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The Trashy Adventures of David and Christine 2: The Training of a Trash Whore

by femboy in a dumpster

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© Copyright 2017 - femboy in a dumpster - Used by permission

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Book 2: The Training of a Trash Whore

I learned three things while in the back of that truck with Jennifer.

One, Trash sex is the best sex. I've never had so much sex in one sitting, and Jennifer made sure I was put to good use. From suffocating me in garbage while she used a strap on, to making me wear a diaper full of garbage, Jennifer knew how to keep things interesting.

Two, my stamina is greater than I thought. We went at it for the entire ride home, which took longer than it should have been. I'm pretty sure Christine took the long way home. But no matter how many times Jennifer fucked me, I was always ready for another round.

Three. Jennifer is AMAZING at sex. I can't count the number of times I came, but I'm pretty sure my heart stopped at one point. She did things to me that I didn't even know were possible. Where sex with Christine is gentle, tender, and loving, sex with Jennifer was a wild roller coaster ride in the dark. Though she could never compare to my girlfriend... it was still a blast.

We finally arrive home and the tarp is thrown open. Jennifer moans, having just mounted me for the umpteenth time.

"Alright Jen, that's enough." Christine giggles. "you've had your fun."

Pouting, Jennifer looks back at her, her trash covered body glistening in the sun light. "Awes, c'mon, one more round?"

Christine shakes her head, still giggling. I can barely breathe I'm so exhausted. "Nah. he's gotta get a shower now. Besides, look at him, he looks like he's about ready to die of shock."

Jennifer looks down at me, finally taking in what she's been doing to me, she pouts again, getting off me. "Alright, fine."

Christine laughs, hopping up onto the step to help me out. "Don't worry, you'll get to play with him some more. I promise." I groan, collapsing to my knees as Christine clicks her tongue. "David, now how am I supposed to get you in? Cause I sure as hell ain't carrying you."

I lay back, moaning softly. "My legs feel like jelly."

Jennifer perks up, about to get out. "I can carry him!"

Once again Christine pushes her back into the trash. "Nope, you're staying in there with the rest of the trash, at least until I take you home." she looks at me with contempt. "David, you've got five minutes to get up and hosed off. if you haven't done so by then, I'm going to bag you up and throw you out, this time for good." with that she covers the truck up again with Jennifer inside and heads to the door. Jennifer giggles, calling out to me. "You better hurry. I don't think she's playing."

I don't intend on giving her a chance to make good on her threat. I get up on shakey legs, stumbling twice, but managing to make it to the hose, looking around, I notice that we've parked in our back yard. Makes sense. After all, Christine wouldn't want me being seen.

I turn on the hose, spraying myself with the freezing cold water. Moments later, my girl friend comes back out, carrying a trash bag, she smiles slightly. "Ah. Good. you're standing. Barely, anyway. Now, go inside and take a shower. then meet me in the garage. understood?."

"Yeah..." I walk past her, glancing back in surprise as she grabs my arm.

"Yes what?" she asks, a demanding look on her face.

"Yes... ma'am?" I tilt my head confused, what does she want me to say?

She shakes her head, smirking. "From now on, you will refer to me as Mistress."

My heart skips a beat at that and I feel myself becoming hard again. Mistress? So... I'm her slave now? Just how many dreams is she going to bring to life for me. I smile, nodding. "Yes mistress."

She smiles, nodding before kissing my cheek. "Good boy. Now go and don't keep me waiting."

Several moments later, I relax as I'm blasted by the burning hot water of my shower. I always turn it up all the way. I love the scalding water, love the way it burns on my skin, and leaves it red. Soon, I'm washed up and drying off. I look for some clothes, but find none. Shrugging, I make my way to the garage, opening the door and walking in.

My jaw drops in shock.

Christine has completely redone the garage. it's now a huge, trash themed dungeon. A small dumpster sits in one corner, a trash compactor in another. chains hang from the ceiling, and a rack full of all kinds of torture devices sits next to the wall. I look on in awe, wondering when she did this.

Christine clears her throat, standing on the other side of the room. She wearing the sexist lingerie I've ever seen, and my eyes widen at the sight. I've never seen her dressed like this before.

And I have to say, I like it a lot.

