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Trashy Dom Part 1: Arrival

by Phil

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© Copyright 2009 - Phil - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; domme; bagged; bond; messy; gagged; cartrunk; mast; cons; X

Part 1: Arrival


The answer came suddenly, almost before Jessica had finished her question. She snapped her mouth closed after she realized her jaw had dropped at being denied so abruptly.

Jessica Moon was a reporter for a local magazine in Nappa Valley; she had just finished her degree in journalism and had taken the job with a great deal of excitement. All of that had slowly begun to drift away as she felt that many of the stories she was given were simply being recycled; she found her work to be little more than a gossip rag for the area, but the gossip was so bland it was all but expected. Then she had heard words of a reclusive woman who had one of the larger estates out towards the countryside, a woman who exercised some kind of kinky domination thing.

Here might be a story that would shake things up a bit; an in-depth interview with a professional mistress; nothing strange of freaky, just something to catch the eyes of people.

Doing a little research provided her with a name and contact information, a call later and she had a meeting at a restaurant she couldn't afford on two weeks worth of pay, but felt the investment would pay off once she provided her editor with this kind of write-up. It had been a huge build up, and now Jessica was watching it all fall to pieces in the space of a single word. Refusing to accept what she had just heard, Jessica cleared her throat, looking over to the woman across from her and trying to maintain her composure.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Shelman..."

"Miss." The woman cut her off again.

"...Ms. Shelman, my apologies. Perhaps I wasn't clear; I'm not out to demonize you or make you out to be some kind of wierd pervert; I just wanted to get an unbiased interview regarding you and your decision to enter into this line of work. I think it would be an excellent story that would really open you up to more... err," Jessica struggled to find the right word to use, "customers?"

Jessica gave the best smile she could muster while she took a small sip of her water.

Looking across the table at the woman she could certainly see Miss Shelman taking control of any kind of relationship; Ivy Shelman stood nearly a head taller than Jessica's own five foot two, with a stern high-cheekboned face that kept any emotion well hidden. Her hair was a shimmering platinum blonde so light it nearly looked white in the current sunlight that filled the restaurant's outdoor balcony, and currently was tied back into a tight bun. Miss Shelman's dress was nearly a gown; low shouldered and dark silver, it had a wide, ruffled, ankle length satin skirt that fell in waves to either side of her seat. Under the dress the woman's hourglass figure was clear for anyone to see, with a strong, wide shouldered build to support it. Whoever this woman was, mused Jessica, she certainly knows her way around a gym.

"No, my dear, you were very clear and I would like to apologize for the waste of your time this day, but I felt this would be more expediant that simply denying your phone calls and having you harrass my staff repeatedly. But as to my answer, my clients are private people, who like to keep that privacy intact. I'm afraid any sort of interview of any real substance would put that trust and assurance of privacy into a great deal of jepardy." Ivy Shelman took another sip of her wine, before taking a small bite of the salad she had ordered.

Jessica couldn't help but sink back into her chair, blowing a stray strand of brown hair out of her face. Though Jessica was dressed in her best business suit, she felt like she was dressed in rags; her own slim figure doing little to help strengthen her psychological position currently. Her last chance for any sort of real story was asking for the check, and the gears in her head worked like mad to come up with something to try to salvage the situation, "Miss Shelman, please..." Jessica didn't even bother to hide the desperation in her voice. "I can offer you absolute assurance I would do nothing to compromise your... clients. Just give me a chance."

Ivy Shelman sat motionless while she regarded the smaller woman. Jessica could almost see a touch of bemusement in Ivy's expression. "Ms. Moon, I have an event I must attend in a short while and do not wish to waste any more time here, so I will be frank with you. The only way I will give you any sort of interview is if you come to my home," She held up a hand when Jessica began to rise to agree, pausing the reporter, "But not as a reporter; at least not initially. No, you will come as a client, and just like any other client comes to me. I'll even be kind and wave my usual fee especially considering your reaction to the prices of the menu here, and after your session I will give you your interview. Those are my rules, take them here and now or please, do not bother me again." The tall, muscular woman crossed her hands in front of her waist expectantly, her steel blue eyes focused intently on Jessica's face while the reporter took in her ultimatum.

