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That New Car Smell Part 4: Life Goes On

by JayJay

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© Copyright 2010 - JayJay - Used by permission

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Part 4: Life Goes On

The relationship between Alexis and Veronica bloomed after her garbag’ing and her return to the stage and they became nearly exclusive. A few years ago; when they were casually experimenting around after Alexis had her tits enhanced, they had purchased a very secure bra and panties chastity belt set. They would take turns wearing it when they were between boyfriends with one holding the keys for the other, or one wearing the top while the other the bottoms to test the limits of who wanted out first. Now that Veronica was back to stripping for a living she could hardly remain locked in a chastity belt especially since her overgrown green tits no longer fit within the metal cups of the bra. This left Alexis getting locked inside the belt more often then not, so frequently in fact that Ivy wore the keys around her neck letting Alexis lock herself up when she wanted knowing that only Veronica could let her out.

It was just such a night one Friday after work for Alexis. Veronica had been working at the club for close to six months now and it had been over a month since they had a really adventurous play date. Ivy was on a regular rotation at the club raking in money faster then she ever did. Alexis was home late from work and thought she would head down to the old club and say hi to all her old “working girls” as she called her stripper friends and maybe get a dance or two from her girlfriend. On her way home from work her plans were made up and she had decided to ratchet them up a notch, or maybe two. She came home and stripped naked and ran to the locked armoire in the spare bedroom. Her enhanced Double-D’s danced playfully all the way down the hall. She joked to herself that they wouldn’t be bouncing for long when she got done with them.

She removed the metal bra from the shelf and began powdering her incredible breasts with the white baby powder that Ivy had left for her. Unbeknownst to Alexis however, Veronica had played a cruel joke on her filling the empty baby powder container with dried powdered glue. The glue was heat and moisture activated and would cause her breasts to adhere to the inside of the globes until the liquid release agent could be applied. She removed her nipple rings and massaged her soft supple breasts one last time before proceeding. She generously coated both breasts, removed the steel globe from the bra and placed the steel orb over her breast. Using the special vacuum she connected it to the end of the sphere sucking all the air out drawing her breast deep inside the enclosure. Soon her pierced nipple popped thru the top of the cup indicating that her left breast was fully seated.

Using a small luggage lock she inserted the hasp thru the piercing locking the cup in place until Veronica released her. She repeated the process to her right breast and admired herself in the mirror. Next came the complicated stainless steel apparatus that surrounded her breasts, encircled her neck and met in an inverted T behind her back. Even if she had the keys she was unable to reach the lock and open it on her own. There was a flanged lip at the base of each breast cup. This flange was a much large diameter than the cups. It allowed the bra to be worn over the metal cups locking them to her ribs, or without the cups allowing her tits to be exposed and surrounded by the formidable bright thick stainless steel. As she reached behind her and inserted the three tabs into the special lock, the loud ratcheting noise signified she was trapped until Veronica let her out.

Next she rummaged through the box of dildos and selected a hand full of their favorites. The first was a large pear shaped inflatable, vibrating, rubber enema plug that would fit in her ass and connect into her chastity belt. Once connected to her belt it could be controlled with the key holders fob and would require nightly recharging to be sure it was always at the ready. Next came a similar penis shaped plug with small dull spikes and ribs that would vibrate, inflated and twist to its owners delight. She reached in another drawer and found a pair of heavy thick fishnet nylons that she slowly wrapped up her legs. These were no ordinary fishnets. The material was woven from a combination of Kevlar, titanium wire and rubber. They were guaranteed for life not to tear rip or cut. Once on her legs they created an intricate diamond pattern that pegged the sexy meter way off the charts. They held her legs tightly creating little diamonds of flesh popping up slightly from between the wires. They covered her feet, toes; legs, thighs and would keep the plugs in place with or without the steel belt. Once the belt was locked in place, there would be no removing the stocking or the plugs until Veronica relinquished the keys and allowed her freedom.

With little trepidation, she picked up the belt and carried on with her mission, connecting the wires from both plugs to the front and back of the crotch strap. She wrapped the belt tightly around her waist and pulled the crotch strap between her legs forcing the plugs deep within her. She was gasping for breath as the plugs were beginning to work their magic on her well before she even left the house. Right before she made the final lock she remembered her least favorite addition to their collection. It was a tertiary cover that locked over the vented secondary shield and was attached to a large rubber penis. The black metal base completely encapsulated the front of her belt leaving the large thick black penis dangling near the base. Attached beneath the base were two large cowbells that gave the illusion of male balls both of which were painted blue for full effect.