As I approach, I notice a whip in her hand. a riding crop, to be exact. I gulp, wondering just what she intends to do. The look on her face is none too gentle.

"Welcome to the trash dungeon, love, where you'll spend most hours of your day. This is where the magic happens. Here, you will be tortured, humiliated, and punished for my amusement." Her smile softens. "and when I'm done playing, I take you out to eat." She steps closer to me, tying up my hands. "You may be my trash slave now, but you're still my boyfriend." she kisses my cheek and my heart flutters, this is even better than I imagined. "I love you." Suddenly, she pulls a chain and my arms are lifted straight up. I look down at her, confused.

"Now, you have been a naughty boy." there's a playful smirk in her eyes as she says this, "making love to that trashy woman, in that disgusting trash." I open my mouth and argue, but she cuts me off, still smirking. "So now it's time to punish you for bring a dirty little trash whore." Without warning, the riding crop strikes my ass, hard, and I cry out at the pain. She giggles, striking me twice more before whispering in my ear "the safe word is red." With that, she strIke's me again and I gasp, no intent to use the safe word.

I never thought I'd say this... but I think I like the pain.

For several minutes she tortures me mercilessly, periodically asking for the safe word to ensure that I still remember it. From whips, to clamps, hot wax, to freezing cold dildos being shoved up my ass, she does everything she can to punish my already bruised and beaten body.

When she's done, she grins up at me. "You poor poor thing. There's only one place to leave trash like you." she removes the rope, retying it so she can move me, she picks me up and tosses me into the dumpster. I land on top of several smelly bags of trash, sinking in. I sit up... only to be knocked over as a bag comes sailing in. One by one, Christine tosses more and more bags of trash in until she has completely buried me. I groan under the bags, using my hands to keep a space for me to breathe. Christine giggles as she heads for the door. "Hope you're comfy, cause you're gonna be in there a while. I'm gonna go take Jennifer home. I'll let you out when I get back... maybe." and with that she leaves. I sigh, trying to move under the bags of heavy trash.

It's impossible. There's way too much trash pinning me down. with a sigh, I relax. Looks like I'm gonna be in here for a while. I close my eyes to sleep, a satisfied smfile on my face as the trash settles around me.

I love my girlfriend.

* * *

I don't know how long I was out for, but after what seems like an eternity, I'm awoken my an unexpected pressure from up above. It comes and goes, as if someone is jumping on the garbage.

Of course, it's Christine.

"Hey trash boy." She calls out. "I don't know if you can hear me, but I've called the disposal company. They'll be here in a few hours to take the bin away. You have until then to get out of your trashy prison." With that, she giggles, jumping down.

My heart rate increases. I begin to struggle, desperate to escape the putrid trash.

It's no use. I can't fathom how many pounds of garbage are on top of me. All I know is that if I don't get out soon, I'll be dumped.

Or will I? Would Christine actually throw me out? After all, she's already proven that she doesn't want to get rid of me.

Then again, this is how most of those eroticas I read usually end. The boyfriend underestimates the insanity of his girlfriend... oh God, I've got to get out of here!

I struggle for what seems like an eternity, all kinds of trash pressing in around me. I have just gotten my head up above the trash when I hear Christine come out and open the garage door. "You've got five more minutes, babe. Trash truck is just a few blocks away." I can hear her giggling as she walks away, and my struggling increases. I've got to get out...

Finally, at long last, I pull half of my body out. With a little struggle, one leg is freed. Then another. I swing myself down over the side and my feet hit ground. Crying out, I collapse as my knees buckle from exhaustion. It's only now that I realize just how hungry I am. Three whole days without food?

The door opens and Christine comes out as we hear the diesel engine of the truck. Christine looks at me, shaking her head. "Still can't stand. C'mon, on your feet, or you're going back in." She approaches me and I scramble to get to my feet, panting in exhaustion. She smiles, pleased, and the truck appears. It stops at the garage door and out hops none other than Jennifer. She giggles and it's at that moment that I realize I was never in any real danger.

"Awe, he made it out." She pouts and Christine laughs.

"Yeah. Sorry hun, guess you don't get to play with him today." She wipes the side of my face, kissing my cheek. "Go get washed up then meet me in the kitchen." With that, she walks out. After taking a moment to collect myself, I walk to the door, stopping to watch Jennifer dump the load into her truck, a longing expression on my face. I've always wanted to be dumped in a front loader. And survive, of course.