To say Jessica was stunned would have been a monumental understatement. Here was her chance to get the interview she had craved... but she had never had any intentions of signing up for any sort of session with the woman! She wasn't even sure what it was that this Miss Shelman did!

Immediately grateful for the large amount of room given between tables for private conversations, Jessica still could not help but feel her cheeks turn crimson while she thought over the possible consequences; she wasn't even sure what exactly this woman was into, all she had heard was a nickname and not much else. Ivy continued to stare down at her for several more moments before letting out a loud sigh, "I thought as much. For what it was worth, you were a plea..."

"I'll do it."

It was Ivy's turn to be cut off, and had Jessica been looking up she would have been rewarded with seeing Ms. Shelman looked surprised for a moment and slightly unsure, "What was that?"

Jessica was looking at her hands on the table, her breath coming quickly. Do or die, Jess. "I said I'd do it, I'll go to your home as a client, in exchange for an interview with you after it's over." Trying to look completely confident and failing miserably, Jessica rose up to stand before the taller woman, tilting her head back to look her in the eye. For the first time since Jessica had seen her, Ivy was smiling; it helped to alleviate Jessica's growing panic, but not by much. "Just tell me when you'd like me to show up."

Ivy couldn't help but look amused as she considered this last statement, "Tonight. Specifically, now. If you would like I can have my driver take your car back to your home later this evening, but you will come along with me immediately."

Jessica swallowed hard before lowering her head, "I um... took a taxi here." Jessica hadn't had much need for a car with her current job; she lived only a few blocks from her work.

Ivy seemed to dismiss that fact quickly, "Then that simplifies matters entirely. I would like you to call your employer, tell him that you'll be working on a project for the next several days. I imagine that given your own eagerness for this interview that he'll be rather understanding. Once you're done meet me downstairs, I'll have my car waiting." With that, she turned with a grace that surprised Jessica given her build and made her way down to the lower level of the restaurant.

Jessica was on her phone the moment Ivy had gone out of sight, leaving a rapid and breathless message on her editor's service. She could barely contain her excitement; she had it!

Jessica barely kept herself from running down the stairs and outside the doors, stopping just outside the door. Before her waited a massive black limo, it's windows tinted to the same color as the car itself. Ivy was waiting patiently at the door, her head tilted in a bemused expression, "Excited? We'll have to see how long you stay that way. Now then... come into my parlor."

A perfectly smooth arm gracefully swept towards the interior of the car; Jessica took a deep breath, then stepped into the vehicle. The smell of freshly cleaned leather seats greeted her while she moved further in, and a moment later Ivy sat down in a single motion. The door closed a few seconds later, and after a few moments the smooth feeling of acceleration told Jessica they were under way. The reported noticed that the window between the driver and passenger compartments was sealed closed.

She continued to look around with a touch of wonder until Ivy's voice broke her reverie, "Now then, if you would please strip?" Ivy's raised hand cut off Jessica before the smaller woman could respond, "I said I had an engagement this evening and will not miss it, so please, strip, or the deal is off."

Jessica was blushing furiously at the woman's frankness, but the risk of losing the interview only minutes after she had secured it wasn't something she was prepared to accept. She began to remove her suit carefully, "Isn't this going to be a bit underdressed for a party? Or are other people going to have clients there too?"

Ivy's eyes widened for a moment, before a quiet laugh escaped her lips, "Oh my dear, you misunderstand; I have an engagement to make this evening but you won't be going inside with me; it's a charity ball, not a fetish show. You do have a remarkable body by the way..."

Jessica could see Ivy's smile widen as her blush ran down her neck; her body was in good condition, but compared to the amazon across from her she felt like a barely developed teen. Jessica managed a mumbled thanks as she removed her skirt and shoes, and then squirmed for a moment as Ivy motioned for her to remove her bra and panties as well.