She had only been forced to wear this attachment once when they first got it and vowed she would never wear it again. But it had been quite a while ago and the embarrassing nightmares were seemingly replaced by the fond memories of getting let out of the contraption later that night. As she reminisced about that evening of pleasuring Veronica’s every orifice, she sighed to herself and remarked, “If I am going to a strip club to be surrounded by penis’s, I may as well have one of my own.” So in a rash decision she quickly placed it over the shield and locked the massive dildo in place over her slit. The penis accessory covered her entire mound and prevented access to the keyhole. Only the remote fob could electronically release the automated penis thereby granting access to the lock on the belt.

As soon as it was locked in place, it connected itself to the power supply on the chastity belt and sprang to life – literally! Alexis was soon reminded of why she hated the thing so much and immediately regretted her decision. As part of the startup test, the 10-inch penis increased in length to a massive 14 inches. Its 2.5-inch girth jumped to life and stood at full attention for the next sixty minutes waiting it’s first command. She tried to force it down and push it back to dangle between her legs to no avail. As Veronica had the keys and the remote fob she would have to wait for the one-hour initiation cycle to end or until she was within range of the key fob that she hoped Veronica would have with her at the club.

As soon as she moved the loud bells rang out causing her much embarrassment even though she was alone in the condo. She immediately doubted that she could follow through with her plans, but she had already phoned Veronica and she knew if she backed out now, the repercussions would be worse. She bent down to select her choice of shoes nearly poking an eye out on her foreign rubber penis. Cursing her over ambitious self, she pushed the erect penis off to the side and selected a pair of 6-inch ankle high boots that would draw all sorts of unwanted attention to her long fishnet covered legs. Once the boots were tightly laced up she used a matching set of locks that adorned her breast cups to secure the metal band over the laces and zipper ensuring they could not be removed until her master allowed it.

She returned to the master bedroom and selected a black half cut t-shirt with the word SLUT written across the front and back in glow in the dark ink. In the daytime it looked like a simple black tee. But at night the innocent look completely changed. The shirt fit tightly around the base of her neck fully exposing the metal collar. As it was much too tight for her body, the shirt clung to her metal tits drawing attention to the locks on top of each breast irritating and arousing her nipples all the while. The shirt stopped just below the bottom of her chastity bra exposing her trim belly.

She located a white frilly skirt that stopped between her knees and her ass, however with the 14-inch penis between her legs it was held up in the front and exposed the two big cowbells dangling between her thighs. She looked in the mirror at her ridiculous self with the massive penis jutting out of her delicious female form walking around the house on her incredible six-inch stilts jingling with every step. She made herself some dinner and tried to get comfortable in her new surroundings wishing she could escape right now and pound her pussy to a delicious orgasm but any attempt lead to a frustrating failure.

It was just over an hour when the startup cycle in the automated male penis concluded allowing the large black penis to shrink slightly and collapse between her legs. Finally her skirt lay naturally across her lap and she could leave the house for the club. She took one last look in the mirror and realized that you could still see the tip of the black dildo dangling between her legs against the white frilly skirt around her waist. But as she had already locked the zipper around her waist, there was nothing she could do until Ivy decided to assist her. It was going to be a long night, or weekend if Ivy was not having a good night and chose to take her frustrations out on her trapped roommate.

Just before she left the house, she remembered two things that could level the playing field. She went back to the spare bedroom and grabbed the two double dildos custom designed for Veronica’s anatomy. The large black plug was built to stuff her ass and pussy and could be locked in place using the rings in her clit and sphincter, while the pink face gag was custom molded to match her exact facial color. The black anal/vaginal plug had a molded in pig’s tail that made it nearly impossible to sit down comfortably. The rear half of the plug had a pear-shaped insert with a special valve to allow her to release her feces during long-term confinement.

Ever since being forced to endure a wine bottle glued inside her ass for nearly two months, she was much more turned on by the mere thought of anal penetration then ever before. The exterior end of the anal plug had a large rubber spiral pigtail that was molded onto the pear shaped plug. Alexis knew that her accidental garbaging had a lasting mental effect on her, so she had the special plug created to embarrass and remind her of what a pig she once was, and Ivy loved it. The front of the plug had a second long flexible rubber penis that would fit inside her vagina and keep her stuffed for as long as she was forced to. Between the two plugs was a narrow slit that the ring connecting her vagina to her sphincter would go between. Securing the double penetrating dildo between her legs was a simple matter of pushing them inside her and looping a lock between her legs. There was a smaller slit at the very front of the plug that would cover and stimulate her clit while providing a second point to lock the device in place.

