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The Sorority Trashing Part 2: The Beginning to an End

by HerTrashySub

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© Copyright 2011 - HerTrashySub - Used by permission

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Part 2: The Beginning to an End

I awoke to a loud thunk.

"Holy hell girl what are you doing?!" a girl exclaimed.

"I've gotta fucking pee Kirsten. Now are you going to help me or not?"

"Well, remember what Dedra said? If we're caught using anything but a diaper today, we'll need to do a keg stand."

"Dammit Kirsten, just help me, the party hasn't even started yet. I don't know why she got it in her head that she could fucking cutoff the bathroom to us this early. Now put that end of the beer bong in that trashcan. I have to go bad."

"Fine, you better cover for me though, I need to go to." she said back to her friend Kirsten as I watched the lid open just the slightest and the clear beer bong tube drape in and over the edge.

"This is kinda filthy; I mean these cans are still empty, right?"

"No stupid, the girls were throwing stuff away last night and that one has some stuff in it. That's why it made a different sound when I kicked it. Plus it won't matter later, it'll have diapers in it, it'll all get soaked up. DUH."

"Well, how are you going to do this?"

"I'll get up on the table, which is higher than the edge of the trashcan, squat and lift this damn toga, and you'll hold the funnel."

"You better not pee on me."

"Just hold the damn funnel!"

I shuddered as I realized what was about to happen.

"Ewww! Kristen!"

"Doesn't matter; now keep your voice down. Jiggle it a bit so it doesn't clog."

The tube shook and then stopped. I heard a relieved sigh and a hiss.

"Stop! It's clogged!" she said with an exasperated sigh.

"Oww! Lift it, hurry, I can't hold this back!"

I saw the tube shake a bunch and a red, bloody tampon, with a tube full of urine behind it came over the edge of the trashcan. It slowly slid and fell out of the tube, between my legs, and released the small flood of urine behind it into the bed of trash around my ankles and groin. A heavy stream of piss quickly started up again as Kristen must have needed to finish relieving herself into the beer pong's funnel.

The urine was soaked up by all the tampons, kleenex, and used clothing. The warmth spread. But as soon as one stream ended, another began. I watched as the tubing came back to life with a steadily heavy stream of pungent pee. I could feel could feel a pool beginning to form by my feet in the bottom of the trash bag. The friend must have needed to go really bad too because it was nearly 30 seconds before the flow stopped.

"Much better. Now let's go put on those diapers."

"WHAT are you ladies doing?!" came a mildly angry voice.

"We... nothing..." and a patter of feet could be heard as they dropped the funnel and ran up the stairs.

"Well, a makeshift toilet. Don't mind if I do."

Another 30 seconds of pee poured into the trashcan before the tube was pulled out of the lip of the trashcan and light was cutoff.

I got hard just thinking about being in the trashcan and no one realizing what they were doing. But with the lid shut, the fresh air was shutoff and the heat of the girl's urine along with my breathing, caused my prison to heat up quickly. I began to test my restraints, but stopped when I head a thud. It was a hollow thud. I shuddered. It was probably the sound of a diaper going down the chute and landing in the trashcan. My fate was bound, literally.

Hours past or so it seemed before the next thud. Was the party starting yet? What time was it? A light above me answered my immediate question. Haley lifted the lid and was looking down at me. I needed a second to readjust my eyes.

She said, "Okay, guests are starting to arrive, it's early in the afternoon, but we have the first shipment of beer and whop. Have fun! Eww... did someone really pee in here or is it just you?"

I nodded.

"Okay dumbass, I hope you enjoy that smell," she said as she dropped the lid.

Over the coming hours voices got louder, music started up, and the inevitable thunk of wet diapers began to hit the bin not far from me. The urine in my can had soaked into everything and had begun to cool. Surprisingly, I didn't have anything to add to it. I must have been dehydrated.

"Girls, check that bin!" came the voice of Haley.

"Haley, it's still not quite full," came the response from a small voice as another wet flop was heard.

