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That New Car Smell Part 3: The Return Home

by JayJay

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Part 3: The Return Home

It was now late in the day Thursday night, although she no idea of the date or time. Her head was still a fog and hadn’t eaten in forever. Her body was still badly battered under all of the other tortures and now she had to escape the garbage pit and endure untold humiliations to find her way home. One leg was unable to bend and both feet extremely clumsily as she plodded along with heavy buckets attached to them both. She made it to the edge of the pit; then lost her balance and tumbled down the edge to the bottom of the tall gently sloped hill.

She landed near a large drainage tunnel that leads under an access road just beyond the large steel fence securing the perimeter. She entered the foul smelling tunnel and found the concrete of the tunnel had become damaged and there was just enough room to sneak through the grating to the other side to her freedom of sorts. She started along the access road and soon wandered across an abandoned gas station. The doors and windows were boarded up but a solitary pay phone stood on the far end of the parking lot. It had been painted and vandalized a thousand times and the handset was hanging on by a thread. She picked up the phone and a faint dial tone could be heard on the other end. She dialed zero and her gravelly voice began to speak very faintly to the operator on the other end. She arranged a collect call to the last human she had seen so many days before.

A very nervous Alexis accepted the charges on the other end and broke into tears upon hearing her near death roommate on the other end. Although she had no idea of where she was calling from, the operator was able to supply an address to the phone booth approximately two hours out of town. It would be close to midnight when Lexi finally arrived to rescue her friend. She arrived with blankets, fresh water, clothes and some food to find her friends body slumped over against the telephone booth with the hand set dangling next to her.

She quickly got out of the car and tried to revive her. She was almost afraid to go near, let alone touch her disgusting long time friend for fear of catching some disease or worse, but she quickly covered her in a blanket and began feeding and watering her back to life. The sun was close to rising before Lexy was able to load her back in the car and transport her back to the condo. The stench in the car was beyond bearable and even with the windows rolled down; Alexis did everything she could to avoid puking the whole way back. It was just after eight AM and the condos were nearly empty again allowing the girls to sneak back in unnoticed.

Alexis covered her friend’s bed with a large plastic drop cloth and placed Veronica lying on her side in the middle of the bed. She took the day off work and continued feeding her and nursing her back to health. She opted to not remove any of her accessories as Veronica was barely responding to the food and didn’t want to induce any unnecessary trauma to her body. Alexis had spent so much time with her the next three days she failed to notice the very minor but rapidly advancing changes to her vine covered leg.

Beneath her dirt covered nylon stockings the vine was slowly progressing taking a stronger hold on her body. It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that her legs suddenly changed. The roots finally blossomed through the nylon material and Alexis returned to find her entire leg nearly 50% covered in broad-leaved stems sprouting all over her legs. Sheer curiosity drove her to pluck one of the stems off of Veronica’s leg, which immediately woke her for the first time in days. It took several hours before she was strong enough to walk to the bathroom. It was there that Veronica was confronted with the hideous creature she had become during the last week.

Once the hysteria faded, the girls began chipping away at the adhesive between her legs so she could use the facilities. Although they could not remove the whole thing, they were able to crack the surface enough above the plastic ketchup container to allow her to pee and were able to break the bottom of the wine bottle cleanly without shattering it in her ass to allow the collection of feces to fall into the toilet. It was the first time she was able to use the toilet in nearly a week.

Once back in the bedroom they decided they should begin to remove all that was entrapping her body. Where to begin?

The paint on her beautiful face and long hair? The Lichen growing on her arm? The tar, paint, and cheese holding her hand as a fist? The glue and bottles preventing her from touching herself or even wanting to? The vine and stocking slowly taking control of her leg? The buckets permanently attached to her feet? The moldy tattered corset rotting away on her torso? The stocking holding her leg in a solitary tube of hard adhesive?

After a lively debate, they started on her hands and arms so Veronica could help in her own release. The paint came free relatively easily, however it ripped every single hair free from her arm better then any waxing or store bought product ever could. Once removed her arm still had several deep welts and small cuts and was as badly bruised as the rest of her body. Her other arm went quickly at first, but the lichen or fungus or whatever it was left big green and brown random splotches all over her arm from her fingers to her shoulders.

The tar was not as easy however. They were able to remove enough of it where she could flatten her fingers out, however it would take weeks before they could peel the last bit of black from her hands. Once her arms were free they began to cut away the torn remains of her corset. Upon removal her breasts had turned completely green and appeared much larger then they were. A strange mold had completely encompassed each breast leaving a thin furry carpet of fuzz over each tit. They also seemed much larger then either girl remembered but they blamed it on the color. Beneath her breasts and all along her back were hundreds of small dots of the same green fuzzy moles, which had completely taken over each breast.

Their next attention went immediately to her legs. The adhesive bond was still much too strong and could not be removed. So they began plucking each of the individually leaves from her leg until every last leaf was removed. Slowly they peeled back her stocking to reveal her leg beneath. Her slightly tan leg was delicately covered with several small green vines wrapping around her leg with hundreds of small green starburst shaped patterns where they had plucked the leaves from only minutes ago.

