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The Trashy Adventures of David and Christine 1: Trashing her Worthless Boyfriend

by femboy in a dumpster

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© Copyright 2017 - femboy in a dumpster - Used by permission

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Book 1 : Trashing her Worthless Boyfriend

I love trash.

I don't know why, but ever since I was a child, the idea of being thrown out and taken away by the garbage truck has always stirred feelings inside me that I didn't understand, until I grew up. The idea of being discarded as trash was my biggest dream. Especially if I was thrown out by someone I knew.

Maybe my girlfriend.

She'd never do that, though. She's far too even tempered. She never gets upset over anything unless it's a real big deal. Besides, if she really did do that, I would die, end of story. And that's the last thing I want. The last thing she wants.

Or so I thought.

I'm sitting in the living room, scanning through the newspaper, not a care in the world, when she comes in. She stops, glares at me, then slams an empty paper towel roll onto the coffee table.

"Goddmmit David, what the hell???" She demands, her voice filled with anger. I look up, surprised, trying to gauge where this anger was coming from. Did something happen at work? "I have asked you several times to take out the trash, and what are you doing? You're sitting on your ass!"

I put the paper down, now a little angry. "I told you I'd take it out!"

"You said that yesterday! And the day before, and the WEEK before that!" She picks up a bag, full of trash. "Yet here it is, still full, still stinking up the house!"

I slam my news paper down, getting up. She usually takes it out herself, so I'm not used to it. At least that's what I tell myself. "Fine! I'll take it out right now!"

She shakes her head. "No. You know what, you just sit down, like a lazy bum. I'LL take out the trash." She heads to the kitchen, glancing back with a pointed glare. "ALL of it."

With that she disappears, leaving me to wonder at what she meant by ALL the trash. Could she mean... nah, not her.

I sigh, deciding I could have handled that better. And it's true, I really was putting off taking out the trash.

For the next hour, she rushes through the house, taking garbage from every corner and depositing it in the garage. At one point, I get up, offering my assistance but she waves me off, saying she can manage without me. I sit back down, the guilt fading. Fine. If she doesn't want me to help, then I won't.

It takes about ten minutes for me to realize that she's stopped rushing about the house, and is nowhere to be seen. I call out to her, with no answer. Just as I'm about to get up to find her, she comes out of the garage, coming over to me. She sits on the couch, laying her head on my shoulder, confusing me even further.

"Hey... I'm sorry I yelled at you like that. It's just... there's been a lot of tension at work, so I've been really stressed. I guess I just needed to vent." She kisses my cheek, giving me puppy eyes. "Forgive me?"

I smile, sighing as I relax, feeling a slight twinge of disappointment followed by relief. I was beginning to think that she was going to... but no, of course she'd never do that.

"You know what? I'm gonna make it up to you. I wanna try something new. I saw this bdsm site, and figured we could try something from it. It'll be fun."

She flashes her amazing smile and I melt, my guard completely falling. "Sure. What is it?"

She gets up, taking my hand as she leads me to the bedroom. "It's a surprise."

Moments later, I'm tied up in the bedroom, helpless. my legs are curled up to my chest and immobilized, my arms bound together in front of me. I'm curled up in a fetal position. With a dangerously sweet smile, my girlfriend leaves the room, leaving me to wonder what she could possibly do with me in this position.

Moments later, I have my answer. She returns, a large trash bin being carted behind her. Her sweet expression is gone and my heart drops.

I was right.

She's going to do this to me. My heart races in fear and excitement, with no idea how far she's going to take this. Is this punishment for my being lazy? Or did she see my internet history? I look up at her, eyeing the garbage can.

"What... what's going on?" I ask, my voice quivering in excitement, my naked cock clearly hard.

"I told you." Her voice is once again hard. "I'm taking out the trash. ALL. OF. IT." With that, she gags me and I squirm, struggling. With surprising strength, she lifts me up and drops me in the rather large bin. I'm cushioned by something squishy, and a little wet. "I'm tired of dealing with your bull. I've put up with it long enough, but as of this moment, you're nothing. You're trash."

I look up at her, a pleading expression on my face, just in time to see her close the lid over my immobilized body.

The can tilts, and I feel myself moving, before finally being set down God knows where. Listening intently, I hear her leave, going into the bathroom. Maybe to wash her hands... from just touching me? Like... like I'm just dirty trash.

With that, she walks past, going into the room to sleep for the night.

Leaving me to wonder why she would go to such lengths to punish me for something as small as not taking out the trash.