While Jessica slipped those off as well, Ivy reached into a small compartment in one door and pulled out what looked like a black sheet. A snapping motion made Jessica jump a bit as Ivy opened the garbage bag and held it before Jessica, "Now then, please put your clothes in here; leave your shoes on the floor they'll just break the bag; this is stronger than what you'd find at the market, but I think you'd prefer them to stay out."

Ivy continued to smile at some kind of inner joke as Jessica tossed her discarded clothing into the plastic; she was thankful that the cabin was being kept at a pleasant temperature, but she couldn't help but shiver occasionally. Ivy tossed the bag to settle the clothes to the bottom, and then laid the bag open in front of Jessica's feet, "Now then, if you'd be so kind as to step in as well?"

Jessica blinked once, "Um... what? You want me to get..."

"In the bag, yes." Ivy sounded slightly impatient. "Come now, you must have found out my nickname online, didn't you?"

Jessica looked down at the black plastic while she nodded her head, nervously rubbing her hands together and suddenly feeling a little colder, "Y-yeah, they called you the trash mistress..."

"Well, what did you think it meant?" Ivy replied a bit too matter-of-factly for Jessica's comfort. The woman continued a moment later, "I understand you might not have realized what you were accepting, but I will promise you you'll come to absolutely no harm; I wouldn't have much of a business if I did, now would I?"

Jessica looked up to meet her own brown eyes with Ivy's blue ones, which showed a hint of disappointment, "If you'd like, we can call this off now, but this is your last chance to do so. If you sit in there you have a full session just like anyone else who visits me."

Jessica considered her options for a long moment; right as Ivy went to reach for the bag though, she slipped her legs onto the cool plastic, folding them while she sat at the center. "Good, I'm glad you agreed... just have something to take care of before we finish you up."

Jessica looked up in time to see a roll of black plastic descend around her arms, and before she could react Ivy had turned several wraps around her body, pinning her arms down to her sides, "Hey! Wait a sec..."

Jessica struggled for a moment, something that seemed to amuse Ivy a great deal, "Can't have you tearing the bag open now, can we? There we are, finished."

She had wrapped the plastic several times around Jessica's arms and body, pulling the plastic just enough so that it clung firmly to the reporter's skin; Jessica realized she wouldn't have been able to stop it from happening even if she hadn't been surprised. Jessica couldn't help but notice that the plastic was rubbing firmly against her breasts and nipples, bringing an involuntary gasp from the reporter's lips. She wrote off the shudder she experienced to the cold material, though she couldn't help but get distracted by the plastic so firmly pressed against her breasts.

Suddenly she felt the plastic at her legs pulled up, enveloping her with the smooth material, the cool touch bringing another shiver down her spine.

Ivy's words were calm, "You'll warm up in just a moment, my dear. Now then..." She deftly tied the bag shut around Jessica's neck, double checking her work once before lifting the bagged girl up with little trouble, and buckling her into the seat Jessica had just left. "Safety first now."

Jessica squirmed again, trying to push out with her legs but found the bag kept her from getting any sort of leverage to push out with. All she managed was to make a loud rustling noise, as well as rub her breasts against the material even more. Ivy watched her in silence for a few moments before answering a page from the intercom. The dom hung up the phone with a smile, "Well I'm glad we got that much done; We'll finish this off a little later; we're nearly at my destination. Do stay comfortable, my driver will keep an eye on you in case you need anything."

"Wait, you can't just leave me like this!" Jessica had calmed down while they had rode on for the last couple miles, especially since the plastic had warmed to a more comfortable level. Now began her struggles again, gasping from the sudden pull of the plastic against her more sensitive regions. She felt the car stop.

"Oh I can't?" Ivy seemed extremely amused by the sight Jessica could imagine she presented, a pretty head sticking out of a shapeless mass of black plastic, "You seem to be incapable of doing much to stop me; besides I promise you'll be watched over carefully. Now if you'll excuse me, my cute little baggy..." She opened the door, swinging herself out immediately to block any view into the limo itself. The shock of discovery kept Jessica silent just long enough for the door to slam shut.