As further incentive, she grabbed a special double-ended dildo mouth gag to keep her friend from complaining. The gag had a large base that covered nearly her entire face. There was a half-inch wide strap that went over her head and down her forehead. At the bridge of her nose it got progressively wider mimicking the curve of her cheek bones, down the side of her face to the back of her jaw bone. There was a strap on each side that extended from the bottom corners of her jawbone and encircles the base of her head to rejoin the top strap. A special three-way lock would ensure they would not come undone. The thick rubber mask went under her chin and followed the contour of her neck stopping just a little shy of her throat.

It was specially crafted to fit her head and had a molded in pig nose that covered her real nose. The mask was cast from a mold of her face and the fit to her features like a life size suction cup once in place. At the tip of the eight-inch cock extending from where her mouth should have been was a small hole. This would allow Veronica to drink fluids, soups, or broth by sucking on the shape in her mouth while squeezing and massaging the exterior penis on her mask. It was an embarrassing humiliating and time-consuming process, but a necessary one if confined for over a day or so. Alexis often made her wear this with the special butt plug to further humiliate her and Ivy secretly found it simply delicious.

With the two items stuffed in her purse she grabbed the talcum powder and some extra locks and was off to watch Veronica shake her moneymaker and maybe get a little on the side. She was not in store for how much she was going to get however. As she closed the door to the armoire, she decided one last thing to complete her outfit. She grabbed the metal two-inch wrist restraints and locked them around her wrists. She figured she had gone this far so why not go all the way. Once she arrived at the club it was like a high school reunion. Many of the same girls worked there along with some new ones she didn’t know. By the time she made it into the club Ivy was just walking on stage about to earn tons of tips.

Her old pals sat Alexis down at a small table by the end of the stage. The neon red inked SLUT shown brightly in the dim club lighting on her black T-Shirt. As Ivy started her routine in the sleazy nightclub all eyes slowly went away from Alexis and focused on Veronica writhing about on stage. Dressed in all green she looked the part of the mythical Poison Ivy. She wore a full-length green lace and leaf looking dress and as the song progressed she removed more and more of the outfit.

By the start of the second song she was only wearing a pair of semi-sheer green nylons that allowed the vines to be visible beneath the stockings on her one leg. Knee high green vinyl boots clung to her every curve while a two-piece bikini barely covered her intimate assets. Her blonde hair had grown down to her shoulders but she kept it dyed a reddish color to look more like the character from the Batman movies. Once the second song started she pulled off her top to the delight of the crowd and threw it to her girlfriend revealing the mammoth E-Sized tits that appeared greener then usual in the dim light of the club.

Alexis removed the bikini top from her face and spied the keys dangling from her neck on the thin metal chain. With a sigh of relief Lexi could enjoy the rest of the show knowing that Ivy still had her keys. After her second set was over she came over to Lex, gave her a kiss and grabbed her top while fondling her tits. She immediately realized that she was locked in the chastity bra. With great excitement her other hand slipped down her waist feeling the tight band of the steel chastity belt. Veronica leaned forward and cooed into her girlfriend’s ears and asked what other surprises did she have in store tonight. Alexis feared that she was about to find out as Veronica reached between her legs to feel the limp rubber penis attached below. She immediately gleamed with joy as she sat down on her lap spreading her legs wide beneath her own.

She reached into her purse and grabbed the dreaded fob that Alexis immediately recognized. Her butt plug and vibrator immediately went to action and were bringing her close to the edge. Then she lost all satisfaction as her roommate activated the male penis and it began to rise to attention. Alexis attempted to grab the remote when Veronica signaled the bouncer to restrain her hands. The club had a strict “hand’s off” policy on the floor and if any customers violated it, their hands were quickly zip tied to the arms of the chair until the prepaid songs were over. Veronica claimed that her customer paid for four songs and was getting grabby, so he tied her arms to the sides of the chair while her fake penis continued rising.

The bouncers generally considered men “low risk” once their hands were tied so they quickly focused their attention on the other dancers. Ivy in the meantime was slowly gyrating on her girlfriends lap trying to slip the penis under her panties and with any luck into her pussy. After the third song she finally managed the near impossible and was able to force the fake cock into her clit and was now fucking her bound girlfriend right in the middle of the club and nobody seemed to notice. While Lexis was no closer to cumming then she was when she walked in, by the end of the fourth song, Veronica could barely contain herself. She pushed the fob again causing the penis to retract and pull out of her while she slithered off Lex’s lap to regain her composure. She left the two plugs on tease and set the timer to five hours. Alexis had arrived at the club around nine and had no hope of release until the club closed. To make matters worse Ivy never straightened her skirt and the black penis was lying limp and glistening wet between her legs in plain sight to anyone that walked by.

