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Trashy Dom Part 2: Instruction

by Phil

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© Copyright 2009 - Phil - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; domme; bagged; bond; messy; gagged; mast; cons/reluct; X

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Part 2: Instruction

With a brief yelp of surprise, Jessica suddenly found herself tumbling through a sudden rush of cool air before disappearing in a mass of clothing, including what had shared her bag only moments before. Thankfully her head was clear, giving Jessica an unobstructed view of her surroundings. She definitely was in a pile of clothing, with thick cloth walls rising up on either side of her. She muffled her surprise and confusion through the gag, which brought a cheerful giggle from above.

"My you are a cute one." Jessica turned to face the voice, and was greeted by Megan's smiling face as she looked down into the hamper containing the still-wrapped reporter. A gloved hand reached down to the plastic around the reporter's face, and after a few moments Jessica took in a large gulp of fresh air as the woman pulled the panties from her mouth.

"Thank you..." She replied a bit sheepishly, squirming a bit more in her tight wrapping, "Um, I don't suppose you can un-tie... err, I mean un-wrap me?"

Megan seemed to consider the request for a moment, before she reached in and pulled Jessica out with relative ease, making Jessica a little wonderous of just how strong this girl was. "I suppose that's fair, besides... I'm sure you've got other matters and I'm not about to let you make that big a mess of those clothes." Jessica got a better look at the woman now; she was nearly as tall as Ivy was but her arms and shoulders were a bit broader, which wasn't that much a surprise considering how easily she had lifted Jessica just now. She could see that Megan wore what seemed to be a french maid outfit, except the material was shiny and seemed to hug Megan's rather obvious curves. A small pair of scissors were drawn from a hidden pocket somewhere, and after only a few cuts Jessica was able to stretch her legs out for the first time in hours.

Before she could sigh in relief though, another feeling brought the girl's eyes wide as she turned to Megan with an urgent expression etched on her face. Megan laughed that pearl-note giggle again and pointed to a nearby door, "Right there, honey." She had barely finished before Jessica had been through the door.

When Jessica emerged feeling much relieved, she saw Megan sorting through the laundry, and the woman turned to give her a rather sour look as she placed her fists on her hips, "So who's idea was it to put garbage in with laundry? It took me forever to get this cleaned out." Jessica cowed a bit even as Megan pulled the edges of the laundry bag up, tying it shut before rolling the hamper off to one side. Jessica saw her initial impression of Megan hadn't been too far off; the maid didn't have Ivy's height, but still stood a few inches above Jessica. Her dark red hair was tightly bound behind her headpeice, and she walked up carefully to Jessica, holding another bag in her hand, "C'mon, in ya go. Mistress Ivy gave me some instructions for you so we've got a lot to cover."

Jessica balked at the pro-offered bag, "Um... listen, Megan is it? Is the bag necessary? I mean I've just spent the last few hours in one, that's enough for now before I can get into bed?" Her mind raced as she saw the girl frowning at her, "I'll go right into it in the morning! Scouts honor?" She gave her best smile.

Megan simply tapped her foot, an amused expression on her face, "Listen dear, I'm afraid that my orders are simple. This..." she gestured to the bag, "Is, for all intentions, your bed. Now you are new at this, but there are no exceptions. Now please, I don't want to have to report you not following instructions." She opened the bag after setting it on the ground, and while Jessica wasn't sure how much Megan knew about the deal she had made with Ivy, she wasn't about to blow this interview. With a deep breath, she stepped into the bag. Unlike the trash bag from the limo, this one was a thick cloth material. It was a bit smaller than the first bag too, and it took Jessica a few moments to get herself settled completely at the bottom, even with Megan helping. A drawstring lined the opening, and after the maid was settled her cargo was stowed, pulled it snug around Jessica's neck before hefting the smaller girl onto a cart. "Now then, I'll give you a brief tour and rundown of the grounds while I take you to my room; you'll be staying with me so I'll take good care of you." Megan's lighthearted demeanor reassured Jessica, who simply settled as best she could, only vaguely struggling against the tight confines of the cloth.

She was rolled to an elevator, and a moment after Megan hit the call button the maid turned to face her, blushing, "Oh my God! I nearly forgot..." She reached into a small pouch at her back and slipped a soft ballgag into Jessica's mouth before she could protest, "Well that would have been bad. I could have ended up bagged right beside you for the day if I had forgotten that," Megan spoke absentmindedly as she fastened the straps behind Jessica's head, ignoring the very muffled sounds. The elevator arrived a few moments later and Megan pulled the cart in.

"Now there are some basic rules you've probably figured out. First, all submissives... either trash or however they arrive here, are restrained at all times except in their rooms, unless Miss Shelman says otherwise. If you're ever caught out of restraints you get punished, some punishments more interesting than others." The elevator stopped at the first floor, and Jessica felt herself rolling along while Megan hummed softly behind her; Jessica noted she had a lovely voice. Megan continued on her explanations while she continued down the hall with her.