When she tried to remove the vines, they appeared to be growing beneath the skin and not actually on top of it. With each vine eerily connected to the starburst or root of the leaves. After cutting the stocking free at the base of bucket, they began chipping away at the concrete covering her foot from above the ankle down past her toes. They were able to remove the bucket, but a thick layer of concrete was still clinging to her shoe and what remains of her stocking clad foot. After much chipping and beating from a small hammer; Veronica asked to leave the glue and the concrete and focus on her face for a bit.

The green paint peeled off with ease from her cheeks and forehead but her matted hair and eyebrows were unable to be saved. Every tug of the thick green paint removed another follicle. Her long dark hair was too much to bear and had to be shaved clean off. Eventually she shaved her eyebrows as well leaving her free of hair above her neck. A mirror and a sigh of relief was confirmation enough that her face had been spared the gross injustices that had happened to the rest of her body.

It was getting late, so Alexis helped Veronica off the bed to clean up the drop cloth. She then joined her in the shower with some bleach and some disinfectant and helped give Veronica a final cleaning. The shower eventually turned very sensual as the two rubbed and scrubbed their bodies to glistening perfection. The bleach removed almost all the green dots and thick fuzzy mold from her upper body and after much scrubbing and rinsing left Veronica with a Pair of Double D breasts nearly equal in size and shape as Alex’s. Apparently the moldy milk somehow infected her own tits causing them to swell while in contact with them. While they never became infected the swelling was permanent and would never reduce in size, which in the end was okay with the both of them.

They left the shower and retired to Alexis’ bed for the evening. As Veronica was still glued completely shut, she did all the work and properly thanked Alexis for coming to her rescue and assured her that none of this was her fault. When they awoke in the morning Veronica saw Alexis off to work and took an extended leave of absence so she could remove the tar from her hands, the buckets on her feet, the bottles between her legs and the adhesive cast surrounding her other leg. Her leave of absence soon turned permanent, as it would take nearly two months to return her body back to its original shape.

Her breasts continued swelling slightly over the next couple weeks until they emerged as an oversized E-Cup that had a faint green glow about them. The vines on her leg started just above her ankle and covered her halfway up her thigh. From a distance it appeared that she has a full leg tattoo or is wearing a decorative nylon on one leg. Only her full time partner Alexis knew the truth that her artwork is actually a growing living object, which has taken over her leg.

The prolonged confinement in the five-inch heels has forced her to only wear five and six-inch heels since her tendons will not flatten out allowing her to stand flatfooted once again. The vines growing up her leg continue to sprout, however they did not appear to spread. Every day she would pluck a couple of the leaves growing along her leg and every month during that certain “special” time, her entire leg would bloom for three days in various colored flowers from her hips to her ankles. It has become something she both looks forward to and dreads at the same time.

It took about two months of recovery before her body felt clean enough to return to the dirty world of adult entertainment. She interviewed for a few accounting jobs like she had left as a result of her experience, but she no longer felt worthy of any decent self respecting career. Suddenly returning to the stage no longer seemed beneath her, she was more worried if they would even take her back. She had only been out of the biz for a year and kept up with her workout routine but she was still a little out of practice. Fortunately having her feet trapped in five-inch heels for the last two months certainly helped her gain back her balance and agility in high heels and stripper boots.

After two months of meticulous cleaning she was finally able to remove every last once of tar, concrete, glue and mold from her body. Her breasts still had a slightly green tinge to them and the vines in her legs completely contrasted with her lightening complexion. She tried going to the tanning booth to help hide the blotchiness on her arms and tummy and reduce the green hue of her breasts.

Unfortunately the excess exposure to the UV light made the vines on her leg grow farther up her thigh and wrap around her foot. After only a week of tanning, the lichen on her arm completely spread overtaking her entire arm from below her shoulder and covering her fingers. She woke up one morning to find her entire arm enraptured in the fibrous structure. Instead of making the growth disappear she had apparently aggravated it and made it thrive even stronger on her arm. She would have to treat her arm daily with strong bleach treatments to prevent unwanted growth and to keep the blotchy gray, green and brown areas from reappearing. To avoid exposure to the sun she would keep her arms and legs covered in heavy knit stockings, rubber leggings or leather opera gloves.

A night job working in the club suit her just fine allowing her to avoid the daylight whenever possible. With her short pixie haircut and her body in tiptop condition she was starting to regain her confidence enough to return to the stage. She contacted her old boss Mario and arranged an interview to perform on amateur night in a couple of weeks. To celebrate her return she had her new stage name “Poison’d Ivy” tattooed on her back above her ass using an intricate leafy green vine font. She also had a metal ring inserted through her clit and through the web of skin between her vagina and sphincter. Either of the rings made it easier for Alexis to lead her around with a leash or to lock various plugs in either of her holes.

The day of the interview she had her face and body airbrushed with green highlights and random vines covering the rest of her body. She was every bit as popular as she was a year ago and Mario hired her on the spot. This was one of three clubs he owned in the area and the return of Veronica, who the club now called Ivy was a welcome and profitable move. When Alexis and Veronica left a year ago, he knew they would never be coming back. Some girls can never leave; others know when to get out. But having one of his best high-class girls return with her leg all tatted up and a tramp stamp across her ass surprised even him. She was good and despite his desire to see her move on with her life, he certainly wasn’t going to let her get away a second time.

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