It was just then that her waitress Brittany; one of the newer girls, happened by with her credit card and a Margarita and gave them both back to Alexis. As her hands were still bound to the chair’s arms, she could not take the credit card back. Instead Veronica leaned over and whispered in her bound friend’s ear “If you say <NO> to anyone, I will add a week to your stay. With each no will come another week, so I suggest you start feeling agreeable”

Alexis wanted to object but knew better then to even try. She meekly replied ‘Yes Mistress’.

Veronica smiled and looked back at Brittany, “You will need to keep track of her purchases tonight. She wishes to charge everything onto her card and is feeling very expensive tonight.”

Brittany looked at Lex and asked if this was true, she had no choice but to agree. Ivy began again, as she whistled for one of the Goth girls to come over and introduced them. “She also wishes to be handcuffed and bound the entire night.”

Brittany asked again and Lexy had no choice but to concur. She cut the plastic tie wraps from her wrists and pulled her t-shirt over her head and wadded it up inside her purse. Alexis was left naked from the waist up exposing her silver clad breasts to the entire club. She used the Goth Girl’s handcuffs to lock her elbows together behind her back. She then unlocked her wrist restraints and relocked them to her chastity belt. As the skirt actually covered the waistband of her chastity belt, Veronica lifted the skirt above each cheek and locked her wrist under the skirt hoisting the frilly skirt up her back exposing both her cheeks and the rear of the crotch strap between her legs. She removed the fob from her purse and hung it from the d-ring beneath her chin. The fob was locked in denial mode, but that didn’t prevent the girl’s from activating the fake penis and bringing it to attention at their free will.

The Goth Girl sat on her lap and began gyrating for the next two songs as Lexis sat helplessly. “Did you enjoy that?” Inquired Goth Girl grabbing her steel bound tits and tugging on the locks at her nipples.

“Very much so” was all Alexis could say as her increasing sexual frustration was building inside her and causing her to nibble away at her lower lip with each song. Brittany recorded another 20 dollars on her tab. “Would you like to buy me a drink?” asked Goth Girl to which Alexis sighed and agreed quickly realizing how expensive this night could really become.

As Brittany turned to get a shot for Goth Girl, Veronica leaned forward and whispered into Goth Girl’s ear causing her to immediately spin around and fondle the fob at her neck. “I think you need to go to the GOGLE Room, would you like that?”

Alexis didn’t know what that was, but was not about to start disagreeing so early in the night or she may never be released. “I would like nothing less”, replied Alexis, “but I have never been before. What is it?”

Goth Girl’s eyes rose in delight and she started to explain. “GOGLE stands for Girl On Girl Lesbian Erotica. It’s that little anything goes room in the back where anything goes. Since men are not allowed, we women can do anything we like to each other. You still can’t touch, but I can touch everything, including this little device right here. Are you ready?” Lexis turned to Veronica for a way out but she had already left and was busy spreading the rumor throughout the club.

In fifteen minutes every girl knew that ex-stripper goody two shoes Alexis was back in business and was up for anything. She nervously bit her tongue, as she was lead by her fob to the back into an all glass room where a rope was attached to her chastity bra and a spreader bar attached to her legs. The rope was pulled taunt enough to keep her still, but not so tight as to lift her off the floor. Goth Girl grabbed her fob, awoke her fake penis and suddenly she was the center of attention.

Veronica informed her boss of what was going on and her boss suddenly realized a huge business potential. The laws governing strip clubs were very vague, but varied for female guests verses employees. Sex between male guests and female employees was strictly prohibited on premises, but females with females were not. Female employees must keep their bottoms covered, but the same did not apply for female guests. Guests were not allowed to touch female employees regardless of the guest’s gender, but employees could touch other guests as long as it was not considered objectionable. The biggest discrepancy involved sexual acts; female guests could perform any sexual acts as long as money was not paid directly to the female guests. Paying them money would qualify them for employment, in which case a whole different set of rules would apply. But Mario knew the club could take donations, as long as they weren’t given to the female guest in question.