"Next, you obey all staff, and those who are in charge of you... in case you came with a dom or you get picked up by one. Don't worry, they have to follow your proscribed limits or they get kicked out by Miss Shelman.. hmm?" Megan paused at a sudden bout of surprised sounds issued forth from Jessica, while she strained to turn around and face Megan with a look of surprise and shock. Megan had a guess of her intentions, "You're wondering why they don't just rat on her if she does?" Jessica's head bobbed so quickly Megan couldn't help but laugh out loud, "Sweetie, would you want to let your friends and family know you were being stuffed into a bag, carted around like a piece of luggage by a woman dressed in latex?" The brown-haired girl's cheeks turned a little crimson in answer. Well at least she figured out what that material was. Megan simply winked at her, "Thought so. Those are about the only rules... oh and no causing trouble for anyone. Period. Anyway here's our room..." Megan pushed the door open with her hip, and then pulled Jessica inside.

While she sat at the center of the room, she heard the door latch behind her. Turning around as best she could, she saw Megan slip a key between her legs, "Can't let you run away. Now then... you must be hungry?" A low groan from the reporter's stomach gave the answer. The ballgag was unclipped carefully, and Megan went to a covered tray that sat on a table by the door. "Hmm, a little cool but still good; Miss Shelman must have had the cooks send it up for you." Jessica smiled and waited for Megan to untie the drawstring, but gave her a confused look as the maid brought the food to her instead.

"Hey, I thought you said I didn't have to be bagged in here?" Jessica mentaly chastised herself for the rather whiny tone her voice had.

Megan simply gave her a sweet smile, "True... but you're entirely too adorable like that. Besides, best get used to this now. Enough talk, open up or you're not getting dinner."

With only a small grumble of annoyance, Jessica allowed herself to be fed. It was a light pasta with some cheese and cream sauce; it also ranked in the top five things Jessica had eaten in her entire life. After the first few bites she began to overcome her humiliation, eating eagerly much to Megan's delight. "There, see it's not so bad." Jessica finished quickly, and Megan set the plate back on the tray. It gave Jessica a moment to look over the room.

It was certainly well furnished, reminding Jessica of a Victorian house she had seen pictures of once. There were cabinets and dressers lining the walls, but the dominant feature of the room was the large queen-sized bed. Jessica yelped a bit in surprise as Megan lifted her without warning, carrying her over to the bed and setting her down on the soft surface. As she was set towards the center, she could swear Megan's hands lingered on her hips and breasts, rubbing them through the fabric and bringing a tiny gasp from Jessica's lips. Oh God... she felt a growing sensation as she grew moist, struggling idly against the confines of the bag.

Megan seemed to not notice as she began to undress. "Now you get some sleep... we have a busy day tomorrow, I'm sure you're going to absolutely love it." As Megan unpinned her hair it fell to between her shoulder blades in a red cascade, and one wiggle of her hips saw the maid uniform fall to a puddle at the floor. Jessica's cheeks turned as red as Megan's hair as she saw the woman was completely naked. Without thinking about her actions, Jessica squirmed to try to turn over away from the girl, muffling a quiet curse as the bag's lining kept her in place... and kept that feeling growing between her legs.

Megan simply turned to face the bed, showing her rather ample breasts before she seemed to pour herself into bed behind Jessica, putting an arm around the bagged girl like she was some kind of stuffed animal; a thought that bemused Jessica, since it wasn't too bad a description. "Megan... how long have you... oh!" Jessica's train of thought was interrupted suddenly as Megan's hand cupped her breast through the plastic and began rubbing in slow circles, "Megan... please... I'm... oh God..."

"How long have I been here?" Megan answered in a tone suitible for discussing the weather, "Oh a few years now... Miss Ivy took me in when I didn't have anyplace to go. Now shh... just relax..." The red-head's voice dropped to a husky tone. Jessica merely whimpered as she tried to reach down between her legs despite herself. God why did this feel so damn good?!

"Meg... please... Jesus..." Jessica couldn't form any sort of coherent thought; Megan's gentle touch and the feeling of the bag keeping her from doing anything about it simply became too much. With a suddering cry Jessica reached her peak, the day's events finally crashing over her as she slipped into slumber. The last word Megan spoke were barely registered.

"Just rest, little one... you're going to have a busy day tomorrow."


Jessica woke with a gasp as a shock of cold hit her back, causing her to struggle sharply but finding no freedom to move save to rustle the bag that contained her. It took a moment for her to remember where she was and why she was in a trash bag... this one even larger than what she had been held in last night. Her arms had been wrapped to her sides with saran wrap, forming a sort of plastic straightjacket, while her legs had been secured with more plastic wrap against her body, making her a nice little bundle once again. Surprisingly, she wasn't gagged. At her feet, she saw some discarded grapefruit peels resting, the source of the sudden shock of cold that had woken her.