"We'll check on it in 10 minutes. People are starting to get wasted already and it's only seven. I didn't expect the party to be this big."

I dozed on and off as the dehydration must have kicked in fully. I awoke to a hand with a water bottle.

"God damn it, you're not going to be unconscious through this," came the voice of Haley as she inserted the bottle's top into my ring gag. She forced me to drink the entire bottle of water before she dropped the top.

"Zip tie that bag and wheel that garbage can to the backyard for the boys to dump," I heard Haley say.

The top of the first trashcan thumped closed and wheels could be heard as it was taken up the ramp to the back. I heard the adjacent trashcan next to me being moved into place and tarp being placed inside the inner lip of the container as it rustled.

Given that the party was now in full swing, there was no more silence. Voices came and went along with a steady stream of trash as it landed in the empty trashcan. But as it filled, the sound began to mellow out. It wasn't long before the next trashcan was taken out and one of the other trashcans adjacent to me was put in its place. This process repeated, voices came and went, and then... there was movement.

"Take the initiates upstairs, have them throw their diapers down if they're wearing them, and just let them get it over with," came a familiar voice.

I heard a few girls giggling and laughing, and the voices of a lot of guys could be heard as they paraded through the basement. But I was just a trashcan, nothing else to anyone of these people parading past me to the chapter/initiate room. They had no clue I was here despite I was there, right in front of them.

When the voices disappeared, Haley's perky face popped in. "I had an idea and I passed it along to the girls up in the chapter room. Let's just say you'll be getting plenty of what Kayla got. I felt it was only suitable given the circumstance."

I had no clue what she meant, but it scared me.

"Girls take that one out once the fourth floor throws down their share and I'll put this one in place," commanded Haley.

My bin tipped and my boner pressed hard into the trash I was confined in. This was more than what I had ever dreamed. Haley must have moved me next to the current trashcan since I heard a slew of whooshes, wet thuds, and the sounds of the girls trying to zip tie the bag. I heard the lid shut and the sound of a heavy trashcan on wheels departing.

My bin moved slightly and thudded to the ground as Haley dropped the front. The lid opened, the tarp maneuvered into the inner lip of my prison, and I looked upward to see an empty illuminated clothes chute. High above I watched the hole open in the attic, which was now the trash chute. I saw a familiar shape obscure part of the hole up at the very top; it looked like a... toilet seat.

Then on one of the floors above me, an object shot into the chute, it hit the wall and fell. A wet, floppy, unwrapped diaper plummeted towards me and landed with a wet slosh on my left knee, sliding off onto the floor of girly waste I was compacted in.

High above I heard a girl's voice, "Ladies, if you choose to go bareback, we have a little gift. We don't want man seed all over the floor, or it sitting in your reproductive organs all night, so please be careful. Don't worry, the chute is lined with tarp and there are plenty of used diapers at the bottom in that huge trashcan to deal with whatever you've got. Now, finish you're initiation you slutbags!"

I was in for a long night. The party upstairs was only getting more rowdy. The music was loud enough that I could hear it clearly down the chute, screams of enjoyment could be heard, and then came another diaper from high above. It hit me, and rolled into the growing pile that had begun to cool. The stale smell of urine was now prevalent.

It didn't take long for diapers to start raining down. Most were small, small sized, soaked in fluid, and laid fairly flat. I shuddered to think how much worse things could get. But that's when I looked up to see the toilet seat darken to someone's ass sitting down four stories up in the attic. Voices echoed down the chute.

"It's nice we don't have to use the diapers for this. I swear that would just be icky." said some girl. "I still can't believe they made us redo initiation tonight I fucked the hell out of Steve last night."

"Well, whaaaatever girl. I'm just too freekin' worn out to care. Lemme get rid of this load so I can move onto Jimmy."

A large couple of drops fell, hitting me in the face. I knew these plops too well, and the liquid clung to my face. It began to run down my forehead as I tilted my head forward, trying to shield my face. It ran down the outside of my nose, trickling into the corner of my mouth that was held open thanks to the ring gag.