The stench is the first thing I began to notice.

About an hour into my ordeal, (I think. It's so hard to tell time in this bin) the smell of rotting garbage begins to become noticeable. Anyone else would have gagged at the putrid aroma, but not me. Making the most of my predicament, I breathe in deep, taking in the wonderful, erotic smell before wiggling a bit to sink down in the shallow pile of garbage. It only goes up to my shins, which is a tad disappointing.

The second thing I notice is how uncomfortable this position really is. Curled up like this in an almost too small can full of trash, my muscles begin to ache. I'm not used to being in this position, and the pain is very noticeable.

Just nowhere near enough to take away from the excitement of my situation.

Time ticks by and I find myself becoming slightly bored, with nothing to do to pass the time but wait. Wait for her to let me out.

But what if she doesn't?

What if she really is done with me? What if I really am nothing but trash to her now? What if she wheels me out of the house, onto the curb to await pickup, only too happy to watch the garbage men take away her unwanted trash? The thought brings a sudden, unexpected wave of excitement and pleasure as I picture myself in the compactor of the garbage truck, being slowly compressed with the rest of the garbage.

Just another piece of the unwanted trash.

I moan softly, my cock hardening once again as my chest seems to tighten in excitement. That would be so wonderful...

I tap my head against the side, coming to my senses. I can't let that happen! It'll kill me! I'll be crushed to death!

Even so, I can't get the image of the closing maw of the compactor out of my head, and soon i fall asleep, fantasies of garbage trucks and trash compactors running through my mind.

I wake up to the sound of running water. Someone's in the bathroom? Is it my girlfriend? Probably. The sounds of birds outside tells me it's morning and I sigh. Maybe she'll finally let me out of here.

I hear her walk past, getting started on her day. The sound of the stove being turned on brings slight confusion. She's cooking? Maybe she'll let me out after breakfast...

Suddenly she exclaims. "Crap, I forgot to dump the rest of the trash into the bins!"

With that, she rushes out into the garage.

I sit back, relaxing slightly as I try to enjoy this. From the sounds I can guess that I'm in the kitchen. Makes sense, she always keeps a trash bin in the kitchen, for scraps and such. I smile slightly at the thought of her pouring her refuse into the bin with me as she cooks...

Suddenly another thought hits me. What if she's forgotten about me? What if she's forgotten that I'm in the can? Sure she'll see me when she opens the lid but... what if she never does? I hear the garage door open again and begin rocking in the bin, desperate to get her attention as I moan loudly. She stops next to the bin and I hear the sound of a large, heavy bag hitting the ground next to me. "What the hell... did something get in the trash?" She opens the lid, peeking inside and I look up, pleading eyes looking into hers.

No luck. "Hmm. Just a bunch of trash. Must have been my imagination." With that, she moved out of sight and I moan as loud as possible in frustration. She's really taking this all the way.

Suddenly, the sound of the bag being picked up catches my attention and I freeze. What's she doing now?

I look up... just in time to see the bag of rotting, putrid garbage being poured into my bin, right on top of me. I cry out into the gag as the trash piles up around me, burying me to my chest. I moan, the smell only becoming stronger. Cum explodes from my hardened cock as I groan, rolling my eyes. I look up, at her, unable to resist the effect of the trash, the wonderful smell giving me shivers. She closes the lid and I moan in defeat.

It seems I'm condemned to spend the next few hours... maybe the next few days... buried in this wonderful trash.

My dream come true... but the question still remains... how intent is she on this? Just how far is this going to go?

Over the course of the next few hours, My girlfriend throws out every bit of scraps and waste that she produces... right on top of me. excess pancake batter gets poured over my head, broken shells dumped all over me. At some point, an entire entire pan of egg yolk gets poured onto my head, covering my hair in the sticky substance, the yolk dripping down over my eyes and even, to my dismay, covering my nose, blocking my only means of breathing. I panic terrified of breathing in at risk of inhaling the thick liquid, when I realize the trash is right up to my chin. I strain to tilt my head forward to wipe my nose in the trash, clearing it for breathing. I can't help but wonder why she's using up so much food...

Until I hear the front door open, and her boisterous, loud brother walks in, accompanied by my sister.

"Christine!!! heeey girl!" he calls out to my girlfriend, laughing. "thanks for the invite. so, where's David?"

I hear the lid open and a ton of extra trash floods in, completely covering me.

Barely, anyway.