All of this was about to work against poor Alexis. Strippers soon started lining up to fuck poor Alexis and her fake chastity belt penis. Soon men started lining up for blowjobs from the helpless Lexis for a moderate donation to the club’s favorite Charity. Some men soon realized that Alexis was prohibited from saying no and began asking Alexis to pay for their donation. She of course could not say no and was soon paying to suck stranger’s dicks. In the next five hours she was whipped, beaten, tickled, forced to dance on stage, gave countless men head, had eaten nearly every stripper clean, blindfolded, gagged and licked so many asses both hairy and clean shaven she could not even count. The night most certainly costs her thousands of dollars. The whole time her steel panties kept her completely denied and never let her relax regardless of how humiliating the night had been.

It was close to midnight when one of the male guests suggested that since all of Alexis’ hard work tonight was for charity, maybe they should shave her long blonde hair and donate it to “Locks of Love” to benefit chemotherapy victims. Alexis froze in fear knowing that she would have to agree to have her thick blonde hair that covered her entire back down to her ass shaved clean if she was asked. It took only 30 minutes for the men to collect over two thousand dollars to watch the shaving take place in the GOGLE room. Alexis was balling her eyes out as she agreed to have her head completely shaved.

She was escorted from the stage where she was pole dancing and bound by her hands and feet like a large standing X. Goth Girl removed the stiff leather mask covering her entire face. The club had covered her face with the tight fitting mask to make sure she kept her mouth wide open all night long. The leather mask covered her entire face and had openings for her eyes and nose along with a large built in ring gag that made it very difficult to swallow. She kept continually drooling and dripping cum out of her mouth after each of the dozens of blowjobs she was forced to endure that night. To make matters worse, there was a curved dildo extending from her nose so she could pleasure the women with her face while licking their most private parts.

While her head was being shaved inside the glass room, there was a growing movement to increase her confinement even more. As her ass, pussy, tits and neck were covered in hard unyielding steel her face should be as well. One of the men left the club and returned with a small bucket of clear solution, a small plastic toothpaste container and a bag full of woven cloth. He explained to the girls what they wanted and yet another collection plate returned with a large stack of hundred dollar bills was handed over to Goth Girl and her new friend inside the glass room. The three girls discussed the matter for a bit, then one left to get some more items. Candi (with an I) returned a few minutes later with a couple pairs of foam earplugs, a set of swimmers goggles often used on mud wrestling night and a couple pair of latex gloves.

Goth Girl was already wearing a pair of heavy leather elbow length opera gloves covered with chrome spikes and rivets, so she gave the latex gloves to her white corset schoolgirl partner. She and Candi strutted around the glass room to help drum up more donations. Vowing that any extra solution would be used on her and Candi once they had finished with Alexis. The crowd was in a frenzy and cash was being passed around and brought forward in droves as the crowd was drinking it up. Alexis was still in a daze knowing her precious head face, eyebrows, everything was completely follicle free. Goth Girl opened the gallon bucket and squirted the entire toothpaste container into the bucket. They didn’t have any stir sticks, so Goth Girl foolishly reached in with both hands and began stirring the mix until it began to yellow. The sticky residue was soon absorbed into the leather and onto the skin beneath.

Meanwhile Candi placed the goggles around Alex’s eyes and made sure they were tightly sealed in place. She placed foam plugs in her ears and nostrils so she could only breath from her mouth. She gave the mask to Goth Girl who dunked it into the pail and began massaging the residue into the mask. Meanwhile she used several sheets of the woven material and wrapped them around her head carefully avoiding her nose, eyes and lips. The mask was then placed over her head and zipped along the back of her head holding it firmly in place. The girls massaged every inch of the mask making sure it conformed to every curve of her flesh. Alexis was still in a fog as the mask began to solidify around her.

With the pail only half empty and thousands of donations awaiting the two girls, Goth Girl instructed Candi to remove her boots and partially fill them with the excess material. Goth Girl sat on the bar stool and allowed Candi to unzip the form fitting knee high boots from her fishnet clad legs. Soon her left foot was removed and partially filled with material. She placed her foot deep inside the boot feeling the thick fluid ooze between her toes and embrace her foot. The thick leather began to darken as the residue began to saturate the material. The process was repeated to her right foot and soon Goth Girl was once again strutting around in the incredible knee high 6-inch stilettos.