But while this human pile of trash began to taste the remains of some last couple's love session, a heavy shower started from above, un-ending for what seemed like minutes. I gagged, trying to force the semen from my mouth from where it came. Little success ensued. When all was said and done, I was drenched to the bone in the girl's piss and creampie.

Another diaper fell from high above, ending the rain from high above. I looked up to see one girl's ass come off the toilet seat, only to see another's plop down. More male reproductive goo rained down as the orgy upstairs heated up. Now I could hear the grunts and moans of initiation. I regretted the Kayla situation.

More diapers rained down sporadically from the upper floors. And it wasn't long before Haley's head popped into the tarp. She looked at me, almost covered in diapers and white goop and nearly busted out laughing. But she didn't say anything, she was here to compact the garbage. She started pressing on the diapers all around me, working them deeper into the bag. I felt the bag open up just a little bit more to allow the trash all around me to compact deeper. The bin at this point was only half full, and fell just short of my nipple line. She replaced the tarp, satisfied with her work.

More wet diapers rained down. I decided to look up at the wrong moment. A girl had just sat on the toilet seat high above and let out what must have been a liter of male reproductive goo. Semen splattered everywhere and a ton fell in my mouth, through the ring gag. I could do nothing but swallow. I was drenched and the whole can was coated as it hit and ricochet off all the plastic surfaces. A small fart could be heard high above.

"Much better, ladies, I'm more than done," responded the voice high above.

But it didn't stop her from taking a long hard piss before she relinquished her seat high above.

"Well guess I have room for more beer now!" she cheered as she stood.

Moments later a wave of diapers fell from the second and third floors almost simultaneously. Wet, cold, soggy diapers rained down, some opening and landing on my head, which I shook off the best I could. The smell of alcohol was strong. The diaper level was to my eye, and if I leaned my head back, I could barely keep my face out of the sea of wet diapers. Sitting on the floor of the dumpster, all crunched up like this didn't make any of this easier.

I thought briefly for a second and rocked gently side-to-side. I felt the mess around me give way and enter the empty spaces around my butt. I continued this for the next five minutes, trying to work my way higher in the trash. Diapers continued to fall. By the time I heard Haley approach, my head was above the current level of trash and I was perched on a solid bed of girls’ clothing, used tampons, and a sea of diapers.

The tarp moved and Haley entered the view. She started compacting diapers around me and said, "Well, I gotta hand it to you, you're filthy alright, and it reeks.  Brooke seems to think that your bag may seem kinda humanly shaped, so I promised to come down and do a little more compacting. She's drunk, but she makes a valid point."

She had managed to condense the pile below my shoulders. But just as she re-secured the tarp, I looked up and saw the fourth floor chute give way to light. "Lookout below!" screamed a girl.

I saw a large wastebasket flip, spilling its contents down the chute. I was met with a rain of used condoms, condom wrappers, wet diapers, and some bloodied tampons and used sanitary napkins. There was no way I was getting out of here.

The first floor chute opened next, which must have been ten feet from me.

"Fuck, I've gotta go so bad. I've been holding it for hours and don't want to use this damn diaper yet. Haley said the bin downstairs would be coated with trash by morning right?" said a familiar voice.

"Uh... yeah. But you know the punishment."

"I'm gonna use one eventually, I just gotta go so badly now. No point in pissing it and then changing right away."

"But her ex-boyfriend is down there."

"I know. But he's a piece of trash, just like everything else we threw out. He won't mind."

I was pondering being flattered just as I saw an ass come into the chute... a naked female ass. "Hold my hands so I don't fall in."

Then moments later, it started raining. A deep female sigh could be heard as she began urinating, releasing a more than full-bladder, soaking me. It stopped twenty seconds later. Her ass disappeared.

"Much better, now diaper me, I'm not doing a second keg stand tonight," she said, the chute door closed cutting off the rest of the conversation.