"Hmm, did you hear something?" Ivy's voice called out from somewhere beyond her black prison.

"I think so, Mistress. Let me check for you," Megan's gentle voice called out from above, and after a moment, her smiling face appeared at the opening. "Oh! It seems your trash woke up." Megan's fingers curled in a tiny wave before she disappeared from view, and Jessica redoubled her squirming to try to find a slightly more comfortable place to rest.

"Um... good morning?" Jessica offered quietly while she tried to at least rise to her knees, finding the task nearly impossible as her wrapping slid from the lining of the bag. The smell of fresh fruit and eggs cooking reached her, and gave the reporter a keen reminder of her own growing hunger. "I don't suppose I could have a little breakfast?"

Jessica heard Ivy audibly sigh, "My dear little trash, you'll have breakfast just as soon as we're done here." A touch of mirth was at the edges of Ivy's voice. "Megan dear, that oatmeal is getting rather cold..." Jessica's struggles came to a dead stop. Oh hell.

Megan seemed to be brimming with pride at Ivy's words, "Oh you're right... how terribly clumsy of me." A minute later Jessica was rewarded with the sight of the largest pot she had seen veering above her plastic confinement. "Uh, I'm not that hun-" The petite girl's words were cut off as Megan tipped the pot over, burying Jessica in a deluge of thick, cooling oats. They settled nearly a third of the way up Jessica's body, and she desperately shook her head to try to clean out her hair. As she took several sharp breaths as the shock wore off, she found Ivy standing over her, smiling.

"How's the oatmeal?" She asked innocenty. Ivy still held her plate in hand, dressed in a highly expensive business suit. She knelt for a moment, looking at Jessica more closely.

"Y-you were right about them being cold." Jessica stammered. Her mind was reeling, barely able to comprehend that she wasn't screaming to be let out, interview or not be damned. Strangely enough she was feeling a little at ease by Ivy's presense.

Ivy laughed quietly, "You have a sense of humor. Good. Here... have some of this." She offered the bagged girl a forkfull of eggs from her plate, which Jessica looked at with more than a little trepidation at first, before reluctantly taking the first bite. As Jessica ate more willingly, Ivy began to speak, "In case you didn't notice, you're helping Megan with kitchen duties today while I handle some business. You're not to give her any trouble, understood?" Ivy's gaze became serious, and Jessica bit back any reply save a nod. What would I do, shuffle too loudly for her?

"Good! Now then I'll be back later, so long as this bag doesn't fill up... otherwise we'll have to take it out." Ivy stood up to her full height, hiding a grin as Jessica's eyes widened to the size of saucers.

"Wait... hold on... take it out? You mean get me out then take out the trash right?" Jessica began to shift nervously. "I mean... you wouldn't toss out a human being, right? Right?" Her voice grew a little smaller as she could already guess the answer.

"Silly little baggy. You're trash now, what do you think happens to trash?" She emptied the rest of her plate into the bag with the oatmeal, and Jessica. With that she turned around and made her way for the door, "Megan, make sure to clean up this kitchen thoroughly."

Jessica stared past where Ivy had disappeared too, but as she went to speak several eggshells landed in her hair and amidst the mess. Megan's smiling face came into view, not bothering to look at the bound reporter as she began to go about her duties, all trash winding up in Jessica's bag, the level slowly rising.

Jessica gulped hard, squirming as much as she could... after a while she noticed that doing this dropped the level of the food and trash down. Megan noticed this too, laughing loudly, "Oh thank you, Baggy. That'll help me out... maybe I won't need to throw this bag out, eh?"

Great, mused Jessica, she's gotten herself a nickname. She squirmed further, but as the trash settled it became harder and harder for her to move. Meanwhile, more food came pouring in; cottage cheese, fruit, and even some pudding that Megan had said was left over from last night's dinner. The trash finally came up to Jessica's neck; a thick slogging mess that felt more like mud or quicksand due to the sheer amount of wet food that soaked any paper or wrappings that filled it. Megan didn't miss one beat; she took the ends of the sack and pulled the drawstrings down, sliding the plastic like a collar around Jessica's neck, and in one step making the reporter into a secure package resting up against a counter. For the first time, Jessica could see her surroundings.

The kitchen wouldn't have been out of place in a large restaurant. Exquisite cabinets and flooring were expertly arrayed around the room, along with cooktops and ovens that could house more meals than Jessica would cook in a month. A clock overlooked the whole area, and Jessica's jaw dropped as she saw it was nearly noon. How long had she been like this now. Megan's voice called out to her from across the room. "I'll be right back, Baggy. Thanks for the help!" She laughed as she exited, leaving Jessica squirming in her packed confinement, and wondering what Ivy had in store for her next...


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