Moments later, I'm washed up completely. I enter the kitchen, and nearly pass out from the delicious smell.

Bacon, eggs, toast, hash browns, even omelettes, sit on the table. Christine smiles, standing by. "I figured you'd be starving, so I made you a huge breakfast. Everything you like. Go ahead, eat up. There's plenty."

She doesn't have to tell me twice. I sit down, digging in to the nearest plate, a plate full of crispy, sweet Bacon. I moan in delight, turning to Christine. "I fucking love you.."

She laughs. "Yeah, I know. If you hadn't made it out, Jennifer would have fed you at her place. BEFORE fucking you senseless, of course."

I swallow, then turn to her. "And then you'd have punished me when I got home for "being a dirty little whore."

She giggles, kissing my hair. "Yup... Agh!" She reels back in disgust. "David??? Did you even wash your hair?"

I freeze. Of course I did. But there was so much garbage... did I miss something? "Your hair is covered in garbage grease. After you eat, go take another shower. Then come to the basement. I'm gonna have to punish you AGAIN for that." With that, she storms into the bathroom and I look down, a little ashamed. I finish eating as much as I can, then hurry off to get washed, wondering what awful, wonderful punishment she has in store for me this time.

I return to the garage... or I should say dungeon... to see Christine standing by the compactor. She smirks, holding up an open bag. "Get in. And crunch down." I do as I'm told, getting into the bag. She smacks my face, though not too hard, and I cry out, looking at her in shock. With a stern look, she folds her arms. "You forgot to say 'yes mistress'"

I look down ashamed. "I'm sorry mistress."

Smiling, she kisses my head. "Good boy. I forgive you." She closes the bag, tying it closed at the top before heaving me up and into the compactor. I grunt as I land on several squishy bags. The smell is overwhelming and I groan in ecstasy, the sweetly pungent aroma of the garbage filling the chamber. She pokes her head in, recoiling in disgust.

"Ugh. This Trash smells disgusting. Okay, so here's the deal. You're stay in here for today and tomorrow. I'm going to fill it with several bags every three hours. It's going to get tight. It's going to get painful. And you will stay in here for the full 48 hours. It's your punishment. And your training. You're going to get used to being squeezed super tight." With that, she tosses in bag after heavy bag. Soon, I'm completely covered in stinky, heavy bags of trash. Being unbound, I can move a little bit, but barely.

Suddenly, before I can even get my bearings, a deafening roar fills the chamber and I feel myself being pushed with the rest of the trash as the ram begins its merciless push towards the opposite wall. I expect to feel the press of trash squeezing against me, but instead the ram pulls away and I look around, confused. Peeking out, I notice that in the darkness of the compactor, there's only a small pile of trash, and I'm it. I moan softly, settling down inside the trash.

Three more hours till the next compaction? Mmm... this is going to be a long wait.

* * *

I must have dozed off because the next thing I know, more trash is being tossed into the compactor. I grin, a giddy rush of excitement causing my heart to race. The last bag flies into the compactor and I turn to face the ram. I moan in ecstasy, reaching down to pleasure myself as a wall of sinking, putrid trash makes its slow, purposeful trip toward me. Soon, the trash is pressed up against me and I inhale quickly to avoid suffocating. The bags press against me, pressing me up against the trash behind me. Though it's nowhere near tight. Not even close. Though that quickly changes as the hours go by, and I soon find it hard to breathe. I dig my way out, panting for air as I finally surface. I get up, trying to open the door to the compactor. Locked. Of course. Not like I expected anything else. I sit back against the ram, yawning. Did she go to bed? I figure that must be it. That means the compactions are done. For now. I smile, laying my head back to go to sleep.

* * *

I'm awoken suddenly by something suddenly hitting my head. It's big, and squishy, and it knocks the wind out of me. I get to my feet, looking around in panic as I try to figure out where I am.

I'm suddenly knocked down again as another trash bag sails through, slamming into my chest. I groan, trying to get up, only to be knocked down again and again. Without warning, the compactor starts up again and I groan as the trash rolls over me, covering me up.