A random diaper fell here and there for the next five minutes, and I decided to wiggle my way a little higher in the can. But as I got just a few inches higher, I heard footsteps.

"Alright girls, it's almost time to take this one out. Gimme that trashcan." Haley said parting the tarp.

"Jesus, I never expected that many used condoms." she stammered looking at me covered in the attic's waste. The edge of a very large trash bin came over the side of the dumpster.

"Apparently, we have a pool of guests who couldn't wait for working toilets, they messed these," stated Haley as she dumped the trash bin into the bag, flooding it with soiled diapers. The level of trash now came up to my eyes and was close to the top of the wheeled trashcan.

"You've been naughty," she exclaimed, "You've been raising yourself in that trash bag, haven't you? Well, there's going to be a punishment for that once I think of one."

Haley began to pull the bag together from all sides, mushing the soiled diapers, condoms, and assorted other trash against me. The movement of the bag only increased the smell of stale urine and fecal matter.

She gagged and backed away for a second. I felt the bin tip and as the tarp pulled away, I could see three girls pushing the bin towards the dark corner near the ramp. We stopped.

"Gimme that penis gag we have," said Haley.

I felt someone behind my head undoing the ring gag. I then saw the penis gag come into view. Haley was holding the straps in each hand. I closed my mouth for the first time in nearly a day.

"You're going to regret that," she said with a scowl and disappeared from view.

I heard the sound of a drill. When the penis gag came back into view, it had a hole in the tip and a piece of tubing jetting out behind it. My eyes widened.

"Don't worry love, it's just so you can breathe, amongst other things," she said sexily, coaxing my mouth open long enough so she could insert the phallic end. "We did this during initiation with the girls who didn't swallow. They love to now."

I watched her attach a funnel to the other end of the tubing which was only a couple feet long. I could see her head just over the edge of the trash can. She was making the face she normally did when she tried to pee, all cute and squinty. Moments later she was looking down and I heard tapes unfastening.

"Here love, enjoy this soaked diaper curtsey of your ex-lover," she said as she laid the yellowed mesh over my head from ear to ear.

"What's going on over here?" questioned of a distant male voice.

"Oh, nothing, just looking to take out this big, heavy, trashcan," said Haley in her seductive voice.

I heard a flurry of diapers being removed and a bunch of female hands placing wet soppy diapers all around my head. I could see clearly from between the edges.

"Well, can I and my friends help in any way?" responded the male.

"I'm not sure, would that constitute a reward?" Haley asked.

"Well..." the guy stammered, Haley was up to something.

"Fuck me Brutus, just take my twat and fuck me. My boyfriend just cheated on me yesterday and I'm horny as hell," Haley squawked unexpectedly.

Next thing I saw was Haley's fingers over the edge of the trashcan, her eyes peeking over the edge at me, and it was bouncing in rhythm. I felt each of his thrusts for the next minute as it pushed Haley against the trashcan. Her eyes rolled as the pumping stopped, she was making her unsatisfied face.

"Damn it Brutus, that wasn't as exciting as I would have liked it. Let your friends have their way with me."

I watched as Haley disappeared from view to be violated by at least several guys. Only a minute later she came back over the edge of the trashcan and released a load of cum from her mouth into the funnel. I saw another one of her friends grab it and hold it upright, at the level of the diapers. The tube lay in front of me, one guy's load making its way slowly towards the penis in my mouth. Moments later another girl came into view and spit a load of sperm into the funnel as well.

The basement came to life as a couple other guys came down the stairs. Cheers could be heard and got louder. I heard Haley moan.

"Suck that cum out of her cunt!" came the scream of one of the guys.

"Good idea!" responded of one of the girls.

Another girl who had helped move the bin came into view with a disgusting look and cum on her face. She spit out a large load of cum into the funnel. Haley was starting to squeak now; she only did that when she was near orgasm or getting stimulated anally. I'd know soon enough. Girl after girl came over to the trashcan and spit a load of sperm into the funnel. It was only a few minutes before the amount of sperm made it to the tip of the penis.

