought it was bad in here. But having lots of unbagged waste dumped right on top of you? This was the grossest of the gross. Some of it felt wet and mushy. 'Yeuchhh! This can't get any worse' she thought. But it was going to get worse still.

Without warning the front wall of the garbage truck started closing in and easily began to push the recent additions towards the back of the truck. Towards the already squished garbage. Nicola’s screams went unheard. Garbage was being pushed into her, and she was being pushed into garbage. She was helplessly being pushed towards the back, and soon the more recent trash was being compacted into the older trash. Garbage was closing in all around Nicola and there was nothing she could do. She heard plenty of popping going on as trash bags burst under the pressure. She was thankful to still have her leather jacket on, but her bare legs and her head were suffering as waste was squashed all around her. She felt wet trickles down her face, something gross was surrounding her leg, and whatever that was in her hair, it didn’t feel good at all. And the smell was even worse now!

Eventually the compactor retreated, but almost immediately more rubbish was tipped inside. Nicola was literally just a piece of garbage, experiencing what garbage does, and she had no choice but to accept her fate. Three more dumpsters were emptied in quick succession, and the compactor kicked in again. Any second now and the pressure would hit... and then it came. More waste was squishing around Nicola, she had no idea what any of it was, but it stunk and didn't feel overly pleasant. The constant sound of popping binbags was terrifying. The trash bags she had joined in the dumpster were being slowly ripped apart and some of the contents were becoming one with Nicola. The largely unbagged waste that joined her afterwards was covering her all over. Nicola has never felt so disgusting in her life. The cycles continued, usually three or four dumpsters would be cleared of their trash, and the compactor would do the rest. Completely stuck in her place amongst the compacted garbage, Nicola had to accept where she was. Thinking about her position, she felt humiliated. Part of her didn’t want to ever be found, such was the embarrassment. But she also didn’t want to spend the rest of her life as garbage.

After three hours of life inside a garbage truck, the journey was about to end. The back door opened and the compactor pushed the trash out of the garbage truck. Nicola and the trash around her fell into some sort of giant garbage pit. She heard noise beneath her, and suddenly there was movement as she fell further downwards. She had no idea what this was but it didn't seem good. After five minutes she reached the bottom of the pit. Then she realised what was going on. There was a metal wall on one side, and a hole on the other side. The wall started moving and pushed the trash (Nicola included as she was just trash now) towards the hole. Helpless as always Nicola accepted this, and once through the hole she was sliding down towards a conveyor belt. Within seconds of landing on the belt she heard a shout.

"There she is! Stop it, stop it!" It was Pauline. The plant workers made their way over and helped Nicola off the belt.

"You look awful. And you stink!" said Pauline. "But at least you're safe."

"Why did you close the lids on me-?" began Nicola, beginning to get very angry.

"No. Not me."

"Oh?" Nicola toned it back a notch. "Who then?"

"Francesca. When I went in to call your phone she was using the pay phone herself. She had just finished one call with the words “Yeah come get it now please, thank you”. Then she was messing around for ages attempting to ring someone else. I realised later on her first call was to the garbage company, and her second call was non-existent, she was stalling to stop me calling you. After I did call you, I seen her close the lids on you from the window on the second floor where the pay phone is. Then I seen the garbage truck pull up. That’s when it clicked. What she was really doing. By the time I got down the garbage truck had left. I phoned them up but they thought I was pranking them and told me to show up here if I was serious."

“Thank you for saving me” said Nicola. “That was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never felt so disgusting in my life. You know trash actually gets squashed in the truck?”

“Eww, that’s gross as fuck! No wonder you look so yucky!” responded Pauline.

“Franny won’t get away with this.” said Nicola.

story continues in part two


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