"Hey, hold on a second! Just get back here!" Jessica fumed, struggling hard against the unyielding plastic and determined to get free. She didn't agree to anything like this!

She began to pant heavily with the exertion as the plastic heated up further, sweat building up over her body and allowing her limbs to move without clinging so tightly to the garbage bag. Rather than help her win any sort of freedom though, it only seemed to enhance that growing friction against her petite breasts, bringing Jessica to moan involuntarily after a particularly intense bout of wrestling with her bindings.

"Oh God... what... no I gotta... get free... this woman's nuts..." She couldn't help but feel rather moist between her legs from the sensasion of the plastic's smooth surface rubbing up against her entire body, and before too long her cries of frustration turned to cries of another kind entirely.

With her prison getting warmer with each moment, Jessica had to slow down, moaning loudly as she rubbed her crotch against her clothes at the bottom involuntariy. She had no idea how long she had been here, but she felt her first orgasm explode over her with a load moan marking its passage. Between the afterglow and the heat, Jessica laid her head back and dozed, wondering what exactly had just happened to her... and wondering why she wasn't minding it nearly as much as she felt she should.

Jessica was woken up by the sound of the car door slamming shut again, her head snapping up and her body struggling before she remembered where she was. Ivy was sitting across from her, looking a little tired herself but grinning knowingly to the bagged girl, "My that was a rather boring several hours."

Hours? Jessica thought to herself in more than a little shock.

Ivy continued without missing a beat. "Enjoy yourself? Good, that will make this much easier. Now then, I did say we have to finish this up."

The car sped off, and Jessica looked down at herself, "Um... what's next? You've already got me in..."

She grew quiet as Ivy began to slip out of her gown, stripping in a similar fashion to what she had made Jessica perform earlier. Jessica felt herself squirming a little in surprise, "Are... you getting in a bag too?"

Ivy smiled and rubbed Jessica's matted hair, "Not exactly my dear. Just getting out of this dress, it can be a chore to wear at times and it needs cleaning. Plus I want to get into something a little more appropriate... hmm, I know where to put this." She untied the top of Jessica's bag, and before Jessica could protest the entire mass of thick fabric began to get stuffed into her prison alongside her, bulging out the sides.

Ivy pushed the rest in carefully, and Jessica could see what she meant, the gown filled almost half the bag and felt thick and heavy, and she wasn't even wearing it. The bag was retied around her neck, and the reporter watched with a great deal of confusion as Ivy pulled out a large jumpsuit.

"Now then, you're doing alright so far, but at this point you do as I tell you, no exceptions or you will experience... consequences." She emphasized the word, and the hard look shot at Jessica gave her little doubt that Ivy would back it up.

After slipping into the blue-gray baggy jumpsuit, Jessica watched helplessly as Ivy grabbed her purse and went through her wallet. She studied the drivers license for a moment before chuckling, "They never do take good pictures for these, do they?" She keyed the intercom again, reading off the address before pulling a ball cap that matched the jumpsuit over her head.

Jessica remained confused, "So um... why are you dressed like that?"

"Why, it's just the garbage lady whose company you contacted to pick up some old junk you were throwing out. Now you're talking entirely too much for a bag of trash... open up." Jessica remembered the warning from earlier, and reluctantly opened her mouth up. She saw Ivy pick up her own panties before wadding them up and using them to fill Jessica's mouth; the ripping of plastic sealed her lips shut while the faint taste of sweat and other flavors soaked through her mouth. Just what had she gotten herself into?

They pulled up to her small house a few minutes later. Ivy looked out, then reached over to the neck of Jessica's bag. Maybe she's going to finally let me out of this thing? It's feeling like a sauna in here, and her dress isn't helping!

Without saying a word the ends of the bag came loose, and then lifted up nearly two feet over Jessica's head before being twisted shut. She mumbled her protests but between the plastic and the panties, even she couldn't hear much. OhmyGodohmyGod.... what is she doing?!