The hand holding the funnel lifted the tubing and my mouth was flooded with cum. I had no choice but to swallow these vile men's goo and girl saliva. But as soon as the tube was empty, the funnel lowered and I heard someone say, "We have plenty more room in this can for cum!"

The next ten minute were hell, the tubing was again filled by girl after girl spitting some random guy's load into the funnel. Things peaked when I heard Haley orgasm with a loud whine of satisfaction. The tubing was lifted again and I was forced to eat another round of male sperm.

"Lift me to the trashcan edges so I can at least clean myself," I heard Haley say.

The next thing I saw was two men, holding Haley up each side by her armpits and knees. She was brought into view backwards, toga up around her mid-section, completely naked from the waist down, hand on her cunt and white smeared goo all over her ass crack and butt cheeks. They set her down, ass and cunt over the edge of the trashcan, unknowing of my presence. Her friend held the funnel in place directly below her asshole and vagina. The moment Haley's hand slid out of her crotch, a large load of cum dribbled out of her snatch and into the funnel. I watched as her anus puckered and another large load of cum fell into the funnel as well. The cum had nowhere else to go, it ran like a river into the penis gag, out the tip, over my tongue and down my throat. Haley was lifted down and out of view.

"So about that trash," came the voice of he was named Brutus.

"Gimme that trashcan over there," said Haley exhausted from her escapade.

Moments later she appeared again holding another trash bin. She dumped it, filling the bag with more wet diapers, used condoms, bloodied hygiene products, and several clothing articles, sealing off the light above me.

"There, all done. Time to wrap you up. This bag of trash is filthy!" she said weakly, "Give me three minutes and come help move this trashcan out of the basement."

"Well good thing this is just trash! Doesn't have feelings, but if it needed protein, it sure got a lot!" she giggled.

Haley spoke directly to me now in a low voice, "Well, now you're on the same level as Kayla. And we're not done with you yet. I'm going to leave this hose in and poking out the top of the trash bag so you can breathe. Since the crazy fuckfest began, the girls have had to move three full dumpsters off to the side. The guys will take those out next, after you of course! Don't worry, I'm triple bagging you."

She ratcheted the bag shut. I could hear two more zip ties close before Haley spoke to me one last time, "Oh yeah, if we need a homemade  toilet later tonight, I'll poke the tubing into your bag and make sure we get the full use out that triple lining."

The top slammed shut and it was a couple minutes before I head a couple grunts. The dumpster began to tip and I was on my way out to the backyard to be dumped.

"Oh thank you Christopher!" came the happy sound of Haley; "I'll give you a present for your helpfulness when we're done!"

I became nauseated from all the cum in my stomach as the bin moved faster and faster up the ramp.

"Where's this going?" came Christopher's voice.

"Up the ramp in the back, backwards please!"

I felt us change directions and reverse up the ramp. I was starting to become a little nauseated from the smell and thinning air...

Thunk! Came the sound of the 4x4.

"Attach this!" said Haley.

Click. The pulley system was attached. Everything began to tip. The bag's suction could be felt as it reluctantly slid from the bin. Then without warning, it gave way. The bag tipped to its side and everything shifted. The bag began to roll down the incline. I was rolling head over heels, and then was in free fall. I hit the soft surface of another full diaper bag and then rolled off into what must have been the middle of the bin. The bag came to a stop and all the waste around me settled. I was on my back, looking up.

"Next!" screamed Haley.

I heard the first cart spring upright, being rolled down the ramp and then, a really heavy sounding cart being rolled up the disposal ramp. Thunk. It was inevitable; the next bag was headed my way. The rolling was slow and then there was a sloshy wet slam in the pile next to me. The bag rolled right over me, compressing the contents just a little.

The process continued, four more times. Bags would roll and fall all around me in the lowest parts of the garbage dumpster. Voices could be heard loud and clear as the party obviously was taking place in the backyard. I had no idea what time it was. What felt like hours flew by. Eight more trash bags, each heavier than the last were dropped into the dumpster. At one point I felt someone walking around and pushing bags further back.