The pressure is incredible. I gasp, moaning softly as I feel the trash squeezing in on me with incredible force. The ram releases, but I'm unable to get up. I'm stuck. I struggle weakly, trying to pull myself out, but I can't seem to move my leg. It must have fallen asleep. I sigh giving up. Several hours later, more bags fly in, adding to the stench, a never ending assault of putrid garbage. where in the hell is she getting mall of this garbage? I moan, hanging my head before straightening up again. Bad idea. Last thing I want to let my neck go limp like that. The garbage pushes up against me and, this time, when it releases, the trash barely moves. It continues like this for several more hours, the trash getting tighter and tighter, my breath nearly completely cut off. I groan as I begin to feel the pain of the trash pressing up against me tighter than I ever thought possible. Surely I'm going to be bruised by this experience.

* * *

I'm awoken to the sound of a diesel truck backing into the garage. My eyes widen in shock as I feel the compactor moving. I'm being taken away! Holy shit, did Christine call the trash company?!? That's what it sounds like. I whimper, now officially scared. Why would she have me taken away? Could she...?

No. No, of course not. I relax as logic takes over. She said she'd let me out. Maybe this is how she's going to do it.

I'm right. The compactor is opened up, and I'm dumped out with the rest of the trash. I sit up, looking around at my surroundings. This isn't Jennifer's dump!

I look up just in time to see a garbage truck backing up toward me. My eyes widen and I panic, scrambling out of the garbage. I try to get to my feet, but my legs have completely given out on me. I crawl away, fast as I could and gasp as I feel the trash dumped down on top of me. I struggle underneath it, trying to escape the garbage that burys me, but it's no use.

I'm trapped. I whimper as I feel more and more compacted garbage piling up and it dawns on me. Christine isn't going to rescue me.

She's left me to die, buried under mounds of garbage.


Just like trash.

* * *

I don't know how long I've been buried under the garbage. How I'm still alive, I don't understand. Maybe there's enough air down here to breathe?

Though I know that won't last long. With every passing moment, the pressure mounts as more and more trash covers my trashy resting place. There's gotta be a way out of here...

I struggle in vain, before finally giving up, panting. This really is it. All I've done is waste precious oxygen. And I can't afford to keep doing that. I've probably already lost most of my air.

As if to confirm my fear, my vision begins to fade, the lack of clean air slowly stealing my consciousness.

Within moments, I've passed out, lost in a sea of garbage.

* * *

I finally come to to see what I believe to be an angel standing over me. Huh. So I'm dead? Well that wasn't so bad.

My vision clears as I hear the angel giggle and her face comes into focus.

It's not an angel. It's Jennifer.

Eh, close enough.

"Heehe, you okay there sweetie? For a moment I was afraid I wouldn't find you." She giggles, reaching down to take my hand and help me to my feet. "I'm to take you back to my place, feed you, bathe you, and then send you home. Well, after a little trip to the trash." She giggles again and I moan in exhaustion.

"Can I rest first? I almost died down there."

She nods, understanding. "Yeah, I know. I've been there, it can be pretty scary. But you gotta think like trash. Then it becomes much more enjoyable."

At that, she lifts me up in her arms, carrying me to her garbage truck. "Alright, in the back you go." I look into the Hopper to see that it's already full of trash, and moan. I don't think I can take any more...

Before I can complain, I'm tossed down into the soft, wet, squishy garbage and I realize just how much more I can take.

I watch in excitement as the blade comes down, cutting off all light and pulling me up into the compaction chamber. Moments later, we're moving, and I sigh, closing my hand as I reach for my cock, stroking it gently with the trash. Within moments, I've cum, yet again, and I close my eyes to sleep.

* * *

I'm awoken to the sound of the compactor going again. Except its pushing me out, just like last time. I flop out of the back, and get to my feet, surprised to find that I can once again stand. Well that's a relief. I look around. I've been dumped into a small pit in what looks like a back yard. There are tons of trash bags all around. I attempt to move when Jennifer appears out of nowhere, tackling me into the trash. I gasp, crying out in surprise as she pins me down, grabbing a trash bag and using it to gag me. "Ready for some fun? Heehe! I know I am."

I groan, looking her over. She's completely naked, her slime covered body glistening in the sun light. She lowers herself down, and I groan as she takes me in.