The bag lifted sharply, compacting Jessica further against the bottom and wrapping the dress even more snug around her. She could still see well enough outside; Ivy was carrying her with ease towards the front door of her house, Jessica's own keys dangling from one finger. She didn't even bother setting the bag down before unlocking the door and stepping inside. They reached the kitchen before the bag opened again, and Jessica felt a familiar feeling growing between her legs. She could do whatever she wanted with me and I couldn't do a thing to stop her, even if I wasn't wrapped up like produce.

Ivy smiled down to her, catching Jessica rolling her hips, "Well it seems that dress is going to need a bit of cleaning. May as well get everything else too? Don't want to leave a messy apartment."

Jessica suddenly found a deluge of trash fall over her head, gasping at the sight but suddenly feeling the need to laugh a bit. 'Oh figures; trash bag, trash... what else?'

"God when was the last time you emptied some of this? I suppose you should be thankful it's mostly dry, one couple I took in had just cleaned out their fridge when I came to get them. Not a pleasant experience... maybe you'll find out what that's like before our time's up, hmm?"

Jessica didn't even bother to hide her revulsion at that thought as she watched Ivy disappear down the hall towards her bedroom, although despite Ivy's words she could feel some food stuffs rolling around in her little plastic world with her. When Ivy returned she was carrying a mound of clothes wadded up in her hands.

"I figured you'd appreciate someone doing your laundry, obviously you weren't." Ivy grinned wickedly as Jessica shook her head; the bag was nearly full between the first gown and the kitchen trash. The tall woman ignored her, burying her head and upper body under the mess of dirty clothes. Jessica barely got her face free in time to watch the bag's neck spun shut again, only this time it was accompanied by the sound of zip ties securing it shut. A well manicured finger poked a hole near Jessica's face allowing fresh air to flow in, something the reporter's rapid breath was greatly appreciating.

"Time to go..."

She was carried back to the limo, noticing by how dark it had gotten that it must be extremely late; there weren't even any of the nighttime joggers she was used to seeing, so she figured it must be well past ten. Jessica saw the door pass them by as Ivy began to walk towards the street, and suddenly a wave of panic swept over her; she was going to be put on the curb?!

Questions abounded through her mind like bullets; what day was it, did the trashmen come already, would anyone find me, what's the inside of a garbage truck look like?

She began to struggle again, stopping only when she felt the bag settle down onto a softer surface that was surprisingly not like concrete. The reporter blinked, looking out of the bag's liner and seeing Ivy pushing her back into the trunk of the limo; the other woman patted her head through the bag, "Like I said, I wouldn't have a lot of repeat customers if I went around putting them in the city dump, but with all that garbage you're certainly not coming into the passenger seats. Enjoy the ride."

With that the trunk slammed closed and the car sped off. The gentle motions of the car along with her own exertions began to take another toll on Jessica, who finally nodded off to sleep.

When Jessica awoke she was already being carried again, though now it was too dark to make out anything through the bag's walls. She could make out the outline of a massive house just before they stepped through the door, and Ivy set her down on the ground next to her.

"Megan? Megan?"

Another woman appeared after a few moments, wearing an outfit of some kind, "Yes Mistress?"

"I have some... special laundry here. I know we weren't expecting anything tonight but please, do take care of it. It's rather... new." Ivy spoke to the girl as though sharing some sort of inside joke, and Jessica's eyes rolled in response. Yea, though I'm the one 'inside.' Bitch.

Megan looked down to the bag, and smiled brightly, "I'll take good care of it, Mistress."

She reached over and picked the bag up, and Ivy stroked her head once, "Well here you are, I'm going to go get ready for bed myself; Megan here will take care of you and your instructions from this point."

Megan lifted her up with a bit of effort, and began to walk off to another room, bringing Jessica's anxiety forward once more as she heard Ivy one last time before they disappeared down a hall.

"Enjoy your stay."


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