The party began to grow quieter as the night progressed. I almost fell asleep until I heard Haley giggling and a bunch of guys’ voices getting louder.

"Alright guys, last time, for everything, I mean it. Let me just put this funnel into place, I just don't feel like I should violate the rules of no toilets," she said.

I felt her drop down and probably kneel on my bag. She whispered, "Guess I lied about last time being my last talk with you. I just don't feel like you're trash yet. Becky, Brooke, and Shannon all made up a nice little protein drink for you. I had to fucking dig through the house for a waterline coupler so I could hook the new beer bong up to your breathing tube. I've got a quarter gallon of the frats cum for you. The girls added some of their own as well; they couldn't help it, since they were fucked senseless."

I felt the pressure increase from the tip of the penis gag which sat in the back of my throat. Suddenly, cum came gushing in, I swallowed as fast as I could to keep from suffocating. When all was said and done, my tummy hurt. But that didn't stop the ex. She tore several dozen tiny holes in the bag, not enough that it would give. She mentioned that the next bag was only drenched diapers and that it had torn.

I head the thunk of the bag, and then nothing but a heavy pressure. The bag had situated itself directly on top of me.

"That's it boys. Night's over," came Haley's response.

"It's not over; we're going to finish what we were doing before."

"Sexy, just don't tear me open. And be careful, this isn't the safest place to be messing around you know."

The pressure got worse. What was going on above me? But the now rhythmic thrusts that reverberated through the trash bags made it evidently clear. Haley squeaked about a minute in and was beginning to enjoy the orgy which was taking place above a dumpster full of garbage and ex-boyfriend. I heard a grunt, then a pause. The movement began again, but something dribbled through the tip of the penis gag and down my throat. Haley was disposing of the garbage between her legs.

Another load came in moments later. The thrusting and pressure got worse.

"Haley, if you're going to start another orgy, at least have the curtsey to invite everyone that's still here. There are at least a dozen guys left inside who need to be initiated."

"I... can't... take... any... fuck it... MORE!" she screamed.

Now the pressure of Haley and the random guy she was on her back for, on the bag above me, started to compress the urine out of the overly saturated diapers. I felt the warmth seep in from above and slowly envelope my prison. Between sucking down the next guy's semen from her cunt and feeling the thrusting of their animal instincts, I was ultimately humiliated. No, I was just a bag which soaked up everything around it. There was nothing lower than this.

Fifteen guys later, I felt one last rush of cum fill the back of my throat. I swallowed.

"Thanks guys, now I'm going to crash here for a few minutes before going in. Have a good night."

Haley spoke to me next after everything went quiet, "I know we've never done this, but treating you as garbage was such a turn-on. I want an orgy every night, and I want you to just eat it. But alas, good things must come to an end."

The bag shifted, pressure was now just on my left side, "Wow, the funnel  was there the whole time. Hope you didn't get sick. Then again, I hope you're not too full, cause I NEED TO ORGASM," she nearly screamed.

I heard her frantically rubbing herself as she normally did towards the end of our love sessions. Then I remembered the time she had a full bladder. "Fuck, I've gotta... oooooohhhh gooooddd.... piss."

I heard her orgasm and she let go of her full bladder, the torrent of her forcefully urinating flooded my mouth. "Drink ... it... trash... soak it all UP!" she screamed in ecstasy as she finished relieving herself into me.

I drank as fast as I could. Then, quietness hit and I fell asleep with the largest stomach ache I have ever had. Buried in deep in a dumpster, packed in a mound of dirty diapers, cum, urine, condoms, female sanitary items, and old lingerie, I somehow managed to fall asleep.

When I awoke, I listened for what I knew would be coming. The sun obviously was out and the trash was heating up. The smell only became worse the longer I was buried. I heard voices, and then the familiar sound of the trashcan on the ramp.

"Last couple bags ladies, let's clean this place up!" someone yelled. Bags rolled over me and the sound of the dumpster lids being closed was mildly frightening given the warm atmosphere already. The voices could be heard moving away.