And with that, she proceeds to fuck me with wild abandon.

When Jennifer is finally finished fucking me, she collapses, panting hard. I lie motionless beneath her, moaning as the adrenaline finally begins to fade. I'm dimly aware of her body on top of mine, her body slick with trash juice. She props herself up over me, smiling down at me, her garbage matted hair hanging down in my face.

"Did the garbage like that?" She asks, brushing some trash out of my face. I nod, completely speechless. I can't seem to breathe, my heart slamming against my rib cage. Just like last time, she was unstoppable, insatiable. She rode me more times than I can count. I even passed out at one point, only to wake up to her still riding me. I had screamed out in pain and pleasure at that, earning a spoiled tampon in my mouth to gag me. The taste had almost made me vomit.

It definitely made me cum.

Jennifer finally gets off me, moaning softly as she stretches, showing off her sexy, trash covered body. I moan at the sight, my cock standing at attention.

"Oooh, naughty boy. Getting turned on just looking at me. I might have to tell Christine all about how her little trash whore is a naughty piece of trash." She giggles, moving to get out as I groan. I'm about to try to get up, though with my legs of jelly when I hear a truck backing up. My eyes widen as the back of a garbage truck comes into view and, moments later, tons of garbage rains down on top of me, burying me completely. This time, however, I'm surprisingly able to breathe. I brace myself, prepared for the next load, but it never comes. I hear a tarp being pulled over the pit of garbage and Jennifer giggles. "Sleep tight. I'll be back in the morning to decide whether I'm disposing of you or not." With that, she leaves and I hear the back door opening and closing, leaving me alone in the garbage. Finally, exhaustion over comes me, and I pass out.

It's been a wild day.

* * *

I'm awoken to the sound of the tarp being pulled away and, soon, Jennifer is in the trash, digging around above me until her hand grabs my cock. It hardens immediately and she squeals in delight. "Well, I was looking for your hand, but while I have this..." She begins pumping my still sore cock and I groan, rolling my hips as much as the trash pinning me will allow. I'm still buried beneath the trash, her hand having shot straight through the trash in search of me. I moan as she jerks me off and my body spasms, cum exploding from my shaft. Jennifer giggles, letting go before reaching in again, this time finding my hand. Taking hold, she pulls me out of the trash and I gasp for air, looking at her with bleary eyes. She giggles, taking out a rag and wiping my face and hands. "I brought you breakfast. Go ahead and eat up while I decide your fate."

She sets a tray of food down in front of me and I immediately dig in, not even bothering to think about what I'm eating. I think it was an omelette.

When I finish, Jennifer returns, smiling. "I have decided what I will do. You have until 9:30 to climb out of this pit before I fill it with more trash. It won't kill you, but you'll have to stay in here for another day. You'll get another opportunity to escape the next morning. However, if you fail to get out by the time Christine comes to get you, that's it. You'll be buried completely in the trash. Understood?" I nod and she climbs out, watching as she sets the timer. "It's 9:00, so you have 30 minutes. Time starts now."

Immediately I'm desperately digging my way out, desperately trying to pull out of the trash. I get halfway out when I look up to see Jennifer walking away, a small smirk on her face. With horror, I hear the truck backing up again and I can't help but wonder where she got all this trash. As if to answer, she returns to the opening. "Last night I went to the dump and filled this truck up with more trash. Now... you've got five more minutes. Honestly, I don't think you can do it." With that proclamation, I redouble my efforts, desperate to prove her wrong.

It's no use. She shakes her head, smirking, before walking back to the truck. I give up my efforts to escape as the truck dumps its load and, once again, I'm buried, the trash covering me completely. I sigh settling in for a long day.

* * *

The next four days go by basically the same. A few times she pulls me all the way out to fuck me, rendering me too exhausted to move. It occurs to me that she's doing it on purpose, to ensure that I CAN'T escape.

For some reason the thought excites me more than I can explain.

After a particularly rough ride, Jennifer falls back in the trash, moaning as she rubs her breasts. "Oh God. I just love fucking the trash."

She gets up after a moment to begin digging my hole to put me back in and I roll over, still too exhausted to try to escape. "Why does Christine let you do this? Fuck me, I mean."