As the trash piles up I panic for the second time today as my only air space is filled with trash. It's at this time that I realize why she tied my hands up front of me, in my face, and I take advantage of this, clearing a small space for breathing.

"Oh, he's away on a trip for work. he won't be back for a few days."

A few days??? Just how long does she intend on doing this for?!?

I freeze, the muffled voices of my sister and her best friend coming closer to the can. My heart pounds in my chest as the prospect of being discovered raises my adrenaline higher and higher. I can swear they can hear my heart beating like a drum outside the can.

The lid suddenly opens and my heart stops, as a pile of chicken wing bones and what's left of some mashed potatoes flood in, covering me further. The lid closes again and I relax slightly, wondering why they're here. my answer comes moments later, from my sister.

"Well, thanks for inviting us for breakfast. I know we're a little early, but Carter here was hoping to have a few drinks with David."

"Yeeeah." the sound of Carter's huge body crushing the couch tells me he's in the living room. "so why didn't he tell us he had to go?"

More garbage, this time scraps, falls on top of my pile, and I shiver. this is going to be a real adrenaline rush.

"Well it was kinda unexpected. He barely had time to kiss me goodbye before he left." the lid closes again and I moan softly.

"Ahh, right right. oh well, I'll just call him later then." the sound of a can opening comes from the living room. "Ahh. that's good. so, how is it, having the house all to yourself?"

My girlfriend walks past as she talks, heading towards the lliving room. "Oh it's actually pretty nice. I can finally relax a little."

I hear a thank you from my sis. is my girlfriend feeding them? that must be what's happening. and all that trash is going to be... I moan again, shivering at the thought of my sister dumping garbage on top of me... without a second thought. Just throwing her trash away. Cause that's really all she's doing. I'm just another piece of the trash in here.

At that thought, I moan out softly, desperate to reach my cock to pleasure myself.

And so breakfast continues, my friends and family completely unaware that just inches from them, in a trash filled bin, sits a man.. no not a man.

Just another piece of the trash.

Breakfast ends, and my trashy prison is joined by more trash. soggy paper plates, half empty styofoam cups which drip their contents down through the trash above me and soaking me to the bones. I force myself to hold in the moan of pure ecstasy as whoever is filling the bin pours more and more garbage in on top of me.

Finally, after what seems like hours, my girlfriends guests leave, and I finally relax, expecting her to finally let me out.

No luck. she opens the lid and begins shaking the bin, causing the garbage all around me to shift and settle, until it drops below my head again. I look up at her, pleading again, but she doesn't spare me a second glance as she closes the lid, walking away. I hear the front door close as she heads out to work, and I groan in frustration. She's had her fun, how much longer is this going to go on? Knowing that I'm in for a long day I sigh, closing my eyes to sleep.

I'm awoken by the sound of the front door opening again and my girlfriend laughing as she says goodnight to someone outside. Her giggles grow louder as she approaches the can, opening it and tossing a McDonald's bag, with a half empty cup of soda in it. Luckily, the soda doesn't spill over. yet.

She begins going about her business, turning on the shower. ohhh. a shower sounds pretty good right about now. All this gunk and trash was beginning to dry up all over me, making my predicament even more uncomfortable... until the soda finally tips over, soaking me. I moan softly into my gag, whimpering lightly. Will she ever let me out?

Finally the shower stops and I hear her come out of the bathroom. I rock around in the can, grunting and groaning in desperation, trying to get her attention. it works. kinda. She opens the lid, peeking in a moment before closing the lid. I sigh, as I begin to realize that she has no intention of letting me out any time soon.

I really am just trash to her.

I'm jolted awake by a sudden, slight tipping sensation. looking around, panicked, I'm quickly made aware of one fact.

I'm moving.

The sound of the wheels of the can on the kitchen tile, my girlfriend humming a cheerful tune as she pushes me out the door and into the garage... I think it's the garage... tell me one thing.

She's taking me to the curb.

She's really throwing me away.

It becomes noticeably warmer and I struggle violently in the can, to no avail. She kicks the can, rattling the trash around me.

It's hopeless. I can't get out. I'm tied and bound, helpless before the whims of my girlfriend. or is she my ex, now? is she literally dumping me, in all senses of the word?

The can stops, standing upright. She leaves, and I hear her returning with several more bins. When did we get so many bins? I hear her say hi to our neighbor, and try making noise, any noise, to signal for help.

But no one hears.