I panicked, straining to hear what would eventually be the inevitable. But the mid-day sun kept heating up the trashcan like never before. I was in a sauna fueled by stale urine, fecal matter, and last night's conquests. Urine and sex were all I smelled as I almost nearly passed out from the heat. The sound of an eighteen wheeler and airbrakes brought me back to reality.

I head the click of locks.

"Oh hey Haley!" came a male voice.

"Hey Mr. Coppersmith, glad Brooke sent you! Thanks for coming out this afternoon."

"No problem. Man this thing is heavy."

"Yeah, we kinda had an awesome night last night. Hey, where else you been today to pick up trash? Like what's your normal route?"

"Well, there's some nurseries first thing on my route. Then there's the old folk's home. I actually pick up trash from more nurseries then, and then there's the 'studio'." he said.

"What's the 'studio'?" Haley asked.

"Well, they actually generate a TON of wet diapers. I don't know if it's a fetish website, or a bondage club, but that's at least four of these sized dumpsters. To be honest, yours is the last one I could pick up before I get there."

"Oh really? Sounds dirty."

Meanwhile I was panicking as I felt the dumpster rolling and lock against the truck's lever arms.

"What do you do with all this human waste?" she asked.

"We compact it. It doesn't incinerate well or decompose." I heard him say as the pistons of the hopper engaged.

I was moving, tilting, any moment now... I felt the garbage shift, I was sliding, we were falling as the dumpster tilted to a better than 45 degree angle towards the garbage truck's hopper.

Falling, landing on bags of other diapers and waste knocked the wind out of me. My bag was on its side. I heard a familiar sound; the garbage truck's compacter had started. I was being pushed to the back of the truck with the other bags of dirty diapers.

It stopped and then retreated, sending my bag tumbling, I must have been on the top of the pile. I rolled, I felt the squishes of wet, soppy diapers and hit the ground of the truck. I heard the sound of airbrakes releasing and the truck was back in motion.

It wasn't long before I heard the familiar sounds of the hopper. I prepared myself for the crushing force. Bags fell all around me, any light was long gone, and the hose was still somewhere I could suck air from. I waited for the crushing, but it never came. Four dumps of dumpsters later, the airbrakes released and we were on our way. The diaper bags above were light, they pressed down but not with much force.

My fate was headed for a trash compactor. I had given up hope that I'd be saved, I smelled the now cooling diapers on my face and savored living. This was it, my ultimate fantasy. I felt the truck turn and then everything became bumpy; we must be in the trash yard. After I heard the truck's reverse beeping stopped, I readied myself. Everything began to tilt, all the garbage began to slide. My bag jolted downwards and we were falling. Mushy wet diapers pushed against my skin as we rolled down a mound of trash and came to an abrupt stop.

"Doze the rest in Jim!" came the yell of a yard worker.

I felt my wet prison shift and multiple bags rolled over me. The sound of the garbage yard compactor was deafening as it engaged. I felt the walls of human waste filled bags press in around me. The pressure increased more and more. Liquid was being forced from all the bags. Urine flowed freely through the gaps in the bags, over my diapered head. Just when I thought I was going to crack, the pressure eased.

Everything began to tip, they used an industrial sized compactor to remove water weight and somehow I had survived!  But it didn't matter, because within 20 minutes of the dumping of my compacted mess into a dump truck, everything was dumped one more time. The truck pulled away, silence fell over me. I was alone.

I passed out from the heat.

I awoke some undefined time later much to my surprise. "I'll be damned, that's where I left the funnel, and it’s still fucking attached. I wonder if he made it."

I heard ripping and saw Haley looking at me. Her eyes were like sapphires. She smiled as she realized I was blinking, trying to get used to the light.

"If you cheat on me again, I will leave you out here," she said. "And you better thank Brooke's dad for letting me ride along during your proper disposal. And don't think this won't happen again, now that I know I like torturing you."

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