Jennifer smiles, having finished my hole. "Easy. Because to me, you're just a toy to play with and eventually throw away. She knows that I feel nothing for you. Romantically at least." She begins dragging me over to the hole, humming softly to herself. "You're a pretty fun guy, I expect you'd be a great friend if I decided to just hang out with you. But I have more fun turning you into trash with your girlfriend. And fucking you. Definitely fucking you." She tosses me into the hole, looking down at me as I groan. "So that's what I intend to do. Make you my trash, and fuck the living hell out of you. And if the time comes..." She picks up an open bag of trash. "I'll throw you out for her."

And with that, she buries me again.

* * *

Saturday comes and I feel Jennifer's hand reaching into the garbage to pull me out halfway. She climbs out of the pit, a devious smirk on her face. My breakfast is right next to me. Pancakes, Bacon... but no tray this time. I look up at her in shock and she giggles. "Eat, love. Otherwise I'll bury you for good. Christine comes tomorrow to see if you've been trained up enough. And if you haven't, you're buried for good." She stretches, looking up at the sky. "Which means that today is your last day to escape this pit."

I grab the food, quickly devouring it before looking up at Jennifer. "30 minutes. Time starts now." With that, she disappears to get the truck.

She doesn't think I can do it.

She doesn't know me.

Over the course of the past few days, I had tested several different strategies for escape. That experience had taught me my biggest priority.

Free my arms, then legs. And since my arms are already free...

I take my time, working to dig around my strongest leg, loosening the trash, not trying to move it. Within moments, my right leg is free. Now all I have to do is use my arms and free leg to pull my other leg out...

It gets caught. My foot is angled underneath something hard and heavy. I panic a moment, trying to pull it out, unsuccessfully. I realize that I need to relax, take my time. I look up at Jennifer. "How much time do I have?"

Looking at her watch, she tells me I have 18 minutes. Relaxing, I lower myself slightly, taking off the pressure on my left leg. Twisting, I turn my body until I'm at just the right angle to pull out my leg, albeit painfully. Now completely free, I look up at Jennifer, who now looks a little impressed. I stumble to the side of the pit. It's not that high up, but with how exhausted I am, it might as well be. I groan, searching for a way up, when an idea comes to me. Painfully, I begin piling garbage near the wall. At one point I see Jennifer walk away and panic, thinking my time is up. The truck starts, but it does nothing else, and I realize she's trying to scare me.

It worked.

Soon I have a small, unsteady ramp of trash up to the pit opening a foot above me. I begin climbing...

And cry out as trash begins pouring down into the pit.


I start the engine, humming happily to myself. I know that the sound of the engine might startle him, either making him move faster...

Or make him screw up, dooming himself.

His urgency is encouraging at least. He's taking me seriously. He knows Christine won't ever permanently trash him, but me... I'm a wild card. He has no idea whether I'm serious or not. So he assumes I'm serious.

He has no idea how right he is.

Sure, I'd hate to lose such a fun fuck toy, but that's what happens when you play in trash. Besides, Christine knows that I may just dispose of him. And she's said she's perfectly okay with that. As long as I give her someone to replace him.

Preferably me.

My watch goes off and I check my rear view mirror. Still no sight of him. I smile softly, sighing a little in disappointment. Such a shame.

I pull the lever, dumping the trash and burying Christine's boyfriend for good.

Hoping out, I skip over to check my work, a small smile on my face. Oh well. David's gone, but at least I have Christine. I arrive at the pit, admiring my work. It's completely full. The trash is buried. I nod, turning to go back inside...

And there he is, lying next to the edge if the pit, clearly exhausted. I can't believe it. He escaped. I know he was inside when I dumped the load, but here he is. He must have made one last attempt to escape as I dumped the load, and it proved successful. I grin, skipping up to him and quickly straddling him. "Well done. I thought you were done for." With a gentle smile, I brush some garbage from his face and he laughs slightly, slightly delirious.

"Can't... throw me out... that easy." With that declaration, he passes out, and I can't help but smile down at him in admiration.

"Oh I'm just getting started."

With that, I bag him up, and carry him inside. He'll need a shower before Christine arrives.

With that, I go into the living room to await his girlfriend. Soon she'll be by to pick up the trash.

The end...

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