And I realize that my last hope, my only hope, is that this is all just a game, that she's just trying to teach me a lesson. I whimper, praying that she'll release me, that she will let me go before the truck comes.

Moments later, the sound of a diesel engine sounds down the block and my heart freezes.

The truck is coming.

I can hear it, clear as day, as it stops at each house. I hear the arm grabbing cans, I hear the clunk, splash, thump of trash bags landing in the Hopper.

I hear the fateful sound of the compactor starting up, and doing to the trash what compactors do.

I whimper loudly, trying to scream into the gag, but it's no use, my girlfriend is intent on seeing this through.

"Oh, I can't wait to see all this worthless garbage get taken away." She says as she ties the bag off, sealing me in.

She's stayed out here to watch. She wants to see me get crushed. has she lost her mind?

The truck stops at each house, growing louder and louder as it approaches, and after what seems like an eternity...

It stops right in front of me.

The truck has arrived.

The truck stops In front of my bin, the air brakes sounding off, like a bell signaling my ultimate fate. I have only one hope, and it's that my girlfriend shows her merciful side.

I hear someone hop down from the truck and a girl speaks. "Hihi Christine. WOW that's a lot of garbage."

Christine answers, as if nothing is out of the ordinary. "Yeah. I had a lot of trash to clean up." as she says this she taps my can, making me whimper again.

"I see, well, no need to worry. I won't let them charge you extra for this." The WHIRRRR of the arm signals it's movement and I hear a can getting picked up, the sound of it dumping into the Hopper deafening to me. My heart races as fear grips my heart, accompanied by... excitement?

I can't deny it. try as I might, I can't bring myself to deny this one fact.

I want this. I don't want it, I don't want to die, but... the idea of being turned into garbage, thrown out like I'm worthless trash... it excites me in ways that I never have felt before.

It's infuriating, confusing. I don't want to be crushed, but the idea of it sends my heart racing, and hardens my cock.

Christine is talking again. "Thanks so much Jennifer. I can't tell you how good it feels to finally get rid of all this shit. You know David couldn't even bother himself to help me take this out today?"

My eyes narrow angrily. Oh, sure. kill me AND make me look bad.

Jennifer laughs as the next can gets dumped. One can closer... "Where is that lazy bum anyway?"

"Um...he's a little... tied up at the moment."

At that, Jennifer snorts, the arm reaching out to pick up the next. "Well I hope he gets his act together." The can is dumped.

"Yeah. I really wish he'd help me out around the house more."

I want to scream in frustration. I do help out! I'm the one who does all the dishes! I'm the one who mows the lawn, cleans up the house. so what, I forgot to take the trash out... for several... weeks... okay, that's not very acceptable, but is that really worth throwing your boyfriend out over?

I don't have time to contemplate that question as the arm moves again and I feel it grab and lift my can.

Its my turn.

I struggle, to no avail, whimpering into the gag, unheard over the sound of the arm. It starts to tilt me and the lid hangs open. through a hole in the bag I can see the Hopper, full of bags of trash.

"Wait!" Christine calls out and my heart leaps happily. She's saving me, that must be it. I freeze, waiting for her to tell Jennifer to put me down.

She never does.

"That Hopper is looking pretty full, think you should compact it before dumping this load?"

Jennifer snaps her fingers and my heart sinks. I should have known it was too good to be true. The compactor activates and I have a clear view of the blade as it opens up like the gates of hell.

Or the gates of heaven.

I'm forced to watch as it comes down, concealing the trash, before pulling it up and scooping it into the truck. I groan at the sight, a mixture of terror and erotic excitement coursing through me.

Finally, it's my turn. the arm tilts me completely over and I plop painfully into the Hopper. I'm angled just perfectly to see the arm moving back... and dump the next load right on top of me. Several bags are added with me until I can barely see through them.

Then Jennifer says something that makes me freeze in shock.

"Wanna operate the compactor?"

"Of course!" Christine skips over to the controls, looking like a kid in a candy store. Jennifer giggles, coming into view. She's actually quite pretty.

"Don't forget to say goodbye!"

Christine waves, giggling. "Goodbye trash." the compactor starts and I scream into the gag, wiggling violently as the blade comes down. just before it cuts off all sight of the outside world, I hear Christine say "and good riddance."

All light ceases and the compaction begins.