Candi was next and voluntarily poured the bucket down the crevice of her tits. She was wearing a white thick boned corset that was a combination of heavy cloth covered in lacy patterns. As the material pooled between her breasts Goth Girl began massaging it all round the lacy covered D-Cups an into the back dumping more material down the sides and spine carefully avoiding her hair which she had wisely pulled into a ponytail. Soon her lacy corset looked more like a wet t-shirt contest as the material began to thicken and cure. To make things really tough she used additional layers of the woven mat and wrapped her body purposely gluing the elastic band of her short plaid skirt into the base of the fiberglass reinforced corset.

The container still had plenty of material left, so Goth Girl told Candi to massage some into her leather covered recently acquired Double D’s. Candi eagerly agreed but first removed her top and used several small skinny strips to encircle the base of each breasts. She used the remaining strips to wrap and shape her breasts and thoroughly cover them completely. She then used a large portion to thoroughly coat the one-piece leather bikini and applied it over her fiberglass-covered tits that were now jutting off her body like a pair of watermelons.

As the material was just about to dry, the girls remembered to remove the two foam plugs in Lex’s nose. As there was still plenty left, Candi noticed Goth Girl’s glistening boots and wanted her white stripper pumps to look the same way. Goth Girl quickly obliged and began soaking her feet with some of the resin, loosening the buckles and removing her shoes, she wrapped her feet in layers of woven cloth then filled them full of resin and then tightened the buckles above her ankles. They grabbed the keys from Ivy and loosened her boots and mutually did the same process to Lex’s feet locking them back in place. Now all three girls had feet filled with the gooey hardening mess.

Once the liquid was all used up, the girls began writhing around the stage inside the GOGLE room not realizing that the material was quickly curing and adhering to their sensitive skin. They both moved in on Alexis to tease her body when they realized her face was completely solid and unforgiving. They both noticed immediately how hard it was becoming to move their fingers as well as how hard Alexis’ pretty face had become. By the end of the next song the material had completely cured and all three girls were utterly frozen. The two girls ran back stage immediately only to discover there was no way to remove the dried resin as it had become a near permanent part of their bodies. Alexis meanwhile had no idea her face had turned into a hardened shell of reinforced unbreakable leather and fiber reinforced plastic.

Despite being partially frozen, both Goth Girl and Candi made incredible cash as their hard bodies and their inability to move fascinated men throughout the club. While the girls loved the spectacular cash they were making, they feared they would spend every dime of it trying to remove the frozen items. It was the most profitable night the club had in over two years and the girl’s all agreed that a party was a must to celebrate Alexis’ return and to thank Veronica for bringing her to the club that night. Alexis was still bound with her hands behind her back and unable to help with the cleaning efforts inside the club.

Goth Girl and Candi were no help either with their hands frozen in odd curved shapes as the rest of the girls cleaned up the club after closing time. The three girls could not help with clean up effort so they were forced to serve as hand maidens licking and sucking the bouncers and other girls as they organized and prepared the place for the Saturday afternoon crowd. All the while Alexis’ big black penis continued flapping beneath her steel clad breasts and the pair of blue bells rang out her location for all to keep track of while the other girls watched in hysterics. It was such an incredible night that not a single girl missed the after party at one of the stripper’s homes and basked in the hundreds of dollars that Alexis had spent and earned each one of them that night.

When the place was clean Alexis was finally released and placed in the passenger seat of her car bound, gagged, chastised and filthy from the night’s activities. She was able to feel her face for the first time in six hours and was horrified to realize her head was a rock hard-desensitized solid shell of thick fiberglass. She was unable to speak as the ring gag was still molded onto her head. Veronica drove about 30 minutes from the club and the party began anew. Alexis’ hands were rebound behind her back just like in the club. Her big black penis still protruding up from her skirt and her head forever encased in frozen leather with her curved penis nose still growing from her face.

She knelt on the floor next to her master as the girls’ looked at thousands of pictures and hours of video taken from the security camera in the club showing Alexis working the crowd. While going through the pictures and video, Alexis turned beet red beneath the black frozen face when she realized that several of the men she had serviced that night worked in her office. How would she face them next week after such a humiliating evening?

Certainly the whole office would soon find out she was some sex-crazed slut locked and bound in a full chastity suit. She was forced to wear her get up until the party stopped at five in the morning occasionally servicing many of the strippers and a couple of the bouncers who could not partake in the club action until after it closed. She was finally allowed to pleasure her real master with her nose and fake dick until Veronica had several more orgasms. She awoke around 10 am and went to relieve herself in the bathroom. Her mouth was still gagged and her head still bound as Veronica soon met her in the bathroom. Ivy released her hands allowing the two to embrace for the first time since Thursday night.


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