My very first compaction in this ordeal is ecstasy. The blade pushes me up and into the chamber, pressing me, squeezing me into the rest of the trash as it forces the refuse into the chamber. I groan into the gag, moaning as the bags press in around me, some of them bursting and soaking me with their various liquids. Outside I hear Christine say goodbye to Jennifer and the truck moves. I'm actually surprised that I am still alive. and though it's tight, it's not unbareable. My biggest concern is breathing, but with my hands up by my face I'm able to clear a little bit of room.

With this moment of peace and quiet, I relax, taking in my surroundings. I'm still convinced I'm going to die, that my girlfriend has killed me... but my biggest dream is being fulfilled, and I'll be damned if I'm not going to make the most of it.

Hell, I'm damned anyway.

I inhale as deeply as the tightly packed trash will allow...

And a mind shattering orgasm rocks my body as the powerful stench of rotting garbage floods my senses.

It's incredible, a sensation like no other. and the knowledge that I'm now apart of it, that I'll soon be nothing more than worthless trash... I moan, trying to roll my hips against the trash surrounding me, but I can't. I'm pinned.

Suddenly, without warning, the compactor releases and I flop back into the Hopper. Once again, I have a clear view of my clueless tormentor. She goes about her work, preparing to dump the next load. I consider trying to get her attention, but I know it'll be futile.

She's wearing earbuds and the last thing she's going to expect is that there's a person amongst the trash.

To her, I really am just a worthless, negligible piece of garbage.

The arm pulls the next can to the opening and my eyes widen in shock as an entire can of filthy, soiled diapers pours into the Hopper, filling my prison with a whole new erotic smell. Several more cans pour in mixed with God knows what, and the compactor starts again. I moan loudly as I'm pushed back up into the compaction chamber, being pressed together with the rest of the garbage. The diapers press into me, their squishy wetness practically melding with me and my personal bag of trash as the load becomes tighter.

Several moments later, the compactor opens again and the cycle beings anew. I lose count of how many times I'm buried and compacted. I orgasm at least three more times. Eventually it becomes so tight that I no longer fall into the Hopper when the compactor releases, no longer get that reprieve. The pressure slowly mounts, growing tighter and tighter. a bag explodes, soaking me with sludge and I cum, a more powerful orgasm than what I've had previous.

So powerful I lose consciousness.

And as my vision fades, I smile in relief. at least I won't feel it, when the end does come.

I silently thank Christine despite myself... then succumb to oblivion.


One of the most exhilarating moments of my life was watching my boyfriend being dumped into the compactor.

The only thing that surpasses that was having the privilege of operating that compactor.

I know he saw me, knew he was aware that I was the one who would be giving him his first, fateful squeeze. The little farewell I gave as he disappeared behind the blade was just icing on the cake.

I watch as the truck disappears around the corner before returning to the house. I still have a few hours... I kick off my pants, fetch my vibrator, and sit down on the couch, moaning as I rub the vibrator around my soaking wet pussy. wow... I got wet just from throwing my boyfriend out? I shiver at the thought of what I've done, moaning as I shove the vibrator deep inside my soaking womanhood. The thought of poor David, being compacted over and over again fills me with such an erotic feeling and within moments, I have the best orgasm I've had in weeks.

I moan slightly, sighing as I gently rub myself. after a few moments I sigh, getting up and putting my pants back on. I head to the garage and climb into my pickup truck.

I have a few things I need to take care of. Errands to run. People to see.

Trash to collect............


I come to moments later, completely aware of the tightness of all the trash around me. The smell is overwhelming and I moan softly. Why am I not dead yet? I'd have preferred it to happen while I was passed out.

Several moments pass with no added pressure and I begin to wonder...

Maybe I'm not going to die. Maybe the trash run is over. I'll be poured out at the dump, and hopefully be able to signal for help. somehow...

Until it hits me... everything the trucks pick up is dumped straight into an incinerator. I groan, trying futily to break free of this death trap.

It's no use.

I close my eyes, weighing my options.

I have none. I can do nothing but await my fate. Maybe I won't feel it. maybe I'll be vaporized instantly...

My morbid thoughts are cut off by yet another sudden, unexpected pressure as the compactor activates again. oh no... I can't take another compaction... I'll die...

But this time is different. the bags are SHIFTING around me... moving toward the back...

I'm being dumped out.

I struggle yet again, crying out into my gag in desperation. I spill out of the truck, closing my eyes as I brace myself for my firey end... when I plop down on a bunch of bags. I peek out the opening in my bag to see that, while I'm at the dump, I'm not in the incinerator.

In fact, I can see the incinerator from where I am... and I'm nowhere near it. I grunt, confused about why I was dumped here, when I'm aware of someone WALKING nearby, trudging through the trash. They dig around nearby before exclaiming.

"Aha! there you are!"

It's a woman from the sound of the very familiar voice.

The crunching of garbage grows louder as the woman approaches. Hands grab my bag, pulling me out of the trash. The bag is ripped open and I find myself face to face with none other than my girlfriend, a bright, cheerful smile on her face.

"Well hi there! welcome back!" she giggles as she rips the bag away from me, the rest of the trash spilling out. "Did you enjoy your little ride?"

I'm dumb founded. What's she doing here? Did she plan all this? She laughs at my expression before removing my gag. "Almost forgot about this. You know...when the girl of your dreams asks you a question, you're supposed to answer her. it's good manners." She grins playfully and I scoff slightly, still in disbelief.

"I... I loved it... it was..."

"Like everything you fantasized it would be?" she smiles, obviously pleased with herself, and I chuckle, slowly coming to my senses.

"Yeah. Wait how did you know I..."

She giggles again, her voice full of a playful energy. "Your sister saw your browser history and told me the entire story. In fact, she knew you were in the trash can when she came over for breakfast. She's the one who kept packing more and more trash in."

My mouth drops in disbelief. "My... sister????" slowly, I put the pieces together.

"Uh huh!" she pulls out a pocket knife, cutting my ropes to release me. "Basically I set this whole thing up. I was only acting when I got "mad" at you over the trash, after all, I needed an excuse to throw you out, right? That's how all those girls did it in those naughty little stories you read." she giggles, standing me up, and i cry out at the sudden pain as my muscles finally release after 2 and a half days crouched. she nods. "I'm surprised you can stand. anyway, let's get you home. You need a shower, you smell like trash."

With that, she walks past, heading for the old pickup truck in the distance. I notice a tarp covering the bed. I walk behind her, in awe of this woman. she went through all this trouble... just to help me fulfill my fantasy? and make it as realistic as possible?

As we approach the truck, something occurs to me. "What if... what if I had died?"

She smiles fondly. "I'd never let that happen, love. You were perfectly safe."

I stare in disbelief. "How could you possibly know I'd be safe?"

Before she can answer the tarp is lifted up and Jennifer, the garbage girl, pops out. "Hihi. you can thank me for that."

She giggles and my eyes widen as I notice two things.

One, Jennifer is completely naked.

Two, the truck bed is full of trash. and she's sitting in it, clearly enjoying herself. Another trash fetishist?

Christine smiles, nodding. "Yup. Jennifer knew the whole time that you would be in there. I told her my plan and we did over 7 months of research and planning to make sure you would be as safe as possible. You were never in danger."

"Yup." Jennifer smiles, propping herself on the gate, leaning forward to reveal her perfectly shaped breasts. I look away, slightly uncomfortable. "Say, you're kinda cute."

Christine giggles, shoving Jennifer back into the garbage. "Back to the trash with you. anyway, let's get going. David, hop in." she heads for the drivers seat and I move to climb into the passenger seat. Christine locks the door before I can open it. "Oh no. you're filthy. you aren't getting in here like that." she climbs out, pulling me to the truck bed. "You're riding in back. hop in." I stare at her in disbelief and she crosses her arms. "or would you rather I throw you in?"

I blush slightly, smirking. "well..." she laughs, tapping the gate. "hop on up you little trash whore."

I grin, hopping up onto the gate. I look down at her, smiling happily. "You know... for a while I thought you really were throwing me out. I'm glad that's not the case."

She smiles lovingly. "Of course I wasn't. I love you." Suddenly, a devious look crosses her face. "besides, I'm not ready to throw you out quite yet. I still have a lot of things I wanna do to you first."

My eyes widen slightly at that. "Um... what do you mean that that?"

She giggles, pushing me in without warning, and I fall back into the trash. "Have fun with him jenn. he's all yours."

She covers the bed with the tarp again and I'm surprised as I feel Jennifer's sludge covered arms wrap around my filthy, slimey body. she bites my ear, giggling. "I've never met a trash lover before, so Christine made a deal with me. I help her with this, then I get a special little treat. and that treat is you." She reaches down, grabbing my cock and I stiffen up, eyes widening. I'm suddenly aware of her breasts pressed up against my back. "As long as we're in the garbage... you're mine." The truck pulls away and Jennifer drags me down into the trash as we make our way home.

I moan softly as I realize something I've always known.

My girlfriend is the greatest.

the end.

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